Voodoo Recovery

July 26, 2016:

A message from a Demontainted Hacker has SHIELD converging on Voodoo

New York


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Nick Fury calls it 'the new arms race'. The most prized possession in that race? People with unusual, destructive powers. There are all kinds of agencies, nations, organizations and private individuals looking to 'collect' such people. The ones with training, connections and influence are masters of their own destiny in a way only drempt of by most people.

Life's not so good for the ones that aren't.

Priscilla Kitaen has run into the SHIELD Agent called Grifter once or twice. He's been close enough to her to actually get a tracking device on her arm. Whether or not SHIELD at large uses it to track her the fact remains that Grifter at least knows where to find her. Which may be important because the Daemonites are also trying to find her. Fortunately, SHIELD and the Daemonites are no longer tied at the hip.

Unfortunately they're not the only ones out there looking for her. Melinda May, head of SHIELD's WAND division just got a text from an unlisted number. It's something she should be used to by now. The text is laconic. 'Section agents moving on an unaligned powered individual. I will delay them. Someone should get to her.' What follows is a location and a picture of a young woman - a picture that Grifter and Jemma Simmons will recognize if they see it.

Voodoo is walking down the sidewalk, taking advantage of a rare night off to head towards a nearby shopping center and do some grocery shopping. The dancer is dressed in tight fitting black jeans and a midnight blue tube top. Short black leather boots, a black leather and silver circle belt with a purple bandana holding back her long dark hair. She doesn't seem worried about any danger, looks like any young woman out enjoying the evening really though perhaps with a bit more of a thoughtful expression than most.
It's been a few weeks since anyone found her and she's finally feeling safe again. She hasn't forgotten her promise to call the man who saved her, it's just, she still isn't certain. He'd found her too, somehow. Trust isn't a thing that comes easily for her now. Priscilla has considered the fact she's in way over her head and she's probably going to need help, which means trusting someone at some point but.. with each day that passed without anything terrifying or freaky happening, she's managed to put it off just one more day, then another.. She knows she needs to do.. something. She really does. It's just so much easier at the moment to pretend everything is okay. She's just a normal woman out doing normal things.

Jemma remembers the young woman though it's been a couple of weeks since she saw her, just that once.

"The individual presents similarly to a Daemonite when stressed." The biochem is briefing the others. "Although she seem … afraid of them when I encountered her."

Wearing SHIELD TAC gear, her hair pulled back in a pony tail, the SHIELD scientist is tapping her tablet. "If we need to contain her, the compound I created for Daemonites may work." She's a few other things in development, but nothing even remotely ready for the field yet "We'll have to try it."

That it's the Section that's moving in has Jemma a little concerned. Although Jericho didn't mention SIGMA, so that might be a positive. "The Section has interesting resources. From what I've been able to determine, they use Mercenary Groups - I've not been able to identify which ones specifically. They will likely be very well armed though.

May sees the text and doesn't hesitate. She notifies the higher-ups, taps Simmons and Grifter to go with her, and in very short order they're on their way. It's actually faster to not travel via ley line for a change, which Simmons is likely VERY happy about right now.

Having claimed one of the smallest quinjet models in SHIELD's hangars, they are able to avoid most air traffic and are approaching the target location very quickly. "ETA thirty seconds. Be ready to go in hot. Cole, non-lethal first."

Cole Cash — A.K.A. Grifter — looks up from examining his guns and lets out a plaintive sigh from behind the red fabric mask covering his face. ""Non-lethal? Aw, May…" There's something of a 'sing-song' tone to his voice — the kind a child uses when complaining about having to eat his vegetables.

Or refrain from killing bad guys right off the bat.

"Alright, alright," he mutters under his breath and shoves the pulse-pistol back into its holster. "No promises when the freakin' parasites show up."

"If Daemonites show up, I expect you mince them like onions." Then May returns her attention to flying.

Grifter abruptly pulls out a blaster, and pantomimes flipping a switch. "Setting phasers to 'mince'. Copy that." Then he smirks behind his mask, and leans back against the bulkhead.

Jericho Trent is nowhere in sight, but then he did say he was going to delay the Section agents.

Fortunately the 'LZ' is cold. There's just Priscilla there, at the moment. May knows that it's not likly to stay that way and when whatever it is that the soldier-turned-hacker thinks is coming actually arrives, things will get plenty hot plenty fast.

If they don't get that way before. The quinjet screams over Priscilla's head, lands in front of her and lowers the ramp to disgorge armed agents. At least she knows one or two of them. All they need to do now is toss out a classy one liner and get the hell outta there.

'Come with me if you want to live?'

Voodoo has begun to look around a bit more carefully. The street seems strangely empty all over a sudden.. then there is a small plane roaring over her head and landing in front of her. The dancers scrambles backwards in a panic, bringing her fists up while blue eyes dart around wildly looking for a place to hide.
Her wings burst free from her back as the agents come rushing out of the jet but she lowers her hands slightly and tucks the wings in tight when she recognizes Grifter and then Jemma. Her eyes narrow with suspicion though. How did they find her? She's been extra careful.

No, Jemma won't use trite lines from movies. Leaving the QuinJet, ICER pistol in her hand, she makes sure the other woman can see her. For now though, Cash, May and the others get the field priveleges of trying to round up the flighty (ahem, pardon the pun) dancer.

"We've word that there people closing in on you. We can take you to safety." See, not a cheesy movie line after all.

Cash dives out of the quinjet at a trajectory to put him in full view of the fleeing dancer. With a little telekinetic help to slow his fall, he lands in a roll and comes up with both hands open.

No guns.

"I'm Luke Skywalker; I'm here ta rescue you!"

He coughs.

"'Kay, that sounded better in my head." Then he looks over at May and the rest of the team, and does a telepathic scan of the area. "I can hear 'em. Muffled, but closin' in."

Melinda May looks at Grifter with an expression that says she is utterly and completely unimpressed. "Get in. Now." And with that she turns back to reclaim the pilot's seat. Because if Cole says they're closing in, they're closing in. And she would rather NOT be here when they arrive.

May's radar starts to blare alarms in the cockpit. Five contacts appear on it. Over the sound of the engine she can hear gunfire. Outside there's an amber flash in the air with four other figures dancing around it. They're still pretty far away and the paths are erratic but they're closing fast. Priscilla and the SHIELD agents have 30 seconds tops.

I've got four Redshire mercenaries inbound. Powered armor with miniguns and heat seaking micro missiles. There's a pair of armed civillian helicopters behind them. Get moving! I won't be able to divert them for long. No matter how Jericho moves, he can't keep them away from May. They need to get off the ground. Now.

Voodoo growls at the agents trying to close in around her. "Back off! If you meant that you wouldn't be trying to kidnap me. I'm done being kidnapped! God! why won't all of you just LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE!!" Her wings unfurl again and Priscilla's arms and hands shift, creamy cocoa skin being replaced with soft dark green pebbly scales and clawed fingers. She has not yet actually moved to attack though and is still glancing around warily. So maybe she's at least considering the possibility Jemma is telling the truth.
Then Grifter is landing in front of her and she stops and blinks. Once, twice. The righthand corner of her lips twitch upwards. The dancer's hands return to normal and her wings disappear from view. She's not sure why.. but she trusts him. Or maybe likes him? He hears them? Priscilla frowns and tilts her head to the side, trying to listen. She doesn't hear.. wait.. what if.. Blue eyes widen. "Oh shit." The other hearing. The mind hearing.. "You can do that too?!" She eyes Grifter hopefully then grabs his hand. "Okay. I'll come." It's only then she notices May and then glowers at the woman's back when she turns, clutching her rescuer's hand protectively. She certainly would not have gotten in without him. Some how he knew just the thing to do. Mind made up though, Voodoo sprints for the jet right before the gunfire erupts.

Jemma was already moving back to the Quinjet and as Voodoo joins Grifter, the biochem turns and runs. Fairly fast considering she's a Scientist. Something that had happened whilst she was lost in that portal.

Making the jet as the Redshire mercs draw near, the biochem buckles her seatbelt and gestures for Priscilla to do so too. "This is going to get bumpy… strap yourself in."

She's already got that tablet out, hooking into the quinjets onboard computer, and opening her field kit. Those that know her, know she normally carries some extra surprises.

Melinda May doesn't have to waste time powering up the jet's engines, they'd been left running. So the moment Grifter and Voodoo are aobard, even before the rear hatch is completely closed, the jet all but leaps into the air like a high end sports car using launch control. It should feel like they're getting slammed into their seats, and it does, just not as harshly as one might expect. "Cole. Take weapons control." Okay, so if this had been a ground fight, she would have insisted on non-lethal. If they're going to try to shoot her down, she'll return the favor. First.

Cash doesn't have to be told twice. Motioning toward Simmons with his chin, he gives Voodoo a reassuring nod of his head and hops into the gunnery chair. As his backside touches the seat, switches around him flick from one setting to another, seemingly of his own accord while his hands take the controls.

"Here goes nothin'!" he calls out unnecessarily, and starts firing back. The quinjet's turrets track towards the oncoming 'bogies', their tracer-rounds visible in the sky. The Redshires are already firing back.

"Hope ya got some fine counter-measures, Crackerjack," Grifter snarks at May. Then his head comes up. "Man… they're pissed." One of his shots strikes a 'copter on its starboard 'wing' (mounted with missiles), sheering it off. The shrapnel collides with the tail-rotor, creating a secondary explosion.

Grifter pantomimes licking a finger and drawing a '1' in the air.

Jericho, he'd be the only figure with actual wings, dips and spins to avoid the tracer stream. The powered armor figures bring arm mounted miniguns to bear and return fire. Tracers stitch a path into buildings as they try to track the quinjet. In the cockpit, the strident beeping of the lock warning starts to sound as the remaining helicopter launches a pair of missiles.

Moments later the glow winged figure hits the chopper and rips the door off. "Standby one. For God's sake don't shoot me down."

Jemma has their network but it's tight band and encrypted. Priscilla can feel… not hatred. But intent. Ill intent most definitely directed at her. Yeah. These guys aren't going to stop until taken out.

Voodoo did fasten her seatbelt but then fights to lean forward and watch what Grifter is doing. The dancer seems nervous and a little uneasy. Killing still isn't natural for her. At least, not usually.. at the same time she's kinda glad its the bad people after her dying and doesn't really know what to do with that…it helps only a little she can feel how much they want her.
She hears Jericho's voice and winces. "Um. You.. you don't think he's still mad about the whole truck thing do you?" She nervously glances at Jemma. "I really didn't know he was one of them and he just came out of nowhere. It happened so fast.." Priscilla babbles a bit. He had let her go but.. she's also aware of just how pissed he'd been.

"Got their signal, May." Jemma works as fast as she can. It's times like this … she's just going to have to get used to the fact that Fitz won't be back, for a long while.

Running the encryption through a number of Fitz's algorithms, the biochem stares at the screen, willing the programs to work faster. "Trying to decrypt them. It will take a while." It's then that she looks at Priscilla "He'll be fine." Jemma still hasn't got to the bottom of why Jericho seems a little more feral than previously.

"Roger," May replies to Jericho shortly as she forces the quinjet into an extremely tight turn, banking the aircraft nearly completely sideways to do so, then adds a burst of acceleration. "Trent. Getting clear." She's even more terse than usual, but then it's likely because she's having to maneuver through the city skyline at speeds approaching half the speed of sound. Getting into clearer airspace would make this all considerably easier. "Simmons, clear the skies."

"Don't shoot down the good guy. Got it."

Grifter mutters something else under his breath, while tracking the next craft with the quinjet's armaments. The merc pilots are good.

He glances aside at Voodoo, and whistles to get her attention. "Hey. Black Magic. Them assholes wanna wear ya — remember that? I needja ta to somethin' for me. Yer mind is a spike, a spear o' whatever, uhh, hang on."

He stops talking in order to concentrate on his shooting for a bit. "I'm better with bullets. Focus on one o' those birds out there. Remember what they wanna do to ya…then imagine doin' it to their minds. Just one. Just… shit."

He pauses again in order to re-track towards another craft after May has to dodge a salvo of missiles. "Just… use their hate, yeah? Like heat-seeking. One mind. Blast it." His efforts rip bullet-holes in another craft, but do not bring it down. "Shit," he swears again.

He coughs.

"Sorry, Simmons."

It only takes a few moments for Jericho to, ahem, appropriate the armed helicopter. May knows that he's actually a decently skilled pilot - at least for choppers - thanks to his time in the Army, but few others do. It takes him no time at all to turn the helicopter in pursuit of the powered suits which still haven't managed to connect with the Quinnjet.

That's a good thing, really. The two missiles previously fired by the chopper impact into a building without detonating, though they still make a mess, shattering glass and bending steel.

Grifter's shooting is keeping the four suits spread out and on the evasive, making it hard for them to target May. He's even connected a few times but their armor holds. If he could get a good burst on one he could shred it, but so far it's been glancing blows.

Simmon's bug runs for a minute or so and then she's in. Their comms net is all laser based, their sensors all LIDAR. It's very accurate, but also relatively short ranged… and she could probably turn it off and make them fly blind.

Voodoo listens to Grifter. Her lips move but she doesn't speak. She doesn't like killing, she doesn't want. What she really wants is to be left alone, and for none of this to have ever happened. It did and it doesn't seem like it's going to go away. The dancer blinks and realizes she's ready to admit that finally. It's not going away. It really happened.
Her mind flashes ack to when she first met Grifter and remembered the others kept with her and the promise to free them. Someone did this to her, probably did it to others and now every one is after her. She's seen what they do to innocent people. They're flying about the city right now, not caring who gets got in the crossfire. It really pisses her off. It's too hard to try to focus on the others hate, and she'd felt intent from them, not hate. She can sure as hell focus on her own hatred though, her rage over what's been done to her and the innocent people who have died. Voodoo closes her eyes, reaches out towards the mind in one of the suits and pictures all that raw ugly emotion forming a concentrated spike of energy and drives it towards the pilot with all the force she can manage.

"Focus on their hate?" That has Jemma attention for a moment till May's instructions sink in. "Trying to Agent May…" she says as she drops her eyes back to her tablet, willing the algorithms to work faster. "I'm in. Won't be long."

Fingers fly over the screen and frown of concentration creases her brow as she chews her bottom lip. "Hah! There!" she nearly crows and then collects herself. "That should slow them down, May. I've disabled their guidance systems. They're flying blind."

Well. She thinks they are at any rate.

Melinda May is doing her damnedest to get them away from all of these civilian buildings, and the moment that Jemma says she's disabled the guidance systems on the people chasing them, she pulls the plane into a harsh climb and again hits the acceleration, this time aiming for the only safe aerial zone close by — the ocean. And, she's already mentally planning a Crazy Ivan for the moment they're in the clear.

The Quinnjet breaks above the tops of the buildings and speeds out toward the open ocean. That'll certainly get them away from the civillians. With less clutter and more room to maneuver it's eaiser for Grifter to get shots on target as well.

Jericho's missiles connect even though he's now starting to fall behind in that helicopter. Another one simply drops out of the sky for no apparent reason or at least, none that anyone can see. Priscilla knows, though. She could feel the mind just snap under the pressure she put on it.

The other two start to veer off, but they're flying on visuals only now and frankly, it's hard to see in those things without the LIDAR to assist. One of them smacks into a radio tower atop one of the skyscapers. Both tumble down in a heap and thankfully do not drop to the street.

May this is Aspect. You're all clear. Repeat you are all clear. Did you get your girl?

Voodoo shudders as she feels the mind of the one she attacked collapse. That's just so wrong. Sort of worse than the one she killed with the pipe and that had been pretty damn horrible. For a moment it looks as if she's gonna be sick but the dancer manages to hold it in. Mainly because she hasn't yet eaten today. Damn..the groceries. She sighs as she leans over to look out at the ocean. It's really beautiful and much nicer to comtemplate than what just happened. She also hears Jericho but is too distressed to even protest. How the hell is she going to get away anyhow? Burst through the side of the plane? Risk hurting the people who just saved her? No, not so much. After a few minutes of quietly staring out over the water she looks back up towards Grifter.

"Simmons, I gotta buy you a drink sometime," Grifter tells her over his shoulder. He gives a brief thumbs-up and returns to the matter at hand. The effects of Voodoo's… 'mental voodoo' upon one of the enemy pilots becomes immediately apparent when one of the pursuing choppers abruptly veers to one side. The pilot attempts a correction, but his ballistic course takes him straight toward one of his fellow choppers.

"Attagirl!" Grifter murmurs, and 'minces' the side of one of the two 'copters with turret-fire. The two craft smash into each other, and vanish amid a ball of fire. "Don' reckon they were expectin' that. Not from, 'er in any case." And he gives Voodoo a thumbs-up as well. "Almost clear…"

As soon as that last bogey is downed, May cuts back on the jet's headlong rush toward the ocean and brings it to a mid-air hover. Gotta love that about quinjets. "Acknowledged, Trent. And yes." The quinjet starts back toward where Trent and his 'borrowed' helicopter were last seen, presumably to land again and give Kitaen the choice of staying with them and accepting SHIELD's protection, or going on the run again. Some more. On her own. At this point there's nothign she could say to help, so she'll leave it to Cole and Simmons to talk to the kid. She's just the driver at this point.

Jemma holds her breath for a long moment as May turns the Jet, her fingers gripping the armrest of her chair. Still watching her tablet waiting to see if they restart the guidance systems, the biochem looks rather tense.

Grifters response gets a faint smile "You're on, Agent Cash." and then Jericho's voice sounds through the comms.

They can breath easy, at least for the moment. Well, the SHIELDIES can. "Well, Ms Kitaen, we'd like to extend the hospitality of SHIELD to you." Of course that means a trip to medical and likely several questions from the biochem. But Cash can explain that.

Finally in the clear, Grifter lets go of weapons control and swivels around in his chair. "Well, alright alright," he tells the team, looking at Voodoo. "You'll be safe now — ish." He closes his eyes for a quick scan of the skies and lets out a breath.

"Yeah, nothin' nearby." The masked man rakes a hand back through his mane of hair and leans back in his seat. "Bet yer wishin' you'd come with me that first time, right?" he asks Voodoo. "Ahh, don' matter none. Not now anyway."

Jericho ditches his 'borrowed' and quite armed chopper over the water mostly because he's not going to leave it for someone else to find. Missile and gun armed non military helicopters… are generally not a good thing. He makes his way over to where Voodoo and the rest are via his wings.

For those Agents not familair - which would be mostly Grifter - they are rather large batlike wings. They're actually not unlike Priscillas. Well, except for being made of amber light with some rather creepy sigils sparkling in and out of them.

Voodoo squints suspiciously at Jemma. THey know her name dammit. She also felt the medical trip thought. "Why? So you can lock me in a cage like you did the other monsters?" The dancer looks at Grifter. "Am I safe? Are you their prisoner, or their.. pet?" She glares defiantly. "Don't lie to me. I'll know. And what the fuck is shield?"
What she's really wishing.. still.. that none of this ever happened. This is the real world though and wishes don't come true. Neither to do dreams. No matter how desperately you belive otherwise. She's not given up all hope yet, but to say she's having trouble adjusting to her new life would be an understatement in the extreme. She also can't help but wilt slightly when she sees Jericho approaching.

"Jericho." Simmons greets the hacker as he enters the jet. "Are you injured?" she's already reaching into her medkit for a bottle of liquid that she passes to him. Electrolytes that she developed.

"You're safe." Jemma sighs at Priscilla. "The other monsters … they were dangerous and … " yeah, how does one explain that. "Agent Cash is an employee of SHIELD, just like myself. Remunerated for his services. Please, relax."

After Trent's return, Cash reaches up to his face and removes the mask — revealing rugged features and blond stubble from having not shaved in a day or so. Bobbing his eyebrows, he tucks the mask in a pocket and arches his back, hands behind his head.

"If I wanted ya in a cage, darlin'," he tells Voodoo with a nod to Simmons. "I coulda tranq'd ya from across the street and stuck ya in one. Like the good doctor says — " and he nods again to Simmons. " — I'm an agent. Ain' no one's pet." Pause. "But if I am a pet, I'm a freakin' pitbull. Just sayin'."

He lowers his arms to his lap again and pats himself down as if looking for a cigarette. "SHIELD is… yer last line o' defense. Good guys — 'n gals. There ain' many folks as know about the Daemonites. We do. …an' we kick ass."

"I'm okay. Could use some of that solution though." The hacker's taken some fire. Fortunately it seems to have been on the wings and he's quite good at making sure that's the case because he's quite unarmored when flying other than those wings. The feedback on his traces has left burns and bruises on his arms and chest, not that those are visible since he tends to dress in fairly concealing clothing as indeed is the case now with tan army boots, jeans and a long sleeved tee. Not exactly 'battle' material but he hadn't expected to be doing this.

Accepting the solution, the hacker takes a long pull at it. There's something… off. Different about the way he senses to Priscilla. Something darker about him. But he hasn't… berated her. Or anything like that.

"Those were mercenaries employed by a very very powerful government conspiracy called 'The Section'. I'd seriously consider not going it alone from here on out."

Voodoo feels a distinct need to hide as Jericho enters and without her even knowing or noticing, her body responds and she blends into the chair, fading from view. She's still sitting right there. It just doesn't look like it. "Dangerous??:? They freaking wear people! They kidnap them and.." The dancer cries out in a high voice before suddenly shutting up. Relax? Seriously? What is wrong with these people?? Maybe they do this insane shit every damned day but she's just a college.. a danc… Not that it's seen but Voodoo slumps down in her seat.
She listens to Grifter with increasingly narrowed eyes. "You.. you put something on me didn't you. You've known where I was this whole.. oh sonofabitch." She does realize they also left her alone until she was in danger again and could have died trying to pick her up. Also are at least making it seem like she has a choice. She's really tempted to test it but.. what if someone else gets hurt because she's so in over her head? Not feeling quite so threatened the chameleon like ability fades and the dancer becomes visible again. She looks at Jericho for a moment. "I am very sorry for running you over. It really was an accident. I was going for the mon.. the alien."
Blue eyes turn out towards the water again. Maybe she should just jump out and end it. Only she's got the sinking suspicion it wouldn't work. What if she gets some damned gills, or can breath underwater or hold her breath for a long time, withstand the pressure of the deep sea. WHo the hell knows? She sure doesn't. Maybe these people do… "For now. I'll come. I'll…see."

Jemma watches Voodoo quietly. She can try to sedate the woman if she gets too upset. Cash wasn't wrong about that - the biochems work is very good.

Opening her mouth to say something, the brunette clearly thinks better of it and regroups. "The Section, Jericho? Then that other project isn't dead, I'll warrant and they thought Ms Kitaen here might be useful." That's when she does turn Priscilla "We didn't come and find you and round you up. It was because you were in danger we came."

As Priscilla finally concedes to come with them, Jemma nods slowly. "You'll be fine. I give you my word. Even though that likely means nothing to you, right now."

"Next thing is debrief, I'm guessin'," Grifter chimes in, giving the quinjet's sensors a cursory glance. "We'll set ya up with a place ta stay," he tells Voodoo. "Everythin' ya need. Gotta warn ya though: no outside communiques, alright? No tellin' yer old job where ya are. No calls to any friends or whatever. The Section guys're very good — and there's no tellin' if the aliens ain' already wearin' some of yer friends… just ta get to you."

He frowns.

"Shit, that came out a bit rough. D'ya understand, kid?"

Jericho snorts. SHIELD is usually a bit more circumspect but he can see that Grifter is a field agent and not a counselor, so he doesn't give hiim grief about it.

"Yeah, that project is still active. I'll come talk to you about it more soon. May have a lead. In the mean time…" He gestures to the still rather nervous Priscilla.

"… you seem to have your work cut out for you." Beat. "And no, don't worry about the truck." He's still alive. And only slightly irked by it.

The wings had never gone away. They simply hung off him like a cloak while amber circuit-like markings glowed beneath his shirt. The hacker takes one step back, putting himself on the edge of helipad May set them down on.

"Now if you'll excuse me…"

He falls backward. A few moments later he's winging away north.

"Not so much no. Not when you keep thinking about what you want to do to me." If someone tries to drug her she's maybe gonna try to kill them. Grifter she believes though. Even if she is pissed about the tracking. Seriously, she's going to get him for that later. And the tranq comment.
"Huh. You we're right. It does get easier." She blinks. It's a little too nice to have a target for her anger. Maybe she should just let that go. Or keep it focused on the aliens and the.. government. Grrreeat. It doesn't seem like there's enough whiskey in the world for this. She looks over at Grifter again. "I'd know if they were. Doesn't matter though. I don't have any friends. It'dve been stupid." Her family probably thinks she's dead. Work.. she'll miss that. Dancing is fun. A release. They already came for her at a club once. She doesn't want to endanger more innocents. Voodoo fishes her cellphone out of her pocket and tosses it at Grifter. The only contacts are work. Not even any takeout joints. She watches the Hacker go with an expression of relief.

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