Rescue At Sea

July 30, 2016:

An unusual request to help a ship at sea have Rowan, Mera and Ulani busy

Atlantic Ocean


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Somewhere across the Atlantic Ocean a ship is in distress. One of the engines has failed, exploded in fact and it's taking on water. Worse than that, at least for the Sea Folk, is the threat of chemical waste being expelled into the water.

Perhaps it's a sign of the times that Rowan and Ulani get a call advicing them of the fact and strongly hinting that any assistance would be welcomed. The Blue have after all been negotiating with a number of countries for recognition on the World Stage as their own Nation.

Given the proximity to Atlantis, Ulani had sent a communique to Mera - letting her know and suggesting that it might give Atlantis some good PR to … lend a hand… so to speak.

"Alright Rowan, The Surfacers will have their own teams here at some point. We need to secure the vessel and ensure nothing leaks out. I've advised Queen Mera, of course."

Rowan is currently hovering over the mess as a 40 foot long lizard. This is possibly not comforting to the crew. The Blue can't deploy a rescue ship here partly because this is damn close to Atlantean waters and they just got back on speaking terms with their Atlantic cousins. Also it's not clear what one of their rescue ships could do. Enough waterbenders could actually lift the ship out of the water and keep the spill contained but none are available on short notice.

Let's hope the Atlanteans get here.

"And what exactly did you want me to do about this?" He rumbls to Ulani.

Is there such a thing as a heroic fanfare in the undersea world? If there is, it likely resembles whalesong. But whatever the case, that does NOT precede Mera's arrival. Really, the only notification that either Ulani or Rowan receive is a brief telepathic message that conveys short-tempered annoyance. ~Do these Surfacers have no concept of maintaining their transport vessels?~

Almost immediately, the vessel stops taking on water as she uses a section of solidifed water to 'seal' the hole in the ship's hull. That's far easier for her to maintain than hefting the entire thing completely out of the water, even though that's what she'd rather do.

"Try not scare them, would be a good thing, Rowan." Ulani's on the deck of the ship speaking with the Captain. And thanks to the dragon hanging in the sky, she's not garnering a number of stares for her mode of dress. He is. Fortunately, it's not a large crew.

"Ah, there we go, Captain." Ulani feels the ship move as Mera shapes water "The hull is sealed for the moment. Your people can set to work patching the breach down below."

Of course it will be a temporary patch and the vessel will need to be towed, but it's a start.

Thank you, Queen Mera, would you like to join us on deck?

Rowan gets a look to join them as well.

Rowan has to shrink to land on the deck. Otherwise he might unbalance the ship and make Mera's job harder. He goes from huge dragon to draconic humanoid. No spear. He leaves off the spear. Ulani asked him not to scare people so…

He looks at the diplomat. Why, again, is he here?

Apparently, Mera decides to join them, as she simply seems to float up out of the water on the 'hand' of a water tentacle which conveys her to Ulani's side, where she steps primly off onto the deck and lets the water tentacle return to the ocean without leaving a single drop behind. Mera, however, is still dripping wet. And quite comfortable that way, thankyouverymuch.

Rowan and Ulani are here really for PR. Being seen in public, should do them good, right?

"Your Majesty, this is Captain Peters."

The man stutters and stammers and stares as the Sea Queen and Dragon Warrior land on the deck. "Uh, pleased to meet you. Thanks for the assist."

They can all hear the working down below. Captain Peters gets called away to check on something.

"I thought we might catch you up on the news given you're here, Queen Mera." Ulani starts, now that they're alone. "Japan have opened some very interesting negotiations with us."

"Rowan, if you wi—-"


For below decks come cries. Something else has exploded and Mera can feel the pressure against her water shield.

"Rowan, I think we might want to evacuate the crew … "

Rowan swears sulpherously in his native tongue. Without waiting he vaults over the railing to the gangway and rushes below. He knows all too well what an explosion sounds like. He leaves the other two topside. They can manipulate water. He can't.

Mera flinches at the explosion, and frowns faintly as she mentally reinforces the water shield. Then she sends out the request she had on reserve, hoping it wouldn't be required. "How many Surfacers are on this vessel, Envoy? Have them disable those disgusting engines."

When Rowan heads below decks he finds the repair crew. Of the four that were working, three have been thrown clear, laying inert on the deck. The fourth is stunned. The rent in the hull clearly obvious. Something had caught the gasses in the air and caused the explosion.

"We've a crew of twenty, Your Majesty." Captain Peters appears, very pale. "If we disable the engine…"

"Just do it, Captain." Ulani sighs. "We've got your ship." beat "Your Majesty, the nearest port is several miles away, if we combine our abilities, we should be able to get this out of the water."

As the engines die, Ulani begins to shape water, pushing the vessel along, ever so slowly.

Rowan, who is still a tall dragon-man, grabs them by the collars and hauls them clear, the ones on the floor first and then the stunned one. His roaring voice echoes in the hallway as he yells. "GET THESE MEN ONTO THE DECK!"

Which leaves. Well hell. The gasses from the chemicals this thing is carrying are caustic. That's why they're sealed. Or are supposed to be. It's burning at his lungs as he makes his way over to the control panel.

Ulani, Mera. Containment is breached. The chemicals are mixing and they're offgassing. The crew needs to get topside but someone still needs to shut off the engines. That blast took out the engineering crew. Get someone to explain to you how to do it and then tell me. Tell them the right half of the control panel is shattered and the readouts are all non-functional.

"Captain, this vessel is worthless if you let your crew die. Now get them ready to disembark." Mera then turns toward the water and as she does so, a pair of orca surface with their Atlantean handler. It's just a moment's work to stretch a strange fabric between the two large cetaceans. "Do NOT waste our time."

Rowan, the Captain is about to cut the engines. Standby.

Ulani looks to Peters, drawing herself straight. She's not a tall woman by any stretch of the imagination, but she has a presence when she puts her mind to it. "Captain Peters, get your engineer here now, to speak to my colleague." There is no question that she will be obeyed.

"Uh, Yes. Jackson, get here now…"

Within minutes there's a man on the comms system speaking to Rowan. Giving instruction, step by step.

Rowans call down the corridor gets some action, two people starting to drag those he's moved above decks.

Poor Peters, looks between Mera and Ulani and just nods. "Yes Ma'am." he intones as he keys the shipboard comms "All crew, topside now, prepare to disembark." The crew starts to appear and stare at the Orcas and what's transpiring.

It takes four minutes to shut down the engines. The gas there's nothing to be done for. When he comes up he's a bit 'green around the gills' and hacking. "Ugh… that's… awful down there." Any humans who stayed that long would probably be in for a slow, painful death.

"We need to get this thing under control once the crew's off."

Once the crew are all within eyeshot, Mera creates a water 'ramp' of sorts leading from the deck of the ship down to the waiting Orca, their handler, and the fabric 'life raft' set up between them. "Go. Quickly." As they're still waiting for the Surfacers to quit gawping, another MUCH larger shadow becomes apparent underneath the ship.

The surfacers do indeed balk. Even more so as the shadow appears under the ship. "Go, now!" Peters orders and they start to move, carefully down the water ramp onto the life raft. There are a number of concerned glances back at Mera, the Blue and their Captain.

With the engines disabled, there's no threat of another explosion.

"Rowan…" Ulani looks to the Blue Warrior, concern on her face "The crew is disembarking and Queen Mera will need to be in the water soon." she knows the SeaQueen can be on land for an extended period, but she's using her abilities a lot - better safe than sorry. "I'll need you to handle the ship."

"Go ahead." Rowan starts to make his way up to the bridge, still coughing. The crew of the ship gets treated to him turning form a dragon man into an ordinary if quite human looking Blue. He can babysit the ship while it's brought to safety.

As the Orcas move off and Mera slips into the water, the larger object rises under the ship, resting it on its back. With Ulani shaping water, the … leviathin? below, and Mera forming water over the hull, the ship starts moving, the life raft keeping pace with it all.

It takes some time for the ship to make the port, by which time Captain Peters has radioed ahead and arranged for a tug to meet them and a dry dock to berth in.

Mera follows the ship and its, yes, leviathan conveyance all the way to port, helping to maintain the shaped water that both keeps the ship's hull from buckling under the pressure of resting on the leviathan and is still sealing the hole in the side of the ship's hull.

The moment the ship is safely in drydock and the Surfacer crew transferred over to land, the Orca and the leviathan both disappear into the water again and Mera follows after nodding to Ulani and Rowan.

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