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July 26, 2016:

Misfit is out stalking some dudes who seem to be up to no good. She prevents a mugging .. or worse but she isn't alone in the take-down. Poison Ivy?!?

Chelsea - Gotham

Pretty normal street in a relatively quiet (for Gotham) part of town. Transitions to alley.. horrible and dark like all Gotham alleys.


NPCs: Thugs and Victim



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Well it is a pretty nice neighborhood, as Gotham goes. I mean really there is no perfect place to live in this town that is crime free though. In this case Chelsea borders some pretty sketchy parts of town. Red Hook. The Cauldron. Waterfront. Arkham isn't that far either so they get the occasional escapee on a just broken free rampage.

So it is sometimes worth patrolling, which is what Charlie is out doing in her full gear. She has been stalking a small group of men that strayed out of Red Hook into Chelsea and seem to be up to no good. Sure profiling is probably not very kind, but these dudes have the look of trouble about them and also.. right right profiling but very little reason to be in Chelsae.

This bears fruit when she finishes racing along a roof top and leans over just in time to see the four toughts catch a pretty young college student near an alley. College… let's call her GSU is trying to offer up her purse and they are herding her into said alley having flashed a blade. .. ..

The thing about crime in Gotham? It's almost a textbook numbers game. There's plenty of it and Batman can only be so many places at once. Enough people get away with enough little things that the 'small-time' never dries up. Eventually those 'small-time' types push their way into big leagues, but that's another story. Those people that sit at the top, even without Arkham's reputation as an escapable prison for the talented it was about laying low at the right moment till the Dark Knight and those like him were looking somewhere else.

After her last breakout? Pamela had been doing just that. She'd been captured while trying to murder vandals who'd intended to burn down her old flower shop she'd been staying at and in the process of saving them Batman had flooded the building with weed killer, murdering her plants. She was pissed, but she was laying low for the time being, tonight naught but a solitary figure walking in a grey longcoat wrapped around her form and a hat pulled over her crimson hair to disguise her features. She was actually here to set up a little 'insurance' plan should she end up in the prison once more when the sound off the college girl's cries draw those green eyes towards the alleyway.

A frown on her lips, the woman begins to stalk her way over.

Charlie considers the angles… she doesn't want the guy to lunge and hurt the girl …so she has to do this more carefully than some of her outings. For a long moment she chews her lower lip with a fairly sharp looking canine then nods to herself "right.. vengeance time…." it is muttered very softly. She leans back into the shadows of the roof top and vanishes in the darkness.

Short moments later when GSU is backing past a dark nook where a two dumpsters create a gap the young crime fighter steps out of the shadows placing herself between the thugs and their prey. GSU lets out a startled scream, it is startling, and might be easy to mistake for other danger a foot.

Misfit ignores it… she looks a lot like batgirl but… way more well disarray.. the colors aren't quite right… the cowl has a floppy ear that never seems to go right.. the 'bat' symbol could be a bat or an M… just not right. "Soooo right then…. who is first eh?" she says it cheerfully and then cracks a big genuine grin, a sharp grin. .. .. The thugs hesitate.. it sort of looks like one of the bats and all.

Ivy on the other hand starts with a more subtle approach, with discount batgirl landing into the fray it's pretty easy for one to miss the subtle creeping of thin, fine vines snaking their way up the walls of the alleyway, spredding like a spider's web while Ivy herself approaches from the alley behind the men, a silhouette easily overlooked.

Those full red lips of hers pull into a smirk as she twitches her fingers and the vines begin to slowly encircle the legs of the would-be attackers. They probably would even notice just yet, unless they try to move…

They are pretty distracted by the knockoff batgirl in front of them to be honest and don't notice the vines yet. Charlie cocks her head and squints a little bit. "Right then…. since … I guess I get to pick then?.. " she adjusts her gloves, they look weighted… and just leaps at the first guy with the knife.


Misfit dodges to the right and then moves up and under to punch the guy in the face, even as she shoulder checks him with the same momentum twisting to take his knife.

The others snap out of it at this point and grab for their own weapons.. knife.. chain.. pipe.. they may have guns but that is loud and .. well it is four on one. Of course the vines are brought home when they lurch forward and all trip sprawling and.. well lead pipe lost his weapon at least.

"Cowards and Amatures," Ivy's words come from the darkeness, a voice as rich and seductive as the woman herself when she finally steps into the light. Pulling her hat from her head, the chlorokinetic villainess raises one gloved hand, snaking the two men upwards to hang dangling by their ankles and suddenly reduce the odds from four on one to two on two. "Preying on some young woman just because you think you're bigger and stronger? Pathetic…"

That has Misfit a bit surprised. She pauses for a moment holding the one thug by the arm, wrenched in a way that looks like it hurts. Hmm that lady looks familiar… the files she is always supposed to be studying but often has way to much fun not…. it will come to her in a moment….. pretty though… and then the thug punches her in her armored vest. "Oh.. rrrright" she growls a little and then twists and breaks the over-extended arm and then slams the guy into the dumpster hard enough to make the alley BANG…. then Charlie is leaping on the non-dangling thug. "Daaarrrk Vengeance!" she cackles, just a bit… the leap is almost more feral than marshal arts to be honest.…. .. Mauling is super effective she just pummels and trips the guy bouncing his skull off the alley floor….. her two down.

The dangling thugs … dangle flailing .. they recognize Ivy from the news at least. The one with a knife starts slashing at the vines trying to free himself. Lead pipe meanwhile starts stammering how sorry he is.

The man slashing with the knife? A sudden sound of a tense spring releasing and there's a small silver arrow stabbed into his hand, a cry of pain coming from the man's lips before his eyes roll back in his head and he begins to twitch. Is it really that suprising the small arrow was coated with some rather toxic venom? Stepping forward, Ivy's sleave of her coat remained rolled up, revealing the small crossbow on her wrist she casually collapses the limbs of with her fingers before stepping forwards towards the second man. "Hush now," she purrs, leaning down to the man hanging upside down. "Be quiet…"

With that, she oh-so-smoothly takes his face in her hands and places her lips to his. Perhaps it's even a slightly pleasent moment for the thug right before the venom takes hold and he begins to choke. By the time Poison Ivy snaps her fingers and both men are dropped to the ground by her vines? They're not moving. Her eyes turn now to the 'bat', but she simply looks the woman up and down. "Huh."

There is another SMACK noise as Charlie's fist connects with the guy on the ground, and then she kicks the gun he was trying to pull well clear. "Hah.. Bad boy!" She straightens up and is still grinning like a wild girl there. Yup canines be a bit sharpish. Batpuppy. Huh. Something.

The redheaded batgirl knockoff blinks behind her goggles and then cocks her head studying the figure in front of her. Misfit cocks her head to the side and studies the not moving men and then back to Ivy. "Oooh… you're Poison Ivy.. right?" her eyes flick to the guys again. She is no Batman but the belt does have an anti-toxin she thinks…. but her attention heads back to Ivy. Right focus on the danger.. supposed to be dangerous right… .. "Hi… are they.. um dead?"

"Not yet," Ivy shrugs, straight shooting her answer it seems as she rolls her sleeve down once more before looking the woman up and down. "You're…trying to be Batman…or Batgirl anyway?" she questons of Misfit before shaking her head. "Not the wisest outfit to be wearing in this city if you're looking to make friends. There's plenty out there that wouldn't are if they beat or killed a bat, as long as they could brag and pretend that they did…" Lifting her hat upwards, the woman places it back on her head. "Just some free advice." Seems pretty clear Ivy doesn't expect Charlie to try and arrest her. There's two men who need urgent medical aid there anyway.

Right. Sick men. Misfit looks up to Ivy and then down to the guys. "My name is Misfit." she notes "Also I can take care of myself… there are probably easier bats to kill than me truth told." she grins again crooked flashing that canine once more. "I'll pop in to see you later after I help these guys how about that? Good plan. Great." she kicks the guy who met the dumpster thumping him against it again, definitely not a gentle young woman. Then she is filtering through her utility belt for an anti-toxin wide spectrum. Still watching Ivy.

Girl may not be the most stable of bats either, but then who fights crime in costumes in Gotham and claims to be stable.

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