The Taming of the Mutant

July 24, 2016:

Fantomex gets a peek at part of what Rogue does during her 'Therapy' sessions.

Xavier's Institute

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Rogue said she had a green stallion to break, and she was not kidding. The comparison to their issue was not too far off, her''s local and for the student''s, theirs global and for the kids' of mutant kinds' future.

Rogue did a class here that showed the gun-shy mutant kids how to face things, and overcome them. The cost not a matter.

After she departed the gathering at the gazebo the gloves went on, and with them the facade dropped. Beneath the cropped tp and the cut-off jeans, Rogue is wearing her green and white uniform, one that covers her from neck to toe and tucks into the calf-rise of cowboy boots. Auburn and platinum streaked hair topped ina cowboy hat one of the students offered gloved hands.

"What's the lesson today Miss Darkholme?" The shy voice inquired as mossy gaze cast to him from beneath the brim of cow(girl)boy hat.

"How to best your wildest imagination." Or fear…

Either way the lariat is still upon hips and within the fenced in round is a large black stallion that does not pause to even stare their way, another occupant only causes further bucking and pitching of strong limbs to ensue. A black and white mustang, branded and yet ungelded, pitching itself through the arena as if on show and preparing for who is best in a boxing ring, rearing and all.

"He was abused, left in an unkempt stall, and never shown companionship in anything with two legs…We will teach 'im to not fear us.. With fairness." The rope in her hand lowers from hip to beneath thigh, tapping as the lariat is allowed to drop and swing near boot calves.

"If ya'll are ready…" 4 others stand on the fence surrounding, wide-eye'd. "Come on in."

With a clatter the fence door is opened and closed behind Rogue, her scarf (despite high heat) drawn around her own neck in the manner the lasso is swung.

And Fantomex, which should have left already, instead came to see the horses. Funny thing, he has never seen a horse up close. But okay, no. Technically he is stalking Rogue. Except he would say he is just curious about the woman, which seems such a bundle of contradictions.

But some mutants are like that. And the care she takes not to touch anyone is quite revealing for Fantomex people-reading skills.

As the kids show up, he lets his misdirection cloak fade so they can see he is there, some distance away, listening and watching what Rogue is up to.

The stallion snorts when Rogue enters the ring, tail flaring into an arch that streams the mottle huen tail behind. A back and forth motion shows the beast is confused… Ready to rare off with the other in the arena. It's massive head lowers and a hock laden in fur paws the ground, but in this eye-to-eye motion it shows… One eye is blue (blind), the other, brown.

To those who cannot see Rogue is in Southern-Belle glory of western tac, but for real she is optimally covered for safety of others and the horse. Leather gloves clutch the rope, stilling it as they square off. A monolithic beast on four, crippled by humanity - a woman on two's, crippled by humanity and mutants alike. Both want free…. "There is no room for fear," She states as she peers from beneath the brim of hat at the horse, green meating mis-matched, though words are abound. "You or them, or together…" Leather groans over rope and the horse charges after a hoof sinks into the sod with traction.

"Ain't no rodeo!" Rogue says as she steps aside to dodge, lowering to the ground as the horse bucks over her head and about-faces for another 'bout. "Ya both afraid for lives, but all ya want is ta be friends…."

Saying as much one hand rises, the mustangs nostrils flare, and it charges again!

One of the kids then steps in, a distraction, but hands out with arms spread…

Fantomex watches a little more and turns to go, but when something catches his eye. That kid. He lounges at incredible speed as the boy steps forward, waving to the horse. Perhaps he has some power that would help him calm the animal, but it doesn't work. He is about to get trampled when Fantomex reaches him and pulls him back. "Careful there, kid," he comments without even raising his voice.

The kid stands firm, sweat in this heat even trickles down his brow as he fights mind over matter to distract the wild beast and face fear. The others' on the fence cheer him on… Auggie, the say… Augustine Branch for real, a mutant that can manipulate emotion to mimic…

The mustang leaves divets in the sod where the kid once stood, kicking up after, just over the head of rolling Fantomex and 'Auggie', unsole'd hooves just as threatening as those clad in shoes. But that is a feat for the tame.

Back legs kick upward over Fantomex and Auggie, slow motion of tail even waving in the air in arch like a flag, sod flying to cast speckles of shadows where head arches and lowers, ready to charge Rogue who stands before them…

Fantomex's trenchcoat tails barely miss the landing of bucked hind legs before they brace and the mustang's ears lay back for charge…

"Nono! He wants to kill her!" Auggie cries out in Fantomex's grip, reaching out, his own emotions also a fuel as much as a sensation and quell. If only he used them /right/.

Somehow you bring the violence out of me… The rope that had gone lax in Rogue's grip now begins to loop in a circle, one leg stepping within to be encircled, just as the mustang charges, kicking it off booted appendage toward sthe massive charging beast, lasso'ing it around the muzzle and with a jerk up and over muscled shoulder, the mustang meets ground, falling to side to skid a couple feet across dirt beside Rogue….

Win? She released him in the fall and as he is rising, Rogue is facing off again. "If ya pin them you teach them submission, not equality. Friends. Not enemies. Not accepted. Earned." A flash of eyes towards Auggie and Fantomex. "Right?"

"My horse-taming skills are not that good, chere," admits Fantomex, in good mood. "But I trust you know what you are doing," he looks at Auggie, "so lets watch and learn, oui?" He lets the kid go and leans against the fence. "I am Fantomex, by the way, just a visitor."

If Fantomex is -keen- he will notice the panic in Auggie's eyes is reflective of that in the horses. As well as his words… He -feels- it, therefore he knows it. White's can be seen in both as if a mimicry, at least where brown-eye'd looks are concerned in half.

"You ain't gotta tame 'em, Mon-seer- Ya just gotta get trust… Right?" But even though Rogue speaks to Fantomex and the panicked Auggie her eyes never leave the obviously irate horse. A charge and in a quick motion it manages to clip Rogues arm in teeth and throw her over it's back and across the arena, squaring off to trample her in a canter around the ring and a burst of speed.

The pain is something Rogue is unused to feeling as teeth closed in a clip n her arm… and uses the meat to throw her several feet with a cloud of dried sod to rise around her.

Another one of the kids on the side leaps the fence and reacts, the nearby bail of hay igniting with his hand, sparks flying.

"No!" Fire surrounds the ring then, as well as rising panic from Auggie, but the heated winds seem to die with Rogue's outstretched arms and hands.

"Not necessary. We can catch more flies with sugah' then salt. End goal. He let's us touch 'im."

Auggie is wide eye'd and staring between Rogue and Fantomex in violent flickers of similarity that has the mustang tossing its head… and going in again. "He wants to crush her Mister!" Auggie almost pleas and tugs at Fantomex… But Auggie needs to be the calm one…

"I ain't askin' for tamin' here -monsieur-. I'm askin' for teamwork and friendship despite…" The horse stampedes over where Rogue had stood, tritely stomping her hat beneath it's hooves in a trite fury with nostrils flaring, only stopping when Rogue rises from flat-on-belly to all fours, hair smeared with mud across her face, eye to eye.

"Ya wanna go against Genosha? Ya out'ta know how this works, fellow thief." Nope, Rogue aint dumb, despite remaining as the horse charges, and when it does she rolls, a leg kicking up to its side to send it rolling as she had moments prior.

"I don't think that horse can hurt her, kid," mentions Fantomex, looking at Auggie at his eyes. He has no emotions, as his mask makes his mind unreadable. "Calm down, I think you might be scaring the horse even more."

Hay on fire. "Classes here are very entertaining," he comments, going straight for the fire extinguisher, "as for Genosha," he applies the extinguisher to the burning bale. "I'd love to visit, but I fail to see how the horse is related to it. Even if I do applaud your effort to calm the stallion."

A bat of eyes and the kid suddenly seems to reset with Fantomex's reminder. And with it the horse rising from the haze of dust shakes it's mane, the whites of its eyes no longer seen, but irritation evident. Hocks press in and stamp, burrowing as its head bows and rises in pitches that exemplify indigence, ears pinned back with muzzle quivering.

Rogue rises, her suit torn, but no blood or bruise forms where flesh and attire had been pinched in powerful mouth. Hair that had fallen from the makeshift bun is in a humid-borne puff around her head. "Ain't calm yet." Rogue states as she stands and the fire is doused to billowing clouds of smoke. "Wasn't meant to be related to our plans, but here ya are?" A dash of eyes Fantomex's way and the stallion takes the moment to charge, but instead of trampling it rears up just before Rogue and seeks to kick with front legs.

Both of Rogue's gloved hands come up and grip hoofed limbs, and with a flick her hands with the hooves meet the ground. Her on all fours with the horse who lowers its head to stare within green eyes.

Wide nostrils flare and chuff heated air into Rogues hair, lips parting to simpy take some in and reject it.

Auggie is taking deep breaths, ones that match the horses own as he watches, the pyrokinetic searing hand prints into the fence with his grip… But they stopped…

"This is coping. This is meant to help us all learn to deal with…everything… And be calm and accept." Rogue did not release the horse's fores, but it did not fight, even as their eyes flicked back and forth. "Auggie. He's yers. Ya felt it. Now take him."

Gloved hands release now and Rogue stands, the rope twining around her hand as Auggie sets forth, slow steps and deep breaths with long swallows taking him forward towards the exhausted horse.

"Ya want me to spoon feed it to ya sugah? Life skills for kids with our likeness that… have none… I wish I did before." A look to Fantomex and away as she approaches the fence.

"What can I say, chere? I had an unusual education myself," comments Fantomex. Dealing with terrified, hostile horses was not something he did back in the World. Well, they weren't horses. And they didn't seem terrified. Hostile? Oh yes.

But he approaches the horse, slowly and in a non-threatening way. And maybe he cheats and also misdirects him. Or maybe the animal is truly at ease around humans for the first time in a long while. He pats the stallion neck gently, and then keeps walking. "Learn to cope with mistreated people? That is useful when you are in school, oui."

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