A Pierce To The Puzzle

August 06, 2016:

Someone snuck in after the last client and hid … surprising three X-Red after the building is locked down.

X-Red HQ - New York


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Fade In…

Bobby Drake…

Plays guitar. It's late at X-Red and Bobby knocked off work a long time ago. Now he's playing on his twelve string with his feet up.

I am just a poor boy though my story's seldom told. I have resistance for pocketful of mumbles such are promises. All lies and jsests, still a man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest, oooooh…"

It might be a familair tone to anyone who happens to be around X-Red HQ.

Brins still working, or at least she was until a few moments ago. A last minute request for a quote for some work had kept her late and she'd left a message for house mate letting him know she'd be home late.

Stretching as she enters the room, the brunette narrows her eyes at Icenerd a little - he should have left a long time ago and gone home, or out, or something. But she doesn't say anything, simply leans against the door and listens to the music she's so familiar with.

"What this needs is a beat" whispers Wanda to Brinley as she joins the other woman in the doorway. Thankfully she does not volunteer herself as a beatbox but instead watches. "It is odd to have you both here again" she muses softly. "Gabriel is away trying to find himself and so it gets lonely…and quiet."

A long pause before Wanda adds, "Though I think 'Sounds of Silence' may be a better song for Bobby to follow." She's only teasing, his voice isn't /that/ bad.

Bobby might well wonder what the man keeps doing to lose himself. He doesn't say that, though, only winks and keeps strumming. "You know you're more than welcome to come out with us Wanda. You don't have to stay locked in here you know. And if you don't want to be seen with boring old us…" Now he's teasing a bit. "I'm quite sure there's plenty of places you'd be welcome." He doesn't know if Wanda's into nightlife but, you know, she could certainly fit in if she wanted.

Then again he doesn't know if she'd hear all their voices. That might be unpleasant.

"I could do Sound of Silence, though, if you wanted. FBI sent their compliments to you both by the way. Calvera sang like a bird. They've already forwarded us the transcripts… and they'll be pursuing some very serious criminal charges against him."

Speaking of voices, there's one nearby. Which is unusual given the hour. It's low and rough, someone intent on not being noticed. Brin may well get the sense that they're being watched.

"I think it's got a beat. I rather like it." Brin murmurs back to Wanda, giving her a questioning look about Gabriel and making a mental note to check up on the man.

Moving out of the HQ and into her friends place has done the small brunette a world of good. She's not quite the workaholic she was and regardless of how tired she looks, there's a calm about the woman. "Sounds of Silence gives me goose bumps, that would be next favourite."

Usually Brin has to scan for emotions but tonight, there's someone broadcasting and she's picking it up. With a frown, she holds up a hand and concentrates more "There's something … watching … I think."

"I think it is safer if I stay inside" Wanda shrugs; though she is a natural born dancer that does miss being able to cut loose. "I am learning all about computers when everyone is gone. Not the internet but how they work and what is inside them…information." She sounds quite proud of this but even she couldn't tell the others /why/ she had gone this route.

"Tell the FBI I said 'hi'" Wanda smirks - weren't they one of the (many) groups who wanted her out of the country? Or at the very least on a watch list. Then she hears that voice. Her brow furrows as she determines if it is her own or someone else. The latter she decides. A decision helped when Brinley remarks that they are being watched. "I feel it too" she whispers, eyes nervously glancing around. "How did they get inside?"

"I will." Bobby doesn't feel anything naturally but when both women indicate that something is amiss he sits up, lays his guitar aside and starts to look around. He doesn't advertise it, but Bobby can see into the thermal spectrum. He can literally see heat… which makes seeing through certain kinds of wall and flooring quite easy.

"I don't see any… wait. In the back… by the hallway…" He murmurs as he raises a hand…

And then gives the hallway a cold snap. There's a yelp that's almost canine as a rather tall grey furred wolf woman jumps into view.

"I don't recall having a stray follow me home…" Bobby mutters.

"Indeed." Brins' eyes narrow at that thought. The good news about Calvera and Wanda's own admission about how she's using her spare time, put the side.

As Bobby snap freezes the hallway, Brins ready. They've worked together often enough - a glowing green and gold shield appears around the wolfen woman, holding her in place - without discomfit. "Well, looks like one did. I don't think you can keep her." the brunette mutters back to the icenerd.

"Would you like to explain why you're hiding here? Or shall I just call the police now?"

Wanda peers curiously at the wolf woman. Such things aren't a surprise to a Transian gypsy but they seem to be really common in New York. "Hello" she smiles, even giving their visitor a little fingerwave before a pouting glance at her fellow X-Red members. "No need to call her a stray. She is a person." Looking back to the wolf woman she asks, "Can we help you." The interrogation of how she got in here without tripping any alarms can wait for now.

"I'm with your friends…" She says holding her hands up. Her ears flatten back and she lowers herself, crouching down to make herself seem smaller. It's… well it's beta dog behavior.

"They told us you'd made progress with the Club. That means you're a target now. We're to watch you. Make sure nothing happens. I slipped inside when the last client left…"

Bobby quirks an eyebrow. Wanda's right, as it turns out. She's actually a friend.

Er. Sort of.

"Our friends?" Brin looks to Bobby and sighs as she see's the womans body language. She's very familiar with it, given who her housemate is. The shield disappears and the brunette takes a deep breath. "Let's start with a name, shall we?" beat "We're going to have to look at our close procedures, Bobby." People sneaking inside and hiding. Really.

"I have always been a target" Wanda smirks to the wolf, "And I will always be a target. But thank you for wanting to watch over us." She looks over to Brin and Bobby. "Club? This is to do with the woman who came to see us? Hmm…if a werewolf can sneak in without anyone noticing then I am worried what our enemies are able to do. Maybe they are already here?"

"I don't think so. Your enemies probably wouldn't have hidden out in the men's restroom for an hour to avoid being seen."

Bobby snorts. Right then.

"What was the name our friends used when we last saw them." This should suss out whether or not she's lying.

"He said 'Call me Ishmael'. We all do. It keeps things nice and tidy." The woman replies.

"So shall I call you Ishmael then?" Bobby sighs.

"Please do." She looks over at Wanda. "The Club yes. It does have to do with the woman who visited you. She's a power in that club, the power you might say. There's others though. And they're… less than settled. I think you might find they dislike that."

"Ishmael then…" Brin notes where the woman hid and sighs. "Ms Gallo, Wanda. I'm surprised we've not heard from her yet, to be honest."

Ishmael's information draws the brunettes attention once more "Less than settled could work in our favour. Do you have names or anything that we could use to approach them?" Whoever this woman is with, they seem to like to play their cards close to their chest …

"Forgive my nature but a gypsy is not a trusting person so hiding behind fake names and expecting us to believe you about another group behind fake names." Wanda shrugs apologetically. "I find this…hard. But if Brin and Bobby trust you then I shall keep quiet." A pause. "After saying this." With that she moves back to watch the situation…her mind reaching out to infiltrate the wolf woman's.

"Fake names our important when people can read minds…" At least she's telling the truth about that. This woman hasn't been trained in resisting psychic intrusion. In fact she doesn't even know Wanda's doing it. She does, however know that knowing too much is a danger and she seems to have a very clear notion in her head that the 'Club' has powerful psychics in it.

If that's true… confronting them in any capacity could get rough.

"Does your group have any solid information on why we might be in danger, or how?"

"Not solid enough." Ishmael sighs. "We think the capture of Calvera has catalyized something. There's a lot of… people moving around. Someone in the club is pulling strings. That's their way. Act from the shadows. Influence events. Did you ask about the Black Bishop?"

Brin gives Wanda a reassuring smile. It's not that she trusts these 'friends' anymore than Wanda does, but tough times call for strange bedfellows… and these people are feeding them information.

That capturing Calvera has caused something to happen, doesn't really surprise the brunette. Nodding slowly at the question "We did. We got a name. Pierce." She's sure there's more to it than that. "You all seem preoccupied with that."

"I do not have a good history with anyone called a 'bishop'…or 'priest'. Christians hate witches" Wanda half-smiles, "But I do not think this Club is very Christian. They just like the names, da? How do you know so much about what is happening in the Club, Ishamael? Are you in the Club?"

"No, but we're watching them. We know some people to follow. We wish we had more inside information but…" She shrugs.

"Pierce… a piece to a puzzle. I don't know who that is, but I know the name is important. Calvera was getting his orders from a man named Pierce, we know from other sources. And his money. Find Pierce, find the trouble."

How helpful. "Well, thank you for stopping by and for your concern. I'll just… see you out." At least the ice nerd gets the werewolfess a drink before he moves her toward the door. He'll be a bit, making sure she actually leaves.

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