Messing With Tech You Don't Understand

July 29, 2016:

A bit of training and sparring practice and a discussion about technology developments

The Triskelion - New York


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Things are settling down, a bit, at The Triskelion. Jemma's moved most of her equipment back into her lab and is there more often than not these days. Which is a change from the last weeks, if not months.

Today finds her back in the Gym, working out with Michaels and Samuels although they aren't her permanent security detail any longer. She's also got a guest - a newly minted field agent who hasn't had … much training.

"Come on, Agent Lewis." Michaels is a ready 'stance', waiting for Darcy to try the combat move he just demonstrated. "Don't worry that you'll hurt me. I've worked with Doctor Simmons often enough. I know how to take a hit."

"Michaels!!" Jemma says as she spins, narrowly missing Samuels over hand attack, dropping low and sweeping her own leg at the mans leg. That muscle memory from her time in the portal? It's now more practiced.

She's also asked to meet two other people here, she's got some information to share.

In her ready stance, Darcy tries to huff but the chuckle kills it.

"Ok.." she almost singsongs as she tries to copy the technique. shes not a hopeless case but shes not really any good..

Melinda May arrives in time to see Darcy's … attempt. She doesn't comment, though. It's not her training session to dictate. She walks around to an open space and sets her ubiquitous jacket carefully on the floor before starting a slow and graceful seeming Tai Chi warm up routine.

There aren't many people who May goes to train with who aren't agents. One of them is Jericho Trent. He's not exactly on her level so far as the mastery of all things martial arts is concerned, but he's quite good. Better than most. He's finished warming up and is watching everyone move quietly now.

Samuels stumbles as Jemma sweeps his legs, toppling over, making Michaels scoff. "That's $50 you owe me, Samuels. She got you again"

"Shut up, Michaels." Samuels takes the hand that Jemma offers rises.

As Darcy rushes Samuels, he steps to the side and let's her rush past, placing a foot on her backside and shoving …

"May, Jericho, I've been working on the psychic dampners we've been using and we think we have a way to make them easier to deploy." Which would be very helpful.

Melinda May replies without so much as a hitch in her warmup routine. "Always a good thing, Simmons. Elaborate." She finishes the routine, looks at Jericho for a moment as if considering something, then offers him a small bow as a combatant would at the beginning of a martial arts match.

Shall we dance?

Jericho returns the bow and steps onto the mat, falling into a stance. May might be familiar with MAC - Modern Army Combatives - it's a mixed martial arts style developed by the military. As ex special forces he was trained to the highest level of it. It's not the sort of thing she's done, but…

Fortunately for him Jericho knows better than to attack first. "What do you have, Simmons?"

Leaving Darcy to the tender mercies of Michaels and Samuels, Jemma grabs a towel and moves to watch Jericho and May. "Well, I've been toying with the idea of making them more compact and Fitz had started working on a redesign once we knew they were effective. But that was interrupted by his deployment."

And it hadn't been a priority given everything else that had been going on.

"But now that Doctor Redgyve is with the team, I gave it to him to look at, along with Fitz's original notes. You know that I've adapted the Seeker design to emit an EMP. Well, we think we can adapt that again … use the Seeker design likes drones and have them airborne."

Brushing a stray strand of hair from her face, the biochem considers "It's not faultless. Someone could try to shoot them down, of course, but it seems like a better solution all round." Yes, she's seeking feedback.

May watches Jericho for a moment with a piercing gaze, then says as she lunges forward with an attack nearly as fast as a snake's bite, "Get the Seekers prepped, Simmons." She feints two attacks then tries for an actual strike with the third. "We'll field test them."

Jericho steps back, creating room. He's style of fighting very heavily relies on close in fighting but he knows May is very good there. She still gets him open for a strike with one of her faints, landing it on his ribs. He rolls with the impact and comes up with a knee, striking to make best use of his superior weight and size.

"The trick will be finding someone to field test it."

"I will then, Agent May. Or Doctor Redgyve will at any rate." Jemma has to learn that she can't do it all, anymore. She's got a team to help her now. "Why do you say that, Jericho? We've Agent Cash working with us now, I'm sure he'd been willing to help. Plus all those Daemonites on ice. I'm hopeful, too, that Ms Kitaen will be willing to assist."

"Even if we just have Agent Cash to help with the preliminaries, I'm sure we can set up some controlled tests on them." Although she needs to think on that a lot more.

May turns to dodge that knee, and does so just barely enough to make it a glancing blow instead of anything more severe. But there appears to have been a purpose to skirting so close to a potential injury, as she continues her momentum, hooking one arm behind said knee and trying to pull him off of his center of gravity so he has to either hop on his free foot or topple over. "Get Cash in on this test, Simmons. Tell him I said so." She suspects that recruiting Ms. Kitaen to help will be a more … delicate matter.

Instead Jericho throws himself forward into a roll, converting May's momentum into is own and reversing the choice. Now she has the option to let him go or be hauled off her feet by his weight and thrown. It's amazing what you can do if you're willing to fall.

"Difference between that and a full fledged test but I suppose you have to calibrate it somehow."

"Of course there is, Jericho." Jemma watches the pair spar, glad its not her out there. Michaels and Samuels don't make it easy for her, but these two are well beyond her skill. Or so she thinks. "But it's a start and it will tell us that it works and give us somewhere to go from."

"And you're probably aware that most of what I've created lately has had a baptism of fire." They simply haven't had time or resources to test anything in anger. "Is there anything you would suggest there. Finding friendly psychics to do a 'live fire' test is … difficult."

That works, all right. May lets go of Jericho, but instead of backing off, she chases after him so he can't put distance between them again. She tries to catch him before he can straighten up from the roll to shove him into a sprawl. Or something. "Cash is likely the closest we can safely get to a live fire test right now."

Jericho instead lashes out with a low sweep, his leg striking out in a circle close to the mat. It may buy him space or she may simply hop over him but he's got a lot of experience fighting grounded. In fact if he can bring her down that may well be to his advantage.

"I know a few though I don't know that they'd want to help you test it. Your girl that you picked up may be your best bet there if WAND doesn't have a few."

"Right." Jemma nods at that. "Then that's what we go with. We've no other registered telepaths or psychics in The Index." Of course Jemma would know that. "I'll see if Agent Cash can speak to Ms Kitaen as well. I would rather a broader sample for testing, but we work with what we have."

"We've also been working on one of the weapons we recovered from what we think was the Leonidas network. It's slow, but Doctors Redgyve and Humphries seem to be making progress. We'll be in the firing range soon, to take some readings."

"What are you trying to do with it." Once Jericho's sparring around with May is finished he rises and walks on over to Jemma. Weapons research is interesting to him of course and the things that she is dealing with are actually things with which he has some experience. He wouldn't have thought when he volunteered for the Prometheus project that he would have experience with alien technology…

But there you have it.

"Learn about it, Jericho. Try to replicate its functions. Learn how to defend against or disable it." Jemma lists off the objectives she's trying to achieve. "With Director Furys' direction, that's my new job. Take the tech and do something with it."

Handing him a towel, she shrugs a little "I'm no weapons expert but Doctor Redgyve is a technical genius. Not a Fitz, of course" that would be a given "But he's good none-the-less."

"Is anyone as good as Fitz?" Jericho is such an imp sometimes. There's a double meaning clearly implied in his tone as he takes the towel and wipes himself dry.

"So mess with tech you don't understand in the hopes of understanding it. I suppose that is the scientific process at work but these are weapons you're largely dealing with. Don't blow yourself up."

Jemma blushes. Jericho must have known that would be the response. "Technically speaking? No, no one is." Which means ….

"I'll try not too." she actually smiles slightly. "But you're pretty much right. Mess with it, till we understand. In a controlled environment, of course."

Samuels and Michaels are still working with Darcy but Jemma's ready to head back to work. "Can I buy a coffee? I need to get back to work."

She's already directing them out of the gym.

"Sure, I'm headed out anyway. I don't like to spend much time here." Jemma should know that about the glow-eyed hacker. He doesn't trust SHIELD. After what he's seen though, what they've both seen. It's hard to blame him.

Then again he's probably being more than a little paranoid.

"So what can you tell me about these projects?"

"Projects? I have so many artifacts from the Daemonites. The Coelacanths armour, the Daemonites and what little weaponry they had, what we retrieved from the mercenaries that were fighting them and that device from Bagalia." Jemma snags a light jacket and waves to the two agents as she guides the hacker out of the building.

"I'm to work it all out and make something of it. Really, Jericho… I'm feeling a little overwhelmed." She's british, that means she's drowning.

Jericho snorts. "Surely he didn't mean to do it all by tomorrow. Take stock of what you have and start with the ones that are most like things we already know about. Those will be the ones easiest to understand. At thevery least you'll be able to tell quickly if it's too advanced for us to do anything with."

Of course Jericho doesn't know that Fury has also directed her to figure out what they can do with the aliens themselves. The… implications of that kind of biotechnical research are…

More than a little frightening.

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