No Hard Feelings

August 08, 2016:

Morien approaches what remains of the Justice League and it's new admin, Sadie Sinclair. Umoja International officially withdraws aid but unofficially commits.

Hall of Justice, Metropolis


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The Hall of Justice, Metropolis

A beacon of hope in a city that in recent years has been painfully ravaged. It has been less than a week since the D.E.O. attempted to raid Justice League properties, seizure of assets and the Watchtower did not go pretty. It was abrupt, sudden and supposedly full of legality. Legality that was brought to question by the U.N.'s own Sadie Sinclair, former mayor for California turned international 'hero team advocate' as the appointed liaison for the League.
The Hall of Justice is the final sanctuary right now for the League, it maintains the same diplomatic privileges as a foreign embassy and was kept free of the purge that was performed thanks to anonymous benefactors and Sadie Sinclair herself.
The Hall as ever looks like a museum more than a superhero clubhouse, it even has it's own gift shop near the entry, trophy rooms and rows of display cases. What was once an Auxiliary Robotics Lab has been turned in to an additional computer networking hub. Desk after desk is manned by dispatchers and clerks who are seeking out trouble and aid around the globe.
The new administrator of the Justice League (largely self appointed but with paperwork to back it up) stands in the middle of the office web, a tablet in hand, a blue business skirt and suit with dark hair, the woman is very animated as she moves place to place. It is recruitment phase for them, they are still trying to see who is really part of the League and who is not. They are working with what they have and right now, that is not much.

Two black sedans bookmark a customed built limo pulled in front of the Justice League. The Umoja security officers are the first to get out of their vehicles. There is a slight laughter that is heard as the window of the limo is rolled down, Morien continues to laugh, "Please, everyone can relax. I think this might be one of the safest locations on Earth. Please, stay inside. I will be out after my meeting is over with."
Normally, Morien Washington has stayed cleared of the Justice League, and as has only allowed his alter ego and his company's CFO, Arielle Reynolds to deal with matters with the League, but the D.E.O. seizure of Justice League's assets has cause him to make a public appearance. Morien grabs his briefcase and walks inside the room. Morien walks inside and waits patiently to speak with the new administrator.

It isn't exactly like Morien enters un-noticed those gathered near the entry way stop and whisper and a receptionist actually messages Sadie, who, adjusts her bun and strides out to meet the man, "Mister Washington." An extended well manicured hand is offered out. "Glad to see you here with us. I was hoping we would get some face time."

"Thank you for seeing me. I know with the recent events that you are probably extremely busy." Morien shakes her hand and says, "I think you deserve to speak with me face to face given your current circumstances, and what I have to say." Morien smiles softly, "Is there a place where we can speak privately about your current situation?"

"Yes, the League has taken quite a hit but I feel it must be salvaged as do many others… obviously." Sadie motions with a wave around them at those working at the cubicles and desks. "Yes, of course, the meeting room is empty right now. Follow me if you would." Kicking off with a heeled foot in a stride she walks through the double doors on the west, it is empty in this room. Chairs gathered around a very large round table, a dry erase board full of photos, word bubbles and chicken scratches of handwriting everywhere. It appears they are trying to organize in haste.
"This room is devoid of surveillance right now. We can talk privately here."

Morien clasps his hands together as he waits for her to finished. Once she is finished, he opens up his briefcase and pulls out a small triangle. "No offense, I always like my own security. This device keeps my voice from being recorded. He doesn't turn on the device yet." Morien settles down, and lets out a deep sigh. "The DEO seizure has put Umoja International in a very precarious position. If I had known you were going to face some sort of seizure, I would not have probably tied my company's brand to the Justice League. We took on a lot of personnel to provide your support that you might still need in some capacity, but it means that we are supporting something that is not necessary supported now by the U.S. Government, which is also one of our clients. It is not a good position for us to be in.
Morien furrows his brow, "Do you see what sort of position that puts our company in?

"I fully understand." Curiously Miss Sinclair looks at the triangle but withdraws her attention instead to have a seat at the table.
"The DEO seizure was unjustified. I hope you know this? I don't want to speak ill but it was entirely under false pretense and out of rules within our charters. The Justice League should have been able to do something about it but… many of them were unable to be reached, Agent Lord made sure of that."
A frown appears on the woman's brow. "I had to use leverage to find the sponsors list. You are on it and I was actually hoping to ask you if you would continue to assist them… er us. But I can see how this could be troublesome for your business."

"I am afraid with all that has happened that we can no longer support your endeavors here. We cannot justify our business with not only the United States Government, but with contracts we have with countries all over the world. I wish their was another way. We also concerned that it seems that when the DEO seized Justice League assets that Ozymandias erased all the employee files of the people that were brought in by Umoja International to help the Justice League, so we have no way of even of testifying what they did for the Justice League, or what they could do. We have no proof that it was Ozymandias, because if we did he would be in jail. So again, I am sorry that I cannot help you, but I assure you that once you are able to right the ship, we will be there for you."

Morien turns on the device to remove himself from the conversation and begins to talk quickly "I am sorry, but I have hard time believing that any place in the League is free from surveillance. Morien opens his briefcase, "Here is the flashdrive: It is the list of all of the previous Umoja employees that are willing to help with security, technical, machinate, and communications. The list is bit broader. Some of them work at different sites around the world that Umoja operates. Inside the flashdrive is also a code to allow you a back way door into our satellite system, I am sure the person you call Oracle can make use of that. It is not the WatchTower, but it should help."
Morien looks at his watch as he keeps talking, "Just make sure Oracle doesn't leave too many breadcrumbs for my people to find the hack. Since you have broaden you membership standards, We will still be able to be able to sponsor the League via Ozymandias, but just not by Umoja. His mercenary business which he had to stopped, when he bacame a member of the Justice League allows us to provide to sponsor the league, and both of us to have clean books. I know this sounds incredible like Mission Impossible, but the drive will dissolve after the download.
Morien taps his left foot a few times as he thinks, "If you need some equipment, let Ozymandias know. We will see if we can procure. Basically, everything we go through Ozymandias, when it comes to sponsoring you until you become legitimate again. Ozymandias and me will see if we can see what our contacts in Washington D.C. know about what is going on with the D.E.O. We both really hate being outmaneuvered.
Morien clicks his watch and turns the device off, "So I hope there is no hard feelings about us no longer supporting you."

"Your companies files are not the only ones to be erased it would appear there were several fail safes it is a reason we are grasping at straws. It saddens me to see your company leaving us, its support was beyond helpful. I will make sure all ties are severed between the administration and Umoja."

Sadie looks as though she is disheartened by the news until Morien changes tone and beat with the device active, "I… yes, of course, Mister Washington. We gladly welcome your help. I emailed a portfolio out of what we intend to do with this uhm incarnation of the League it'll detail everything. We don't want them, the supers, to leave us or to feel they have done nothing. We need them. Look at Steel City, Hell's Gate, the President, the people are scared and the DEO is going about this all wrong. I'm sorry I am rambling, I think you already understand more than I can tell you, thank you, you're doing the right thing and we will be in touch with Ozymandias. We've sent out calls for him to reach us but I think the DEO is scrambling our communications where they can, Oracle is working on it. She is very good, I have faith she can handle this task very well."
The woman pauses and looks down at her tablet then to Morien again. "Security would be most helpful, we haven't had a lot of contact with the heroes we are trying to sponsor ourselves and many of them are frightened. " Them is indicated by a look at the door. To those working in the networking room. "There are a few volunteers but I don't think its enough, most of them volunteering are vets, off duty police, busy people who can't be here all the time. We… I… would appreciate it." Fear? It is a thing. Many of the champions of this day and age don't suffer it like the rest of the world does.

Morien smiles and turn the device on again, "Security and helping with the networking can done by those that Umoja brought in before. I know my previous security chief, Aileana that moved to help the Justice League was not happy how things went down." Morien tilts his head towards his left shoulder, then his right shoulder. "Ozymandias talked with those, and majority of them were willing to continue on with the Justice League for less money which we will cover. Since we hire a lot of ex veterans to begin with, they are dedicated to public service. I think we can cover their expenses, medical, etc for five to seven years without having to answer any questions. It will depend on how much money flows in from Ozymandias' side business.
Morien smiles, "Ozymandias would like to know does the broaden of membership now that we now except members that sometimes use more lethal force?"

"That would be fantastic." Sadie says with evident relief. The woman in holding the Justice League together is under a lot of stress. Gift horse is not to be bawked at or turned away.
"We, I… can't speak much on lethal force. I frown upon it at a kneejerk and I know others here will too but we're more of a collective now, some will see it as a needed course. Bottom line is we answer to the law… but… if it is justified." Sadie gives in to a small shrug.
"We are putting our faith in the heroes of the League. If they make a judgement call that ends a life or that could be morally questionable… we want to be able to back them with a clear conscience. I like to think those who call themselves heroes are not just murderers, but even I know there is sometimes no choice. It is not easy what they do. Like Police officers, sometimes, it just cannot be avoided."
Sadie smiles, "However, we do have a small cadre of our own investigators lined up, just in case."

"Good, I don't see why Ozymandias cannot continue with the Justice League. He might even appreciate the new Justice League more." Morien rises from his seat, "I will make he swings by the Hall." Morien turns the device again, "Thank you for your time. I hope once you get on your feet, and get this matter settled with D.E.O that you do not hesitate to call on our services again.

Sadie stands and walks towards the doorway, the flashdrive in hand of course, "You will be the first person to know as soon as everything is in order. I was hoping you would not completely write us off all together, so this, this is a good thing, there is still hope. "
"And if you need anything at all, please get in touch with us immediately." The woman politely waits until Morien is completely gone from the Network Hub before her attention is diverted back to work. They still have so much to do.

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