Encounter in Central Park

July 26, 2016:

Astryd fixes a small problem and meets up with some new people

Central Park - New York


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Central Park. It's a nice park, lots of green space. It just happens to be a sort of magical nexus as well, attracting all sorts of interesting occurences.

Just over there, there's an overly large raven diving, wings back, into a copse of trees, as small projectiles are aimed towards it. As the bird disappears from view, there's shrieking and a few heavy thuds… and then silence.

Not long after that, a tall, stern looking, strawberry blonde emerges, putting something in the pocket of her jeans. Apart from the aura she exudes, the only thing remarkable about her is the graze on her cheekbone - like something hit her.

Samantha is by god determinedly trying to be normal today. She has on a pair of quite distressed jeans, sneakers, and a hoodie. The hoodie is a pretty generic <3 NYC ones that are common as pennies in this city. She smiles a friendly smile to the guy selling her a giant pretzel and cheese sauce. Stepping away from the vendor she takes a big bite and then carefully juggles it into the cheese dip for the next bite.

When the… incident happens by the gods she notices. How could she not notice. She just squints and looks over at the blond woman emerging from copse of trees. Almost stubbornly she takes another bite of pretzel. Of course she jut exxudes a wide variety of magic, limbo, necromancy, chaos, order… what the bloody hell. But look pretzel. Bite.

A small black cat wearing a tooth and fang covered leather color sits up in the branches of a large oak washing her paw. Yellow eyes blink in surprise when they spot the large raven. Her tiny mouth drops open when Astryd emerges with a cut on her cheek. Someone dares fire upon her Overlord's companion??
The little cat jump down from one branch to the next until she lands in the grass and then darts across the lawn towards the woman, pasuing momentarily to look in Samantha's direction before continuing on. As a cat she she's comfortable showing a bit more affection and concern than in her other form and she twines about the woman's ankles purring softly. Not her usual behavor but she's never seen Astryd taken unawares by a shot like that before. It certainly would have embarrased Shakira. She would have simply fled in shame after nearly beating the life out of whoever did it.

And then, there's the Muggle. Completely oblivious to anything unusual going on, Pepper Potts walks briskly across the park with her phone held to one ear and her heels held in her other hand (she's wearing a pair of simple flats). Why? It is honestly faster to walk aross Central Park (the narrow side) to get back to Stark Tower than it is to get a car to drive her back. And, she's getting some fresh air and exercise. Win all around, really.

Lots of things dare fire on the Overlords companion and today was just one in a string of things.

As the cat bounds towards her and twines around her ankles, the Goddess looks down, raising an eyebrow and then sighing. "Come on up then, little one. Unless you wish to change and we can speak." Her accent is a mix … it's not possible to place her.

Seeing Pepper passing, Astryd raises a hand "Well met, Pepper. It is a lovely day, is it not?" before her grey eyes land on the young woman who was just … staring, nearly challenging her to say something.

Through it all that aura doesn't dissipate and those who are not aquainted with the Valkyrie flow around her, leaving lots of room between her and them. Most Midgardians have a well developed sense of self preservation.

Samantha notes Pepper and the Valkyrie greeting her and then stubbornly takes another bite of her pretzel. Dangit this is her day off. Can this city go a day without some sort of fight or battle. She doesn't seem preturbed by the aura either. Nope she just dips her salted bread into her cheese dip and then takes a bite. Sullen teenager glare.

The little cat doesn't seemed bothered by it and crouches to jump up on the Valkyrie's shoulder. She settles there and peers over at the woman called Pepper with in inquisitive expression then glances over at the young woman with the pretzel again. That one smells interesting but doesn't seem to be causing any trouble.
Seeing Pepper approach, Shakira sighs, gives Astryd a tiny lick on the ear and hops down to change forms. She's slowly learned more manners in the months Astryd has known her. Though she often picks and choses which she wants to have, it's still an improvement. It would be rude not to speak when she can if the others are and Shakira doesn't care about appearing normal or not. "Hello." A muscled, tan skinned woman with blue eyes and long wavy black hair is suddenly standing beside Astryd. Her leather and bone collar is now a necklace and she's wearing a dark fur bikini top and bottom and nothing else. The woman nods politely at Pepper then ducks her head repectfully in Astryd's direction.

Normally, Pepper might have been too preoccupied by the phone call to notice people saying hello, even if they have cats perched on their shoulders. But then out of nowhere there's woman in a FUR bikini. Stopping dead, Pepper stares at Astryd and Shakira for a moment before saying into her phone, "I'll call you back." And then she hangs up on whomever that was.

"Astryd, hello." She tucks her phone into her bag, and in doing so notices Nyx out of the corner of her eye. She offers the teen a smile and a small wave, but doesn't otherwise impose on the girl. Pretzels are important, yo.

"Young people…" Astryd continues to watch Samantha with a slight look of amusement. She can sense the magic, but that's about it, a Valkyrie's magic is a little different.

"Ack!!" she brushes her ear where the cat just licked it and inclines her head to the woman when she finally appears. "I see you have learned some manners in the time you've been here, Shakira." Which is a probably a good thing. The last time hadn't been a comfortable meeting for the cat woman. "This is my friend, Miss Potts and this is Shakira." beat "Have not acquired other clothing yet?" Even the Valkyrie doesn't wander in her armour, these days its mostly tunic tops and jeans.

"Do you know her, Pepper?" The Valkyrie inclines her head towards Samantha "She seems … interesting."

Well there is a lot of mix, no Asgardian right now though in the mix with Samantha. She just inhales deeply and then sighs and walks over towards the other three woman, dipping her pretzel once more "Hey Ms. Potts." though she eyes the bikini former kitty girl with a tilt of her head. "huh." surprisingly maybe not focused much on the Valkyrie.

Shakira smiles a bit. Yes, she's learned many things. "I have. Sometimes I wear them but these are the only ones that change with me. I do not wish to lose the clothing I do have and people stare more if I am without any at all. My landlady has been helping me aquire things." The dark haired woman adds. "There is much more complexity to dressing here I think than where ever I came from."
She still remembers very very little and has begun to believe she probably won't regain those memories. Not having any idea what they are, it doesn't usually trouble her much. She's been making a new life for herself. Slowly, but surely. "It is.." Shakira pauses to find the right phrase. "A pleasure to meet you."

Pepper Potts smiles and nods graciously to Shakira, then takes on the task of introducing Nyx to the others. "This is Nyx. She and I have worked together before." She's polite enough to not explain exactly how. She does, though, get a mildly teasing glint in her eye as she asks Shakira in close to flawless Spanish, "Por casualidad , ¿eres originaria de Barranquilla en Colombia?"

Astryd's power is that of the Harbinger, the escort of the dead. "Pleased to meet you, Nyx. I am Astryd." The young womans interest in kitty girl has not gone unnoticed.

As Pepper asks her question, Astryd blinks but thanks to the All Speak understands her perfectly. "Ah Barranquilla. I spend time in that city, many years ago. I remember the day they finally established it as a town."

That was in 1813 for those paying attention and yet the Valkyrie doesn't look more than thirty.

"Many brave souls fought for Independence during that time." She grins sharply at Shakira waiting to hear how the shape shifter responds.

"What brings you all out on this fine day?"

Sam chuckles a bit at the clothing business. "Yeah tell me about it.. I shred outfits everytime I go outside it seems.. clothing can be real rough…" she shifts her attention to Astryd "Hi there… Nyx works I guess." she frows and takes another bite of her pretzel there. "Spanish.. interesting… " a shrug "Sooo… you taste wierd.. .. some sort of ..well not necromancy…" to Astryd.

Normally this would have gone over her head but Shakira works and lives at a tavern. She's been made very aware of another woman who shares her name. She rolls her eyes but grins in amusement. At least this woman knows the actual language from there and wasn't trying to make some lewd drunken pass at her. "You know, I've made much more money since I was shown those.. those videos. Dancing is fun." The cat turned woman grins and winks. She also appears thirty or so but honestly has no idea of her real age. "It is my day off and my bard friend works and lives in the shiny city so I came to the park. Shakira kinda blinks at Nyx. Astryd tasted just fine to her and she didn't see the young woman lick.. oh.. she must mean sense? A dark brow raises. "You scent of many things." She informs the teenager.

Oookay. So that backfired on Pepper a bit. She blinks at Astryd as she breaks out some interesting facts about the city of Barranquilla, and Shakira admits to capitalizing on the shared name. But, she accepts it well enough. It's the 'scent' comments that have her looking a bit baffled

"How are things with you, Pepper?" Astryds not met Tony and is unaware of the mans predilection to drive the CEO crazy.

Nyx's comments get a raised eyebrow. "I taste funny, mmmmm?" Well someone will be laughing with her about that. "And no, I am not a necromancer … " for a moment she meets the young womans eyes and holds them "You might know me as a Valkyrie, I suppose." She considered a demonstration but this might not be the place for it.

"As Shakira says, you are mixture of things…"

Samantha considers this "I… was not aware they are real. I'll update my notes on that…." she finishes her pretzel then offers Shakira a hand shake, hand extended. "I.. yeah I've eaten a lot of odd things lately.. not entirely sure what they are except tasty really."

"Oh, you know, busy as usu—" She's cut off by a chirp from inside her shoulder bag followed by a slightly muffed British voice.

"Miss Potts, my apologies, but Mr. Stark is insisting you return promptly. I suspect it has to do with the video conference scheduled in an hour." Pepper closes her eyes for a second before pulling her phone from her bag to talk at it like a walkie talkie. "I'm on my way, JARVIS. Please remind Tony that I'm no longer his personal assistant, and tell him not the green tie." She looks at the others apologetically. "I really should be going. It was good to meet you, Shakira, and Astryd. Nyx. We should meet for lunch or dinner sometime."

"Cats have a keener sense of smell." Shakira tells Pepper while watching Astryd glance around. She'd find it amusing to watch people scatter at a demonstration. "I do too even in this form." The brawny woman shakes Nyx's hand, careful not to grip too tight. Then blinks a bit. She's about to ask why Nyx would eat things if she didn't know what they were but, being new to this world she's done a lot of that herself. Maybe Nyx is from elsewhere too? That would explain her strange scent.
"I would like that." Shakira smiles at Pepper. There are two sure fire ways to make an instant friend of the feline woman. Compliment her and feed her. She's easy like that.

Astryds eyebrows couldn't possibly get any higher as JARVIS interrupts their conversation. "Be well Pepper." Astryd gives the woman her hand. One day she might hug, but that's not today. "Dinner sometime would be nice. After I've addressed the problem we have." Until then she's fairly tied up.

"You've eaten a lot of odd things, child?" The Valkyrie falls back to her old ways "There are likely many things that you don't realise are real. That may change over time. If you're lucky though, perhaps not." beat "Shakira, you said you have a friend who is a bard?"

Nyx nods to Pepper "Sure thing Ms. Potts. I'll call Jarvis and book a lunch." it is already happening invisibly though, calendar invite inquiries. Meanwhile Samantha looks to the Valkyrie "Oh, yeah I tend to inquire a lot of really odd things. I suppose with Limbo and Demons and … many other things being real I shouldn't be too shocked." she shifts and offers her hand to Astryd. "Bard.. like a musician?"

The feline woman brightens and nods. "We have had the breakfast of his land and he has been to see me dance. We talk on the telephones. His name is Israfel and he is very lovely. He has the.." Another pause as she searches for the right phrase again. "The voice of an angel. Truly."
She grins proudly. "I do not care for the train much but ride it to visit. He is worth it." Shakira nods at Pepper, glad that the electronic voice is no longer a thing that startles or upsets her. The first few times she'd seen cellphones had led to horrible misunderstandings. "I hope to meet you again."

Pepper Potts offers them all a last smile and wave, then walks off at one of those 'i really have somewhere to be' paces, talking into her phone again. "JARVIS, let me talk to Tony…"

Taking Nyx's hand and shaking it firmly, the young woman will feel the callouses on the Valkyrie's hand from her spear work. "Interesting. Demons and Limbo." Clearly she's heard of them and it doesn't bother her, although Nyx might have just put herself on Astryds watch list. Not that she bothers herself overly with the doings on humans.

"It is good you have found a companion, Shakira." The Valkyrie really doesn't smile but her features soften a little. "If his voice truly is so wonderous, I might like to hear it sometime. Maybe it will help me remember home."

Sam tilts her head and then steps back "You don't get to go home?" she looks thoguhtful then to the feline "Nice a singer… is he like in a band or anything?" she then looks to Astryd "wher is home for you?"

Shakira nods and smiles. "I.. remembered mine for a moment, some of it at least.." She grimaces slightly at the mention of bands. "I have found that the music in this land is rarely to my taste and no, he sings alone though he plays instruments as well. He is wonderous with both. He works as physcial therapist, helps people to heal." Shakira seems pleased byt Atryd's comment. It's taken her so long but she's finally made a few friends. Her prickly personality and catlike nature don't make it easy for her.

Sam gets an indulgent smile "You might say that. For now though, my home is here in New York." She won't go into details. It's long and confusing and given her memories were messed with, she's not sure what's true.

Regarding the two women, the Valkyrie rolls her shoulders, glances back at the copse of trees and then into the distance. "I must meet my companion and apprise him of what has happened. Whilst it's been a pleasure, I must away. Take care, young ones."

And with that, the stern Strawberry Blonde begins striding away.

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