Triple D: Dumplings, Demigods, Darcy

August 02, 2016:

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Rickshaw Dumpling Bar

In Manhattan


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Less than a handful of days have past since the fun-times in Steel City. The day after, Darcy was fine; just a little swore. Today, Darcy is a walking bruise. Everything hurts, down to her split ends. Grateful for a day off, Darcy heads to Rickshaw Dumpling Bar on 23rd ( :: We are in a universe where this place did NOT close down, because the picture made me hungry for dumplings and pot stickers). With a groan, Darcy eases herself into a window booth. She hisses softly as the bruises on her hip and rump complain about her shifting into the seat. Her over sized, striped knit handbag is dropped onto the bench between herself and the window, and her army green denim well loved and threadbare in spots jacket is shrugged off. Darcy sports an equally over-loved knitwear sweater dress over leggings that disappear into scuffed combat boots that she likely purchased from an army surplus store in high school. The tops of her mix-matched thigh high socks, scrunched down to stop under her knees, are visible. One is striped like her dress. The other has an unrecognizable pattern on it. Neither contain colors found anywhere else on her outfit. Most telling is that fact that she's wearing minimal makeup. Just some eyeliner and whatever color stained her lips from the red lipstick she wore to work the day before. Cherry chapstick at least makes it look like tinted lipgloss. She pulls off her glasses to rub her eyes with the heel of a bruised hand as a waitress finally notices the booth was taken and begins to head over.

Jesana's bruises have faded and then healed. Advantages of being a demigod. Her ribs aren't quite there yet. She'd been wrong, broken not cracked and so she's moving gingerly as she enters the dumpling bar. The native woman blinks a bit as she spots Darcy. "So much for a random dumpling craving.. Wow what happened to.." Jes smacks her forehead. Of course, the trolls. She's begun to forget at times that humans aren't so sturdy, it takes longer to recover.
Dressed with more care, when her housemate suggested this place he'd redressed her before letting her go, Jes has on new designer jeans that flare at the ankles to hide her daggers, brown leather string sandals and a black tube top with a white long sleeved dress shirt that she's supposed to be wearing atop it, tied to her hips. Her pendulum necklace dangles from her neck and her feather tatt is clearly visible. "Hey, mind if I join you?" Jes asks after talking to a waitress for a moment to place her order.

Darcy's plenty sturdy. She just bruises easily, and against her fair skin the marks linger. At the voice, Darcy looks up. Her green eyes are unfocused until she puts on her glasses, at which point she smiles brightly.

"Hey! No. Not at all," Darcy bubbles, voice as warm as her smile and she motions to the bench across from her. Like hell she's going to lean forward or stand to greet.

"How are you?" Darcy asks as the waitress comes over for Darcy's order: A goodly selection of dumplings, tea, yum!

Jes grins and settles across from Darcy. "I'm okay. My ribs got the worst of it but they'll be fine in another day or two. You look.. well, are you okay? Those trolls were a real hassle but it was a fun fight." The demigod considers for a moment. "Still gonna kick my Father in the balls tho. I was getting out of the hot springs dammit."
When her order comes, she'd chosen four each of all the kinds of dumplings and soda instead of tea. "I do love tea but not the stuff they serve in places like this or sell at stores. I make my own blends." She tells Darcy and then takes advantage of it being her turn to listen to take a bite of dumpling. She doesn't bother with the chopsticks but other than that remembers her table manners and eats slowly.

With her order placed last, Darcy has a small wait for her food and drink. Not long, and she sets into her food when it arrives. She uses chopsticks like a boss.

"Me? Fine. Sore as all hell, though. Been WAY too long since I did that much hard skating. I'm so out of shape," Darcy grouses lightly before asking: "Your father?" While George Lucas plays in her head: I AM your father… NOoooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooo! It's not true! Search your feelings. You KNOW it to be true!

"I'm glad you're okay and that no one got killed." The trolls don't count, at least to her, but then Jesana nods and her expression turns thoughtful as she considers how to explain. "I'm not a mutant or a meta. You're with SHIELD right? So you've probably seen some things.. there is a lot more out there than most people are aware of. My real Father, I met him about a year and half ago for the first time is Old Man Coyote. A native american god known to most of the tribes. He's taken an interest in me since then and sometimes tosses me places to see what happens or how I do. Other times I end up in the right place and at the right time just because of me being who I am I think. The trolls though, we're definitely him."
"We sorta have a.. difficult relationship but it makes life interesting anyway." Jes laughs. "The dumplings smell awesome. I'm glad I came to check this out, they should be good and I ran into you!"

Munching on dumplings, Darcy has table manners except when it comes to talking with food in her mouth. Or taking a drink of tea while having said dumpling in mouth.

"Oh, like Thor. That's cool. These dumplings are the bomb-dig. The pork ones are my fav," Darcy says, taking Jes's hertiage right in stride with more grace and ease than she had in hearing of the native american origins some days earlier. It's as if 'Native American' by itself earns a 'OMG Super cool!' and child of a god gets a half-nod and a moving on. Apparently, Native American by itself is much more awesome than being the child of a native american god-figure. The statement of the pork ones being her fav is accompanied with Darcy holding out a fresh dumpling with her chopsticks.

Jes's eyes narrow at the mention of Thor. "Not.. Thor is a dick. I wish I could kill him. On the other hand my Father is too so I guess that's a good comparison." She seems amused by Darcy's reaction after she puts Thor out of her mind. "They are good!" Jes's order arrives and she tries the pork first. "I grew up on the edge of the Blackfeet Res in Montana. Near the Canadian border."
"I came to New York a few years ago and eventually settled in Gotham, it's cheaper. It was a helluva shock seeing cities for real for the first time. I'd never been of the Res since I was a baby aside from some trips to a little town in Canada. I love it now though."

"A dick? Nah. Just gotta know how to wrangle 'em," is Darcy's retort about god-like figures in general. Tazers are Darcy's friends… until she tazes herself. We'll not speak of it.

"I can't imagine. I grew up all over the place though. College in Jersey, then hopping the states during an internship, and now with SHIELD. Yeah. I'm glad you like it, though. It'd suck if you didn't." Nom another dumpling.

"It would since I can't really go back. I kinda used to wonder what school would be like, but I think Id've hated it. I wasn't a usual kid. I didn't evens start keeping a human form til I was around five so my brothers never sent me. My adoptive dad was away alot and they raised me for the most part."
"I totally travel all over now, I love that too. I don't have as much time as I'd like but eventually I'll make it to everywhere." Jesana grins and eats some more her expression going thoughtful again. "The Asgardians in general are dicks. I am biased though. I hate them all except for Fenris, my chosen god." Yes its odd a native american godling worshipping a mythic Norse figure that many don't consider a true god. She doesn't care. "Gods of any kind tend to be.. they don't really care about humans or lesser peoples. I've met a few. Tell ya what though, you really don't want to piss any of them off if you can help it." Jes rolls her eyes at herself. "They don't tend to care if you did whatever on accident or for a good reason."

Shrugging, Darcy retorts with a simple, "I'm an equal opportunity tazerer." That's now a word. "But we're biased, so we'll agree that we're disagreeing. Have you tried the desert dumplings? Ohmygod the chocolate."

Jesana's eyes widen. "Desert dumplings?? That's.. a thing? Ooohhh.. I am *so* lucky i burn so much calories just being what I am. I'd be the size of texas by now otherwise, I'm sure." Chocolate dumplings, holy shit. "I'll have to bring some back for the guys but hide them where the kids can't find them. You never wanna give pups chocolate." She'd found that out the hard way when they got into a bag of chocolate chips. Jesana orders a dozen of the dumplings to go and six more for herself. "Chocolate is one of my favorites." The native american admits.

"Fuck yes, desert dumplings," says Darcy with a duh tone of voice. She holds up the ones she ordered to start with but sets it back down to finish her main meal.

"That is awesome." Jes grins before moving to finish her own. "I usually grab some dumplings from a street cart in Gotham's Chinatown when I'm there and they're good but this is better. She'll definitely come here again. "What's it like with SHIELD?" Jes asks. "I help May when I can but I'm not a rules and regs kinda person." She's a trickster demigod after all.

"SHIELD is red tape with attitude," Darcy says, mouth full with her next to last dumpling. "Like, filling out college applications constantly mixed with moments of complete ass kicking." Pause, chew, drink, swallow. "Pays more than college."

"I'd hope so. Geeze, the things I've done with May, or like, those trolls. It's a dangerous job. I also kinda hate that they have to lock up people like me sometimes, cages piss me off but I know it's necessary too. At least, by their standards. I'm simpler I guess. If you can't frighten, trick or bully someone into behaving then kill them. It's kinder than a prison and you aren't stuck with paying for food and guards and all that shit. Besides if they ever manage to get out and are that dangerous, well they ain't gonna be very happy are they?"

This philosophy has Darcy's eye brows raising. "Mmmhmmm," she vocalizes as she chews. She doesn't add anuthing. Just chews fully, swalows, takes a drink, and then sighs as her stomach says its full, no more.

Like that's going to stop her!

"How'd you get involved with May and the rest?" she asks after a moment.

"I know, I'm a savage." Jes grins fiercely. "But it was through Fenris and Zee and I'm part of Primal Force. It's a group that protects the world and fights against supernatural threats. It's not actually a team though we do work together and that suits me. I don't tend to listen to commands or anything, I'm not much of a follower but May is different. I try to do what she asks. I respect her and she's saved my life more than once. She's also amazing. I've seen her do stuff I'dve never dreamed a human could manage and she does it all on her own like it's nothing." Jes is not going to mention the battle with the naked hug. Nope. Not going there. Stop thinking about it, bad coyote.

"Well, May's a BAB," Darcy says, as if she were a Leading World Authority on such things. Whatever they are. She finishes some cash from he rpurse to pay for her meal. "Plus, she looks bitchin' in uniform. I swear to Jesus I would hit on that woman if I wasn't so terrified of what she'd do with a straw wrapper."

Jes chokes on her dumpling and pounds at her chest before grabbing her soda to wash it down. She sputters with laughter. "I'm really glad I ran in to you, Darcy. You're alright." The demigod grins. She's never really thought of May like that, though its all true. "I hope I see you around but I bet you're ready to kick back and relax somewhere." Jes gives her bruises a wince. That has to be sore.

"If only. I have to go shopping. Fridge is like my sex life right now: all buzz, no meat," Darcy states matter of factly while gathering her purse and wincing her way up to her feet. "But, I learned early: Never shop on an empty stomach. It just leads to evictions."

Laughing, Jes nods. "Be safe then." She calls out as she watches Darcy go and then finishes her last dumpling. She'll drink her soda and get her to go box and head home herself. She's glad this little outing turned out nice instead of a pitched battle somewhere. Half the time she can't even go get a jug of milk without that happening. After she picks up the desert dumplings Jes heads outside, walks to the corner and turns on her heal and vanishes, while exclaiming excitedly "Dessert Dumplings!"

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