Going Public

August 03, 2016:

Elizabeth Allan requests a meeting with Pepper Potts to discuss potential business (emits by Jericho)

Stark Industries - New York


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Pepper has a meeting and for once it's not with LoboTech's lawyer. You know, the cold woman who seems to be around every time something appears on her calendar involving rival business, acquisitions and mergers.

No today she's meeting with a fellow CEO. A woman by the name of Elizabeth Allen who had wanted to discuss some potential relationships between her company - one presently undergoing a merger and rebranding - and Peppers.

It probably won't even involve threats or lawyers. What is the world coming to?

Jesana in the middle of a camping store, hunting for supplies she'll need soon and can't make herself. So at least she's dressed properly when she finds herself standing near Pepper. Brown jeans that flare at the feet and a leather vest with a fringed end. Matching sandals and her pendulum necklace.

One of Brins 'jobs' as an X-Red consultant is to 'hire out' and play PA. Her empathetic ability providing an edge in discussions - if not immediately, for the longer term plays. When Pepper had called and said she needed help, Brin didn't hesistate, she's worked with Pepper like this before.

A little bit of research on Elizabeth, or Liz to her friends, and the brunette mutant has dressed appropriately and is standing to the side of Pepper.

Of course, Elizabeth might know the quiet X-Red but she'll also know from Brins dossier that she does sit in on these types of meetings.

Having reserved a conference room on the ground floor of Stark Tower — a sort of neutral ground — Pepper is glad that Brinley was able to join her for this meeting. She's just welcoming Ms. Allen when Jesana abruptly appears, and it's only Pepper's long-practiced composure that keeps her from jumping out of her skin at the startle of seeing the woman suddenly in her peripheral vision. However, the small flinch in surprise is bad enough.

"Ms. Allen, if I may introduce you, this is Ms. Brinley Myers, and this is Ms. Jesana Revae." Just act like that was entirely normal. Maybe Ms. Allen won't take it too badly.

Ms. Allen, a tall blonde woman with a bright smile, does start a little. When Pepper moves to smoothly introduce the woman who just arrived she at least manages to roll with it. Clearly the veteran CEO isn't worried.

"Miss Potts. Miss Meyers. Miss… Ravae. Nice to meet you all. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy calendar to have this little chat. I know you must have a lot of things on your plate without entertaining competitors. Though it was actually that which I wanted to speak to you about. May I?"

She gestures to a seat at the table.

Jesana is as surprised as Pepper but doesn't show it. She's gotten mostly used to this and she's dressed, vest is buttoned all the way and everything. She smiles and nods at the woman. "Pleased to meet you Ms. Allen." She's going to owe Pepper a big apology later. This seems important. Though actually last time this happened didn't the guy go nuts and try to shoot Pepper, and then Jes had jumped in front of her and holy shit. Laser weaponry is a terrible thing.
Jes studies the woman through her lashes while she greets her. She doesn't look like an assassain but the good ones don't. Maybe she is just a ..competitor? Huh. Jes will be happy to feign being and assistant or something for Pepper or Bring but not knowing what's going on, she doesn't claim it herself. Let them do the talking. She's just here to.. 'hopefully not get shot and protect Lady Pepper.' Jesana thinks to herself.

"It is a pleasure, Ms Allen" Brin smiles and lets her mind reach out, focussed on Liz and her emotions.

Jesana's appearance had caused a small jump. The brunette just hopes that Jes won't act too outrageously.

"Would you like tea, Ms Allen?" she asks politely, falling into that role easily. Of course, she and Pepper have prearranged signals to allow Brin to communicate her impressions.

With an only slightly relieved smile as Jesana's unusual arrival seems to have been given a pass, Pepper gestures toward the table as well. "Of course, please." She moves to sit as well, offering Brin a small nod to indicate that she'd like some tea, and giving Jesana a brief touch on one arm to get her to sit at the conference table as well.

"I do have to admit to being intrigued by your request for a meeting, Ms. Allen, so I am currently a captive audience."

Liz Allen takes a seat and smiles at her audience. "Oh, is that a teapot in the back? If there's some in there I'd love some."

She takes a moment to retrieve some papers from her valaise. "Right. You may have heard rumors that my company, the Allan Chemical has been in talks of a rather momentous nature. I am happy to inform you that in a few days we will conduct a merger with Horizon Labs, taking on most of their, er, still solvent business."

Horizon Labs was, er technically still is, an advanced tech Research and Development program that's been plagued with a series of costly setbacks and lab accidents over the last year or so. Nothing earth shattering but it's made the financial news.

"When that happens we'll be entering the tech sector with an emphasis on biomedical technoligies but a really rather broad range of projects between the two of us. We'll be rebranding when that happens."

Ms. Allan passes over some papers that appear to be investment literature. Well, not quite that. More of a 'Statement of Qualifications' that might be used to bid on projects or familiarize new partners with certain aspects of a business. "Stark Industries is one of the biggest names in the sector, so I wanted to introduce us. To my way of thinking, we don't really have to be competitors. Or at least, we don't have to be hostile competitors."

Jesana sits at the table and listens, not raising an eyebrow at Pepper's choice of words but thinking 'oh god I hope not!' as she starts considering the weapons on her person. Two daggers at her ankles. That's it. Maybe she won't need them. Besides, she's good at boxing too and you can beat someone good with a chair or a table leg. Jes was raised not to hit a woman, unless that woman is an enemy. Then if you get killed or hurt for refusing to hit her well then you're just a dumass and don't deserve to live.
She takes a moment to be glad that no one here is a telepath..unles Ms. Allen is and well, then isn't she in for an interesting time. Brin's empathy is a little different than that and Jes is glad she'd drawn in her predatory aura before trying to go shopping. It'd probably be distracting and Jes is very curious what this Allen woman wants.. Biomedical research? Jesana listens and glances at the literature. She has a bad feeling about this but is it a legit feeling or just suspicious of everything nature? Sometimes it's hard to tell.

From what Brin can sense, Elizabeth Allan seems sincere. No negative emotions to be felt. Maybe she's a little bit nervous, but that's unstandable, considering.

Taking her time, the small brunette pours the tea, a cup for each of them. Liz gets hers first with a smile, then Jes who gets an amused smirk - she might have pulled her aura in, but Brin can still sense her consternation. She'll assume it's just about keeping Pepper safe.

After serving Pepper her tea, the small mutant takes a seat next to the redheaded CEO. "That sounds rather interesting, Ms Allan." Of course, Brins got a head for business.

Pepper Potts smiles as Ms. Allen explains her reasons for this meeting. "That is a huge relief. I have enough hostile competitors to deal with already. And who knows, there are very likely projects where we can collaborate instead of trying to compete." After all, one of SI's biggest advantages is the fact that they not only do the research and development, but they often handle the manufacturing of their new tech as well. And that's something most R&D firms are just not equipped to handle.

Accepting the papers, she gives them a brief glance, and on first look they seem very much on the up and up. "I suspect that there will be plenty of opportunities that will be beneficial to both companies. Is there any way SI can help welcome you to the R&D field?"

"Not in particular. Just look for our news announcement. There may be something we can work together on soon, but I'm not quite at liberty to say yet and we're still working out the last details." Allan stands up and shakes Pepper's hand, then Brin's and Jesanas. "Have a good day everyone."

Jes watches Ms. Allen go with a confused expression. "That was.. good? I guess. Sorry Lady Pepper. I was out shopping and thinking I need to bring the tea basket I made for you soon and then all of a sudden I was here. I've got to figure out how I'm doing that." Jes blushes. It's not a lack of control she hopes, just ignorance. She frowns. That actually isn't better, like at all. "I wonder what the announcement will be. She seemed nice but for some reason.. I'm worried." Jes looks at Brin and Pepper.

"A pleasure, Ms Allan" Brin stands as the woman does and shakes her hand. When she's gone, the small brunette starts to clear the table as she looks to Pepper.

"Well that was interesting. I'm looking forward to seeing what comes of it." It could be good for Stark in the long run "I didn't detect anything untoward about her motives either."

If the meetings done, Pepper knows that Brin has other engagements this afternoon and that the small brunette won't linger.

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