A Cup of Blackened Death

August 07, 2014:

A hungover Cajun, a cranky Mississippi River Rat, the Ice Nerd, a British Posh-Punk Ninja and a Goddess all have a perchance run in at the coffee shop.


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Salem Center; Grind Stone Cafe a popular location for those X-Men who want something lacking in alcohol or those recovering from a rough night, like Remy LeBeau. The man rests slumped against the corner table near the large front window. Eyes covered in dark glasses and his usual light-tanned self is paler than expected, especially with this weather right now.

After that unexpected rendezvous with Rogue last night at Croton Dam he decided to head to Gotham, his new favorite (very fancy) dive, the Tin Roof club. Lots of alcohol ingested. Probably too much even his mutant fortitude is suffering today. The coffee, black as the blackest Death is a life saver though. He's wearing just about what he had on last night, minus the trench coat and his outer shirts missing, underneath is a white tanktop.

There was no fancy party that Elizabeth had gone to, no backroom bars to find the douchiest lay or a night on the town with hired girls to keep her company. Wait, did we say hired girls? Friends. With money comes friends, in other words, hired girls to chat about which guy was hot or not, who you'd screw, fight or kill, most of her time was spent in the danger room, fighting by herself to keep her skills honed. That and she was bored. So what does one do? You go to the Salem Center! Hit up the cafe, get the greasiest shit that'll put down a horse, consume, take a fat nap and draw your cards or whether to work out like a maniac or hit up the clicker with a hand down the pants.

So there she was, wearing jeans and a t-shirt, nothing fancy or extravagant, hair tied up in a city girl ponytail and immediately placing an order. A quick scan of the location brought the familiar backside planted and hunched in a chair to her attention, the spot at the table soon grabbed with a foot placed on the last chair and a slump to relax. "Fookin' right mate.." She says aloud, hoping to gain Remy's full attention if she hadn't already. Instead of finishing her blaize' sentence, she just pulls out her phone and begins to surf the web to wait for her food to arrive.

Ororo has far too much free time on her hands with it being summer. With minimal students at the mansion, there isn't alot for her to do. And so, 'Ro is taking some time to herself to have coffee and practice her french. It's not really as fluent as she likes and with people like Remy hanging about the mansion again, it's a useful skill. As she enters the coffee shop, she has to smile. Speak of the devil and he shall appear and Remy LeBeau certainly counts as a devil.

An almost surly like entrance and appearance of Psylocke has Remy LeBeau grinning across the table at the woman, the stretch of his face actually makes his forehead pulse and he groans before covering that up with that black tar of life. Lovely lovely java.
"You always a peach to be aroun', huh, chere?" He tosses across to the posh-punk-psi-ninja.

It's the chime of the door and the appearance of Ororo that gets a larger smile, headache ignored. "Oro! Girl, how you be?" He stands from his seat to walk over and give her a hug then motioning her towards the table with Betsy, "We got jus' enough table for more o' us. It been a spell since i be seein' you. Makes Remy dat much lighter to see you back 'ere wid us again. Especially since I findin' reasons to hang around a bit more den usual. You can be one." Ever the charmer. Mostly and usually always harmless. Usually.

Betsy's nose twitches as she catches the scent of leather, coffee and liquor. Surely, leather and liquor never mixed by added in with coffee? It was repugnant. But it's alright. He'll sweat it out eventually, and she'd actually be a little happier to hang around the Cajun. She could have left, but it was too late, offering up a smile towards Remy and an upnod of her head. "Sometimes, I can be nice. For instance, there is no headache." She couldn't cure headaches, but she could manipulate others into believing that they don't have a headache.. at least until it's gone. Maybe, it wold feel like ants on the braid, or the after affects of being on shrooms. Where the brain swells and massages nicely against the skull.

However he chose to take that little niceness was up to her, her eyes darted back towards the phone as he stood and gave greetings to Ororo, right when her plate of bacon and sausage patties came like a gift from the Gods. Sausage, meet bacon. You will be in my belly soon.

Love, Elizabeth.

Ororo's own smile is mild. She has never been one for showing her emotions. She hugs the Cajun and then nods to Betsy, acknowledging her as well though without the friendly hug. "It's good to see you again, my friend. I just came back from some time in Africa.n I thought I should come back and start getting things ready for the school year."

She orders her own coffee, and heads over to the table. "It is wonderful to see you all," she says, her tone warm but slightly distant. "How have you been? What have you been up to since we last met?"

Sliding a seat out for Storm the Cajun then drops in to his own again, taking up that slumped posture he had before. A pause and he rakes a hand through his hair even going so far as to knot fingers up in the slightly greasy mess (he had a long night) tugging once. "You be a blessing, Betsy. Merci." A smile is offered in thanks as his hand drops away and he stirs the black coffee. Sipping from it again. "Lil bit o dis, lil bit o dat. Demons, catwomens, fishpeople… de usual."

Rogue had waited in the garden for that Asian Brit and she never came. no skin off'a her teeth as the saying goes, she took back to riding that bay roan stallion from the stables and save for some mino interruptions here and there, had peace.

Traveling out from the mansion is few and far between, but she is testing the limits, that of Xavier's reach to aid her mind and her own walls' strength to maintain what is going on. She wont hide for long, it's against her stubborn southern girl nature.

What drew her in is the sight of her again, pausing outside of the cafe long enough to rethink her actions and actually go in.

Jeans hang low about her waist, the black leather belt bearing a horse shoe buckle centered upon abdomen and arching around her navel. Her top is simply a black leather, fitted vest, leaving skin exposed, but she was not expecting to mingle, and pausing as she walks in and sees Psylocke with Remy, and another of just as shocking appearance she stands there, the heel of her cowboy boot scraping the wood floor and making for dead silence.

Well shit.

Going back and forth between Westchester County, his work in New York and his home in M-Town just seems to be a thing for Bobby now. At least there's this place when it gets out of hand, which today it did. Mmmm. Coffee. And Coffee Cake. And possibly something a bit more substantial. Sounds so good as the sandy haired young man gets out of his car and whistles his way up to the door. He's almost there when he sees… wait. That's that… southern girl from the meeting at the Mansion. Small world. What had she been called? Theif? Burglar? Mmm… Rogue! That's right. And inside… oooh dear. It's that Fren- er Cajun! Cajun guy who dragged him into that meeting to begin with. That was… jarring. But at least he seemed like a nice guy.

Okay… this probably won't be too bad. Just go inside and get your coffee. And other noms.

Walking in he waves to any who's eye he catches, offering a polite 'Miss' to Rogue as he settles into line.

"I'm the best. Mhm." For once, Betsy was in a go.. okay. That was a goddamned lie. Anyone would know that Betsy, previously was the sweetest thing on earth, now turned stone cold bitch for some reason or another that probably wouldn't be bought up over her sausage and bacon. Who has time to converse when there's a delectable plate of sausage and bacon in front of you? Something that you could share with…

..meat eating comrades. Those who would bite the bare ass of a pig just because they loved it so much. Betsy mimicks this action by taking one piece of bacon and chomping it down the middle, swallowing quickly and offering another upnod towards Storm. "Shitty." One word answers. Cause they were the truth. She's got the devil riding her shoulder.

However, as Rogue enters, her brows knit downward in a frown.. and without a word she immediately stands, snatching up her plate of bacon with a hint of possessiveness to stride towards her. "Join me in the corner for a quick second. If you please." Surely, after unseen forces (*coughs*) caused Betsy to stand Rogue up, she'd totally understand if she didn't favor a private chat.

And there goes Bobby.. waving and skirting towards the line.

"Bob! Rogue!" Remy teases with the name flagging them down as Drake comes in right behind Rogue. That's a good vantage. Remy is almost envious but then, he's parked next to Betsy and Oro. Who can complain? "Come join us. Dis like a little reunion in here, I mean, since I not been seeing you around the School so much. Meet Oro, one of the teachers… you already know Be… " Shes moving off to Rogue with some of that bacon. Bacon that actually made his stomach lurch a moment at the smell of it. Hooweh. A pale shade strikes Gambit again and he covers it up by pushing a chair out to Bobby with his foot. Hangovers are awesomesauce.

Upon seeing Rogue, Ororo's smile grows wider for a brief instant before resuming its well practiced Mona Lisa proportions. A couple of extra clouds form in the sky, but she caught it in time. "Anna Marie, it has been too long. Will you not please join us?" She makes room beside herself for Rogue to join them if she wishes.

"Fishpeople, is this something we need to be concerned with, my friend? New students, perhaps?" Betsy gets an approving nod as she spits out the truth. "You know you are always welcome at the mansion if you need some time to re-center yourself, Elizabeth."
You paged Bobby Drake with 'Good to hear. :D'

Bobby coming in behind her has her spine straightening all the more. Despite her stay at the mansion she has been pretty keen on avoidance, though Psylocke's demeanor brought something out of the woman… Opposing sides of the globe, but…

As Psylocke passes and extends her offer Rogue's eyes narrow a bit, tilting her head she speaks with that thick southern accent. "Ah'll get there just as promptly as you did for me. Ah'm hungry too, you can just go sit and Ah'll be with ya shortly, suga'." She said it with a smile, but it was that southern charm that is double edged.

Placing her order for a meal fit for a hungry male farmer she glances to the three, tucks her loose strands of auburn and white hair behind her ear since it fell from the overstuffed ponytail, and then looks at Betsy. "Give him a sick bucket, he spent too much time out rollin' in filth." She points to Remy and then slides over to business before she will join the rest.

Bobby smiles and quickly gets his coffee and coffee cake, then makes his way over to the offered seat. "Remy it was, right? Hello Miss Munroe and… um…" Betsy and Ruge pass him on the way to wherever it is they're going. "Ladies."

The self proclaimed ice nerd frowns for a moment as he sits down, pulling his cool in. He usually doesn't bother quite as much on hot summer days like this one, but he doesn't want either his coffee or the people around him getting chilled. Of course he could have an iced coffee. Or… coffee ice. Never mind.

"Didn't expect to see you guys here. What's the occasion? Nothing… 'Dark' I hope."

'Ro manages not to let her disappointment show, but the reproachful tone in her voice is evident. "Remy, drinking in excess does seem to be a habit of yours. When will you learn it is more folly then it is worth." There is a twinkling in her blue eyes, a hint of a smile. He will never change and she doesn't actually want him to, but she will tease him.

"Mr… Drake, if I am not mistaken? You have been gone for quite a while. What brings you back here?" A snow white brow is raised as Rogue and Betsy go to have a private talk, curious but not so much as to butt in. Yet.

Elizabeth inhales.. then exhales. Once upon a time (three minutes ago), Betsy would have retaliated because she felt a little bit bad about what had transpired. But, right is right, wrong is wrong. And wrong would be starting a fight in this cafe where the best bacon and sausage was made. So, Betsy just smiles, putting on that stiff upper lip that comes with an extra side of biting the tongue and taking it out on a poor student later. Teenagers. Natures fleshy punching bag.

Though, with Remy looking sick, she just continues to press her influence like such. "He's not really sick. His stomach is just fine, isn't it Remy?" Just until he gets over the hill.. She moves back to her designated seat again with said bacon, and quietly begins to eat, shrugging to Storm. "I've been there for a while here and there. I'll probably unpack eventually but.." Some things are better left unsaid.

Bobby's words gets a wrinkled brow. "You scared, mate? You think we bad luck?"

"Nah, homme. Nothin' dark but de coffee." Remy replies. "We just pal'n aroun' right now." A cant of his head and he looks towards Storm and Betsy, "It worth it." He just states. The chair is reclined in and his coffee is emptied, arms fold up behind his head and he grins at Robert. "So where you been anyway? You catch wind o dis evil bad and decide Mansion ain't place for you no more? We got such lovely staff there too." This is his own way of playing X-Men. Keeping tabs on their people in an off-handed way, his isn't so much for the team as it is out of concern for others. He's sympathetic like that and thinks more of the individual than the mission statement. Rogue's mannerisms only make Remy like her that much more as she gets cozy. The bacon though… and the sausage… he'll fight that back for now. He's a trooper.

Rogue gets her farmer's breakfast skillet, side of hotcakes and a carafe of oj as well as a cup of coffee and goes to join Psylocke, dropping the tray down and folding into the chair unceremoniously. Neatly unfolding her napkin she puts it in her lap, straightening it out and sweeping over the creases…. To decimate that food.

"Th'peak away." She says between bites, kind of. Its been days, she didn't really have an appetite after what had expelled from her and she witnessed mentally, but the smell of the place reminded her of home….

Unhinge jaw, insert food.

"Oh I still live down in M-Town," Bobby says with a wave. "I've been going back and forth for a while. Been busy helping folks move in to… that rural safe house you guys set up for us. I'm mostly between there and my apartment now. Mostly there though that's… kinda up in the air now." Bobby says with a face and a wave. "No matter. I'm sure it'll be fine."

Ororo gets a smile. "I just recently moved back. Got back in touch with the school to see if I could find a way to help out. You know? Give back? And I'm fairly sure you folks are not bad luck but… well, the last time a saw most of you I'd been hauled into a room to hear about black magic. Which I'd been trying to forget about." There's a pause. "How are you two doing with that anyway?" Someone in here had one of those dman pages. And it didn't look like it'd been a good experience.

Betsy didn't speak just yet, she was listening to Bobby's rambling. His idea actually sounded good. Possibly she could by a plot of land and stick a farmhouse on it, maybe grow a couple of acres of corn. Nah. City girl. "I've been elusive as of late. I need to speak to Charles eventually." When she gets up the nerve.

Though, she had a lot to say to Rogue back then at the meeting, she looks at her now, sharing a table with her. Honestly, this was as sentimental as Betsy had gotten lately, and doing the 'sweetness', along with speaking her mind, felt rather awkward. "I actually just wanted to sit with you, not.. like this." Man, she looked uncomfortable. "Planned to have two bot'les of tequila and do a little girl time before we went risking lives for the other. But this.." She gestures at the plate of food, snagging a sausage patty and biting, "this conversation we're having right now is good enough for me." D'aw.

"M-Town? I know some good people down dem parts." Remy says casually, "Some reason I thought you lived in de mansion. Magic talk jus' part o de gig. Lookit petit diable for example." His pet name for Illyana, ironically Magik the Darkchylde. A sidelong at Psylocke and Rogue before he's looking back over at Bobby then Storm. "I update you later on the black magic talk, Oro. It pretty serious."

'Ro lays her book down on the table and sips at her coffee as she listens. Anna Marie will talk when she's finished eating, no doubt. Give her time. Bobby gets given that warm, polite smile that she is well known for. It seems distant, but only because it has to be. "I have been gone till just recently, so I do not know too much about this safe house you are speaking of. I will look into it as soon as I can."

Betsy's warmth towards Rogue causes a hint of a smile as she sips at her coffee, just a twitch at the corner more then she normally would allow. She nods once to Remy. "I would very much appreciate that. It seems that things have been quite exciting in my absence."

Rogue looks up and settles mossy green gaze on Betsy, chewing slows and she swallows while the look shifts to speculating. "Ya'll bond over the weirdest things, Ah'd have rather-ed the tequila and some privacy because Ah have a hint ya wanna know somethin' and here ain't the place."

Looking around now she can see why, but it is of no consequence, she dumps the syrop on her hotcakes and cuts in.

Rogue has never met any of them before these past few weeks, though Charles may have filled them in in the past when he wanted her to join and she declined to stay with the Brotherhood and be left in peace. She had no options just over a week ago and here she is. Having lunch with a Bitch and Company.

Bobby shakes his head. "Nah. I was considering taking a dorm there for a bit, but it's still kind of questionable how I'll be helping out. Maybe just as Hank's TA." Helping out with the Darkhold doesn't count. Illyana's a friend. Not a good friend, granted, but she means something to people ho mean something to him.

"So other than that what's… up?" He'd never have asked that of Ororo before and he doesn't know Remy or Betsy or Rogue all that well… but what the hell. Just… can't hold it back anymore, right/?

"Just appealing to the Southern Comfort side of things. Isn't it custom to break bread and just eat in .." She waves her hand, meaning.. whatever this is. Their relationship, the five of them. In the friend department, it almost seems as of her and Rogue were the odd women out, the rest are as nice as can be while Rogue is a skittish woman and Betsy is the bitch. Some things probably couldn't be helped.

"You're right though. Now ain't the place and time. Too many ears about." At least Betsy kept it 100. Tru Dat. A little smirk does cross her features as she lifts a hand to fly a sausage towards Bobby, it was a light little toss, food fight paying homage to the days of middle school and before. "That's whats up."

"De been somethin' though most part I wouldn't l know. I only jus' recent like decided to be a team player wid you X-Men." Aside from his bits of helping in the past Remy has ran pretty solo dolo. It's just easier. "'sides, it been a load of fun so far. Lookit all de colorful people I been meeting." A hand sweeps out and some cards fan out, then go through an Indian shuffle, a riffle, a Mexican spiral and then an easy overhand before he quirks his brows upwards as food hits Bobby thrown by Psylocke. "You got a lil sumthin on your face, mon ami." A grin appearing.

Sipping at her coffee, Ororo answers Bobby. "Well, I am getting my lesson plans ready for the upcoming semester. No new students on the docket, so I can focus on what was taught last year and build from there. Although I did read we had a new arrival who just left. Shame really. I can see how her talents would have been useful."

Remy's showboating gets a wrinkling in the corners of her blue eyes showing her appreciation for the display and a motherly shake of her head.

After Rogue shoves aside half of the pancakes she leans back in the chair, a look on her face falling to that of satedness wrought of half-lidded eyes. Stretching she kicks one foot up on the table followed by another and enters a slumped rest that only lacks a cowboy hat to lower in siesta.

"Lord I was hungry, you want to appeal to the Southern' side of things? You bring the beer, the campfire, and the willingness to throw down and forget it all come mornin'. You want me to bring tea or somethin'?" The sarcasm to Betsy is birthed on a smirk, all in jest now, less moody due to food, though a passing mention of the Darkhold made shoulders pointedly square. "Ah sweet… Let's not talk shop eh? Who're you?" Her gaze now finally focusing on Ororo.

Bobby blinks as the sausage is tossed Ice-nerd-ward. Jimmy Dean's. Nice. He picks it up off his lap where it falls and bites off half of it. "That's quite a lot of things." Ororo's comment about the new student goes without comment. Yeeaaaaah about that…

"Nice. I've just been going back and forth between my apartment, the Nest and the Lab myself. I was just on my way from the second to the last today. Well, I was until they called me to tell me they won't need my talents until later, possibly later today or tomorrow. We'll see, I guess." Grinning, Bobby turns the sausage into a sausage-cicle and crunches the rest of it.

"Oh that's Miss Munroe. She was one of the teachers here the first time I came. Guess she still is." He nods to Rogue.

Remy's showboating gets an appreciative nod. But Rogue? That woman had Betsy actually grinning for once. A rare sight as of late. "Oy, you just had Xavier's ol' grandpappy tea. You haven't had mine." Cause hers came with liquor. "But it's a deal." That was that pretty much.

Her gaze falls upon Bobby yet again as he makes a sausage cicle, her nose wrinkling yet playfully, and slice of bacon sent soaring, and hoovering for him to take. Man, Bobby was interesting, and a wee bit gross.

"I think you should do the assistant thing fo' Beast. Always use more good minds aroun'." Remy says, a card flipping around before disappearing. He's not even wearing sleeves! It re-appears in the deck and launches from side to side with a trail of cards behind it. The shuffle sound intentionally loud. Now he is just showing off.
A shrug given to Ororo. He's not heard much about the students or anything in those regards. He's not faculty. He's just that guy the students find cooking sometimes, being chased out the door for smoking inside or sprawled out half-drunk watching television. Probably not the best influence around. Not until things get hairy. Then again the British speaking Ninja-Punk is tryin' to get the Mississippi River Rat drunk. He is pretty sure shes on staff? Education suffers for these reasons!
Whats this world coming to.

Dipping her head in a bow, she is introduced by Bobby. "You can call me Ororo if you prefer though. You are not a student. Or Storm if that is your preference." She makes no effort to shake Anna's hand, having read her file at least. "Will you be staying with us as a student or as a guest?" Because the answer will determine if she suggests Betsy not offer alcohol to a student, even if she is old enough. It's just not professional.

"Student?" Rogue just stares at the white haired woman and blinks slowly, shaking her head. "Ah already did my time lady, Ah'm a guest by Charles' insistence that Ah get help. I wish him luck." Saying as much she leans back and adjust the horse shoe belt buckle as if in emphasis, a half cocked grin offered their way. She's food coma'd and getting a bit more comfortable. As long as no one gets too close or mentions that devil Remy spewed from himself (apparently he has many of those, as seen currently holding back), Rogue is fine. "Nice ta' meet'cha Oror'ah."

Bobby grins at the offered bacon and dips it in his coffee. The coffee freezes in a film on the meat and he crunches that down too. "Telekine? I've never met a psychic except a couple of the instructors at the school. And the Professor, of course." He seems content to lean back and watch the conversation.

"I think I will too, unless things shake out badly. Which I don't think they will." He points around to people's drinks and freshens the ice up, as applicable.

Children have done worse while attending school. Getting drunk is very low on the totem pole, at least in Betsy's eyes. Bobby gets a willful shudder, then a shake of her head. "Okay kid, you're pretty cool." Yay! Now, she'll forever pick on Bobby and be a thorn in his side. Poor thing. "Jean? She's a beaut. I don't care to know anyone else just yet. Too many faces and names to remember." Willingly of course. "I'm Elizabeth, however." She didn't get a drink, though she does feel all dried out and desperate for a glass of water. Thank the salt.

Elizabeth pulls her tiny small bit of influence away from Remy a bit at a time, hoping the caffeine had done it's work at keeping his headache at bay. If not? He was out of luck, because she was going. The rest of her food was taken up as she stands, plate walked over towards Bobby to rest right in front of him. She really wasn't good at saying 'goodbye' now a days, so she just walks on out with a flick of the wrist in a form of a backwards wave.

Psylocke gone and that headache spills forth again, a grunt escapes Remy and his cards spray in all directions. "Oh… " He murmurs, "C'est sa couillion… " Something more about trouble and bibitte and probably cats? It's quickly spouted in jumbled Cajun-French.
"Gon' go lay down. Dis some bad medicine." A wave at the air towards no one in particular and he's stumbling out in to the light, glasses thankfully still on. Did he just flip the sun off? He did.

"I did not mean to offend, Anna Marie. Student is such a broad term. I personally consider myself to still be a student. I believe it was Einstein that said that learning should begin at birth and only end when one is dead. I did not mean to imply that you were lacking." She sips at her coffee, her tone calm and mellow. "And it is a pleasure to finally make your acquaintance as well."

Ororo's french may need work, but she knows enough to have a rough idea of what he said. She arches a brow, a hint of a smile tugging at the corner of her mouth, but that is as far as she will allow it. "Get well soon, my friend. Perhaps a little less next time?" Easy for her to say. She doesn't drink.

Bobby waves to the departing Remy. He for one is content to stay and drink his coffee. He's on call for now it seems, but it was nice to see folks out. "Perhaps we'll meet again soon. Be nice to do it in circumstances like this, rather than the first time we met." Yeah. No evil magic and creepy dwarves for another couple days, please?

Rogue watches Psylocke leave, that woman always getting a stare between daggers and curiosity. What would it be like if I stabbed her, just a little sort of thing. Shifting her chair she turns to watch the others there, even Remy as he departs, looking like something the cat drug in, or out - whichever, offering him a two-fingered salute.

Feet on the table, arse on chair, and back propped along the wall Rogue watched the other two, not saying all too much, spectating as she soon passed out - a first for every thing today. Eating and sleeping.

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