Taser Training

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August 04, 2016:

May decides that Voodoo needs training in Tasers. Jericho brings Gabby along and Jemma comes to try and start her examination of Voodoo. Things don't go as expected

The Triskelion - New York


NPCs: Gabrielle Trent



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The last little 'trip' that Priscilla had accompanied May and Jemma on had revealed a certain amount of…

Okay, she's no good with weaponry. She'd managed to put herself out with a stun baton.

She hasn't joined the Division yet, of course. There's a lot to talk about in those regards, but if she's going to be present and she's going to be on missions it's probably a good idea for her to have some basic familiarity with weaponry.

At the very least, knowing how to not tase herself would be good.

Voodoo might be blushing faintly as she enters the training room. There she'd been all determined to impress and then went and shot herself in the foot. That had been.. unpleasant. Very embarrassing and unpleasant. At least it hadn't hurt for long, so now she's got another advantage thanks to the alien monstrosities that had kidnapped her. The dancer still doesn't consider all these advantages a fair trade for being turned into some creepy freak of nature or having to try and pick up the shattered pieces of her life yet again and start over once more.
But hey, you gotta find some kind of brightside or why bother to get out of bed at all? So she's here, dressed in black leggings and tanktop that falls almost to her knees, long hair tied back in a tail and ready to learn. 'Really I can't believe I have to be taught not to shoot my own damn self with weapons. They must think I'm a total dumbass. I thought it was just a weird stick.. how was I supposed to know??' She sighs to herself and looks around.

And to that end, May has planned this training session. She's there waiting for Priscilla as she arrives, her own usual attire changed out for the SHIELD-standard training clothes and arrayed on a bench against the wall a few sets of the stun batons, contact tasers, and gun-style tasers. All of them have been modified specifically for training purposes, and only pack enough punch to feel like a joy buzzer or a hit to the funny bone.

Nodding to Priscilla, she gestures toward a sparring mat and steps over that way to get the former dancer started with warmup stretches. It's also a way to gauge the young woman's physical capability, and will help May figure out how to direct her training.

Jemma is just little busy at the moment. She's received a special request from the US Marshals Department to work out a way to counter 'viral processors' that might or not be used in an attack in a few days.

She's been at work since 3 this morning and it looks like it's going to be a late night. Thank goodness for the cot in the Med Facility that's been set up for her, she'll get twenty minutes or so sleep … later.

Hearing that Priscilla would be in training though, Jemma's taking a break from that work to pick up something else. Her examination of the woman and knowing that she's nervous about what the biochem might do, Jemma's going to opt for the 'soft touch'. Having people around might help, right?

"I know how to use a taser Jericho." Comes a strident female voice from the hallway.

"Humor me. It'll be good practice and we can move to a firing line later. I'm pretty sure that SHIELD will let me use theirs and borrow a couple of sidearms."

Into the training room steps a glow-eyed hacker that will be familiar to everyone in the room (Priscilla seems to think he's scary) and a younger woman who looks remarkably like him, is dressed remarkably like him in mostly concealing clothing but has completely normal eyes.

"Ah, you're all here already. Hello May."

"Agent May." Gabrielle nods her head respectfully. "Simmons. Uh… Miss." That's to Priscilla.

Priscila is a dancer and a damned good one. She's been doing it for four and half years. Every day, minus the months she'd been captured she does her own set of stretches and warmups and three or four times a week does routines on her own aside from work. She's incredibly limber and this at least is something she can do without messing up.
So far she doesn't appear to be nervous but at the moment it's just her and May and Priscilla is confident of her ability to do this part. Suddenly her eyes widen. 'Oh god.' The woman has clearly heard Jemma. At least her back is to the scientist yet and the other woman can't see the growing panic in her blue eyes.
Ohh and there comes scary truck guy. Her eyes slide around the room looking for exits or a place to make one of her own if she can. Slowly Voodoo turns her head when she hears a new and unfamiliar voice. 'Ohmygod scary truck guy has a sister??' Huh. She might not appear reasured by this information. "H-" Priscilla coughs and trys again. "Hi." She offers a way too bright smile.

Melinda May lets Priscilla use her own warmup routine while starting a Yoga-esque series of moves. She stops when Jemma arrives and nods a greeting to the biochemist, clearly inviting her to join even if only for the exercise. Then, Jericho and Gabby arrive, right on time. She nods a hello to them as well, a similar invitation that she gave to Jemma.

When Priscilla starts becoming visibly antsy, May focuses on the dancer again. "Kitaen. Focus on me." Her words are direct, but not harsh.

Jemma really is preoccupied with everything going on, so she misses any of Priscillas actions that might indicate the dancer is afraid. It's Gabby's voice that finally gets her attention and she smiles as the woman enters "Jemma, Gabby." This is something of a habit now and might even become funny in the long run. "How are you? Any further … incidents?"

"This is … Priscilla Kitaen. Priscilla, this is Gabby Trent." beat "Hello, Jericho."

Shaking her head at Mays invitation, she looks at Priscilla and decides to wait for a moment. What she really needs to gather at the moment, isn't that intrusive … blood draws and a skin cell samples. Eventually, she'll want to do a brain scan.

"Hi. I'm Gabby." The brown haired woman introduces herself to Priscilla before Jemma grabs her attention. "Uh, no not recently…" She's been practicing meditation. It's helped. Doesn't make her any less freaked out by the traces though.

Jericho leans himself against a wall and gestures to Gabby. The ER nurse gives her attention to May who appears to have the floor with… "That's a lot of tasers…"

Since Priscilla finds May intimidating and not frightening, she does that. For now the dancer is clearly okay with directions and orders, at least from May. It's become very apparent to the young woman that she has no idea what she's doing, or how to get a handle on it. These people all seem to know things and have offered to help her. While she's still working on the whole trusting them thing, she's trying to do what's asked of her as best as she can.
Priscilla manages not to blush again but her eyes move from May to the floor as Gabby comments on the tasers. 'Oh I hope no one tells Cash I did that.' Pricilla thinks as she finishes her routine. She's not reading or even trying to read any of their minds so she has no idea what exactly Jemma is planning. That's probably a really good thing.

Melinda May accepts Jemma's not wanting to participate, she figured the biochemist wouldn't. But, she does plan to put the scientist through her paces at some point to see exactly how far that seemingly subconscious training goes. For Priscilla and Gabby she says, "Follow what I do." She's going to lead them through the simplest form of her warmup routine, to help calm the former, and to get the latter up to speed. She needs to assess the younger Trent sibling's physical state.

"Yes, they're tasers," is all she offers to Jericho.

Jericho is at an incredibly high level of physical fitness. It's likely he'd be a 'heavy' if he had been recruited into SHIELD even without his cybernetics. Gabrielle? Well she's fitter than the average American, which comes from her parents, but she does it more for health and looks than anything else. She's not combat ready to be sure. But then again, she's an ER nurse.

Gabrielle does at least know which way to point a Taser, so as May begins the block of instruction she picks up that part fairly quickly. She's also careful not to point it at May or Priscilla, despite the fact that they're largely toothless. It's a bad habit. That comes from the Trent parents as well.

The elder Trent moves over to Jemma as the other two begin to go through the motions. "Anything interesting in the lab lately?"

"When you're finished here, Ms Kitaen…" Jemma tries to speak gently and not be threatening. Who'd have thought that anyone would be afraid of the biochem? "… I'd like to do a blood draw and take a skin cell sample. They're non invasive and won't hurt…"

Maybe Gabby can help here. Maybe Priscilla will respond the nurse better than she does to the scientist.

Looking at Jericho, as he asks his question, Jemma considers, lowering her voice. Maybe Priscilla won't hear her very well "Apart from working on a counter measure for viral processor that shares information incredibly fast? We're slowly working out the Daemonites and how we might … adapt their abilities."

Priscilla's breath starts coming faster and she focuses on May again. The dancer had hoped Cash would be with her for the testing but he had something to do. She knows it's necesarry but it's still alarming. That's how she ended up like this and god only knows what that scientist will do with the information. Find some way to kill or imprison her if she ever does something they don't like probably.
Priscilla frowns at herself. What exactly would she do on purpose that warrant that kind of reaction? Nothing she can think of. She wants to help people, change the world, dammit. Not cause more harm and damage. It's her own terror and paranoia over what happened to her all those months ago that has her so worked up. They've done nothing to harm her so far. They saved her actually. Three different times. She's about to open her mouth to agree to Jemma's request when she hears her talking softly. Slowly the dancer's head towards in Jemma's direction and she jumps to her feet with an expression of anger and disbelief. "Adapt.. their.. abilities? Are you serious?? Like give them to people? Turn them into fucking freaks like I am?? Why would you do that! It's insane! Look at me!" Large reptillian wings burst from the dancer's back and her hands and arms, feet and calves turn a dark pebbly green. Her fingers and toes morph into large thick appendages with clawed tips and a long, heavy looking tail flicks out behind the woman.
She doesn't make any threatening moves, just stands there and glares down at herself. "Who would choose this? Look at me. I can't even controll this half of the time and this is only the shit you can see. There's so much more. And you want to make more of me? I thought you we're trying to stop them."

After the warmup is completed, she hands each of her pupils one of the contact tasers, explaining that they're set to annoy only. The explanation for these units is quick enough, and she tasks them to spend a moment acclimating themselves to the device. Tossing it in the air to catch NOT by the zappy end, stuff like that.

Gabby is focused like a laser on May. Sure she knows how to use a taser. Stun batons are something else though. Granted they're just contact tasers in solid casings but how often do you really see them if you don't regularly watch Demonlition Man?

"Kitaen…" Jericho says as the woman starts to… well… they're good questions. However…

Gabby feels a wing brush her and starts. There's a glow next to Priscially as she turns and stares wide eyed at what looks for all the world like a demon. Celtic, flowing designs light up under her shirt in a blue-green light and then one patch on her rib cage turns bright white and flashes out like a bulb burning out. Not that Priscilla will notice. Something invisible reaches out and slams her with the force of a mule kick to the chest. "Holyshitwhatisthat?"

As Priscilla looks at Jemma in anger and starts to speak, the biochem takes a step backwards. "Uh… " she's actually speechless for a moment as the wings, skin and talons appear… but just for a moment "Fascinating. Can yo—-"

And then Gabby traces out and the sigils start to burn off. "I'll be back!" The biochem starts at a sprint out of the gym to her lab.

It will take a few moments before she reappears, but when she does, she'll have an injector and her electrolytes with her. She expects Gabby is going to need them.

Voodoo climbs to her feet and glares at Jericho assuming he hit her while she was looking at Jemma. She doesn't know exactly what it is he does and hasn't looked to hard at Gabby yet. "What the hell was that for? I didn't do anything! I just wanted her to see. I am not going to help someone do this to people and I'm not gonna help someone who wants to hurt me. I didn't hit you on purpose with that truck. I was trying to stop them." She rubs her chest, looks at May and shakes her head. "I thought you were supposed to be the good guys. I'd rather let them kill me than see this happen to anyone else. I'll figure out how to save the others on my own." Priscilla glares at her hands until they slowly start to return to normal, then her feet. The wings and finally the tail go. It's much slower and harder when she's angry and threatened and really wants to just go but if she looks like this someone will probably try to kill her. "See what I mean. She thinks i'm a fucking monster." The dancer mutters unhappily. Tears are gathering in her eyes but she is not going to cry. Not in front of these people.

May is too slow to stop Priscilla from 'hulking out', but when Gabby reacts, she steps in promptly. "Priscilla, calm down or I will have to ask you to walk away." Yes, she's taking a very gentle (for her) tactic with the Daemonite-modified woman. She steps forward quickly, but not to confront the dancer. Instead, she's on a beeline to Gabby, possibly to keep her from collapsing to the floor in a heap. "Trent, it's okay. She … manifests kind of like your brother's aspects." Please don't burn out any more traces, or May will have to stop being so polite.

"I didn't touch you." Jericho says from all the way over at the wall where he is. He does lever off it and move fairly quickly to Gabby's side, reaching her just as Jemma returns and tosses the 'SHIELD-ade'.

"You okay?" He murmurs to his sister. Priscilla will be okay. He thinks.

"Y-yeah." Gabby drinks. "Sorry. Still not… not used to that." Not used to her abilities or not used to strange people around her. Maybe both.

"Sorry, uh, Priscilla. I uh… you're… not hurt I hope?"

Jemma stops by Gabby's side, assesing the younger Trent as being more in need of her skills. "That was pretty impressive, Gabby. A nice light show. Mind if I take your vitals?" That's not really a question, and Gabby probably knows that.

Priscilla's words get a glance from Jemma and she shakes her head. "You're not a monster. Of that I'm sure. Gabby's just had a few surprises in the last few weeks. Much like you, I suspect." But she'll leave the rest for May to deal with.

Priscilla's anger fades and she looks confused, turning to eye Gabby as the last of her transformation fades. Understanding dawns on the dancer's face and for the moment she forgets her anger with Jemma. After checking herself to make sure she looks normal, Priscilla slowly moves towards Gabby, holding her hands out in a peaceful gesture. "It's okay. I understand. I really do." If it looks like the other woman will let her, she'll reach out and pat her shoulder. If not she'll stop halfway and drop her hand back to her side.
'At least I've only hurt myself accidently. ..And those people that were worn but.. that wasn't my fault. There was nothing else I could do and it was probably better than being like that anyway.' She focuses her attention on Gabby and May when Jemma returns so her anger doesn't make her lose control. "I am a monster, capable of monsterous things if I ever decide I just doesn't care anymore or the aliens get me and finish their brainwashing. Giving them ready made people to grab is a horrible idea and thats aside from the things it will do to them. " She mutters darkly before quieting again and moving over to study the tasers and recall May's instruction.
Like hell is she agreeing to those tests right now but May and Jericho aren't so bad. Her nerves are just still shot. Maybe she can find a couple bottle of vodka here somewhere and take them to her room later. "Sorry." The dancer eyes Jericho sidelong.

Melinda May looks from Gabrielle to Jericho, content enough that the latter is being seen to. She makes an ever so slight move to put herself between Gabby and Priscilla when she approaches, but backs off again as the dancer is not trying to aggravate anyone further. She then steps over to talk with her. "Simmons is not planning to 'make more monsters', Kitaen. She's trying to find ways to make the best of the horrible situation you've been put in, like maybe figuring out how your modifications work to help heal injured people faster. Things like that." So quit with the unfounded accusations, already. They get tiresome.

"Sure…" Gabby's response is automatic. She knows what Jemma's doing. She's done much the same in the ER.

Jericho straightens while Jemma sees to Gabrielle and looks to Priscilla thoughtfully. "When I was in the Army I volunteered to be implanted with experimental cybernetics as part of a future weapons test. The results… are still with me." Long story. "There are lots of organizations out there looking to turn people into weapons, Priscilla. People like me are the new nukes. SHIELD isn't one of them, though. SHIELD has a lot of flaws." A lot of flaws. "But if it ever became what you're describing, you wouldn't see me coming around anymore."

Jemma recoils at Priscilla's words before turning her attention to Gabby. Giving the ER Nurse a tight smile, the biochem keeps working, taking comfort in the process of what she's doing.

It won't be hard for Gabby to guess what she's feeling though. This isn't the first time she's had a similar response to the work that Fury set her too and it won't be the last.

And of course, she's worried that anything she does might be stolen and put to nefarious uses. So she has to work smart.

"Nearly done. You're Bio-E dipped again, which is why you're feeling so light headed, but the rest of your vitals are nice healthy."

Priscilla listens to May and then to Jericho while familiarizing herself with the tasers. She can hear pretty good now she doesn't need to turn around and she's *so* confused and uncertain. How much of it is even her? Maybe they screwed things up in her mind just in case she did get away and if that's the case how is she ever gonna be able to trust herself? Let alone other people. 'No. I'm still me. I just want to help people. Like I always did. They just.. broke me a little I'll get better. If i stay here instead of running again. Is that why I'm picking fights? It'd be easier to just run. Not to trust. It'd be easier but I'll die or get taken again and never be able to help those people.'
Perhaps not oddly it's the hacker's admission that SHIELD has flaws and he wouldn't help them if they started making monsters that draws a smile from Priscilla and she turns back to the others. That's honest and she appreciates it and it makes things seem.. better. He's scary but she hasn't yet seen him do anything but help too. "That's also what I'm afraid of. If you do something like that even if it helps people, there will be others who see it and want to turn it around to do something awful. But I don't know how to stop that. I don't know if anyone can because I think you're probably right. I saw some of those people in Metropolis. Superman, mutants. And now there's aliens that want to.."
She hangs her head. "I am sorry Dr. Simmons. My mind is still reeling. It wasn't that long ago that I managed to exscape. They had me, doing things to me for six months before I got away. I'm still.. working through it." Obviously. "You didn't deserve that. I'll do what you ask. I promise."

"That's why SHIELD was created. To stop the people that want to take something potentially good and turn it into something awful. Now." May offers one of the stun batons to Priscilla — just like the one she zapped herself with — and one just like it to Gabby.

Jericho takes a step back and Gabby settles herself again. Yeah, she's gonna have issues with that for a while. She takes a stun baton… pauses…

And then zaps Priscilla in the butt. "Okay. Let's do this right now."

Jericho snorts and motions to Simmons. "Come on. Show me what you've got in your lab, Simmons. I'll come back to collect my sister for the firing line later."

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