To Forgive

August 07, 2014:

Rogue and Remy work out some of their differences and have a little nighttime chat.


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Fade In…

Croton Gorge Park isn't the best view of the Cornell Dam, to really get a good look you have to get right up to the aqueduct and the other side of the reservoir. No hard feat for someone like Rogue. At this time of night it's probably not safe nor legal to be up here but there she is and there Remy LeBeau is, parked below, smoking a cigarette that lights up his features in the dark briefly before dimming out. Why he is here? Who knows. Probably the same reason she is. It's scenic, it's isolated, it's near enough the mansion they can still 'feel' the presence of the school, it's inhabitants and that odd psychic connectivity.

Sometimes you need that peace, but every time Rogue takes a further step from the reach of the mansion she gets edgy. It's quieter there for her, its a bit more peaceful in her mind, but the serenity is just a mental blanket for her while she learns to keep it tucked away herself. Those voices, those horrors that are unrelenting and still fresh.

From horseback riding to wandering she finds herself there, perched atop with the wind cutting through her hair and the waters running in the backdrop, giving her other things to focus on - never mind the pollutant wafting up from Remy, below, who gets a curious glance from mossy green gaze.
Another drag and Remy glances up, almost as if that sixth sense he imagines cavemen once possessed goes 'a' ringin'. A tip of his head and he picks up walking in her direction until he's scaling a small stairwell, a fence and then the rocky side of the dam until he's near he could reach out and poke her with a long stick, or his staff.
"Ah, Rogue chere. Did not expect to be seeyin' anyone out about dis part of Wes'chester." A rustle of movement and his trench folds under him as he sits down. "Jus' a bit chill right now, ain't you cold, none?"

Left from riding earlier, Rogue is still wearing jeans, black leather chaps and that flanel shirt tied up like a midriff shirt, leaving her abdomen bare, but as Remy gets closer she undoes the knot and lets the loose ends fall to cover her save when the unbuttoned flaps catch that wind off the channel.

It's hard to speak to a man who scares the hell out of you, though the past is the past and he doesn't have a mouth full of insects this time… Cowboy booted feet take her one step back just before she lowers with him, but she remains crouching and casting a wary glance his way here and there. "Nope, not anymore." She says plucking at the downed shirt. "Don't ya have thievin' to be doin'? You did not seem the type to sit and… relax." A brow perked his way but on the opposing end of lips a smirk slowly emerges.

"Remy always relaxin', mon cher." Almost as if on emphasis the Cajun's hands extend behind him and splay out upon the earth, feet kicking out in front of him as armored boots drape over one another. His cigarette tipping higher and he looks side-long at the young woman and grins, "See?" A look from Rogue towards the Dam-captured water has his black-to-red eyes gleaming.
"Why you out here all by your lonesome?" The windy breeze actually has him taking a moment to flip the collar of his trench up as if it'll protect his neck.

Yep, just as she suspected. "Always relaxin' so long as it suits you, which is always, in your nature I'm assumin'?" He's relaxed like a cat during perpetual nap time and Rogue? She's just tense, it's been a messy few weeks and this is a whole new setting for her, unlike what she is used to, /relax/ is for those on drugs to do so. Not her, not now.

"Ah haven't managed to make many friends here, considering no one likes the company Ah keep apparently." A reference to Magneto, she'd only wonder what her foster mother would bring in this place. Probably nothing good. Perhaps it's her path to change that.
"When it not suit me?" Remy asks before snatching that cigarette from his lips, thumb flicking once at the end of it before putting it back in to his lips, the ash floating wild carried by the breeze off down the river.
"You think too much. Dis time to enjoy de night, not be concerned bout what de others think o' you or your friens. Be honest with you tho, if you be meanin' de old man, he's a bad sort but Charles well… " A shrug of his shoulders. He doesn't know what to think of that one himself. Seconds chances all around.

Rogue just nods and for a moment there's a brief glimpse of a smile, the boots scraping the ground as she kicks her legs out and runs her hands down the chaps to dust them off just before propping her elbows on bent knees… Though Remy's next choice of words have her pointedly watching him and then mimicking his movement, reclining back with her hands propping her aloft.

"He ain't done nothin' wrong to me, he tried to help so I can only go from present experience. Ah can't be one to judge on past." With that said she tucks some of that white hair behind her ears to keep it from streaking across her face as she stares forward, occasionally glancing towards Remy. "Despite it all Charles was always tryin' to welcome me.."

Pausing she now does fully look at him, for once not making it a passing thing of unsure, or rimmed in the red of rage. "Ah'm guessin' he has you too." Considering the ties Remy had to bring that page into existence again…
"He a good man, dat Charles. Bit too forgivin' but maybe dats what makes him so good." Remy muses while watching what is probably an owl sweep low and disappear, he only caught a flicker of wings and some white.
"He has. Found me some time ago, 'fore I really knew what dis place… " A motion off with a flick of his hand towards the direction of Xavier's. "Was all about. He found you early on too? 'magine sooner den you show yourself. You a stubborn sort, Remy seems to be drawn to dem kinds."

Rogue simply nods in what he has to say about Charles, knowing the man is far too forgiving already. He knows about her, has seen her mind, what is in it as well as /who/ is in it and still welcomed her here in a heartbeat. Something she would not have done, just as much as it still is taking time for Rogue to even let Remy out of periphery… In case he starts spewing green pea soup at her or something.

"Ya'll aloof sorts tend to be drawn to whatever gets you to not be …" Her hand comes out and in a light sweeping gesture emphasizes him in his resting recline. "Relaxin'. If that is even the word. But that ain't hard." Pulling her hand back comes a little quicker then the extension, but the friendly ribbing is seen in the now ever-lingering half cocked smile.

"Knew you'd be warmin' up to Remy eventually." The Cajun counters with a smile, a genuine one not one of his usual sharkin' grins. "How long it take you to give in an' let Charles drag you 'round? Or that take our lil' not so magical kiss to do dat?" Sore subject but he figures it's done with. Especially since they intend on conquering that literal demon head on soon. Something he is still worried about but knows it has to be done.

"Don't be gettin' ideas in your head I'm warmin' up to anythin' after that kiss… I've had better." As Rogue says that her seated position shifts. Lies. In fcat one she shouldn't have said, her smile fades and she's looking out over the dam again. "Yes, that's what did it. I guess it at least gave a girl somethin' good other then a demonic herpe."

A face, an actual drop of the lips and Remy puts his cigarette out flicking the butt in to a nearby trashcan (quite the distance too and marvelous aim), "Den we probably have to try again if you require better, mon cher, Rogue." The man winks over at her before his lean frame pushes upright to pat down his legs, dusting off his pants.
"You wanna ride back wid Remy? I introduce you to Ro Laren." He means the bike obviously. One of his most prized possessions recently re-acquired from another thievin' scamp.

"Ah hope you have patience then." Rogue states as he rises, leaning back and away as he stands as if expecting him to try now and ready to bolt, thankfully he did not and she eased, but the offer…

Feeling her pockets down she stands and curses under her breath, even shaking out her shirt before she buttons it, like they'd magically fall out. "Ah didn't bring my gloves, Ah wasn't expectin' company." Covered from toe to wrist now, there is still that risk, and casting a glance towards his 'mechanical horse' there was a moments look of longing there and then a brief glimmer of sadness.

"Ah can meet'cha back. Thank you though." And with that Rogue is lifting from the ground, taking flight and lingering there for a moment only to disappear into the night, much like that owl.

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