All-New Avenger #7: Spider-Man

August 03, 2016:

Iron Guard sets out to recruit Spider-Man (2099).


NPCs: J. Jonah Jameson



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"Living… the… dream." Spider-Man (or so the gathered crowd will believe) evades a propelled slab of concrete, cement and rebar. It isn't Parker Spider-Man though, no, that Spidey has been away for over a month, this looks similar enough most believe he is the genuine New York Arachnid, nope. This is a tactfully disguised Miguel O'Hara. Traditional red and blues.

Spinning through the air on a web line Spider-Man lands atop the purple and black robot that just less than half an hour ago attacked him in the middle of Queens. It has drawn a crowd of spectators and he's tried to shoo them away but this is after all the Big Apple. These people don't scare easy and they like a good show.

"Spider-Slayer huh? This time and era, I am guessing you're the Mark 3 maybe Mark 2?"
Lyla chimes in, "This appears to be the Mark 2, sir."
"So I wasn't far off. We have recods on it's weaknesses?"
"No. It is very old and rather garbage. It's almost insulting."
"It is top notch in this timeframe, Lyla, be nice to your weird cousin." Hooking fingers underneath the Spider-Slayer's head he begins to wrench left and right with loud creaking groans. "Hey I just realized this is a monitor! Isn't someones head supposed to be there?!"
"BLAST YOU SPIDER-MAN! You crook, you scoundrel, you dirty sumbag no good…" J.Jonah Jameson? Why yes. It is his face on the view screen and he is apparently confusing O'Hara for Parker. Works to plan.
"Sorry bozo, not your day for pretending to be a rampaging robot."
"Im not rampaging you moron, I'm bringing your sorry keister in for justice. You rotten jackanape."
"You sound different Spider-Man, you got a cold? Get off my robot."
"NOPE, feeling just fine and also NOPE not getting off until… I…" Steel screams and whines as it begins to break loose and wiring is exposed. " Pop your top off…" SNAP fizzle and sparks shower as the robot spins in a circle groping at the air. No visuals or audio anymore and its badly damaged.

Turning to face the crowd Spider-Man begins flourishing bows, "Thank you for the applause, oh now you don't have to throw roses. You're welcome you're welcome I'll be here all day." Bow, turn, bow.
The robot flails madly behind the Spider-Man as he shows off, stomping back and forth.

Elsewhere J.Jonah Jameson flips his desk and starts yelling profanities. Then proceeds to smash the rather expensive remote device for the Spider-Slayer he purchased. Absolute waste of money.
Nathaniel, as Iron Guard, has been looking for this particularly Spider-Man for a couple days. The tachyon trail is almost gone, as he has been in this timeline for a whole. So finding Miguel has not been simple.

"Spider-Man, good morning," he greets. "Not interrupting anything important, I hope. Hmm, that robot is not very good even for the current standards. And it is remotely controlled. I can find the signal origin if you are curious."

To late for a team-up, but the adoring crowd is taking pictures anyone. Wait, Spider-Man has a friendly crowd now? This is surely a sign of the End of Times.
Friendly? No. Nobody was applauding they were just staring and taking videos or photos with their cell phones. One can pretend though.

"You, uhm, guy I forgot the name of. Good morning, I suppose. Where is your redheaded sidekick?" Yet another duo from a future. "Little busy at the moment." Twisting around Spider-Man lunges and slams his fist down in to the neckhole of the trashbot and begins to rip innards out, claws used but not visibly so. He won't use claws or fangs while posing as the actual Spider-Man. Which is what he is of course doing right now. Got to help out that guys cred.
The Spider-Slayer topples and dies down quietly, not an exploding variant like many of it's siblings. Jameson isn't a complete lunatic he had that feature disabled.
Dusting his hands off Spider-Man leaps up on to the top of street lamp and crouches there, watching Kang as does the crowd. The crowd gathered is at least out of ear shot and likely only standing around to take more pictures and hoping for a superhero throwdown.
"Watchu want? I'm on patrol still. Got a few more rounds to make."

"Iron Guard," notes Nathaniel calmly, not believing for a second Miguel forgot his name. "The redhead is not around, and I will go with you if you are in a hurry and cannot stop and talk." He follows Spider-Man if he goes. "Last time we talked you wanted to meet with the other time travelers in the area. But if you did, I was not invited."


"I met some time 'types' I can't say if they traveled or not. It also wasn't intentional, this sort of thing just keeps happening. The random encounters that is."
A *fwip* and webline shoots out connecting to the top corner of a building and Spider-Man zips past Iron Guard, "Keep up if you can. We'll manage some small talk."
"Tell you one thing, this New York smells much better than mine. I know, right? Think on that one."
"So, Iron Gourd, this a date or do you got a reason for showing up? Are the Borg invading?" A snicker from O'Hara and he is brachiating down another city lane. Yeah, Miguel has been catching up on television.


"I think you have low standards for smells." Replies Iron Guard, amused. "But then again, you come from the end of the Mega-Corps age. I imagine everything smelled like garbage and burn plastic. It took centuries to rebuild the planet ecosystem."

The Borg? You are going to get him with pop culture references for a while. The only TV series he follows is Game of Thrones. Nathaniel would think Star Trek is hilarious. He is looking in his databanks about these Borgs, now.

Meanwhile he follows Spiderman with apparent ease. "No, just the Daemonites. But that is not a critical threat at the moment. But I do want something from you. I want you to join the Avengers."

Doesn't hurt when ones sense of smell is augmented either. Pausing on top of a no longer used water tower on top of an old industrial building Spider-Man tips his head curiously at Iron Guard, "From a date to going steady that quickly? You move fast, Tinman. This what is happening now? I just got a memo the other day about the League, kinda glad I didn't get settled."
Standing upright O'Hara folds his arms across his chest and stands at a physics bending teeter, feet firmly latched to the aluminum wall of the tower.

"Avengers? Name is better than Justice League and I remember them, the Avengers. Now do you want Spidey or do you want Spidey? Because you and I both know I am not the real one. The real one is… on vacation."
"You remember the Avengers? Good," states the armored man. "Because they have been quite absent of the news. The timeline has diverged already with regards to my time, and probably also with regards yours. And I want you because I know who you are better yourself know. You are one of the few that know what is coming, so I need you in the team. To change the future for the better."
"Of them, yes. I never encountered them myself. I think Alchemax even had some initiative to make a team called the Avengers but that wasn't my department and likely their plans weren't family friendly or safe in the least. They wouldn't be like the legends, like the actual Avengers…"
Spider-Man goes quiet, "Sounds about like what I am trying to do by my onesie. I wanted to be a part of the League to do the same thing and they're bust now so I don't see why not. Besides, if I don't like it I will just cut loose." It is that easy for Miguel after all. "Wait, no contracts to sign right? If so deal is off. I don't do official committment. You get me at my word." No one puts Miggy in a corner.


"No, no contracts," agrees Nathaniel, still hovering. "I got some good people onboard, but I think a few of them still think I am half-crazy for saying I am from the 30th century. So we have a long road ahead to turn the Avengers in the team it is supposed to be."

He folds his arms and looks at Miguel for a few seconds. "And then we have to prevent the corporate takeover. Which will make difficult for you to return to your time. Understand, we are not deleting your timeline, it will still exist as an alternate, but it will be a more distant one than it is now."


"Hey, whoah, you start talking about my timeline like you're deciding how much further away from it I'll be and we might have a problem. I am here to fix the screw ups of Alchemax NOT make it worse and not change it too much, things HAVE to be a certain way.. ."
A little heated on this topic Miguel can hear himself starting to shout, it is very clear he doesn't like to discuss it. Lyla actually makes a chime noise to distract him as well, helpful but he isn't a damned dog. She'll get an earful for that trick later.
A sigh escapes Spider-Man, "I get it. My timeline is going to be changed no matter what but we're not going to see eye to eye on certain things but we'll come to that when we come to it. For now… one step at a time, maybe some mood music and some candles first."
Backflipping off the water tower he shoots out another web cord surfing down it then leaping off to glide down another street. "Still got a lot more ground to cover, join or not. We'll be in touch. I am sure you know how to work a cell phone… " O'Hara had to learn. It's a staple of the early 21st century.

"You know the corporations take over only after massacring the heroes, and most super-humans. Along with several million humans as collateral," points out Nathaniel. "There is little… wait, Alchemax is already formed?" Yes, he is following Spider-Man. "Listen. The Avengers got some equipment from SHIELD, we have to repair and upgrade it, so we need backing by local and international governments, which means earning the trust of everyone. But most of all, we need to find the key players in the rise of the corporations, and stop them."


"Fully aware and also, thats not my problem. My problem happens HERE within the next ten years. I'll be gone, back in home 99' when all of that starts to happen and things will be fixed. I told you, I have a mission and we're not going to see fully eye to eye."
"No, I mean yes, I mean no. It's not yet, its still the Allen Company and a bunch of others, Liz is still in charge and my grand… nevermind, no, it isn't formed yet." Spider-Man upside down continues to talk, "I'll help you up until I see the divergence. Then, we'll see what happens."

"You're back to selfish Miguel on this one?" Lyla chimes in his ear. "Are you afraid of losing everyone in the future if we change things so much?"
"Shut up, Lyla." O'Hara mumbles under his breath.

"So, count me in, I'll be one of your Avengers until… " a shrug and he's right side up again and gliding once more. Somewhere a street back he kicked off something to gain travel altitude.


"You will do the right thing," points out Nathaniel. "I like your holographic assistant, good programming there." He might be mocking Miguel a little. "I am going to send her the address of the scrapyard where SHIELD stored the equipment they gave us. We can meet there tomorrow morning. We need to check what we can upgrade and what we should scrap and you are qualified enough to help me."



"Eavesdropping is rude, yo." O'Hara responds but thats about the extent of that Lyla is a nuisance half the time but shes got great uses, one of them is at times being a mood warmer for Spider-Man 2099 and others is a conscience when he lacks one.
"I'll be there. I have enough know how to assist but I'm not like the other guy or even my brother, they're the gadgeteers. Anyways, this is my turn." A wave and Future Spider heads west abruptly. He needs some time alone to think.

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