Why Not To Steal From Starrware or Power Girl Joins The Justice League

August 07, 2016:

Thieves make the mistake of stealing from Starrware they meet Power Girl and Captain Marvel, shortly followed by Fairchild. Power Girl winds up joining the Justice League.

Outside Starrware Building and Hall of Justice


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Two bright glowing blasts of photonic energy crater the road in front of the van. Then the hovering, glowing figure of Captain Marvel shouts - forcefully - again.

"Alright, morons!" Carol gets started.

"It's all fun and games until you're stupid enough not to stop when I tell you to. Then, I have to start blasting your van to smithereens, and pounding your thick skulls trying to drive sense into the deep dark beyond."

The hovering heroine pauses, then resumes. "Now. Step out of the damned truck with your hands up!" Even so, she floats down to a level more visible through the windshield of the hijacked truck full of StarrWare gear. Poor bastards were so stupid they managed to pull off the hijacking right in front of a businsswoman who just happened to be Carol Danvers, out for lunch. Hence their current predicament.

It's never a good idea to steal anything from the Starrware Industries building when the CEO is in. Not that anyone would know, but when Karen picks up on something and have enough of an excuse to clear up her schedule for an emergency phone call, something else tends to follow. As in this instance, when a set of scheduled meetings are postponed, and Ms. Starr is not to be disturbed in her office.

While Ms. Starr is in her office, someone else entirely, in the form of Power Girl, sets chase to the van. But having had to do some arrangements before setting after the thieves, Captain Marvel has ample time to be a first responder. While Power Girl hasn't had the pleasure of meeting Captain Marvel yet, she's very much pleased to see someone else made sure to stop these thieving bastards in their tracks. But she does notice how they're gearing up to come out weapons blazing, which is why she zooms on down and holds the door of the van forcefully closed, "guys, you might want to listen to what the lady just told you, because I don't think you'd like it out here if you come out with weapons…" and while she adds to Captain Marvel's threat, she keeps the van's door forcefully closed with one gloved hand, while waving at Captain Marvel with the other.

The hovering, glowing Carol Danvers cannot help but smirk with amusement as a rather distinctive figure she has seen on the news, but never in person, not only appears, but backs up her play perfectly. She offers a salute to Power Girl as the Kryptonian wonder holds the doors shut.

"OK, morons. We're going to move to the count of three. If I get to three, and you haven't thrown the damn weapons down out of the windows, we're coming in after you. And broken bones will ensue, so help me."

With some threats levied, and no easy way to get out there and face their threateners, the thieving goons are reassessing their chances.

"Alright, alright! We can't get some of these out the window. Don't shoot or nothin'!"

Then weapons and pieces of weapons come out of the two cab windows, sporadically, until at last they've done the best they can. Carol takes pity on them, and gestures to Power Girl to let up on the doors, ase hovers over the opening, ready to blast anyone dumb enough to get extra stupid.

"Hands up, move!"

Caitlin's just lagging a LITTLE behind Carol. The redhead's dutifully available to help her blonde mentor, but it's sort of hard to fight when you've got a handful of photonic energy primed in one hand and you're carrying a giant ginger in the other. So Caitlin had opted to beat feet on the asphalt, sprinting along as fast as she can without tearing up the hardtack.

Mostly. 5th street gets one or two new potholes as she corners aggressively.

Fairchild rushes up to the front of the vehicle to help out, and decides the most useful employment of her gift is to make sure the car doesn't spontaeously decide to drive off into traffic, to carrom off innocent bystanders. So she reaches under the front bumper with one hand and casually lifts the front tires completely off the ground, with a groan of protest from the overburdened rear suspension.

"Okay! I'm here! Sorry!" Caitlin tells Carol, looking not remotely inconvenienced by the effort of lifting most of two tons of steel with one hand. "Did I miss the fun part already?" she asks, looking a little disappointed. She leans sideways and spots a familiar white and red bit of costume, and her expression brightens instantly. "Oh! Is that Power Girl? Hi! Hi, it's Caitlin!" the redhead says, trying to shuffle sideways to wave with her free hand. The van lists sideways as he grip shifts. "How's it goin?"

"By the way," Power Girl adds, grinning at Captain Marvel, "when she says broken bones, she's really down playing it, because I had a really. REALLY. Terribly. HORRIBLE. Bad day…I could do with snapping some spines, I hear it's all the rage to really relax…sooo…unless you wanna be checked into the ICU Hotel. Please listen to her…don't let me do something I'll feel bad about later…" Power Girl sounds quite convincing, she seems rather eager to break their bones, and judging by how she's holding that door, she's probably capable of backing it up. Then again, Captain Marvel needs no introductions. These bozos are probably just a little outclassed.

Power Girl looks at the weapons starting to be thrown out the window, taps her foot, and looks over at Captain Marvel, "I don't know…do you think they were fast enough?" She pretends to ponder whether to go easy on them or not, before Carol is all set and calls for them to bring their hands up. "Hi Fairchild," she says, quipping at the bad guys just as she lets tears the door open, "you got more company, so be smart."

Carol gives Caitlin a salute as well, a gesture to affirm her trust in the younger heroine, and then assumes her position and watches over as the doors are finally opened, allowing the goons to start making their way out of the truck. "Keep it moving, nice and easy. Anybody gets reckless, this gets messy in a hurry. Move it."

Frankly, Carol can't quite imagine what kind of idiot decides to try a robbery like this on the streets of Metropolis; but it takes all kinds, and some of them /do/ get away, even here. It's not like Metropolis is a crime-free zone. Much to the consternation of more than one Kryptonian, and a few other heroes.

"Keep your hands upp!" Captain Marvel admonishes with a shout, as she floats down to get a good look at the goons. Once they are all out of the van, she issues the next order. "Stop! Down on your knees, hands on your heads. DOWN!" she shouts the last, as they don't move fast enough for her.

Once they're on their knees, she makes them lay out on the ground, which keeps them pretty well contained until the NPD shows up to take custody.

Once all of that is underway, Carol can land at the front of the van and pat Caitlin on the shoulder. "OK, Red. Put down the tinker toys." Then she leads the way on foot to the back, and extends a gloved hand towards Power Girl. "Nice to meet you. Thanks for the help, I do appreciate it." Clearly, no introduction is needed for Caitlin, as the two seem to know each other already.

Caitlin sets the truck down carefully (always very considerate), and eyes the motor oil on her bare fingers. She frowns and holds her hand to the side, until it's time to start managing the crooks. She picks up a few pieces of twisted scrap metal and with practical motions bends them into temporary restraints, effectively gloving the robbers' hands. Easier than handcuffs!

She smiles happily at Carol, smiles happily at Power Girl, just… generally looking pleased as punch at being in the august presence of the two more senior superheroines.

"Oh. Oh! I'm sorry, gosh!" She smacks her head on her brow, leaving a smudge. "Captain Marvel, this is Power Girl! Power Girl, this is Captain Marvel," Cait says, working hard to recollect the proper way to do introductions. It takes her a beat longer, too, checking herself before outing anyone's private identity publically.

Power Girl for her part continues to tap her foot impatiently, as she sneers, "for the record, I'm all for you guys not listening to Captain Marvel, because I can't wait to break you to pieces. Honestly…I need to punch someone, bad." She keeps flexing as she makes her threats, nope, she's not Superman.

"No problem, I do it with pleasure," Power Girl says with a grin as she reaches her own gloved hand to shake hands firmly with Captain Marvel. "I hear good things about you, Captain Marvel, glad to say your reputation seems to be true to character."

When Caitlin joins in the introductions, Power Girl turns to look at her and asks quietly, "so…did you ask around the Justice League if they'd mind me joining the team?"

Carol has a whole suite of powers, no joke. Super-hearing, not one of them. So she misses the quiet side-question about the League. Nevertheless, she smiles at Power Girl, and nods. "I've heard plenty of good things about you, too, Power Girl. Glad to personally put a face and a voice to the name. I know your cousin pretty well." But she hasn't had a chance to get to know Power Girl until now.

"Glad you could catch up, Red. Thank you for the backup." Carol offers Caitlin, with a bump to her shoulder. "I take it you two already know each other. Good to know." Carol turns and salutes the police officers as they take custody of the goons. Then turns back to the other two heroines. "So. You you have X-Ray peepers, and you're a science brain. So, either one of you have any idea what these idiots were trying to steal from the StarrWare people?"
Fairchild has partially disconnected.

"Didn't expect anyone to know about me, but glad to hear it, Captain Marvel," Power Girl says, flattered by the kind words, as she turns her attention to Fairchild. "Yeah…I met her when I visited the Hall of Justice, wanted to check if the Justice League would have me," Power Girl quips at Captain Marvel, before looking a bit sheepish as she muses, "I don't know…Starrware does all kind of awesome tech." Yeah, knowing everything about Starrware isn't a good way to maintain a secret identity. She knows how to play the game.

Caitlin bumps all of a tenth of an inch at the jostle. She's taller than Carol or Karen, and possibly carries a bit more muscle than the stacked superheroine in the cape. She just has a lot of /mass/. She salutes Carol with a smart motion that's absolutely not military but pretty well intentioned.

"I did," Cait nods at Karen, chin wagging in excitement. "I meant to come see you at the—," she glances at Karen's offices, catching herself. "Um, place where you… work," she says, cautiously. "Everyone's off doing their own projects, 'cause nothing world-shattering's happened lately. But I went around and got the votes from the active members and you only need like, a few of them since everyone went into reserve status, so, that's me, and I grabbed Shayera before she took off, and then um… Diana, but I don't know if she'll remember," she frowns, counting on her fingers, "and then I asked Aquaman but he made a joke about seahorses and said he'd do it later, then went back to Atlantis." She shrugs at the other two women, clearly not getting the joke. Then she realizes she's prattling a bit again, and clears her throat.

"But, yes, you've just gotta come down to the League building and yes! We'll get you a secret decoder ring." She grabs Karen's arm and hugs it enthusiastically, beaming ear to ear. "Yaaaay! And you can come see the work I did on those microprocessors you lent me, they're uh… I had an accident with some solder, but they're running /great/."

And pardon Carol as she does her best to turn off the journalist and intel analyst part of her brain that would otherwise pick up on certain cues and clues about the words and visible reactions of the other two women. No need to go piercing secret identities today, thanks! "Well, if you want to join the League, that's not a hard thing to arrange." And apparently Caitlin is quite a ways down that effort tree without any help from bossy USAF Colonels, thanks.

"Well, I guess we'll just have to wait until the MPD can get us a copy of the seized property listings on this, to see what we can figure out about what they were after." Because questioning goons like this never goes well without going to extremes that good heroes aren't comfortable going. Carol would know. "You certainly have my vote, Power Girl. I'd love to see you join us at the League. Another person to go flying up and down from the WatchTower with is always a win."

Power Girl is so good at this secret identity game that she manages to overcome the great desire to facepalms when Fairchild almost advertises her secret identity for her. Instead, she just smiles a nervous smile at Fairchild, "you dooon't sayyyy…." she seems pretty sarcastically happy about something. But then the good news come, and Power Girl tries to do an impromptu high five with Fairchild, "awesome! Thank you so much, Fairchild, I always wanted to be a part of team…I hope this will be a good experience! I heard some jerkface talking against the JLA recently, I'd love to punch his face in and show him what's what!" She then nudges Fairchild playfully, "are you serious about the decoder ring? Because I want it!" She then reaches to do the same with Captain Marvel if she'll let her have a high five, "hell yeah, flying is more fun in pairs!"

Caitlin pulls a face at the mention of being flying buddies, looking more than a little envious. However, she's totes down for high fives, smacking Power Girl's hand loud enough to sound like a firecracker going off. "I'm mostly serious," she tells Power Girl. "I can't stand wearing rings, they always get broken when I punch stuff. So I've got this little, um, coin dealie?" she says, pointing at small golden disc stitched into her uniform just over her left hip. "It superfolds the unstable molecules down so I always have a costume. I, uh…" She pinks on the high points of her cheekbones. "Had a few wardrobe malfunctions with my old outfit— all I could really afford was this bulk spandex and it tears like crazy if you look at it funny. Carol finally got me set up with a good uniform, so at least no more unexpected appearances on subreddits." She shrugs her big shoulders at Karen.

One of the criminals snickers under his breath, and Caitlin whips her head around and narrows her eyes at him, pointing. "Hey. You wanna do a pretzle impression?" she snaps.

Carol is a pilot! She totally high-fives Power Girl back, smiling and nodding. "You're welcome to the team, and awesome. Glad to have you." Carol pulls out a small earwig and offers it to the Kryptonian powerhouse. "Once you put that in, give me a second to reconfigure its biometric scanners to assert a new profile, and then you should be good to go." Because Carol has some of the nicest toys, and she's not shy about sharing.

Carol does her best not to snigger in response to Caitlin sharing her early wardrobe woes, but it's not easy. It's pretty funny, now in retrospect. It wasn't so funny when it was happening, which is why she went to such efforts to deal with the problem. "You know, NPD looks like they have these guys handled. Would you two like to head back to the Hall of Justice? We can finish your sign-up if you'd like?" Hey, the commissary there is great!
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Taking the earpiece from Carol, Power Girl tries it on, giving Captain Marvel the thumbs up to do her thing. Looking back at Caitlin, Power Girl smirks, she can only imagine, and it's a good thing too. Much better than being there, poor girl must have been so embarrassed. "Sure…let's do it!"

The cops show up, the reports are filed, and then the short flight back to the League headquarters. Caitlin begs a lift off of whomever succumbs to puppy eyes first.

They land, and Caitlin makes a beeline for the cafeteria, because it's possibly been literally less than an hour since she ate and she complains of starvation unto death.

"So, cafeteria," Caitlin proclaims, walking into the room. It's more like a nice restaurant, with comfortably appointed chairs, tables, and a buffet that wouldn't be out of place at a reasonably nice family dining center. And it smells amazing. "They keep some stuff cooking all the time for people who keep weird hours," she explains, grabbing a tray and utensils. "I'll be back in a second, it takes me a minute to load my tray up." She ambles off without much explanation, leaving Carol and Karen to place their own orders at the short-order grill.

For her part, Carol Danvers cards into the base, makes introductions, and keys off the biometric reset and scan on the earbud she gave Karen. "New profile, Power Girl. Read, save, and lock." she commands, and smiles. There, another member of the team, and she's pretty damned happy. "The commissary here is pretty good." And Carol is no bird food eater, either. There shall be something yummy. Probably some of that chicken chesapeake they are serving. And some asparagus with cheese sauce. She burns calories too. "So, a few things just because it is sure to come up. I'm ex-military, myself. USAF, pilot. So pardon the jargon when it comes out. And I guess we should talk about how things are restructuring around here. It's a little chaotic. But I'm happy to see someone else joining us. Honestly." And she offers her hand, 'cause that's how it's done.

Flying back with Fairchild unless Carol gave her a lift first, Power Girl is all too happy for once to be more than just a visitor here, nodding at Caitlin as she grins, "cafeteria is the most important room, huh?" She was joking, but knowing Caitlin, she's not too sure it wasn't exactly what Fairchild meant. To Captain Marvel she gives a salute. Not a mock one, a very serious salute, "I respect any woman who makes it in the military. Good for you, I know it's an old boys club type of place…it's the same in business world, which is where I'm from," she gives a tidbit about herself in return. "If I don't get a bit of jargon, I'll be sure to ask for a translation!"

Caitlin returns to the table not long after Karen and Carol are settled in, and her tray is almost at the breaking point for food— easily five thousand calories or more. Most of it fairly healthy, but there's enough fat and sugar to send someone into a diabetic coma and then kill them in the night with fatty arteries to boot.

"I tried to be quick, I just wanted a snack," Caitlin says, setting down the tray on the corner of the table. She wiggles into the seat next to Carol, the booth groaning a little protest, and sets a two-liter bottle of soda where she can get to it.

She attacks her food like a professional eater, though at least she has some semblance of table manners so it's more party trick than spectacle. "I'm sho happy you're on board," she tells Karen, swigging down her soda. "It's gonna be great having you around more often. No one's staying in the Lakehouse anymore and since everyone's on reserve status, I'm kinda stuck here on monitor duty a lot," Caitlin says, pulling a face. "It gets kind of boring, and no one will let me put games on the big machines, so… meh."
"Make sure to ask for the translation. No offense taken, I promise." Carol offers Karen with a nod. She clearly seems to agree with the boys club aspect, but Carol is one of those women who found a way to work with that foolishness; she's guessing Karen has done the same. Looking like that, she'd have to, right?

"We have plenty of intel coming in, and the reorganization seems to have greatly increased our intelligence analysis with direct connections, rather than handing off to the damned DEO." Captain Marvel doesn't bother sugar-coating it; she does not like the DEO, and she's not going to pretend. Damned space pirate asshats. "But it does mean we rarely have more than one or two people on-duty here at the Hall at any one time. And we can always use some fast-responders." Which a Kryptonian can definitely achieve, and how!

Carol eyes Caitlin's 'snack' and eating with wry amusement, but does not interfere or argue. She knows the lovely redhead will burn all of those calories, so who's to argue? Right?

"You're playing hardball when it comes to snacking, huh?" Power Girl quips at Caitlin, before grining at her, and whispering, "maybe I can see about getting you some portable gaming device."

She nods at Captain Marvel, pretty much in perfect accord with her, particularly about the DEO. "Well, thank you for letting me join in the team…I think I need to get off for a bit, I think someone is calling for help…I'll be enough to take care of it," Power Girl flies out just like that before anyone can offer to tag along. Who needs help? Why it's her poor PA who is trying to stall desperately for a meeting that should have started 5 minutes ago, so what if Karen Starr will be late for once, Tony Stark is always late and nobody ever gives him a hard time. Aside for maybe Pepper.

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