July 31, 2016:

Darcy delivers Peggy's office supplies. They talk about the firing range, Top Gear and roller derby.

The Triskelion - Peggy's Office


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Even though she had been part of the WAND response team that went to Steel City to deal with some trolls, Darcy reported in for work the next day. She checked in at her office / supply closet, and gathered the orders for the day. Staplers, pens, highlights, paperclips, staples, post-its. All of these things Darcy delivered throughout various parts of the Triskelion.

Which is what has her entering the office of one P. Carter.

That P. Carter sits at her desk. Her office is not incredibly large, but it doesn't need to be. It's neatly organized. There are books on shelves, her desk is tidy. The woman sitting in the chair is leaning back in her office chair, feet up on the desk. A tablet is resting on her leg and she idly swipes through it with one hand. The other has a paper cup of what might be tea or coffee that she sips from absently every now and then. As the door opens, she glances up, raising an eyebrow at Darcy. "Yes?" she asks, though not unkindly, merely curious. "Need something?"

Darcy pauses just inside the office. Her green eyes blink at the books …on shelves. A beat later, Darcy smiles widely, pushing her roll cart forward and to the side to find the bin she placed Carter's items.

"I'm here with your office order," Darcy informs, holding up the bin. Her own tablet tucked under an arm.

"Oh! Lovely," Peggy replies, swinging her feet down onto the floor in a very unladylike manner. Her accent, though, is proper London English and she smiles at Darcy as she stands to intercept the office supplies. Placing her cup down on the desk, she leans forward. "Thank you." Reaching out to take the bin from her, she grins. "I think I've seen you about the hallways. Have you been here long?"

"A year or so. Got brought in little bit after the hiccup in New Mexico," Darcy replies relinquishing the bin with very good grace. She brings the tablet up and taps up the order for Peggy to sign off on.

"Your accent is delish. Like Top Gear, but hotter."

"And you're still delivering office supplies?" Peggy raises an eyebrow and studies Darcy. "Are you hoping to be an Agent?" There's a blink at the compliment and smiles. "Thank you, though I am not quite sure what Top Gear is." While she has been here for quite awhile, there are some things she has not yet caught up on. She puts the office supplies back onto her desk and then puts a hand on her hip. She signs the tablet, glancing up at the other woman again. "What's your name?"

Offering the tablet, Darcy grins and twists a foot up to rock on the four inch heel of her shoes.

"I wrangle staplers well," she replies with a light unconcerned shrug. "I just got a promotion to Field Agent, actually. Been doing side arms training. I think I'm still holding out hope that R&D'll watch Big Hero 6 and make me Go-Go, ya know?

"Top Gear. On BBC? You've never seen it? Three silly Brits with cars. They race them in all sorts of crazy ways, and compare muscle cars with modestily priced…? Really? Nothing?" Darcy asks while taking her tablet back and completed the delivery order.

"Darcy Lewis," she replies. Though, those with sharp ears may note that there's a hint of an uncomplete cadence to her words, almsot as if she's leaving out something.

"Congratulations, then," Peggy replies with a smile. "I've met a few of the people in R&D, whatever a Go-Go is, I am sure they would be glad to try and make you one." She moves back toward her desk. "If you'd like some side arms tips, I'd be glad to help." She's a fair shot. "I certainly know the BBC, but not Top Gear. I will be sure to look it up. I've got quite a list." Grabbing a pen from the office supplies that Darcy brought with her, she scribbles down 'Top Gear' onto a piece of paper. "I'm a little behind on a lot of popular culture." At the lilt in her words, she raises an eyebrow, seemingly hearing the fact that she left something out.

"You really think so?" Darcy bubbles at the idea that R&D would help her be like an animated cartoon 'superhero'. It's a swift transition from the one shoulder up to her ear almost bashful grin that was in response to the congratulations.

"I'm always up for more learnings. It'd keep Gonram off my ass, maybe," comes the babble. Dracy leans forward a bit as Peggy writes down the title of the show. It's somewhat familiar, but she brushes it aside with a broad smile that tells at not having picked up on the raised eyebrow's meaning.

"Cool! I've got it on Netflix, if you wanna marathon it. Top Gear is best watched with friends. Prefereably grease-monkeys. Not that I know shit one about cars, but it's funy watching them argue with the TV," is the invitation slash explanation. Darcy rocks back to her heels, smiling.

"Sure, they seem up for a challenge." Peggy sits back down behind her desk, leaning back in her chair again. She's not sure what's entailed in making someone a Go-Go, but from what she's seen with the R&D, they'd relish getting involved. At least she knows what Netflix is. There's a smile. "I know a little about cars, however most my knowledge would be with ones that could now only be considered vintage. If you're offering a marathon, that sounds like it would be fun." There's a smile and a wave of her hand. "Was there something else you wanted to say before?"

Darcy's broad smile, which eats more than a decade from her early thirties, further makes her seem youthful when she thumbs up… like a groupie.

"Fantastic. Beer and pizza. The popcorn gets thrown at the TV. Say when, I'll clean my pad," she bubbles, turning to put her tablet on the cart in preparation to depart.

"Hmm?" Darcy vocalizes, head tilting. Her eyes widen a bit and she tries to recall…"When?"

The smile spreads into a grin at the thumbs up as well as the plans made. Peggy nods, swinging her feet back up onto the desk. "That sounds like a remarkable evening. No need to clean much. I wouldn't wish to put you out." And she's dealt with mud and tents and far worse than messy apartments. "When you were introducing yourself. It sounded as if you wished to say something else."

"Nah! I mean. I should probably at least get the dirty undies off the fridge, ya know?" Darcy quips, winking a bit before oh'ing loudly.

"Right! Yeah. I was trying to be polite and shit. Just my name? Sometimes, people get stuffy when I babble. So, I cut it down."

"Ah!" Peggy nods her head. She doesn't usually have the problem with babbling, but she also doesn't seem to mind it. "Well, when you put it like that," she smirks about the dirty undies being on the fridge.

She gives a soft laugh. "I see. I don't mind babbling." Darcy's manner of speaking reminds her a bit of Angie. It's a welcome thought. "Let me know when you'd like to go to the firing range. As well as when you'd like to watch Top Gear." Her own evenings tend to be rather open.

"Well, you were my last delivery for the morning. I was goign to see about some Hop Tung for lunch, then change into my workout clothes, squeeze a few rounds, then go to the rink. How do you think I'd go about talking to R&D about super awesome high tech roller skates?" Darcy offers in that round about way of hers, hands on the handle of the cart.

There's a grin. "If you know someone named Dr. Simmons, she might be able to help you, or introduce you to someone who could." Peggy pauses and then adds. "And if you don't know Dr. Simmons, I'd be glad to introduce you." There's a raised eyebrow. "And a Go-Go is roller skates?"

"Dr. Simm—- Oh! You mean Jemma?" Darcy beams. "Yeah! Her and Fitz. Yeahyeah. I'll chat with her. May'll vouche for me, maybe. I mean. I did kick troll butt on skates yesterday. My ass is so bruised right now from that," Darcy laughs it off, the lauther turning into a giggle.

"No. Go-Go is a character from Big Hero 6. She's making a bicycle but turned them into roller blades. But I'd have to have quads, cause I don't blade. I skate. Huge differencve. Only, wheel-wheels stop when going over like glass and shit. So, Go-Go." Because that made complete sense to Darcy.

"Troll butt?" There's a bit of a laugh at that, as if she can't believe that it was just said. "Well, if you'll be attacking trolls in roller skates, then it seems as if you should have high tech ones." As it's explained to her what Go-Go actually is, she nods. She can gather from context that it is either a game or tv series or movie of some sort. "Ahh," she replies, though she doesn't know that there is a huge difference between skating and blading. "I see," though her tone makes it a little obvious that she doesn't.

"Yup. Smelly, building smashin' troll-butt. But I threw a cocktail at them and they went up in smoke," Darcy says, nodding at the idea of having high tech skates. "Creepshow would be so fucking jelly. We skated together. You skate or blade? Cuz really, worlds apart."

"I've ice skated," Peggy replies with a grin. And she's used roller skates as a child. "I can see how the two would be different. "Who is Creepshow?" She pauses and adds, "If Creepshow is a person." She's not sure. She already thought Go-Go was a skate and it turns out that was a person.

"Oh god. Me too. Tried to spin stop." Darcy pauses to clap her hands together. "Ate ice. Yeah. Creepshow. She skates for the Traumakazees, then went Alamo City and made the Texas Team for Nationals. She's amazing. Low, fast, hits like a mack truck. Sent me skidding into suicide seating. Then we did shots after. She's beast." Cue Darcy's tummy growling loudly. "Thinking baout her makes me hungry, apparently. I'm getting Hop Tung. Wanna come?"

"Suicide Seating?" There's a bit of a raised eyebrow. While she doesn't know some of the terms, the description sounds familiar to her. "Are you speaking of roller derby?" The offer to come with her to lunch, she smiles and stands. "Lunch sounds lovely. Keeping the tablet on the table, she moves around her desk.

"Yeah. For fans wanting to get next to the action," Darcy explains pushing her cart toward her office. "I gotta get my stuff. Ya mind? Yeah! Flat track. I'm a Calaveras fan, but I'll cheer for Liberty Belles too. Soem of my friends switched to that team few years ago."

"Huh." That seems like a strange name for the seats, but Peggy takes it in stride. She picks up her purse as they move out of her office. "Of course not," she tells Darcy about getting her stuff. "I remember the roller derby leagues back in, well, my day." She certainly sounds like the old woman she supposedly is, despite the fact that she time traveled to the present day as opposed to being frozen like Steve or Bucky. "I enjoyed them. I'm glad they're still around. I'd love to go sometime, if you wouldn't mind letting me know next time they have a match."

"Your day?" Darcy asks, having taken Peggy's age at face value. She leads the way to her office and makes short work of putting things back in their place. "Yeah. That'd be great."

"Ah, yes." Peggy smiles, running a hand through her pin curled hair. "My day. That is, I skipped a few decades. The last year I remember before the year before this is 1948." She smiles and shrugs her shoulders a bit at that. "Due to extenuating circumstances, I found myself here."

"oh! Like Cap. That's cool," Darcy takes in stride, eyes trailing up to the pin curl. "Dude… SO jelly. Never could master that. Not that 40s pin-up was ever really MY thing. Just SO many girls do it. It's gorgeous. Though, have you refound yor red yet?" Darcy asks pointing to her own lips.

Peggy gives a soft laugh and a nod. "Yes, a little like Steve, though mine involved more time travel and a little less ice." There's a grin. "In fact I knew him during the war. We fought together." As for the 'jelly', she shrugs her shoulders. "Once you do it every day, it becomes second nature. And, luckily, I have found a lipstick that is rather similar to the shade of which I was fond."

"So, Police Boxes. Got it. Really? Fought with him in the War? Rad," Darcy says, nodding as she leads the way to the doors to go out to eat.

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