The Comedown

July 28, 2016:

(Backdated, post Ride, Suzy, Ride scene) Jenny is returned to the X-Bunker where she meets Rogue and is questioned about Genosha.



NPCs: Jenny Ransome

Mentions: Charles Xavier, Genoshans

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Fade In…

Post-Rescue of Jenny Ransome and her ward
The X-Bunker

Gambit sits upon a tabletop peeling off his boot. The legs of his suit torn up with scrapes and bruising all across his knees a bottle of peroxide in hand and a cold beer in the other, cigarette hanging out of his lips unlit. He needed one but hasn't fired it up since they're inside also their rescued damsel chided him about smoking around an infant, even if the kid is a room away.
"I can help you with that." The brunette woman offers Remy. "Your hands look full…"
"Oh, I'm good with my hands, chere. I got dis." Does he though? The beer is set aside and he rips another strip off of his pant leg, "You gonna tell us about why you so important?"
Jenny Ransome frowns and looks down at the floor, her brows knit together. "I suppose I have no choice. I have no where to return… you X-Men are my best option unless i followed Suzy to Netherworld."
"Yeah, she was interesting. Never seen a mutant quite like her." The Cajun responds as the bay doors open with hissing sound. Gambit loves that. It reminds him of Star Trek.

The movement of the door heralds Rogue's entry, though just before it manages to close she does not move from it and it is stuck in a hissing limbo of open/close, open/close…

Rogue's mossy gaze sets upon Remy and Jenny, as well as the removal of pants, nevermind the wounds. Gaze diverted her green gloved hand comes up to grip the pocketed door and keep it in place like one would an elevator door to stop the mechanical confusion with a groan.

"Ah…uhh… Did not mean to interrupt." The turn away of gaze veils part of her face and the smirk that resides behind at the jab in regards to 'what she walked into'.

Interrupt? One would suppose it looks a bit odd that Remy is tearing off his pants in front of a complete stranger. "More the merrier, ma belle."
"Excuse you, Mr. LeBeau… I am or was engaged please don… "
"It jus' a joke. Lighten up, Jenny." Remy's smile grows large and he winks at Rogue, "Anna-Marie meet Jenny Ransome. She from Genosha, her an' the lil bundle next door. Hank and Nate snatched her up wit' me over near Chicago. Real mess but we turn out alright." Other than scrapes and bruising across his legs thanks to Nate tossing him like a basketball at the highway.

The sliding door is groaning, it wants to close but the hand backed by brick strength does not stand a chance, and Rogue is allowing it to remain at an awkward standstill even as Jenny speaks up.

The laughter is low and nearly silent save for the movement of shoulders in small rise and falls.

Stepping within her hand lets the door finally hiss closed while it seals behind her, sweeping the hair back to show the amusement there as Jenny gets an inspective glance and a slow nod in greeting. "Nice ta meet'cha, Jenny. Ah had a feeling I'd meet many women this way, but /engaged?/" A tsk and the smile does not fade, even as she looks towards Remy and brows dip in light concern.

"Well, if any place is safe for a rescued mutant and child, this is it. Everyone came out okay, though? Ah'm sorry Ah could not be there." The latter words falling lower in tone with the regret.
"It's not like that." Jenny continues to frown but catches the humor, "Oh. I am sorry I am still a little frazzled, jetlag and just all of this excitement over the past month. The baby… we have been through quite a bit but then your Professor reached out to us and well… we're here now." Catching herself Jenny offers her hand to Rogue, "Nice to meet you, Anna-Marie."

"You real safe here. 'specially with the River Rat in the house. She a beast." Remy teases, stripped down to just a pair of undershorts and socks now he tosses his pants in the garbage bin. "Her an' the rest of course, I'm just here to look pretty and keep things light." The cigarette is tucked behind his ear so he can take another drink of his beer. The nicotine stick is such a tease.

Nate has been dealing with the fun of… he is not sure what. It is not as bad as a full-fledged technovirus attack, but a few steps above a really bad hangover. It probably has something to do with drug withdrawal too, which is why he has not taken anything despite the advice of the medical team. Instead he wanders back into the room with some food and drinks. This time it is not for him, it is for Jenny. "Cafeteria was closed, but I'm good at improvising," he comments. "Is the Prof coming?"

"And safe out there with the Swamp Rat. He'll make sure ya'll are /reaaalll/ comfortable." A wink his way and when Jenny speaks her gaze shifts back, but the offer of her hand has Rogue instinctively taking a step back. It almost seemed like a motion of an animal used to said gesture coming with abuse. But at the end of it, Rogue's eyes rise with a light lift of chin.

Despite being in her white on green body suit and gloved, it is habit, one earned through history and time but the recoil seems to be just as quickly brushed aside to take the hand and shake with a far more reassured grip. "Once here, no harm will come without a fight. That's a promise we all vow. It's okay."

The reassurance to the woman is a chant Rogue has had to tell herself even the past few months and so far she has not been let down. Nate's arrival has him greeted as well with a smile as she backs away.

"Looks like ya'll got this covered. Ah have a Linguistics class to go teach and Ah'll return." Turning and leaving was far more eased (for the door) then her arrival.
Jenny appears confused by the withdrawal of hand but takes the second attempt with a casual enough re-approach, though the confusion is still there and she tries her best not to be offended. "I appreciate it and it is much more comfortable than the cargo plane we hid away on. Trust me." A smile grows as Nate arrives, "I'm starving anything wil be delicious. it was nice to meet you.."

"It nice to watch her leave too." Remy teases as far as words go. He is looking rather blatantly. "You brought me anything, mon ami? Work up an appetite all that tumblin' around." A grin, "Not heard nothin' from Charles. Maybe he still napping."

Nate mutters a greeting to Rogue, without his usual energy, and nods at Remy. "Yeah, makes sense, he was pushing his powers at the end." And he is familiar with the consequences of doing that. "Since he is no around, and neither are Phoenix and Cyke, I guess I have to be the one asking. Do you know how were they tracking you? Because this place is pretty well hidden, but I am not sure if we are ready for an attack when the enemy can teleport on top of us."

"You sir…" Jenny shakes her head at Remy but is trying to be playful though she is the outsider.
Remy just reclines back stretching out on the table with a leg dangling off and the bottle soon empty. "I know what I am, it part of the charm. But Nate right, how they finding you so easily, girl?"
Jenny exhales, "The man your blue friend swatted around, Hawkshaw, he is a mutant hunter capable of tracking mutates anywhere. He is perhaps their best but maybe for a while we won't have to worry about him. I know they have others like him but none of them are as good, none of them are members of the Press Gang. I'll tell you everything I know about Genosha if you promise me you'll keep me, the baby safe and help me rescue my fiance, Phillip."

Remy chuckles, "Rescue more Genoshans… dis becoming a full time gig."

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