Savage: A Plea

July 31, 2016:

Scott makes a plea to the elder to let them go.

Savage Land


NPCs: Villagers and old elder



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When the native girl leads Scott into the depths of the caverns, he finds himself looking out over an expansive grotto. Hidden away from the outside, a realm within a realm, this is where the wise men and women of the tribe have reserved space for ceremony, ritual and the holy life.

A small group has gathered around Jean. She's sitting on an oversized chair, talking to them. Scott isn't sure about what, but the various wizened elders surrounding her seem amused, perhaps even fond of the red-headed stranger among them. Scott couldn't blame them, Jean was quite charming.

What he didn't like was the massive, bamboo-wicker frame of the chair, climbing up behind her and marked with straw. It came in the shape of a massive, rearing bird.

And, just beyond that circle, there were men with torches.

"Jean!" Scott calls out.

Jean was telling a story. A story of how her and Scott first met. It wasn't exactly love at first sight; she was the only girl to attend the institute at the time and they were just children. While she didn't have much control over her powers then, she grew accustomed to working with a team. She also grew accustomed to working within a team. She explained everything, how teams were to work, how teams were like villages, and how villages were family.

It was all very sweet, but she didn't know their intent for Scott or for herself. But she was glad to be alive.

Hearing her name positively causes her to glow, her eyes widening as she jumps upright, the villagers themselves moving out of the way and the guards approaching Jean from behind. But she continues forward, her arms outstretched and crashing into him to draw him into a tight embrace. "Oh Scott!" (Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! This line will be deleted!)

Were there a beach present, surely a classic jam would begin playing in the background as the two mutants run towards one another, Jean's red hair bouncing, Scott's muscles rippling. Soaring and sincere, it would signal the true love of this pair, separated for only hours, but it felt like an eternity to the pair of them.


This would seem to be the opinion, also, of the guards, who begin to raise up their bows and dip them in the flames, shouting at the pair as they clutch each other among the center, a rain of gibberish falling upon the pair.

Scott lifts her up in his arms and holds her up as he takes in their surroundings. "Y'know, I think maybe these people don't know the way out of here."

It was a sickening display of affection that would have people turning their heads and possibly vommitting from the cheese of it. Jean pulls Scott into a long awaited kiss, if there were a camera it would pan along the two ill fated lovers and stop as soon as he lifts her up and giggles with an abundance of joy.

But all that ends with their shouting, the first fire thwip of the arrow was sent sailing towards their backs and yet Jean reaches out with a hand to halt it's progress.

"I think we have it all wrong with them. I believe they do, but.. they're afraid of me. They're afraid that I'd hurt you."

As they all gasp and back away, Jean squirms from his grasp, with her bare feet upon the ground he could now see her manner of dress. She was clad in green, leaflets that cover the most important parts of her, her feet bare and hair oddly trussed up in braids.

The fire was soon snuffed out with a clench of her fingers, the arrow dropped to the ground as Jean stumbles. Her hand immediately grips her stomach, and soon she falls to her knees, dry-heaving, one hand gone to her head to staunch the pain.

Scott Summers sinks down next to her, "Jean! What've you done to her?" he cries out. A couple of the other guards start to lift their arrows, only to be met with optic blasts. Scott is worried and frustrated, angry enough that he doesn't hold back as much as he might normally, cracking the men against the walls of the cavern with bone-snapping force.

He turns his blazing gaze onto the wise men, "Some of you people better speak English. And fast." he says. He drops down and slips his arms beneath Jean's legs, lifting her up and carrying her.

Jean reaches out to grasp Scott's shoulder as she tries to calm herself..

One of the wise men step up to speak. "You have seen our prophecy!" He was an older man, the gnarled cane used to keep himself aloft. "And you know that we must protect you no matter the cost. The great fire bird in the sky threatens all existence, and you.. future King, will be the saviour of our world!"

Those that gathered around Jean previously stood and immediately kneeled before him, chanting his name softly…

"Scott.." Jean murmurs out, tugging him close. "Just go with it.. be a leader.."

Scott Summers considers, "If you want to protect me," he says, "Then you must know that no harm can come to this woman. She is my heart. She is my life. She carries me within her," he says. "Were she to die, I would no longer wish to live," he says.

And yes, that means he would let the world burn to save her. But he doesn't say that out loud. And hopefully, in this world, it won't ever come to that. But that's the choice he'll make, every single time.

"The threat you see…isn't her. It is…something else," he says. "But it will pursue her. And I need to get her away to help so that we can find a way to stop this," he says.

"So please. Help us. We need to get away from this…this…savage land of yours."

Jean gives a look that was nearly shocked. Even though her face pointed towards the ground, Scott could hear her clearly.

"Did you just tell them I was pregnant?!" It was a hiss of a whisper, one that went amiss from others ears.

The wise man remains stoic, his features calm and expressive, understanding his words as he gestures around to the others within the vacinity. Those faces lift and slowly gather around the old man, who in turn crouches low with the aid of his stick and various hands, whispering in hushed tones to the people..

"It looks promis—.." Jean starts, but stops as soon as she feels the sharp pain within her head.

Scott Summers can tell there's something wrong, "Did they poison you? Make you eat anything strange?" he asks quietly, watching the men as they consult with one another.

He gets a quick sense of the angles in the place, where he'll need to strike if they have eto make a run for it. He's pretty sure he could punch through the wall to the south with a few well-aimed blasts - the material looks chalky enough that it should break apart more easily than the rest.

Provided they don't get a bunch of arrows in the back of the head, of course.

"I.. I don't know.. I ate and drank what everyone else did.." Though, there was that time when she was outcold..

The elder finally stands, and uses his cane to part the small sea of people, staggering towards Scott and Jean with a half glare, half smirk. It was a knowing smirk, one that told that they had to listen to the prophetic saviour, and one that told that they'd do anything to save their people. He leans down with a faint grunt, his words quiet.

"I know of such love. Such sacrifice. We all feel your pain." He hesitates, looking from Jean to Scott. And he looks almost resigned. "Very well." He grunts, standing up towards his full height. "One of the servants will show you to the quarters. There is much delousing to be had." He looks towards Jean, specifically. "We were actually preparing her for a trail by combat with the future King of our savage lands. I suppose.. that must not be the case."

Scott Summers smiles, "Well, all the better then. I wouldn't have stood a chance," he says.

He carries Jean along to the hut, laying her down gently on a bed of brush and reeds. He keeps himself together by reassuring himself that she'll be all right.

"Is there a path out of here? A gateway? Some sort of…escape?" he says. He isn't sure where they are, even, but he knows they don't belong here.

The old man quips a laugh, acknowledging Scott's humbleness, but took it a little too seriously. "You wouldn't." Little do they know, Scott could probably punch a hole in a mountain and not break a sweat.

As Jean lays upon the bed, the old man limps his way towards a small case, which was soon opened and fussed about, as Jean looks up towards Scott with a smile.

"The answers will come in due time. But for now.." The was a slight click, and a whirring. It was a mechanical device unlike anything the savage land itself had seen. Technology that may or may not bring up certain memories for Scott..

Scott Summers watches with curiosity as the jarring presence of the technology makes itself known.

"Whenever someone promises me answers later, I usually want them to at least give me a receipt. Such promises have a habit of getting forgotten when it's convenient," he says. He sits down next to Jean, taking her hand in his as he watches the old man preparing to do whatever work he's doing.

And yes, there is a memory, although he doesn't let himself focus on it…the eyes are the worst, red eyes but not his own…

"Wise words." The man quips, limping his way over towards Jean, the injector whirring and clicking as he leans closer to Jean. Her own hands reach up to grasps his, looking towards him meaningfully.

"He has something that'll send us back home. It's.. I can't see it.. but I know it's there.." Her hands fall away, the very price of freely reading the old mans mind, closing.. not indefinitely, but for now.

"Someone left us with something. Me.. rather. A very striking individual. Said it was for times like these. For times when the Great Fire in the Sky arrives. For when we need our people to leave this place for it shall level and destroy everything in it's path."

He kneels, pressing the injector towards Jean's neck, squeezing the trigger to send the liquid into her veins. "He taught me all of this technology, a fools toys. Though he said to trust you at your word as well."

Scott Summers squeezes at Jean's fingers and nods, "He was right to do that. And we won't forget you," he considers and says, "Three days walk to the north, you'll find the remnants of my plane. In it, you'll find a device that goes around your wrist. It has a symbol on it," he says. He reaches down and makes an X in the dirt.

With that, I can find you again. Who knows, we may even be able to find a way to use it to communicate with you from the outside," he says. "We help people. That's what we do. But we need to be able to get back home," he says.

The old man was pleased to find an ally on his side. Their side. He gives Jean a pat upon the shoulder as the elixir begins to take hold, then settles himself at the head of the bed to press his hands against her shoulders to keep her still. It was painful to watch, Jean's eyes opening, the green vacant, replacing soon by a milky white as the substance blinds her.

She begins to thrash quietly, her back arching, her feet kicking as her fingers squeeze upon Scott's involuntarily hard. All the while, the old man speaks.

"You will have you package as soon as she's cured of her affliction.." He mutters, grunting as he holds her down. "..we have given her a solution that would dampen her powers so that your victory would be ensured against the Great Fire in the Sky.." He nods faintly. "But we will see you home. So that we can continue to serve you and you us in our hour of need.."

Scott Summers nods and considers. Part of him wants to slap them around a bit for poisoning Jean - also, isn't that cheating? What do they even need him for if they have a potion that can inhibit her powers in the first place?

So, he may just tell these guys to go fuck themselves when they actually do call for help. They'd better ask nicely.

"It's gonna be okay, Jean," he says softly, letting her dig her nails into his wrist. "We'll be home soon."

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