All You Want To Do Is Ride, Suzy, Ride

July 26, 2016:

The X-Men (Nate, Hank and Remy) set out to rescue an important Genoshan refugee.

Midwestern US, Haddonfield IL


NPCs: Jenny Ransome, Mustang Suzy, Unnamed Infant, Charles Xavier, Press Gang (Punchout, Hawkshaw, Pipeline)



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Fade In…

"X-Men, we have urgent business." The ever familiar voice of Charles resounds through the minds of his pupils.

"By some miracle another poor soul has escaped Genosha. I have been guiding her our direction as best as I can but I fear I am at my limits. You must reach her and bring her back here, she has with her an infant child. Both of them refugees." It has been no easy feat for Professor X to secure one mind after another in a desperate attempt to keep this woman safe and transported. The strain is evident in his link as some form of empathy slips through the connection.

Within minutes a handful of the X-Men are mobilized and aboard the heavily modified Lockheed known as the Blackbird.
"We de only ones?" Remy muses loudly around a toothpick.

Charles has given what information he can, the woman's name is Jenny Ransome and she along with a child have traveled from Australia where they sought refuge. Magistrates from Genosha sought them out, attacked them and she barely escaped. Since her departure in Syndey Charles has been mindleaping from one person to the next trying to ensure her travel. The woman's importance in the fight against Genosha is significant as she is far more than just a mutated slave she was a politicians daughter and engaged to Philip Moreau; the Genegineers son.

The X-Men's destination? Somewhere near Chicago, Illinois a small town's airport and haste is of the utmost importance.

When he got the coordinates, Hank was not particularly thrilled. Not that they were helping a refugee from Genosha, but it was a trip back very close to home — and he hasn't visited since his 'accident' six or so years ago. Although there's no real worry of him being recognized as, being in uniform, he's all blue and bestial.

He's mostly pretending to be focused on flying the plane even though he's also quite a bit lost in thought for the trip. At Remy's question, he answers over the comm, "Let's hope that three of us are overkill and that this will be an easy pick-up."

But when Genosha is concerned, is it ever 'easy'?

Nate was visiting the mansion when Xavier issued his call. Lucky him. The young man looks particularly scruffy today, as he is trying to go on without the industrial-strength painkillers he has been taking for a year.

In fact, he is not even trying to get into the co-pilot's seat, just flopping down a seat in the second row. "Who is after this woman? Human assassins or something?" He asks, rubbing his temples. Not even offering Xavier to help the telepathic tracking, he would be little more than a distraction today.
"Overkill? Never been accused o' bein' that guy. Maybe Nate 'ere, maybe you on the cologne. What is that you wearin' today?" Light friendly heckling from the Cajun as he tries to soften the atmosphere. Never know what they're headed in to.

"Dunno, mon ami. Charles never said." Remy responds to Nate. "Genoshans got all manner of nasty dey can throw at us. We seen as much in Ibiza."
Touch down in Haddonfield, IL brings them to a sprawling Midwestern town with it's own airfield. Quaint compared to Central City to the East or Chicago to the North and of course their home location of New York.
"Lookit all de corn fields." Visible from above surrounding the city itself creating a sort of oasis of fields.

What they do know is she was here several hours ago and should be near. Charles is doing his best to keep in touch enough to guide them but they haven't heard a word from him since take off.

"I don't wear cologne," Hank murmurs. His nose is far too sensitive for the stuff. After they touch down and pull to the space given to them by Air Traffic Control, he unbuckles and moves towards the door. "We aren't exactly sneaking in here, so we should probably be wary."

Once the door is open, he takes a breath of the Midwestern air and turns back to Remy with a grin, "Smells like home."

"Thing is," he then offers, "There are a lot of places to hide if one is creative. Lots of farms with barns and sheds and lots of abandoned homes. Since she has an infant though, I hope she'd be closer to town. Easier for us -and- the bad guys though." Golden eyes look to Nate, "Hear anything from Charles?" As the resident telepath he figures he'd hear if no one else does.

"Would they dare to use heavy weapons in the US?" They dared in Ibiza. But that was a small island in a small country, right? Or would it have count as invading the Europe Union. International politics in parallel Earths are hard to short out.

They would dare, he guesses, or Xavier would have left this to the local cops. He stays strangely quiet the rest of the trip, trying to will the headache away. It doesn't work.

But when the plane lands, he is quickly to jump out, also telepathically scanning for nearby minds. "Nothing from X, try the coms?"

"Dat not you? Was gon' say it a nice smell. Mebbe shampoo?" Remy sniffs himself then glances at Nate. "Or dis one got a hot date later."
Following Hank out he adjusts his glasses right now wishing he had darker ones. No trench but the stylish undersuit is worn. Sleeveless today thankfully otherwise the heat would be insufferable. "Take your word for it. My home a lot more spicy."

She is headed north, not far but she is about to be. I am trying to slow them but the woman with her insists she is safer with her than us. You must hurry, I sense something is amiss. I did not bring her this far to endanger her further…

"I barely heard Charles. It like a bad connection out here… " Gambit is tempted to check cell service but only looks at Nate. "Even for telepaths." The thief can't help it. He finds it amusing even if thats not the real reason the Professor is struggling right now. Even the world's most powerful telepath has his limits.

Hank McCoy does glance at Remy, "Could be shampoo. And if so, thank you." He peers out at the airfield and cornfields, "Good burgers out here though," is offered almost idly until they get the instructions from the Professor.

"North…from where?" Did anyone think to get a car? Because if they're on foot and the other is not, it's not going to be much of a chase.

A clawed hand lifts to peer out, "North is that way. Let's go get us a car…"
"Eh, I can take you both with me, no car needed," or they could use the plane, it is VTOL, isn't it? Then again they would break every FAA rule. « Xavier, give me a telepathic signature, would you? » He projects towards the older telepath. The he clenches his jaw and forms a telekinetic sphere encompassing also Remy and Hank, heading northwards. Definitely it is taking him more effort it should.
"Whoah, dis works. Takin' all the fun outta bein' me, Nate." Remy grins as he hangs in the air aloft by the sheer will and mutant power of X-Man.

Yes, a good idea Nathanial. Xavier's presence and will is felt connecting strongly with X-Man before the link completely breaks, Charles is done for now. The woman, Jenny Ransome's empathic nature gives an easy strong tether for Nate, she is moving north, a quick enough speed but nothing they can't overcome if they hurry. Whomever is with her, 'a woman' a concerned woman, is being careful. Likely the infant Jenny clutches is the reason.

The highway is their destination. Jenny, her new companion and the infant are traveling along it. They can see from their vantage as they draw nearer several cars, a semi-truck and a motorcycle. The motorcycle is the signature of Jenny.
Because this is so subtle. "Thanks," is offered to Nate as he flies them out and towards the woman. Hank's golden eyes remain alert as they approach the highway and the semi truck so near the motorcycle. "Is it possible to drop me on the truck? I'm concerned…" it could be back-up, waiting for the right moment to recapture Jenny and the child. "I don't suppose there's a safe way to get them to stop? Emphasis on -safe-…"

Usually Nate could fly very fast, nearly supersonic, even with two passengers. But today he manages only about 150 mph. Still, he has Jenny's locked and they are approaching quickly. "Almost there," he notes. "That bike?"

He grunts in assent to Beast, dismissing the sphere and dropping him on top of the truck. He (and Gambit) hover over the bike, and the young man considers just grabbing it with the woman with telekinesis. That is… probably not safe. "I wonder if the Prof would have told her we are coming," he glances at the Cajun.

The semi-truck gives no notice to the weight just deposited upon it continuing down the road at just over 60.

"Dunno, maybe we should get her attention somehow." No way she is going to hear them over the traffic though. Remy shifts uncomfortably in the TK hold and glances around attempting to find a way to make contact that wouldn't be harmful.
At Beasts vantage point he is now the closest he can see Jenny Ransome, a tanned and attractive brunette woman about their age and she is clutching something tightly to her chest, bound there by sling and a blanket. A small bundle. Likely the child Charles mentioned.
She has yet to see Beast.

The bike though? A unique design very outlandish, the golden motorcycle portion ends at the handlebars and instead of bars, window or a headlamp an attractive woman's bare torso extends up, almost like a centaur. The third signature! The motorcycle is a living creature like the rest of them here (as Nate can tell), her shiny face actually turns in alarm to see Beast.
The speed of the bike-centaur-woman gradually begins to increase and Jenny clutches tighter to the vehicle-lady.

Beast lands on the top of the truck, his claws digging in to help him keep traction and his balance. It's probably too loud for him to shout…and a roar might be taken poorly so he holds on and tries to keep pace even as the motorcycle-woman(!!) tries to speed up.

Ok, that's just a little creepy.

Cupping his hands around his mouth, he has to try. "We're here to help!" is called even though it may be impossible to be heard. He then looks to Nate and Gambit to see if they have better luck.

Nate does a double take. The motorcycle is alive? "Guess we have three refugees, but no sign of the chasers?" He glances around, then reaches for Jenny's head. « Hello. Jenny Ransome? We have been sent to take you to safety. We are with the X-Men. Blue guy too. »

He makes also an effort to keep the mutant contingent invisible from other minds, but given his headache could fail to deceive the strong-willed or those expecting trouble already.
"Whoah, she is a mechanophiles we… nevermind. We just gon' leave that alone." Remy says. He really wants to get down but that just doesn't look like its about to happen as the golden motorcentaur speeds up.

Who? The X-Men? YES! Charles… this woman is taking me somewhere. She said its safe. She was supposed to pick me and this child up also… a place called Netherworld, I thought she was one of you?" Jenny appears to be no stranger to telepathic communication though she is only responding and not projecting. That isn't one of her powersets.

The motorcycle and Beast are the only two right now to see it. At least immediately. A lone figure stands in the middle of the highway, a tall impressively built dark skinned woman with equally dark hair. She is bracing herself and smiling - her eyes set on the truck Beast rides upon. The air around her looks like it is digitizing, breaking away in to pixels and another figure leaps free, diving off the highway. Long dark hair, a goatee and a gun in each arm. Those of the X-Men who have tangled with Genoshans can recognized the style-specific gear. These are likely Magistrates. Magistrates no doubt seeking Ransome and the infant, possibly also the living cycle.

"Merde." Gambit exhales. The toothpick that was in his mouth lost long ago.

Beast's lips curl into a snarl as he sees the woman and now the man with the guns appearing. It's never a simple extraction, is it? He hunkers down on the truck on all fours, gathering momentum as a cat might, before he runs off and leaps towards the man with the guns. He might get shot, he might get flattened, but it's at least a distraction so the other two can get the woman and baby.

« No one we know » replies Nate. "Bad news," he comments to Gambit, "I think that motorbike-woman is with the… ah, there they are. Brace yourself." Because Nate is dropping him on the highway's edge. Maybe a little too fast, he is in a hurry as he is sweeping down to try to grab Jenny and the child and pull them out of the living bike. He will use his arms so he can shield them telekinetically from the expected gunfire.

The semi-truck Beast was on before he launched himself is right now crumpling around the dark skinned beauty as he first slams through the engine block causing the fast moving vehicle to fold and crumple around her. The trailer sails high, lifting up at the rear end actually assisting in propelling the blue X-Men in his lunge. No harm appears to have been done on the Magistrate as the fire and explosions envelope her.

The Genoshan with two weapons aimed at Nate looks surprised as Beast upon him, both blasters fired point blank at the formidable furred mutant hero. Two shots that would kill a lesser being but only to a man like Beast be two solid powered concussive punches - if they connect.

Jenny Ransome finds herself incapable of doing anything but wrapping around the infant and giving in to something shes not done since she was a little girl. Pray. Her eyes tight she closes them and steels herself for what is to come.
It doesn't. Nate has ripped her free of the bike-woman while dumping of Gambit.

The cycler is whipping about, a golden sword in one hand that looks to have been drawn along her 'side' "Release her!" She cries out. "I am taking her away from you assholes…."

Gambit is forced to tumble and flip along the grassy highway sides, end over end until he can bring himself up to a knee. A bit rattled his natural mutant resilience and agility save the day. Not that he isn't a tad irritated but Nate made the right call, the infant and Jenny are a better save than the Cajun.

Around the scene cars begin to skid around the woman, fly off the road or speed past. It is freeway chaos and hopefully not a soon to be pile-up.

The blast from the gun is sure going to hurt once the adrenaline wears off, but right now, Beast isn't going to let that stop him. He has the momentum aiming him at the Genoshan with the guns with every intention of tackling him to the ground and, at the very least, disarming him. At the moment, he's just hoping the other two have the girl and baby in hand…he's not splitting focus just yet.

It's been a while since he's been able to really give into an attack. There's a lot pent up there.
Nate takes Jenny out of the highway too, although he is much more gentle at landing her than he was with Remy. "Take cover, looks like some bastards are asking for a beating and…" he grunts when the woman destroys the tuck. Along with anyone inside, he figures. "Starting with that bitch," he adds, directing a force blast to the woman. Hopefully it will hit her harder than the truck.
"Genetrash monster. Go down." The man's accent is the Genoshan standard a mixture of English, French and East African. Two more shots fire off but it is clear this Magistrate is physically not on par with Beast not in speed nor strength department. His movements are admirable in the fact he is precise and accurate, clearly a trained soldier but sometimes the scales are just not in ones favor.

A loud crack-boom sound is heard from the truck before it's remains are cast aside like a child's toy, the woman stands there unharmed. "Give us the girl and you will all live. Maybe." Same Genoshan accent. The answer from Nate is a TK blast that causes her to stagger. "Oh, I almost felt that. Come here pretty boy."
"Here I thought that particular insult was reserved for yours truly." Remy declares. He has raced across the road and is now near Jenny, "Gimme the kid, I keep it safe."
Jenny shakes her head, "I've done well so far. Just keep them away from us, they're Press Gang… volunteers, the man is Hawkshaw, hes a tracker and the woman is Punchout… shes a heavy. The real threat."

"For fucks sake… what is going on?" The golden motorcycle asks, her face a mask of irritation.
"It is okay Suzy. This is the X-Men… they're here to help."
"Are they?" Suzy inquires, skepticism clear. "Fine, whatever. Netherworld was your best bet but I promised to help so you pick, me or them."

"Decide quick, not sure how long we keep this up. More might show…" Remy shouts while his staff extends.

"Sticks and stones," is growled in Hawkshaw's face even as Beast digs his claws into the man, trying to get him to drop those damned guns. There might actually be some percussive damage at this point, but the adrenaline rush isn't letting him feel it yet. That and the X-men armor helps.

If he can, he'll even try to get his feet under him so that he can flip onto his back and -kick- the gunman towards the highway.

If he gets smacked by traffic…oops.

Nate snarls and takes a step forward. But his headache returns to remind him high-power telekinetic blasts are a bad idea. The technovirus is stirring and he has little time left before he is really useless.

He would love to beat the crap out of Punchout with his bare hands. But since she is just standing there, he doesn't need to.

"You know what? I got a better idea. Just stay there looking pretty," he shouts to the woman. He reaches for her mind and hits her with telepathy. "And cry," he squeezes her mind. Not finesse there, he just hammers at it with his telepathy. Because misery loves company and if he is getting a monster headache, Punchout is going to get one even worse.

Hawkshaw's struggle is evident as Beast begins to dominate the fight, a weapon knocked aside is replace by a knife which jabs out at the mutant only to meet air after his first slice. The Magistrates body flying through the air towards the road only to bounce off the front of an incoming Volvo, a loud thump crash and he sails off to skip across the cement.

Punchout's smile only grows as she hefts up half of a Sedan aiming it at Nate it's then that the world distorts for her, her eyes bulge and blood trickles down her nose. "What t—…" A cry and she collapses to her knees, clutching at her skull as if it would burst like a melon. Genosha is advanced enough they have psychic dampners and training to resist such things but the level of telepathic powers some of the X-Men are capable of is perhaps the strongest Earth-626 has to offer.
The air around both Punchout and Hawkshaw begins to digitize once more, realities folding in to pixels that warp the visuals making it look like something out of Minecraft instead of the our world. They then fade from view. A teleporter.
Just in time too as Suzy was done talking and where Hawkshaw landed a tire skids leaving black stains in it's trail, that golden sword slashing at the air. "SCUM!" She cries out. Anger boiling as she looks around them, "All of these people… and a child. Is the baby okay?" An odd softness overcomes the motorcycle-centaur.

Gambit glances over his shoulder then back at Suzy nodding. "We all okay?" An inquiry to the rest of his team.
The dissarray around them can't go overlooked, the accident is fairly bad the worst having happened to the truck and it's driver. The rest look to be surviving, many of them climbing from their vehicles, cell phones already dialing 911 and sirens heard in the distance, likely a state trooper who was closest.
It takes Beast a moment or two for the red to fade from his vision, but when he's able to mostly come back to himself, he looks over at the wreck caused by the Genoshans. Adrenaline still pumping, he launches himself over to the cab of the truck to see what the damage might be to the driver.

Should any try to get in his way, he'll push them aside and insist, "I'm a Doctor!".

Maybe not a medical doctor, but he knows enough triage to know if he can or should help.
Nate smirks as he crushes the psionic dampeners, his left eye glowing with power. A little more and Punchout will be sleeping for a few days… ack! She is gone. And Nate falls to one knee, pale and haggard, he is bleeding himself. Nose and ears.

"I am fine," he grunts. "But I guess we might need a car to get back to the blackbird." That is, no, definitely not fine.

The driver of the semi is alive yet but barely, it takes Beast exerting strength to peel him safely free of the trucks wreckage. A feat that would have required the jaws of life otherwise.
Beast in action assisting others fills Remy with some measure of pride but also causes him to release a noise of his own, "Yes, much as I like to stay 'an help we got to get her out of here. I'll find us a car, cash and charm go a long way… " The Cajun is soon engaged in conversation with a man who was taking pictures, it looks like Remy has his eyes set on the man's beat up van. It'll do and he has enough cash on hand to make the man very happy.

"Cops are coming and you all want to stay and help these people? Ugh, fucking idiots. I'm out. Jenny, you get that kid to safety… I will be in touch if you need me. X-Men, huh? Stay away from Chicago. We don't need your help out here." A growl of engine and the cyborg-centaur peels off at breakneck speeds. A howl of joy escaping her. All Suzy wants to do is ride.

"We got a ride!" Remy shouts minutes later.

The truck's completely totaled, so what's another door ripped off and cab ripped apart to get the driver to safety. Golden eyes look to some of the other onlookers and he actively recruits some of them, "You!" A clawed hand points at one of the drivers, "Over here and keep pressure on this wound. You!" To a woman on her cell phone, "No Pokemons here. Get over and talk to him. Don't stop talking until the paramedics get here. You," to an older woman, "Make sure he doesn't try to move if he wakes up." Because as much as he'd be willing to, Beast knows he can't stay.

The people look wary, but they do come take up the positions given to them, allowing him to rejoin Remy and Nate. The latter's own bleeding has him concerned, "Hey…hey, you all right?" A hand reaches out to place a hand on the man's back. "Can you make it to the van?" He'll offer his help if Nate needs someone to lean on.

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