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July 27, 2016:

Fenris calls Primal Force to discuss the upcoming conflict at the base of the World Tree

Fenris House - New York


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Invitations to Fenris' house are generally not social. It's not that the wolf god has any particular problem with company but he doesn't often invite people over socially. No, generally when he invites someone to come enjoy the hospitality his home are people he needs to speak to about a problem.

And he has a very significant problem.

Once again, he's called Primal Force to his home. Right at this moment though he's putting the last ingot of a magical metal into a case that's going to be delivered to the Finder. "And that's done. Took long enough." It was time they could ill afford to spend but… these things do happen.

These things do happen, but they did get some interesting information in return for that work. Well, that work and Astryds promise to do something else, or several something elses as the case may be.

"Thank you, God-Wolf." Astryd speaks low, closing the case and taking possession of it. "I shall deliver this to The Finder, tomorrow." The blonde still looks stern and there are slight lines of worry that crease her forehead. She's not told Fenris of the price she's agreed to, to collect the Moonsilver.

Jes sorta just has… allllll the problems lately. She's sure this is about to be another one but doesn't really care. She just wants to see Fenris. Her god and not someone/thing trying to devour her soul or convince her to switch allegiences. And Set won't dare to speak in the God-Wolf's home. Six newly dead chinese gansters have shut up the voidmark for the moment. All in all, it's looking like a rare nice evening for a change.
Jes is wearing her handmade burgundy leather halter top. The one she got such nice compliments for the other night. Black leather sandals, and matching miniskirt. Her pendulum rests atop her shirt and she wears a leather and silver chain belt with four daggers attached. Two for each hip. She pops up at Fenris door and lifts her hand to knock, then glowers as she remembers Astryd's words. …Maybe the voidvoice isn't entirely silent. Or maybe she's just being Jes but instead of knocking she reappears in the living room and looks around for Fenris, holding up a wicker basket of fresh hearthbaked breads, (wheat, oat, and cinnamon raison) honey, butter and herbal tea mixes. There's even a jaw of wildberry jam.

May is, perhaps a bit oddly, the last to appear. Though it's possible that her arrival is odder than Jesana's as she knocks on the door leading from Fenris' house to his back lawn before letting herself in. … actually, no one here should find it odd at all, as that's where the nearest ley line passes through.

Fenris opens his door and… ah, there's May in the back there. "Astryd get that please?"

The God-Wolf looks down at Jesana and gestures for her to come in. "There isn't a whole lot of time. Come inside. As soon as May is settled I'll tell you why you're all here."

Usually Fenris isn't that direct. Usually he's got time to smile, smirk really, and quip and talk a bit about how people are. That he isn't today speaks to the length of this crisis and the magnitude of the danger.

"Of course, Fenris." Astryd tucks the box away for later and makes her way to the back door. "Hello, Daughter of Dragons." she greets the SHIELD Agent, stepping back "Come in, Fenris is eager to start."

Judging by the Valkyries demeanour, combining that with Fenris' haste, it would be safe to assume that both Asgardians are more than concerned about the news that they have to share.

There's already tea being prepared and by the time that everyone is seated, the blonde has that laid out next to the basket of foodstuffs Jesana has bought.

"Hello Jesana, nice to see you using the door."

Jes's shoulders slump slightly but she nods and takes the basket to the coffe table quickly and then curls up on the floor in front of it, sitting with her knees hugged to her chest for a moment. At least until she suddenly recalls her skirt and lack of undergarment. The demigod quickly stretches her legs back out in front of herself and resettles her skirt. From her expression she's just gonna pretend that didn't happen.
Jesana idly fiddles with her pendulum necklace, smiling at May and nodding at Astryd before her gaze takes on a distant expression. Daydreaming or maybe talking to her mentor while she waits for Fenris to begin. She returns intime to her Astryd's comment about the door and smiles sweetly. Guess who won't be using at all now on principle. It's a time to behave though and so she sits quietly and listens.

Melinda May doesn't waste time settling in, she's used to briefing meetings happening abruptly and sternly. She's there, she's ready to hear what has Fenris looking all frowny. She does spare a second to give Astryd and Jesana each a nod hello.

"In case you don't recall or I didn't mention, Astryd and I discovered that the attempt to wake my brother is related to an effort by the goddess Rindr to break Fate in a very specific way. For a variety of reasons this is a horrible idea, but she's going to do it. We know that she's going to try soon and we have recently discovered that she's going to attempt to do so by poisoning the roots of the world tree."

The god-wolf pauses to let that sink in.

"I had hoped to have Primal Force remain on Midgard to make sure the World Serpent doesn't wake but that's no longer an option. We need all the help we can get."

Astryds gaze remains on Jes for a while, she might be guessing what's going through the young womans mind. Should the coyote decide not to use the door, there might a surprise waiting for her next time.

"Yggdrasil is the tree that connects the Nine Realms together." she adds to the explanation "Poisoning its roots will weaken, if not destroy the bindings that hold them together. It … is something we must stop."

"Your help, it is necessary. We are rallying others as we can, but.." her grey eyes look to Fenris for a moment "… amongst our brothers and sisters, we're not sure who we can trust."

Having seen all this in a vision, Jesana just nods and looks thoughtful. Where does he want her to go? The world tree? She really doesn't want to go there. She will if he thinks it's necessary though. Unless.. Jes reachs up and touches the mark hidden beneather her shirt. She'll have to feed it well before she leaves or it'll leave her distracted and vulnerable. Can't have that.
"What happens once the tree is poisoned? The thing.. the Norn. She said that it would happen and we couldn't stop it. Only change what happens next. I don't know if I believe that.. I'm not an asgardian or even a human. I'm my Father's Daughter. Maybe I could stop it. Kill Rindr, or.." Jes trails off. That's either slightly or more like, incredibly unlikely. She's needs a few more centuries worth of experience really. "Not in a fair fight but from a distance. That could work.. couldn't it?" She's a great shot after all. Surely there is a poison or some kind of ammo or weapon that would work. She doesn't seem surprised they don't want to trust any of the other Asgardians. She sure as hell wouldn't.

Melinda May did her share of Norse mythology research after the Puente Antiguo incident, so knows what Yggdrasil is. And that sounds really, really bad. "There should be others about that rely enough on the World Tree that even if we don't trust them, we can trust that they will help defend Yggdrasil. If only for their own purposes."

"There are. But none of them have particularly answered us. The attack on the tree will leave… signs here. I'm hopeful that others will come to their world's defense but we can't count on it. And it'll happen soon. If you know others who would come… urge them."

Fenris has a seat as his own table and starts to tap his fingers on the top. "You can't kill Rindr, Jesana. At least not yet. She's fated to make this attack. There's nothing you could do without causing a backlash that might be just as bad as what we're attempting to stop."

Astryd stands behind Fenris, at his shoulder, and looks at the other two women. "It might be that the others are more afraid of what Rindr and Vali and those aligned with them might do. It might be that they think this Fate is set. Or perhaps they think that breaking Fate wil change the balance of things and not destroy … everything." She shakes her head slowly at that.

It's not an uncommon strategy, let your enemies fight amongst themselves and then pick of the survivors.

"We also know that Vidar, another of Odins sons, is trying to forge a fivefold cord, which is a powerful binding, made physical." pausing, letting that sink in for a moment. "It might well be that it has nothing to do this with, but I'd rather be prepared than caught unawares."

"But.." Jes sighs. She believes Fenris at least. Always. Her head tilts upwards and she grins darkly. "Not yet then." She'll remember that. She's got plans for Rindr. "What kind of signs here?" Jesana focuses on the next important, at least to her part. Does she need to move her children and new family somewhere safe? Maybe she should anyway.. And how can she get the Green Arrow to go aside from punching him in the head.. damn she already promised not to just that thing. She's got to stop promising shit.
"I am so not afraid of that bitch." Jesana growls viciously. "It won't destroy everything. A lot of things maybe but I know my Father's realm won't be affected. They'd just come and close the gateway between here and there and any of the others that touch places on the world tree until the damage is done, I think." Jes's eyes narrow and she looks up at Fenris. "If he's thinking of using that cord on you then he'd better think again." The whispering starts up again and Jesana shudders. "No. NO. I'll do it myself. SHUTUP!!"

Opening her mouth to add a comment, May stops and stares at Jesana when she starts responding to … someone not physically in this room. Moving to kneel next to the woman seated on the floor she says in her usual dead serious tone, "Jesana, look at me. You control the brain weasels, not the other way around."

Fenris looks very seriously at Jesana. His entire form glows green and his aura lashes out at the demigoddess. He can't drive the forces tormenting her away but he can make them shut up for a time. She may hear a wolf howling in her head for a bit but he doubts she'll mind.

"Brain we-" Heh. Hehehehe. Yeah that's actually pretty funny considering who she's talking about. He's gonna rub that in Set's face later.

Astryd folds her arms and lands a very stern gaze on the young woman. Clearly unimpressed by the outburst and what's happening there.

She's not stable, God-Wolf. Are you sure we can trust her? Or will Set or whatever else that has touched her assert themselves at the wrong time? She speaks directly to Fenris' mind through their bond.

"Listen to the Daughter of Dragons, child. Assert control."

Jesana's head snaps up, her whole body going rigid and she meets May's eyes. Her own are wild and black instead of brown but when Fenris howls, slowly fade back to their normal color and she slumps back against the couch with a half mad sounding laugh. "For now." She whispers and shakes her head tiredly. She has an idea of what to do but needs time. She'll just have to hang on until she has that time, that's all. She can do it, and that's all there is to it.
Jes hasn't spoken to anyone about what the void creature showed her. Nor has she admited how badly it's been affecting her and how she's been keeping it quiet. There may come a day and time when she goes to people for help more easily but it's not today or anytime in the near future most likely. Jesana smiles at Fen and relaxes completely. "Thank you." Of course she doesn't say that it wasn't Set this time. She'll let that bastard in the void consume her before she puts Fenris near it again. That had been too close. Way too close. Brain weasels finally filters into Jes's mind and she giggles outloud. "Thanks May." Finally she notices Astryd's expression and glares defiantly. "I am not your child. And there is nothing in any existence any where that would make me betray Fenris." He is her god, the one she has chosen and given up her one easy shot at ascending to true godhod and immortality for.

May nods to Jesana after she recovers from whatever minor freakout she was just having, and straightens again to quirk an eyebrow at Fenris. No, 'brain weasels' is not a term she would normally use, but it garnered the reaction she wanted from Jesana, and that's what matters. "If one of the sons of Odin is in on this, then maybe it's time to consult with another." She's thinking that it's time to go through SHIELD's database and see if there's anyone of Asgard origin hanging about where she can corner them to talk.

We have no choice. Fenris mind-speaks back to Astryd. This is not a fight we can afford to lose by leaving one of our allies out of it.

"Thor is about. I'm not sure what he's up to. My father I haven't heard from in some time." He pauses and glances at Astryd. They disagree on this point but he's going to say it anyway. "That's a good thing, believe me. He's a wild card in any situation and wild cards are the last thing we need right now."

As you wish. The Valkyrie responds to the God-Wolf and turns a cold, flat look on Jesana. "I did not say you were my child but you are acting like one." And that's all she's going to say on that matter.

"Loki…" She shakes her head. She knows Fenris' father is a wildcard but it's one she hoped they could play to their advantage. "It's not just one Odinson involved, either, May. This … project seems to touch on the All Father in many ways. I spoke with Thor Odinson many moons ago and have not seen or heard from him since. Perhaps you'll have more success." Astryd might be a Goddess but she is still the Earthbound Valkyrie.

If she knew how to do it at the moment Jes would cheerfully tranfer the void mark and Set's voice to Astryd. Let her see what it's like a while and maybe she won't be so judjy. She can't so she just ignores the comment. Doing her best to remain in control of herself against the thing that frightened even the Valkyrie isn't being childish, but she's not willing to admit how much a problem the void thing is. It would put Fenris in more danger. She does mutter something very unflattering sounding in her own language in which May would likely only understand "Loki". Yes she's forgotten about the Allspeak thing and doesn't realize the other two can probably understand her verbal wish to feed the god certain parts of his own anatomy. "Sorry." Jes adds to Fenris. "Whatever you need me to do, I'll do."

Melinda May nods to Fenris and Atryd. "I'll try. But barring tracking them down, I have a few other non-Norse leads I can try." Names come to mind. Cole, Cross and his Thylacines, Rogers, possibly even a chaotic Gothamite kid or one of the others wearing Bat symbols.

Fenris and indeed all Asgardians understand the spoken word regardless of the language. It's handy when speaking with far flung people and other deities and occasionally very very embarrassing for someone else as it is at this moment.

"Enough." The Old Wolf growls. Actually growls in a manner that fainly shakes the walls of his home. "When the time comes we'll need everyone to be fighting. I am the Alpha here. If anyone has a problem I can settle it for you right now."

The God-Wolf does not often put his foot down with Primal Force. But he can.

"May anyone you can pull. Aside from Primal Force your WAND is probably the next most capable mortal organization and the only one I trust to realize the stakes of this."

"No problem, God-Wolf." Astryd responds mildly, collecting the tea mugs from the table. Giving May a nod "Should you need company and I can, you may call on me."

For now, the Valkyrie is going to refresh the tea. She'll be a moment.

Jesana scoots forward to sit at Fenris feet with her head bowed. She's not sorry for the sentiment but sorry she angered him and wasted time. 'I am sorry. I will behave.' She tells Fenris through her pendulum. She will even work with the brothers if need be although after it's all done she will probably still try to.. do nothing actually. Fenris already forbade it and Jes has just remembered. "Jyoti wanted me to tell you that he would help with this too if you want." Jes hesitates a moment. "I would rather he stay stafe with Frederick and the children but I know we need help." Also, none of them save her children are okay with the thought of spending the rest of their lives in a foreign realm if earth is destroyed.

May nods to Fenris again, also mentally thinking that WAND is going to factor heavily into the upcoming events. "I should get started. We're on a schedule, and I don't know how long it'll take to get through all of my contacts."

"We don't know how much time we have either other than 'not much'." The Old Wolf says. "So yes, you'd best get started. Thank you May." As for the rest… well they need to rest and watch.

"Now, since I've pulled you all over here it's only right that I feed you a bit before you leave. Unless you need to go now, take your ease. Lunch will be ready in just a moment. It's chili."

That the God-Wolf would cook at a time like this either speaks to the value of hospitality in his mind… or just how much he likes food.

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