Hydra Grabby Hands

March 16, 2015:

Another snatch on some targets of opportunity.

Suicide Slums

One of the worse parts of the suicide slums


NPCs: Sigma Six,HYDRA Grab Team


Mood Music: None.

Fade In…

The Suicide Slums are evidence, stark and undeniable, that even the bright and shining City of Tomorrow has a dark underbelly. That's sort of generally true of all cities, it's just smaller and better hidden in Metropolis. Thiz can be a good thing. It gives the Big Apricot a good reputation. Lots of people want to live here. But it also means that when problems brew, they frequently brew out of sight and out of mind until they burst forth in a manner that can't be ignored.

It also means that things can sneak and slither in the shadows undetected by others. And slither is a very good, very apt desciption tonight. Something rather wicked has slithered into Metro tonight and it is hunting.

"Sigma Six, this is control, what's your status?"

"This is Sigma Six. I'm tracking some of Zyklon's lackies. Targets of opportunity are in the area. Will advise."


Nyx flew herself back to the only city that has given her good unbiased press so far. Having landed out of sight in an alley she pulled on her hoodie she was carrying, hood pulled up over her head. She then starts to trudge down the alley and out into the street. She is in a really bad and at the same time worried mood.


Funny story. A snake shapeshifter lady once tried to kick Lunair's head off. It was kind of ugly. But she made it out okay. And Metropolis has always been kinda bright, shiny and full of heroes who wear their underoos on the outside. It's really not her thing. She does like apricots, though. Nice and flavorful. She does seem to enjoy frequenting the shops, is pretty okay with not worrying about bat cosplayers, getting shivved or having a UFO land on her.

So why does her path take her through here? It just does. She has no idea about anything slithering. She always kinda figured alligators in sewers were about the slitheriest thing around.


Zee visits Metropolis every so often, normally to talk to one of her business managers. Today, was one of those days. The young magician steps out from the office building having completed the meeting her attire a little different to what those she was meeting were used to.

Black leather pants, bright orange short t-shirt, black denim jacket, high heel knee high boots topped with the diamond encrusted collar at her throat and the emerald pendulum at her hip.

Taking a moment, Zee pauses in the street and takes a deep breath, she looks glad to be out of the that meeting.


There's a way to following people in the city and it's pure chance that two hunting parties, one looking for Nyx and the other for Lunair, have converged on the same general area. From the outside there isn't much to see. Just a couple people who have slid into the alley behind each. Rooftop views or, if one is blessed with the gift of enhanced forms of sight - reveal a different story. And from a distance, a man watches and talks to someone unseen. "They're about to move."

Lunair gets a comm beep on her Outsiders comm. The message is text only. 'Go to ground'.

Behind Nyx there's a flash of purple light and Jericho steps out. His blade is already at the ready. "NYX! DOWN!"


Nyx turns around at the shout, she does drop down into a crouch alarmed. She has no damn clue what the hell is going on but well she blinks at Jericho "What!?"


Dum du dum… Lunair is really thinking about Lunair stuff. What to get Skaar, pick up some textbooks and then her comm gets a message. Hmm. Weird kid. But then a blink. Go… to ground? What could it mean? Does he want her to drop a bass? Dropping basses seems to be in this year, as is a DJ who is being attacked by bees.

You can almost hear the Jeopardy theme. Everybody get on the floor, something something walk the dinosaur? Well, okay. She just sort of … finds a car and gets on the ground. She, mercifully, does not break dance or do the worm.


Though she does text back, "Bass not dropped. On ground."


Zee is blissfully unaware of these going ons and starts to walk down the street in the general direction of the, now, three people. It's Jericho's shout that has her frowning and peering in their direction in time to see Lunair drop to the ground. Interesting… she moves slightly more quickly, looking around to see what might have caused that.


Kara is flying above the city of Metropolis, looking absolutely awesome in her new costume resplendent with Sapphire Ley Pendulum and JL:A Belt Buckle. Her cape flutters behind her and her wind whips in her hair. She calls out, "Hey Streaky! Isn't this fun! Bet you can't catch me!"

The young Kryptonian woman looks over her shoulder and notices Streaky is gone, "Seriously."

Kara sighed.

Streaky was the closest thing she had to a Kryptonian friend and he was more interested in being a cat.

Reaching into her pockets she removes a pair of white earbuds and turns on some music and loses herself in thought; so much to think about.

She's not really paying attention to the ambient noise of the city or she might have heard the commotion as she passed over the Suicide Slums. If she hadn't been looking for Streaky, she may have even noticed the flash of purple light!


The commotion is about to get louder. As Jericho shouts and both Nyx and Lunair drop (And Zee serruptitiously arrives) the entire block errupts in energy weapons fire as several hardsuits slam through the thin wall of an unsed warehouse not too far away and begin to open up. Simultaneiously rappel lines appear from the windows and operatives armed with less than lethal weaponry move in for the capture.

They hadn't quite counted on being interrupted. Jericho turns as a capture team drops near him and goes to work. He really does know how to use that sword. He doens't fence per se. Fencing is for people who don't fight wars with their blades (and he has, though that's another story). His style is up close and brutal and very efficient. One operative goes down with a slice, then a second, then Jericho flips to the gun setting on his gunblade and sprays down the area near Lunair with cover fire.

"Get up! Don't stay and be netted!"


Nyx blinks as the weapon fire errupts. She straightens, blazing white energy wings springing from her back. The hoodie she was wearing disinigrates into ashes. "Come ON!" she seems, very angry at this point. Her forearms both burn with brilliant white energy now .. reconfigured under the glare into weapons, pure and simple. "I am so not in the mood you assholes!" she turns and blasts one of the hard suits … blowing it right off it's feet and back through the wall. She keeps on advancing at them ignoring the weapon play now as she just marches at the mech suits. "I am going to rip you apart!"


Netted? AGAIN? Why does this keep happening to Lunair? Was she a schoolgirl in a past life? Is it karmic retribution for some of the very naughty and more than a little murderous things she gets up to sometimes? Seriously, it's a wonder sometimes. In a heartbeat, just the amount of time to turn a combat around, she has armor on. It isn't boob armor, but it looks almost a little menacing, black and dark green with slender rocket boots.

"… I was banned from combat dialogue, sorry." Nevertheless, she appreciates the covering fire and will move towards - wait. Stop. There's a Zee. Oh geeze. There's hardsuits coming out now. And dudes. Dudes all over. She chucks a grenade that looks suspicious. Why, it's a burlesque bomb. They'll be stripping and doing the cancan while she pulls a plasma rifle and moves for cover.


Zee is still just far enough out to miss getting caught in the energy fire… The hardsuits cause her to falter, those things really took it out of her last time… well their death curse did.

Not calling out to Jericho (he'll know she's there soon enough), Zee finds the cover of a car and concentrates on the operatives, even the ones stripping and dancing the street. Focussing her will, Zatanna speaks

~~ sevitarepO peelS woN dnuoS dnA peeD ~~


It was hard for Kara to ignore the commotion that was going on down below. Sighing to herself since nobody else could hear her she removed her earbuds and slips them into her pockets for safe keeping.

The operatives seem to be firmly in hand thanks to the others and so Kara swoops in at high speed punching directly through the center of one of the hardsuits; which thanks to her X-Ray vision she knew was just some weird mechanical thing.

Landing on the ground she has her hands on her hips staring at the other hardsuit near her, "Seriously. This is Metropolis, try harder next time, kay?"

Red laser beams shoot out of Kara's eyes and begin to slice the hardsuit apart like it was a fresh loaf of bread.

Noticing the rest of the enemies she frowns, calling out to the others, "Hey Zee! Don't these mooks usually bug Gotham and stuff?"


The hardsuit just melts in the face of Kara's disapproving glare. Jericho does indeed know that Zee is there when several of the operatives just pass out. Doesn't stop the fighting though. Nyx vaporizes another hardsuit. There's half a dozen left though, all slinging hellfire. Jericho lays into another capture team, but from the back, a few tranq darts fly, at least before someone deals with them.


Samantha is having a very bad day, or well a bad week. So Nyx goes stomping up to another Hard Suit.. her clothes and a bit of skin shedding under the energy blast. She braces herself taking it and only sliding backwards a smidge. Then her wings Flex and she is airborn slamming the suit into the building and onto the ground.

New Trick of the week, particle beams lance out of her eyes. If they were red instead of a brilliant white they would look Kryptonian.. but they do the job to dust the suit.


At least they aren't wearing fishnets. Leg hair and fishnets never work out (never). But there is indeed a boxer and brief wearing cancan line. Hopefully, no one went commando that day. Lunair pointedly ignores the cancan team. She can finish them off later or let incidental fire or a sleeping spell get them at some point. "Dammit, what is WITH you people and darts?" Really, she's getting tired of being darted at more than a rampaging hippo on a documentary. Well, let me tell you what. She's hungry, hungry for VENGEANCE.

By now, Lunair is considerably upset. She's tired of darts, tentacles, net and god-knows-WHAT being turned on her. Any operative that isn't dancing or slept and is shooting darts is going to get either burlesqued or shot at with plasma, depending on their level of determination. She doesn't mind killing, but unless she can dispose of bodies, it generally causes as many problems as it solves.


"These mooks, Kara" Zee calls back "bug anywhere and everywhere. It's time to put a stop to it." If Lunair is upset, Zee is angry. The hellfire being slung around causes Zee to frown as she throws her hands up in the air

~~ tcelfeD ehT eriflleH oT ehT sevitarepO ~~

"Kara, the hardsuits, Armory" Yay Zee has remembered Lunairs codename "will take care of the others. They have a death curse, so becareful…"


Kara uses a combination of eye lasers, sonic screams and even good old fashioned punching and kicking to do whatever she can against the hardsuits, replying to Zee, "Uh, there's so many of them!" Ok, six really wasn't that many but she's doing whatever she can to take care of them quickly.

Hellfire is dodged rapidly although some of it singes her, causing her to yelp loudly.

She attacks the hardsuit who attacked her, ripping it to shreds.


Every time a hardsuit goes down there's a gout of veridian flame with a sound that sounds for all the world like an enraged scream. Jericho is cleaning up the operatives in the back with Lunair's help. Plasma does awful things to regular bulletproof armor. And most of it isn't sword proof.

Nyx just slags another hardsuit. Kara's got another. They'll be down in a moment. And up topside, up on top of a buildign a man summons a rifle that's very large and looks holographic, aiming it right at the small of Nyx's back. "Sigma Six here. Target of opportunity sited."

Jericho hears the comm burst go out just as the man squeezes teh trigger, turning up to open fire on the rooftop.


Nyx rips an arm off a hard suit and watches as it bursts into flame with the screams of the damned. She is a bit toasted there. Then well she looks up and over, almost like she heard the comm burst as well. Her hand snaps up and a lance of Particle beam lights up the sky and pops the air between her and the roof top over yonder. Where Jericho is shooting.


Lunair probably rarely gets genuinely angry because a lot of shooting is well, just a part of job and life. That's probably not a terribly healthy attitude. The humor masks a sort of darkness that simmers beneath it all. She really can be serious, but why? When she spent a good deal of her early life sealed away or connected to more machines than she cares to count, there's a sort of humor in it all.

But now is not the time to wrap up a bedsheet and put on a toga, then try to get philosophical. Or ask someone about their mom (eat your heart out, Freud). A hard suit would be an incidental target, as they have a freaking Karakannon (patent pending) and Nyx blasting away. She will help keep them away from Jericho while he covers Nyx. It's a very complex military conga line over here. She watches Zee with some concern, from beneath a blackened visor. "Sure thing. And um. Like, a curse that causes death or a curse that pops out when they die?" She's not a magic expert. Not by a long shot. "… it's totally both, isn't it." It's always both. It's the less exciting, more horrible version of the chocolate and peanut butter ice cream. OF DEATH. Nevertheless, she takes her targets where she can. Chaos is just how Lunair fights, with plasma blasts amidst naked or nearly naked men dancing their hearts out and exploding demon armor.


Kara is fighting like a maniac, but a controlled maniac to quickly take care of these hardsuits. Her earpiece was alerting her to a priority call from the Hall of Justice to go stop a hostage situation.

Everyone hear seemed to have things well in hand.

Ripping apart a few more hardsuits if she can she calls to the others, "Emergency. Hostages. Need to go now!"


The target Jericho's shooting at, Nyx is shooting at, bugs the hell out as the rooftop edge disintigrates. The shot, wahtever it was, is blasted to fragments in the particle beam. Lunair and Zee finish off the rest of the attackers wih bullets and hellfire. In a short time there aren't any more targets. "Off the street." Is all Jericho says, gesturing with his blade. "Hurry. Before anyone else shows up. NYX, COME ON!"


Nyx takes one more shot up at the building. Then she crouches and slams her fist into one of the downed scorched hardsuits… rummaging around for a moment then straightening and running over to Jericho "Fine. Where."


"Bye! Thanks for the help!" And bye, Streaky! Lunair will wave to the deparing Kryptonian and her Kryptonian Kitty(TM). She will scoot along after Jericho quickly, and quietly. She even has rocket boots and doesn't collide with a portapotty this time. "Thank you, Miss!" She offers to Zee. Off she goes after Nyx and Jericho!


"Pleasure again, Armory. I enjoyed the Cancan immensely" Zee looks over to Kara "Girls night soon, ok?" She'll wait till she's sure the others are clear and teleport out, back to Gotham.


Kara replies to Zee with a great big smile, "Definitely!" The sound of a sonic boom can be heard and Supergirl is flying off into the night sky, leaving a cloud of dust and debris from the battle in her wake.

Moments later Streaky joins her and together, the pair fly off to rescue hostages from high powered criminals!

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