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August 13, 2014:

A meeting with Xavier, several actually. (emits by Gambit)


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Xavier's Institute - New York City ]-——-+

Nestled in the northern corner of Westchester County, Xavier's Institute for
the Gifted sprawls across acres and acres of property containing a multitude
of buildings and grounds. Far enough away from the hustle and bustle of City
life, the lights and sounds of the Big Apple are never truly too far for day

The institute itself is a walled complex with subtle and hidden security
stations. Coming up the main approach, it looks collegiate; the shrubs and
bushes are carefully and expertly pruned, and all is in place.

High vaulted walls of a maroon color and gold inlay bring a peaceful taste to the shimmery golden, tan and old browns of the spacious room. Center of the chamber a large expensive carpet sprawls out invitingly; around the edges of this carpet is four high-backed old chairs that look comfortable despite that almost disciplinary demand for straight posture. An ornate chessboard and towering bookcases flank each wall. Evenly spaced out about the room are some of the most vibrant house-plants in the mansion. Xavier's own personal projects.
Xavier himself is seated behind his desk. Reclined back in his wheelchair thumbing through a magazine that reads Arabian Archaeology and Epigraphy across it's header.

Nancy has come to say her good-byes, but there is also more important issues at hand. She wonders idly if the Professor is actually able to get through her powers. With Bobby in tow for moral support, she knocks on the door, keeping her power as closely snugged up against herself as she can muster. In her arms is the same leather portfolio binder that she used for her meeting with Stark Enterprises. "Professor Xavier? Sir?"

The high backed chairs are rarely a concern for Kurt. He's got his own personal spot for sitting that he jokingly refers to as his 'parakeet perch'. Off to one side, the fuzzy blue mutant is doing just that, settled in easily, his tail dropped and lazily hanging around the base. It may look strange to some, but given the purpose of the building, it is completely normal. Featureless yellow eyes look about, and when a knock on the door comes, brows rise. And the voice is familiar, and for some reason, not a surprise to him.

Bobby is with Nancy, behind her. He's here mostly, as mentioned, for moral support, though he has a stake in this also since he'll be helping care for the 'nutates.' This is Nancy's baby though so he's pretty content to let her do the talking at the moment.

Where ever there were shadows, that's where Betsy would have emerged. And promptly stood there. She herself as intending to be a fixture yet, there was no ill will to be had, not a hint of bitchiness, just pure unadulterated nosiness and the fact that she was actually called to the office. She didn't step forward, she just remained tucked into the corner, which was soon leaned upon to create the perfect picture of a wallflower.

"Nancy, Bobby, come on in. Kurt and I were just discussing Qa?r al-Kharan, a desert castle near Amman, Jordon. Apparently it dates back to the Umayyad era. I suppose that has nothing to do with why we are all here though." The magazine is folded up and placed in the Professor's lap and he develops that warm friendly smile that mirrors the feel his office projects. Or maybe it's all just Xavier himself and his rather impressive aura.

Remy's whistling walk halts when he spies Rogue standing outside in the hallway, "De river rat. What you doin' out here, chere? Sharles call us. C'mon." He waves her towards him then tauntingly pats his thigh ducking in to the office before the woman can cast glares or possibly objects. His smile only fading slightly once he enters the room and feels some of the atmosphere. "It feel like I jus' got sent to de principals office all of a sudden."

Nancy looks around the room. There are a lot more people here then she had anticipated. She takes a deep breath and enters when she is told to. The mention of desert castles causes the goth girl to pause and blink. Yep, straight over her head. "Ummm, no Sir. I… Well, Sir, I'll just cut to the chase. The nutates and I… um.. that's what we're calling ourselves. N-Series mutates takes too much to say every time, so we're just the Nutates."

Nancy closes her eyes and takes a deep breath. She can do this. He's not a scary man that is rumored to wield guilt with such expert ease as to make a Catholic grandmother green with envy. Keep telling yourself that and you're bound to believe it, right?

"We had a long talk about things and… while we are very grateful to your organization for helping us out with the safehouse that you provided, we would prefer to be autonomous. Sir. We'd like to buy the farm from you and govern ourselves."

Kurt does have a smile for the pair entering now, and Kurt nods his head to echo, "I hadn't realized they had gotten so far as the Holy Roman Empire had." All through Turkey, North Africa, missing Italy but on the Iberian Peninsula. Shaking his head, the elf sits back a little, though it doesn't do much for his seemingly permanent slouch. "Guten Abend Nancy und Bobby."

As Psylocke enters, she too is greeted with a genuinely warm smile that has nothing to do with the ambiance of the room. "Betsy.." Though when Remy enters, Kurt can't help but bark a soft laugh in the Cajun's direction. "Nein, it isn't quite that bad."

Rogue found only a few places here she willingly went into. One is the stables where that bay roan just got rubbed down and groomed, then put up for the night, the other is her room… She hadn't even gotten there yet when she was 'pulled' here to stand in front of the door in her full coverage riding gear, black leather chaps over jeans, the white button down shirt now open over the black tank top, hanging lamely off a shoulder.

Remy only gets a glance from periphery as he passes, her mossy green gaze more enamored with the fidgeting of gloves between hands. What did get her moving was his gesture…

Coming in behind Remy, Rogue did not /have/ to glare, the tone is in her voice. "Call on me like a dog again and Ah'll fold you five ways…"

Her eyes look up and she blinks slowly, a room far more full then she expected, her lips clamp shut and even though she is silent the ire still burns in her gaze right through the back of the Cajun's bean until Nightcrawler speaks… Now she is just staring and silently mouthing…/What tha hell is that?/ And backing back for the door. Momma always told her the devil was bad… MMkay.

"Kurt." Betsy spoke aloud, a nod and a little, tiny smile in his direction. She had just awoken from a nap, still a little groggy and not having any of the blah blah until Nancy speaks out. She was mildly aware of the farm, but not to the extent, yet hearing that gave her a new respect for the one she didn't know. She wanted to take care of her own, admirable.

"It is our purpose. To assist others like ourselves." Xavier goes quiet as everyone gets situated in the office and Nancy speaks. Awkward as the numbers may seem the Professor has always viewed the X-Men and it's activities as a family; this is simply how a family should operate in his mind. Open, warm yet pleasantly chaotic. "It saddens me you wish to separate yourselves from the safety we offer. I to some extent can understand… " Those dark blue eyes drift from Nancy to Bobby, Betsy, Kurt then Remy and back again. "However, it makes me wary I admittedly; what leadership and instruction will you and your fellow 'nutates' be receiving?"

Remy is grinning at Rogue and has found himself a window sil to seat himself against beside Betsy along that eastern wall. Where Rogue will have to go through her, Kurt, Bobby and Nancy to get to him.
"'is just way it goes when I end up in rooms like dis'." The thief responds to Kurt before whispering something to the British-speaking-kind-of-Asian woman.

Opening the binder, Nancy brings out the presentation that she gave to Tony Stark. And his PA, who seemed to be more in charge then Tony was. She hands it to Charles, approaching his desk and trying to pull her power in even tighter if she can, even though it is a comfort that her mind can't be read. Not that she's hiding anything, just no one needs to hear her brand of stupid other then herself.

"Dr. DiLucci assisted with the rescue and has made it his responsibility to care for the physical well being of the nutates. He is also vetting out trained therapists to assist. It is our wish to rehabilitate the nutates to once again integrated with society and perhaps spread your dream just a little further. Some might also wish to further their educations here when they are ready to leave the Nest. And we will be looking for others that might need something more like our place, hoping to work *with* you rather then against you."

Nancy takes a deep breath and looks to Bobby, needing that bit of support just his presence provides. "And I myself am more then happy to work with you when you need me, should timing allow. I know that my … talent can be useful for some, a safe haven, a chance to rest from the need for ongoing control. So, if you need me, if the Nest doesn't need me, I'm willing to help."

Kurt really doesn't need to say anything after the Professor's words. It's his concern too. "Good intentions are rarely enough, but they are helpful in finding aid." Now, the presentation.. and he nods his head slowly. Certainly a different young woman than the one having a temper tantrum. "There are many mutants who are more than happy to work against us; that believe in the cause with the ends justifying the means."

It's Rogue's reaction, however, that gains more of the fuzzy blue demonic looking mutant's attention. Brows rise and his spade-tipped tail lowers to circle and get itself out of the way. "I won't hurt you, fraulein," is said quietly. Apparently, Kurt is used to this sort of reaction?

Remy and Betsy are, while not ignored, they aren't spoken to again. Yet.

Bobby nods to Kurt in greeting with a small smile, mostly focused on Nancy's presentation to the Professor. "The Nutates have all been thoroughly trained in the use of their powers by their, uh, captors. They don't need any more at the present, though most are in dire need of counseling and medical treatment, which Doctor DiLucci had been handling and will continue to do for us." He glances to Nancy before continuing. "More support is being provided by the Maria Stark Foundation." Indeed, the place is being set up as a non-profit subsidiary.

"Nancy will provide leadership, with help from the Foundation and, uh, others. The Nutates have kind of already accepted her in that role."

Betsy watched the interaction with Rogue and Remi briefly, then settles for the conversation at hand. That was, until Remy joined her and whispered into her ear, which caused her head to slowly.. ever so slowly turn towards him. Her expression was blank for the most part, her right eye twitching rather rapidly until she breaks out into a freakish laugh that probably wasn't heard from in days. It was a belly clutcher.

That sudden outburst was quelled by the clap of her hand around her mouth, yet her shoulders begin to bounce rather quickly to show that she was still giggling. Silent this time, cause.. presentation yo!

Could this get any more rich? Not only a devil looking creature, but a /German/ one? Blame southern superstition as well as wariness, Kurt's speaking doesn't help -her-, but it saves Remy from the rampaging pursuit. Ass.

Seeing as these proceedings are none of Rogue's business she is perfectly content takin up wall space just beside the door, one leg propped up on the frame's edge and arms folded over her chest as a lower lip pushes out and blows some of that white hair from her face. A show of defiance to the hair that is not remaining in her pony tail. Take that! "Ah'll take yer word fer it."

The portfolio is taken from her and Xavier begins to thumb through it. Carefully reading each page, every word, he's not speed reading or scanning either. The man's brilliant mind is rather intrigued at the proposal and the woman's words.
"DiLucci?" He questions but carries on. "I believe I've heard of him. Mutant Town free clinic correct?"
The man goes quiet once more while Bobby speaks.
"Tony Stark, DiLucci, you have quite the backing in this venture. Most impressive."
The binder is closed and he sets it down in front of him on the desk. A slight furrow of the Professor's brow and he looks at Kurt then Betsy Studying two of his team leaders, one of them doesn't even realize it yet. Psychic or not.

Making Betsy laugh and causing this whole meeting to look ridiculous or be a good boy and pay attention, polite and civil-like? What do people think Remy does. He's watching Rogue and Nightcrawler's interaction more than the conversation between Nancy, the Prof and Bobby. It's his way of actually being polite, believe it or not. By just staying out of it; leaning over he whispers again.

As Betsy starts to laugh, Nancy looks to her with a curious brow. She's pretty sure it's not her presentation that is funny, so what did that sneaky cajun say this time? When Rogue speaks, Nancy finally notices her. Remembering how comforted the southern woman seemed to be in her presence before, Nancy takes a few steps back so while her aura grows it envelopes Rogue while keeping the Professor, Kurt, Remy and Betsy out. At least it's mostly circular. Makes it easier to calculate where she needs to be.

"I didn't know if you would be willing to sell us the farm, Sir. So we wanted to have a back up plan. We are looking at other properties if you wish to keep the farm in your own holdings."

She looks over to Kurt and shrugs. "I will not say that I'm happy with what happened at the rescue for the Nutates. If I had to do it all over again, I would try to find a way to make it less bloody. But if my choice were between doing it the way it had been or not done at all, I would still do it, just the way it had been, even knowing how nauseous it would make me."

Kurt is quite clear as to how he feels about all that, and at the moment, he's actually more concerned with Rogue. "Ja, yes please." Here, he offers a smile, though it does show some of those pointed teeth. "I really don't lie. It is a sin, to bear false witness."

The exchanges between Betsy and Gambit, unheard, and not a part in make Rogue tense, was she the butt of those jokes? Her shoulders are slowly drawing up and the grip on those leather riding gloves is making them groan out as they are wretched and twisted, all the while the blue demon speaks to her and tries to swoon her perceptions! Her eyes close and she deep breathes in, it is already bad enough she fights those remaining voices her body wont let go of, but this??

Kicking from the wall she is about to slip right the hell out of the door and storm to her room, disregarding the summons completely but that /feeling/ returns, her eyes now drifting upward to Nancy, the words a white noise to her as their conversation transpires but doesn't pertain to her, what does is the fact that each time that woman has been present… What Charles manages to help her build walls against, Nancy extinguishes utterly.

The giggling finally dies down for Betsy. No, she wasn't laughing at the presentation, in fact, she thought that the woman came properly prepared and figured that if she herself needed a presentation or a speech made, Nancy-pants would totally be her go to. Write that down, check, stored, locked away in the mind palace.
As Remy leans in again to let out another whisper, Psy mouths the words 'Oh god', and clamps her mouth shut again, her pale skin quickly turning a beet red as she tries to hold her breath to kill the laughter that dares to bubble up. Her free hand lashes out to lightly smack Remy against the shoulder, then leans in to whisper in his ear instead. Totally high school.

"I'm rather pleased with your steps Nancy, you've proven to be a selfless and caring individual who has a magnificent grasp of her gifts already. I believe you will lead the Nutates to the best of your abilities and down the proper path. I unfortunately cannot extend the same faith to some of those you associate with and the danger that comes with these individuals. As such, Westchester is too close to the school. A school we painstakingly strive to protect and keep separate from the operations of the X-Men."
"This being said, I am willing to help you relocate and am in possession of several tracts of land within District X and Metropolis. I suspect the Mutant Town location might be the best route, it is close to the clinic and as an extension I can also assure you our own occasional aid where required. I'll even recommend a liaison to oversee good relations between ourselves and you. To teach, instruct and further our bond."

Remy's lean has his messy brunette hair masking his smile as he and Betsy stand there whispering to each other like adolescent punks. Jokes passing back and forth between the two. Also the Cajun took a good inhale of her perfume. He's not a fan. Smells like something a Bond Girl would wear. Wait, no, maybe he is a fan? He's not quite sure yet.

Kurt is looking at this moment as 'odd mutant out', as it were. Not hanging and laughing with the 'cool kids', and not completely ensconced in the conversation at hand, though he does serve as a witness and any points that may be missed by the Professor, he will happily chime in. Or, rather, the chances are better that his mentor will easily be able to find those thoughts and either use them or dismiss them.

Doesn't mean the elf doesn't look towards the pair giggling in the corner, his head canting in silent inquiry. If not now, he'll certainly ask later!

Nancy smiles at the compliment. "I just put the same dedication to my power as I would my music, Sir. And once I started seeing it like my music, it came almost naturally. I'm still working on it, but right now, I'm more focused on other people and helping them." She points to the presentation papers. "You'll notice that we found a nice bit of property along the highway between here and Gotham. An old motel that has a large hay field next to it. That is our second choice. And yeah, it makes sense. I wouldn't want someone … like Hydra, coming for us and hurting the students here as blow back. They may be special too, but their still just kids."

"So, I guess with your blessing, we will start moving the Nutates as soon as we have ownership of the new property. I can't thank you enough, Sir. I was a pretty angry piece of work when you guys found me. But everyone here was really nice and … while my stay here with you was short, I really learned a lot. Not just my powers either."

There doesn't seem to be anything further required, so Bobby just cuts a glance over to Nancy, confirming that the meeting is about over. He's smiling. She handled that rather well, he thought. Transportation can be arranged either through what the Professor provides or via Nancy's other friends. The important thing is the Nutates will be taken care of.

The ice nerd gives the Professor a nod of thanks and steps back.

Soap. Guess a Bond Girl Betsy smells like soap. Either way, the whisper, while cruel, was passed on to Remy with a little bit of a laugh on her own, hand still smuggling it so that it doesn't interrupt the little meeting in play.

"And you will only grow stronger. Remember to hold on to that focus and desire to help others. It is an invaluable trait and please, do not be a stranger, my door is always open to you, Miss O'Neal. Bobby if you will see her out and begin preparations to help the Nutates then come see me later. I'd like to have a word with you. " A tip of his chin and he looks to Kurt and Psylocke, "Rogue, Remy if you would come sit down please. We have a matter to discuss."

Kurt hops off 'his' perch, bringing with it a double somersault before he lands on his feet, first in a three-pointed crouch, then rises to his full height. "Are we being dismissed, Professor? I will need to check on the bamfs soon before lights out." Taking their attendance is something he does every night. Just in case.

Xavier nods his head, "Yes, Kurt. Go ahead and make your rounds. I'll see you tomorrow to continue our discussion."

Smiling, Nancy comes forward to shake Xavier's hand. "After I get my degree in music, I'm going back to school again to go into therapy. I love my music, but really, it's more for me then anyone else. I was just chuffed that someone would pay me for doing something I love." She tips her head and starts walking out. When passing Rogue, she pauses. "Come visit any time. If you wanna… talk or stuff."

Bobby nods again to the professor. He'll See Nancy to the door, then, apparently, be back. "Be along to help out with coordinating when I'm done." He says as they leave.

Rogue was more then merrily about to exit since she really had no place in this all and the deafening silence, while a comfort, was also disconcerting. That, the blue devil, and the unknown laughter from the two in the corner made for enough discomfort for one to see themselves out on, but when Charles requests them stay after, her sideways turn meets a freeze that makes her shoulders draw up once more and she just…remains, nodding to Nancy as she passes and watches her depart.

Crap, what did Psylocke do now? She really didn't want to leave from her lean against the wall, but she does so with a quick push of a shoulder that propels her into walking. That stride took her close to the professors desk, favoring the chair upon the left with a quick plop and cross of her leg.

"I just want to say, Professor.." She pauses as she glances back towards Bobby and Nancy, she wasn't going to say anything mean or rude, or positive about the presentation, but.. what she was going to say next was going to be shocking.

"It was Remy's fault."

Or not.

With permission granted, Kurt takes the easiest and the most direct route he knows up to the known haunts of the bamfs. "Good night, Professor, Remy… Fraulein. Betsy, would you like a ride?" He holds a three-fingered hand out to the telepath in offer (and up to her to take or not!) before he's off to another place in the manse in a cloud of brimstone and sulfur.


Nancy gives Bobby a kiss when he gets her to her car. "I'll see you at the farm later. I have some phone calls to make."

The Professor gives one of those handshakes of a man who's both strong and gentle at once, plus the friendly overlaying hand on top before he smiles at Nancy in her departure, his wheelchair is then turned as he looks at the trio of remaining mutants.
"I'm aware of your lewd behavior and dirty jokes. Several were quite funny despite their inappropriate nature. That is not why the three of you are here."
A glance towards Betsy and he smiles, "I want you to lead a sub-team of the X-Men. I feel you and Remy are a perfect fit. You will lead, Gambit will assist you and Rogue is your first recruit."
He now looks at Rogue; "Yes, this is your official invite in to the family and team; do you accept?"

Remy exhales and slumps almost pulling a cigarette out from behind his ear but remembering his company.

"As long as you promise to keep ya'lls demons away from me, Ah got enough of my own.." Rogue is remaining right by that door, the tension knotting even more-so in her shoulders because as Nancy departs she takes that aphrodisiac of silence with her, as well as the weight of her powers returning in one fell swoop, making her return to knotting the hell out of those gloves.

Betsy's hand lifts to rub against the side of her face. Maybe it was Rogue's own uneasiness rubbing off on her, which was irritating at best. His request was met with a shielded gaze by her hand, and a quick rapid pace bounce of her knee, along with a shake of her head. "If you think it's best, Professor." She finally relents, though mentally, she assures him that she'd probably be the cause of them getting hurt or worse. Rogue's comment gained a little smirk though, her head leaning back a little just to catch the woman in her sights. "What about spirits?" She still owes her a bottle of jack and a possible mutually assured beating.

"I assure you our demons are on our side, Rogue." A quizzical look at Betsy then to Remy. "Please, remember while on the grounds you're to set an example. Lets not let the students catch wind of any of your recreational activities; the smoking, the drinking, the hangovers… the bad jokes." A light smile appears on Xaviers face.

"I promise you Ana, Psylocke is one of the best telepaths in the world. She can help you learn to contain your powers side-effects. You are in good hands. Now… Blue Team, welcome to the X-Men. I will have more information ready for you below, in the danger room once all of you are outfitted."

With that said the man is turning and wheeling himself out the door.

"Almost makes me think he gettin' out of here so we can't refuse dis. Sharls a sly one." Remy adds in, a boot bouncing up and down on his knee before he grins sidelong at the two women, "Bout we have a few drinks to celebrate?" Yeah, this team is going to be a grand example of mutants and their wonderful contribution to society.

Rogue is scowling at Betsy for a moment, because it took that /moment/ for her to get what she meant and refer back to the diner and her explanation. Slowly… slowly that small grin started to curl on her lips and the tension eases out of her body just enough for her to shift from the wall and step aside as Charles wheels past.

"Ah need a change and a quick shower before I do that, Ah smell like a hayfield on a rainy day." As much as she loves riding, afterwards is the part that starts from a dusty feeling to one that itched, and she sure as hell wasn't shoving that feeling into a second skin suit for another meeting.

Glancing at Remy as she turns for the door her eyes hold a remaining light violence from prior and now a relent as one shoulder rises and falls in a shrug.

"Would ya refuse him anyway at this point?" She wouldn't, she owes him one. Hopefully this is the only one.

Betsy says nothing as the Professor scoots his way out. Damn, that was a fast one. She wanted to protest against her recent shenanigans but, ah well. Girls gotta do what a girls gotta.. "Danger room sounds good. Coup'l of bottles, load up a few programs, riot." She's standing as she's mentioning this, her phone pulled out to dial the local liquor store to queue up her order. Hell, she doesn't even say bye, she just falls into the shadow that Rogue casts and goes somewhere else. Like to bed.

"Can ever tell when dat one is jokin' or serious." Remy says in regards to Betsy as she shadow-slinks out. He then hurries along to catch up with Rogue in her walk out; "No, I got no reasons to. This my path right now, dis be where Remy is at. Aroun' all you lovely fine people." He emphasizes the word fine and looks down at Rogue's backside in the process, "You need any help pickin' out your outfit? I'm real good wid measurements. Got an' eye for angles an' curves." Shes gonna hit him. He's just asking for it. At least he is persistent no one can deny him that.

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