Don't Troll Me

July 30, 2016:

Stopping more monsters entering Steel City is important… so when a band of trolls tries to get in, SHIELD and others, respond. (emits by Zatanna)

Steel City


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About a week ago, Zatanna had reported to SHIELD that the sectors within Steel City were being allocated by a Lamia, known as the Shadow Queen. It's a chilling thought, that under that magical miasma, the streets of the city are mostly peaceful. The monsters, the supernaturals, were 'settling in', making the city their own and … policing the 'peace'.

That makes anything the 'mundane' world may try to do that much more difficult. Now the monsters 'have a place', they're more likely to band together to protect it.

For now, the best anyone can do, is monitor the city. Certainly the worlds magic users are working to find a way to undo the ritual, but workings of this size take time to undo.

What can be done though, is stopping other supernaturals entering the city and SHIELD have just intercepted a group of Trolls heading to the border under the cover of darkness.

The dozen trolls are arrayed against the SHIELD unit that has intercepted and their opposition is stiff. The three man SHIELD patrol has called for backup - this is more WANDs bailiwick then theirs.

Of course, there may be others in the area who can help.

She hadn't actually intended to return to Steel City any time soon despite her curiousity but there are many things that Jesana doesn't mean to do, between her own innate power, and her Father's desire to amuse himself it's really not uncommon for her to pop up unexpectedly somewhere. Usually when she's doing something else.
Currently that had been getting out of the hot springs. The demigod has just picked up blue linen summer dress to slip on when she finds herself suddenly standing near a group of trolls, wearing her pendulum, magical tattoos (a feather along her right collarbone and a small rat on her ass.) and nothing else. She blinks and then looks around. "What the hell."

Requests for WAND assistance, especially in the Steel City area, are answered promptly. Mere moments after the call goes out, May arrives with the first group of agents she was able to snag. Most of that time was actually spent ferrying them to the base just outside of the city's affected region (and letting the people pulled by leyline recover from it), and then the quick disbursement of either protection crystals or necklace charms and then a flat-out sprint to get to the epicenter of the ruckus.

Of course, that means that May gets there just in time to see Jesana arrive. Sans clothing. Cue a very brief unimpressed look before she focuses her attention on the trolls. They are uglier and smellier than the storybooks ever said they'd be. Let's just hope that they'l still slice easily enough.

Among the first agents snagged by May was Darcy. And when the brief brief came in that the location was Steel City, Darcy put on her Big Girl Ass-Kicking boots and helped May get everyone moving in the right direction and whatever these trinkets passed out that May needed in everyone's hands. She loops her own charm over her head and stuffs it down her shirt.

"…They have a cave troll," Darcy deadpans as she stands at May's side.

"But we have a naked girl," She adds when her gaze falls on Jesana. "So, we win."


The sound of metal meeting the side of a rooftop
After talking to the Fox and Oracle, Red Robin has returned to Steel City to do two things: 1) monitor the ongoing situation, and 2) help anyone left behind. Having spent the majority of the day traipsing after baddies in an effort to clear out the city some more. Ironically, every time one gets the beat down, it seems like another three come out of the woodwork.

With his tools in hand, including a long sharp sabre attached to his back, Red Robin flies towards the group of SHIELD agents, and his lips part at the SHIELD folks before drawing the sword from his back. "Looks like you're hosting quite the party, Agent May."

A dozen trolls are nothing to be sneezed at and for those that know their lore or have been informed by the Mages of their team, they'll know that fire is the one sure way to stop them. Short of that, these not so little beggars will just keep getting up. Again and Again. Dismemberment will slow them down however.

The trolls don't do anything nearly as nice as wait to be invited, as the humans appear they simply rush them, long talons raking, teeth flashing in the pale moonlight … and biting down whenever anything draws near.

Half of the group are carrying enormous cudgels and the other half massive bastard swords.

There is absolutely nothing refined about their approach, they're big and formidable and they know it.

"My Father is *such* a dick. He could have at least given me my daggers." Jes mutters. She gives May an apologetic look and then grins at Darcy. "Nice seeing you again." She drops the dress at Red Robin arrives and shifts to Coyote. A very very large coyote. About the size of a St. Bernard and with the Northeastern variety's coloring. No red in her fur! She shakes herself off and snarls at the trolls, flashing very sharp, glistening canines in their direction.
She would really rather have waited to reveal what she is to her new (she hopes) friend and has no idea who Red Robin is. Hopefully someone not bothered by naked women and coyotes. Both things happen alot when she's around. Jes is about to leap for the nearest troll when a pair of daggers suddenly drops from the sky and hits her on the head. She yelps in surprise and fumbles, stumbling forward instead. Great first impression that is. May is the only one with a pendulum and so likely the only one to hear her colorful opinion on what her Father can go do with himself. She rolls aside but still gets a good kick to the ribs by a passing troll. Jes might not be quite as strong as they are but she's definitely stronger than she looks and simply throws herself bodily at the bastard's legs to knock him down or trip him into one of the others.

May doesn't bother with niceties, they can do that AFTER the trolls are dealt with. For now, the things need to be stopped. And quickly. She pulls a sealed plastic bag and a zippo out of her jacket and stuffs them into Darcy's hands. "Light 'em up." And then she's charging forward with Tengu katana in one hand and one of her butterfly swords in the other. If she can draw enough attention, maybe she can keep at least some of the SHIELD agents here from getting smashed into paste.

Grateful for the time to 'suit up', Darcy tugs on a wrist brace. Nervous tick from her bouting days. It contradicts the bright grin she gives to Jesana. Her lips part to speak when Naked Girl is replaced by Oversized Desert Coyote.

"Holy fuck," is what comes out of her mouth as the daggers hit doghead.

"Naked Girl's gone Big Bad-ass Wolf, Boss. Hiya, Robbie," Darcy babbles quickly as she takes the zippos. Light them up. Got it. Darcy scans the area as she rolls herself backwards a bit. Big Girl Ass Kickin' Boots, aka Darcy's Quad-wheel Speed Skates. Bright yellow wheels, bherry red laces, and cotton candy blue hot-rod flames on the sides. ooh! Liquor store.

Darcy runs on her toe-stops across the street and hops onto the sidewalk. Arms swinging, Darcy speeds at street-side picture window in the store front which was broken inthe early days of Steel City's concerns. Hopefully, Darcy will find the alcohol she needs right now. Soemthing high proof… and flammable. For the moment, she's got complete faith that the other's will keep the trolls from cutting her off before she makes the leap into the bar and can get the bottles for her cocktail.

"Hey Darce," Robin responds with a small nod as he focuses on the task at hand. Red Robin advances, his silvery weapon catches the light as he goes into an attack pattern. His blade acts as an extension of himself, all the while a woman's voice echoes in his head to allow the blade to be an extension of himself. He strikes at one of the trolls, sword cutting through the air with elegance.

Darcy's in luck. As this is the outskirts of Steel City, these are the last shops and not been ransacked by many new inhabitants of Steel City. Formorians and Centaurs like their alcohol, and there's not much left inside the city. She better be quick though, two trolls loom behind her and a club swings at her head.

Jes tackles her troll and lands with a crash, but not before snagging the Coyote in a headlock.

Robins blade leaps and dances, with flashes of light, causing his opponent to back off for a moment. But just a moment and it's joined by a friend and they press their attack - cudgel and sword swing for the caped crusader.

May knows the benefit of her Tengue blade and Katana and shes does intend draw the attention of at least one troll. It bellows at her as it charges. She can smell the putrid breath.

Jesana can smell alllll of the trolls. It sucks but at least coyote's and humans have different ideas on what is terrible and what isn't when it comes to scent. It's not as awful as it could be. She snarls and snaps at the troll with it's arm around her neck and then teleports to her daggers.
The native american woman shifts long enough to grab one, teleport back and stab the troll in the eye as it's getting up. She returns to coyote form, grateful once again she isn't any kind of Were and can change forms instantly. Otherwise she'd be screwed. She bites at the Troll's femoral artery and gets smack in the head for her trouble but Jes just shakes it off and darts off to leap at the head of the Troll on Darcy's right. She's going to have *words* with her Father next time she finds him. She's sure he knows these things need fire but noooo it's way more amusing to watch her get kicked and smacked around.

Two trolls. Okay. Better her than someone else, but this means slightly different tactics. Just from watching them bellow and charge toward the SHIELD team, she knows that they are big, and strong, and kind of slow, and used to being able to just smash everything around them. So, she's going to use that against them. Kind of like watching Ludo trying to catch Sir Didymous… DAMNIT, Phil.

Rushing almost entirely underneath the troll closer to her, she's banking on the other one being stupid enough to try to hit her anyway (and hitting Troll #1 hopefully) while she uses the decidedly unpleasant proximity to try and hamstring the disgusting creature.

Head on a swivel and move your ass, Sass! Darcy can hear her old Team Captain's voice as she starts to tunnel vision on her destination. She glances over a shoulde rjust in time to spot eh club and Darcy drops to a crouch. No longer able to continue to build foward momentum, Darcy can only hope she's got enough velocity to clear the wall and whatever's behind it. No sooner does the club go over her head than Darcy leaps for it.

The skate-jump is gorgeous. The perfect height to take her over the brick and the jagged bottom of the left over broken glass pane. Darcy's got perfect form too. Arms out for balance, knees up to her chest and foot ready for a landing.

…which is far less gorgeous than the take off. Darcy hadn't banked on the sheer amount of derbis which stop her wheels aburptly a half moment after impact. She crumples, curling into a ball and letting her knee pads and elbow pads and skater helmet take the brunt of the impact and scrape as she skids into the abandoned bar. She manages to finish the curl on her elbows and knees, using her toes to turn herself to slam sidewise into the stool-less bar on the far side of the room.

Three seconds, Sass Master! Get off your SASS!

Darcy shoves herself up, past the faint dizzy start of ringing in her head. Hand on bar top, she leaps onto it and looks over the rum selection. BACARDI 151.

"YES!" Darcy fist-pumps her win at the single bottle she finds still on the shelf. She snatches it, yanks the top off, and finishes out a strip of rag from the plastic baggie May gave her.

"Holy fuck, May! What the hell did you soak these do-rags in: jet fuel?!" Darcy yells even as she's using a forgotten cocktail stir to stuff the end of one strip into the bottle.

"Oooh, what a waste," she mumbles to herself, quoting Oliver Platt in Three Musketeers during the high speed carriage race through the forest from Callis.

Red Robin parries when the trolls press forward, spinning in a tight circle as that same voice echoes in his mind. His grip on the weapon relaxes as muscle memory takes over, prompting him to fall on the training he's had with this particular weapon. The defensive move is followed by an offensive one as he makes a short stab towards one of the trolls on the attack.

Jesana's Troll gurgles as blood flows from its throat but it's not out of the fight. As Jes leaps towards Darcy's troll, her troll brings one meaty fist down on her back hard and grabs at her legs with the other. At the same time another troll swings its sword at her.

Leaving Darcy pursued by two Trolls … still. One Troll barrels through the front window, thankfully that's reinforced safety glass - otherwise it would be raining glass down on the Roller Derber. (Is that what they're called?) With a roar, the thing launches itself at the SHIELD agent, as the other one starts to block to the door… How is she going to get out of this? There's still a half dozen trolls fighting the rest.

Mays blades bite deep into the Trolls ankle, sending it toppling towards the second. For a moment there's a confusion as Troll #2 actually swings for the first. Giving May more of an opening.

Robins got his attackers attention, his sword biting and opening flesh, but it doesn't seem to be slowing them. How long can he keep this up before he tires - it doesn't look like the Trolls are going to anytime soon. What they will do though, is grow bored… as one of them does right now and rushes the Boy Wonder, trying to overcome him with sheer might.

Jesana yelps in surprise and pain. Yeah they need fire but she stabbed that fucker in the eye! Where the hell is it's brain, in it's ass?! She's going to be one massive bruise at the end of this fight, her whole spine hurts and she's very familiar with the ache of cracked ribs by now. Got one or two of those too.
'Thank you Fenris for teleporting.' Jes thinks as she frees herself from the troll yet again. Warm brown eyes flick towards the bar and she spots Darcy. Well, shit. The SHIELD agents aren't likely to be as sturdy as her and she's hurting though it might not look it. Jes is just used to pushing the pain away when needed. Teleporting again, she'll try to get inside, grab Darcy and get back out. Hopefully she's familiar with leyline travel, Also hopefully, it'll work. If not they're in some trouble.

May takes advantage of that opening to once again get dangerously close to those giant, hideous feet, though as she does so she holds both blades in one hand and pulls a cigar-sized cylinder out of her jacket — mini-flare. It takes an extra half-second to get the flare started, but then she's jamming the business end of the incredibly bright little fire source into the slice she just made on Troll #1's ankle while swinging the swords at Troll #2… a bit further upward. Like, gentleman's plums area. (Do Trolls have nads?) "Base. May. Where the HELL is that flame-thrower?"

Cocktail finished and wick lit, Darcy looks up prepared to sprint through the clear streak she left getting in when the troll smashes into the wall, sending shards raining toward her. With a squeak, Darcy throws her bottle in the general direction of the offending troll barrelling toward her while pitching herself backwards into the bar-back area. More alcohol! More bruises. Once again, she praises the butt-pad gods for the pair that still fit her. She snags another random bottle with the hand holding the baggie with two more rags and scrambles away from the bar, toward the tiny office space and hallway with the bathrooms. Her other hand stuffs the zippo right next to the necklace May gave her as the Derby Girl (This is what they are called. <3) runs on her toe stops over the derbis and sprints down the short hall to hit the back door. Alley. Must race around the corner, dead sprint, top speed, no coasting. This, while yanking open the second bottle and trying to get another rag into it. She cuts the corner back onto the street and hockey stops to light the rag.

There's just one issue for Darcy. Directions were never really her strong suit. That's way derby works. It's just another left turn. So, Darcy, rag lit, hopturns to face the trolls only to realize she's skated out BEHIND them. Trolls, between herself and the rest of the SHIELD people.

Getting rushed by the troll prompts Red Robin to aim the blade directly at the troll's throat as it runs towards him. The momentum of the beast, whether or not Robin is successful, has the Boy Wonder falling backwards into a building behind him. The second troll, for the moment is given some reprieve as Robin is altogether occupied by the troll's foreboding cohort.

With the Trolls rampaging inside the bar, there's alcohol everywhere… the thrown cocktail ignites and it catches. The sound of the Trolls screeches can be heard on the street.

What that means for the teleporting Jesana? She's likely to arrive at the back of the blaze, but the bar is going up in flames … bottles exploding around her as the heat rises.

The flare in the wound is rather inspired and Mays first Troll ignites, falling backwards, arms swinging. She might want to give herself room, these things burn hurt and brightly. Her second cut elicits an unholy bellow from the second troll, just as flames jump from the first to it… Two for one, nice job.

Red Robins blade to the throat stops his assailant momentarily, his falling backwards giving him room, but the second troll is persisent and follows whereever the young man leads.

"I've got it." One of the SHIELD agents emerges from near the quinjet, next to Darcy, broadcasting through the jets external speakers "All agents, fall back. We're going to light them up." With a grin at Darcy and her molotov cocktail, he raises the wand of the device "Let's bring it, Agent Lewis." Between the two of them, this should make a rather visual spectacle.

Jesana would be screaming curse words as she arrives in the engulfed bar but coyote can't. She hurriedly teleports back out and roll around on the ground to put any flames out of her fur. Now there's a lovely aroma of burned hair coming from her. If any of that touched her actual hair she's gonna be pissed.
Switching back to human she grabs the end of a flaming chunk of wood and then runs, totally intent on stabbing into whatever part of whichever troll is closet to her. She hadn't had any particular opinion about them before this. "You sonsofbitches suck dirty ahhhh-!!!" She remembers May is here somewhere and cuts off. Most sane people would avoid a fight with a foe while naked, not Jes. If she did she'd never get to fight. Clothes don't shift with her and coyote can't do everything. Like stab a bastard or knee him in the groin.

May ducks clear of the two trolls she'd been fighting as the flare apparently works VERY well. "Get clear!" she yells to back up the agent who's finally got the flamethrower out and ready. Of course, she should have taken her own advice. Luckily (maybe?), one of the two flailing trolls right behind her swats her and sends her tumbling across the street, her swords scattering away. She ends up in a heap against a building across from the now-burning bar.

Ow. And yet somehow, jumping out of a fast-moving car STILL feels worse.

Darcy takes that moment right before she's joined by Agent Fire-Thrower to gulp down some air and try to pick her target. Robin's trolls. The boy owes her a round of ice-cream game. And if it comes with a ride in his car, even better. So, Rob must not be smooshed by trolls today. The glance Agent Fire-Thrower receives from Darcy is wicked and childlike all at once.

"Oh baby! I love it when you get me hot and bothered," she quips, pointing to the left. "You go that way, and I'll go this way. See you on the other side!" And she's off, weaving to get a good clear shot to throw her last cocktail. "BURN BITCHES!" Cocktail away!

Using his grappling gun, Red Robin aims high at the skyline. With a CLANK it makes purchase with the building above. A gloved hand presses the button, and Robin is drawn upwards with his tool, away from the enemy foray. Getting out of the way is imminently important, and Robin knows it.

The rest of the SHIELD agents scatter as well, some heading to the Quinjet to return with fire extinguishes … they'll be needed for sure. As the flame thrower is deployed and Darcy's cocktail goes off, the Trolls scream and burn bright. But not for long, they're soon reduced to ash …

And now it's time for cleanup.

"We'll secure the location Agent May." Linfield reports. "No Trolls got through to the city."

Jesana stalks somewhat stiffly toward where she dropped her dress. Good, it survived. She shifts yet again and slips it over her head. Her body is already turning spectacular colors from bruises, pretty much all over. "At least I didn't get burned too much. I fucking *hate* burns."
The demigod looks around and sees all the trolls have been dealt with. She also doesn't see any human bodies. Good. "May! Are you alright?" Jes heads in that direction since she can see Darcy on her feet, or skates. "Man those are cool. "What about you, Darcy? Okay?" She calls out.

Melinda May picks herself up slowly, undoubtedly assessing how sore she's going to be from this. Yup. Pretty much her entire back is going to be one big bruise. Not that she'll let anyone else know. She's on her feet by the time Jesana gets to her and nods to the younger-looking woman. No way in hell is she going to admit openly that that really effing hurt. "Help me find my swords." They most definitely ended up staying inside the burn zone.

Skating up to Agent Flame, Darcy holds up a hand for a high five. "Dude. Fucking bad ass, man," she says before smilin gover at Jesana. She holds a thumb up, skating toward her and May.

"I'm gonna be fucking purple and black tomorrow, but damn that was sofaking bitchin'. Like… Calaveras got nothing on this. I'm so hyped! Put me in again, Coach!" The words are an adrenaline-fuelled jumble, and she's bouncing lightly on her wheels. WHich is not a good idea, cause she pin-wheels her arms and ungracefully keeps her feet.

"I'm good. I'm fine. Sokay. Salright. Want me to roll around and find 'em, Boss?" Darcy yammers as she takes a few toe-stop steps now that her balance is back.

"Go, Lewis." That spares May from having to shuffle about sifting through piles of smelly disgusting ash looking for the swords. Instead she heads for the quinjet where the rest of the SHIELD agents are gathering and hopefully prepping to head back to base. "Let me guess, Jesana. Your father was being a jerk again."

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