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August 04, 2016:

Four Avengers check the SHIELD depot (rather, the junkyard) to see what was Fury gave them.

SHIELD Scrapyard

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The SHIELD’s scrapyard is not like the typical junkyard. It is a military scrapyard, after all. There is a double fence, electrified, and cameras. And probably armed guards somewhere. Outside, there are some stripped off armored vehicles, but several large industrial units hide from the public view the contents of SHIELD’s old arsenal, some of which is still classified.

But Falcon and Iron Guard have the security codes for the gates, and they are authorized. So they can get inside with little problem, and if Spider-Man is already there, he can too. “Falcon, I am sure you know who this guy is. Or at least you think you know. He will be joining the team. Spidey, this is Falcon, he is the field leader of the Avengers since, well, last Monday. And… someone else could be joining us. Not sure yet.”

Falcon shows up behind the wheel of a SHIELD Humvee, wearing his full-on superhero getup: red and gray and white flight suit, metal wings folded neatly into an aerodynamic housing, goggles dangling around his neck. The guard in the gatehouse looks deeply apologetic as he checks the man's ID, but rules are rules. Wilson doesn't stress about it, just looks over at Nathaniel in the passenger's seat — tough to get a driver's license when they haven't printed your birth certificate yet — and shrugs.

After they disembark at the heart of the scrapyard, he nods at the introduction and offers Spidey a hand and a raised eyebrow. "New outfit?" he asks. "Kinda more… abstract… than the one I've seen." Reaching up to hook his left thumb over his shoulder, he continues, "Mind helping a guy without superpowers do some heavy lifting? Brought a few goodies I could surplus at Stark."

"What chu' mean.. not sure yet." Some how, some kind of Bat-way, Harper was already on the inside in the middle, snacking on a big grab bag of Hot Cheetoes with probably something else mixed in. She was all geared up, face covered by lenses and a mask, harness which sets her jaw just right, her blue hair.. just a touch longer now all curls and .. you know what. Whatever. She's geared up. She's ready. Goddamn it.. someone tell her what this thing is all about.
"You ain't shit to find, you know that.."
"Like.. you tooted out some skittles or somethin' and left a trail.."
"Mm. Skittles don't sound bad…"

Spider-Man 2099 had landed just as they set foot out of their ride, the momentum of his swinging stop had him doing a short jog to stop before he is near them. Abstract? Oh crap. Holographic imaging was down and his 'usual' look was in place, the blacks and reds.
"Shock." A tap on his wrist and the Reds and Blues of a traditional Spider shimmer over his lithe figure. He is slightly taller than Parker, a tad more muscular with a deeper voice. Those familiar with Spider-Man of Now will realize this but most do not.
"There. Now, totally threw off my train of thought, Birdman, Tincan Man, afternoon." A glance around and Spidey chuckles, "So, this is a joke right? SHIELD is pranking you? On top of a mess of trash the guard didn't even notice me swinging overhead or just didn't give two Snarts. That is some serious security. Also… " A tip of his head towards the munching noise making Bluebird. He has good ears and eyes, like stupid good. It makes up for 'Spidey-Senses'.

"Uhm, manual labor in this get up? I'm not wearing my workboots." He says this but he is moving along to assist as much as he'd rather not but it is some form of showing off who can resist such things.

Nathaniel was not armored, but the armor forms and 'grows' over him when they get past the gates. He wants to use the sensors. "That is Bluebird," he notes, jumping off the Humvee. "Come here, Blue. Pretty sure you know who Spider-Man and Falcon are, right? Bluebird is from Gotham, I invited her to come because she comes with top notch references." Nevermind he got the references from historical records that do not exist yet. Details!

Slow glance around. "Yes, all this is junk. Internal combustion engines. I guess it could be worse. They could be steam-powered." Pause, "no it cannot be worse. Lets go inside. Supposedly Fury stored something still useable in the unit b-three." So about there. Door opens and yes, there is a Quinjet. But is looks mothballed, old.

Wilson crosses his arms across his broad chest, a raised eyebrow his only answer to Bluebird's crunching and snark and the Spider-Man knockoff's nicknames and one-liners. He just turns to Nathaniel and dryly comments, "I'm starting to see why I ended up in charge by default."

In the back of the Humvee, Spidey will discover a lot of disassembled computer equipment, much of which is attached in some way to what looks like a hospital stretcher. The easiest object to start with it is what looks like a desk, primarily composed of clear plastic; when he picks it up, holographic displays flicker to life within and without, and a slightly tinny voice says in genteel received pronunciation, "Do be careful, sir. Strength alone will not assure the safe transportation of this terminal, and several of its systems are quite delicate."

Following Nathaniel, Sam whistles as he gives the Quinjet a once-over. "Older model. Good condition, though. I can get her flying," he assesses. He gestures at the armor that grew over his partner in this venture. "I'm assuming you'll want to do something with the onboard systems?"

Spider-man. Saw him on TV. This other guy? Maybe saw him on TV too. Either way, if Harper knew their identities she surely wasn't going to tell them. That whole air of mystery that follows the bat-clan even extends to their most shittiest member to date. Well, shittiest, not well trained and youngest member to date. Probably. More than likely. More or less.

"What? Come here?"

She was already walking to follow the Iron Guard, muttering as she snacks upon her chips. "Just because you're all cutie patootie doesn't mean you can just boss me around like that.." Her words were cut off as soon as she sees the Quinjet. Even if she didn't get a clear answer that she was joining.. just seeing the craft right there was worth the miniature exposure. Words were soon kept to herself but not those crunchies.. who's chewing was growing rather intense.. "You can't get her flying like I can, dude.."

"All New All Different Avengers, right? Birds, bugs and Pop Top there fishing around a junkyard. Aces." Spider-Man quips with a bored tone accompanied with a hand gesture. He doesn't remember any Bluebirds in his history of the Avengers but the information of his time is also hazy and full of intentional misinformation. Dystopian societies are all about those kind of control methods afterall. Also, information by means of time travel is often unreliable as everything is bendy and memory gaps appear. It's a time traveler sickness or so he tells himself.
"No worries you relic. I'll be real easy with you." Webbing assisted if required. It'll be like child proofing a room for movement.

Overhearing Bluebird and Falcon, "Oh, it's going to be a dance off?" Hauling things. Spider-Man sets to it. He is despite his sour and dry attitude careful with all of the gear that is to be moved.

Nathaniel is not as impressed with the Quinjet as Falcon. “Hmm, it is not even Wakandan. It is a Starktech knockoff.” He moves to the back of the plane and pulls off the plastic covers, revealing the five powerful jet engines. “No vibranium anywhere, but,” he grabs one of the engines.


He rips the whole engine out of the plane, no mercy. “Iridium-molybdenum coils. Oh yes, I can use this to build a fusion reactor and we can have a real airplane.”

"I feel quite reassured," the computerized voice answers Spidey, sounding anything but. Leave it to Tony Stark to program sarcasm into a glorified search engine interface. Falcon smirks at the man's assessment of his exchange with Bluebird. "That supposed to be a challenge?" he asks her, gesturing toward the craft. "By all means — let's see what you can do. I've got—"

Their banter is interrupted by Nathaniel tearing apart the best piece of equipment they've been given. With a low grunt of annoyance, Sam strides forward. "Nate!" he barks, hands going to his hips. "What the hell are you doing? This is a junkyard." He makes a sweeping motion with one arm, indicating everything outside the little bunker, then lowers his head and glares at the younger man. "You want to tear something up for parts? We are literally surrounded by stuff that is here expressly for that purpose."

He raises one finger between them. "Next time you want to rip into one of our three — sorry, two — pieces of functioning equipment, you get my goddamned permission first."

"Oh ho, another sarcastic AI. You and Lyla will get along." Thankfully his own personal AI is offline right now. O'Hara made sure she was so he could have some alone time, the constant nagging requires a break now and again.

"Eagle One is angry, what did you break, Iron Pants?" Miguel is now by the others leaning against a stack of rubber tank treads, he is curious. It is like Big Brothers for superheroes right now and he needs his entertainment.

"Honestly, I am only here for the free punch and to get to know everyone. I broke a toaster the other day and still don't know how to put it back together." That may or may not be true.

Whelp. There was no chance to take a dare or a bet. He done sat up there and broke that thing and Harper was like.. 'whaaaaaaaaaaaat?'

Which was her face. Like 'whaaaaaaaaaaaat'. Her mouth hung open, as if the most precious thing on the planet has been taken from her and she didn't have any way to express her feelings than to stand there and gape with her mouth wide open, cheetoes falling to the floor and all.

"What /he/ said!" Which he? "Both of them!"

The armored man looks up at Falcon and stops. “Falcon, even if you managed to get the Quinjet fully operative, this model is barely able to reach match 2. And it needs fossil fuel to work. Fossil fuel… it goes against my religion to fly in a fossil-fuel powered aircraft. Give me a month and I will re-build this plan into an anti-gravitational shuttlecraft, fusion-powered, and able to fly at match eight even inside the atmosphere.”

He shifts to Bluebird. “Stay around, Blue. We will get all the cool gadgets. Even if I have to build half of them myself.” And to Spidey, “oh please, this thing is barely more sophisticated than a biplane with propellers!”

Sam pinches the bridge of his nose and holds up one palm to forestall Iron Guard's protests. "Richards, I get that you're new at this, but it's a thing called coverage. A second ago we could have responded to an emergency; now we can't. For a month, apparently! That's a massive gap in coverage." Again he points outward with one open hand. "If you had asked, I could have said: built me a bucket with wings out of the crap out there, and then you can do whatever you want with the Quinjet. No gaps in coverage — no problem. Instead, we're stuck hitchhiking to anything farther away than New Jersey, straight through Labor Day." He crosses his arms. "That is some embarrassing shit, my friend. The JLA hears about this and we will be able to hear them laughing all the way from the Watchtower."

"Biplane? Which ones that the one with the rotors?" Spidey twirls a finger in the air slowly. Once again, serious or not? Who can tell behind that mask even the expressive eyes are not breaking the question.

"I seen some motorcycle frames over yonder. Maybe you can salvage a couple of those in the meantime." A shrug from Future Spider and he leaps up and lands atop what may be an old gutted Bradley fighting vehicle. Assuming a crouched posture he watches them with open interest. "JLA has no grounds to laugh at anybody right now, news said they're a done deal." So did the memo from the Secretary of Metahuman Affairs he and all the rest of the Justice League got a week ago.

"Iiiiii don't know Cutey-patootie. You're going around breaking 'all' the things! As soon as I get something super cool you might just go on and break it because it bent right.." Man, this was hilarious. But there was a slight groan as she bends down to pick up her spilled cheetoes, her lensed eyes looking into the bag with a hint of a frown, which was soon crumpled up with her dustied gloved fingers and tossed aside into a random trash.

She watches Spidey as he flips, landing upon something with a shake of her head, stalking off into a part of the area but not too far enough to where she can't be heard. "Falcon has a point." Harper admits. While she probably won't ever, ever get a chance to drive a batmobile, they kind of didn't have any backups. "Don't know if this would be handicapped enough to keep it grounded but.." She ducks down a mound of trash and begins to dig.

No one can see Bluebird, she's out of the picture.

Nathaniel shakes his head. “You would need a few days to get the plane in working order. And if there is a real emergency we need to attend, we have a… backup transport. Of which I should not talk about yet. Not until Starfire gets here officially.”
He glances at the jet. He could fix it in half an hour. But Falcon doesn’t need to know that. They don’t even have the fuel for the engines. “But honestly? I thought we would spend a month or two preparing and training together before going into action. We barely know each other. And we need much more than just transportation.”

"You believe everything you hear on the news?" Falcon asks Spidey with a skeptical glance. "If you really think the Leaguers are quaking in their bright red boots about whether or not H. P. Gyrich approves of their activities, you don't know those guys as well as I do." It might go without saying that, as a founding member of the Alliance version of the JL, Falcon knows several of them very well.

He glances after Bluebird quizzically, then shrugs and turns back to Nathaniel, lips thinning to a line. "Permission. Ask it. Beforehand. That is not a request," he reiterates. "Are there other considerations? Sure. That does not give you a license to go off half-cocked, trashing what few resources we have because you decide they don't meet your technological standards."

He glances upward and sighs, offering in a slightly softer tone, "Look, I know you meant well, but now that you're on a team, you have to consider how your actions affect the rest of us. It can be a pain, but it's the cost of doing business."

"Just know what I have seen and heard. I see otherwise, I'll believe otherwise until then… " A shrug of his shoulders and Spider-Man stands upright, "Firestar? The reality tv star? Model? Wait redhead… she shoots fire? Nevermind. I'll research it later. Anyways, Blue and Red birds, nice meeting both of you. I think. Tinpants I'll be in touch, I have a thing to attend. I'll check back here on my patrols and see if you guys need any help but this techno-babble-junker stuff, I just can't bring myself to do it. Even if I knew how." Team player right there. "Catch you around, new pals."


Ascending and gone O'Hara has left the scrapyard.

"Ooooh ho ho ho ho I just found -THREE- pistons in PRISTINE condition! Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!"

Yeah, don't look after Harper.. she was busy. "Oh man.. what I could -do- with these.." There was a gear that flies, and her head that pops up as soon as O'Hara leaves. "Well, Iron Guard dude Nate whomever you are.." Yes, Harper was paying attention, she was going to go back to Gotham to do a search on the guy. As well as Falcon. And a weirdly dressed Spider-man. It didn't hurt that the conversation was being recorded on her end.

"Didn't say that I was joining but I -am- intrigued. I like this dude. He's like a nice batman if batman ever had the capability to be nice." She gestures at Falcon, then ducks down again. "But yeah, I got a thing back home. I'll call you guys or whatever, we cool?" She still doesn't pop up. And chances are? If anyone were to look over in that area she would have pulled some serious bat-dickery just to get out of the area, sight unseen and unheard.

For a few seconds, it looks as if Nathaniel is going to argue with Falcon, but no. He steps back. "Alright. I will be more careful in the future. However I do believe we need better than an old Quinjet. And… if I have to build an airplane from scratch instead of using this one's frame, it would take me several months. Even if I can find the elements I need here."

He turns to Harper, "see you soon Bluebird," hmm? Gone? Cool trick.

"Alright," the helmet folds back, and he leans against the Quinjet. "I should have asked, so I am going to tell you exactly what I want to do and who is with us. And you can approve or disapprove or assign priorities to whole list." Holographic projector on.

"Sounds like we're on exactly the same page, then," Falcon answers with a nod, satisfied by Nathaniel's response. He sits back to absorb the holographic presentation, taking in the details of the plan with interest.

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