Night Out

July 26, 2016:

Girl's night out.

Midtown Manhattan

A pool hall in Manhattan


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A pool hall, somewhere in Midtown. Daisy, in t-shirt and blue jean chic, has just opened the door for Darcy, in a black pencil skirt and Doc Martins with an over sized knit throw over to her calves and a hand made (not by Darcy) striped knit hat on her head.

"After you Your Highness," Daisy offers a smile and moves to follow Darcy, who moves into the bar. She waves like Anne Hathaway in Princess Diaries.

"We are so thankful," says Darcy in a very bad british accent.

"Yeah well don't get used to it." She smirks and follows Darcy into the pool hall, looking about at those gathered and the decor of the establishment. "Nice. Seems to have attracted the cities finest. Is that guy even breathing?" SHe motions to a man who has his head down on the bar with a full beer in front of him. "They might want to check on him."

Daisy takes a few more steps deeper into the bar, trying to find an empty table to start their little night out. "I so need a shower right now."

Jesana is settled in a the left hand corner of the bar, on the opposite side of an empty table. Leaning with her back against the wall, she sits with her left arm resting on the counter, one tanned leg dangling loosely and the other drawn up to her chest with her leather sandaled heel resting on the edge of the stool. The native american is dressed in faded jeans shorts and a burgundy leather halter top. Her right hand holds a tumbler of dark liquor and she's watching a group of men playing pool with a mild expression of interest.
Warm brown eyes flick towards the women entering and then towards the man further down the bar and she grins. "He's breathing. Might not wanna stand downwind of 'im though." Her nose wrinkles slightly.

Darcy's green eyes slide over Passed-Out-Drunk-At-The-Bar, a brow quirking.

"Amatuer," she comments as her attention shifts to Jesana. Her bright red lips pull up into a grin.

"Wise words," she says as she ambles over to the bar near Jesana. She leans on the bar top, to look over the offerings and wait for Daisy to come over and order.

"Love the top, by the way," Darcy adds, attention once more on Jesana.

Daisy makes her way over to the bar, tossing Jesana a nod and a smile in response ot her words. "I'll take your advice." She offers a welcoming grin and then looks the woman over, replying now to what Darcy said. "So do I. Do you think I could pull that off Darc?" There is a slight pause in her words as she looks between the two women and casually adds. "I mean not literally. I don't want to pull it off, that would be…" She turns to the bar and quickly just blurts out an order to Darcy. "Um..anything bottled…and previously unopened."
Jesana smiles more brightly. "Thanks. Took forever to make and I've not managed to get the dye right for this shade of red again but it was worth the hassle." She pauses to listen to Daisy and then covers a grin by taking a sip of her drink. She doesn't seem like she'd mind such a thing very much.
"And sure, it'd look great on you. Leather usually does on a woman. It's a bitch when it's wet though." Such a pain in the ass to dry too. "It's not quite so bad here as it looks. Aside from a few of the people." Jes looks at the lump further down the bar. "No rats, not many bugs. No cases of food poisoning. At least, not this year." Jes points a thumb at the food inspection sticker in the window. Such things don't concern her but it's easy enough to read on Daisy and for most people a valid enough worry.

Evening on the the town. Well, not really a planned thing. MOre of a: "I need to get out from behind my desk" night out. Thus, Darcy and Daisy decided to head into town and hit one of the local bar and poolhalls. Darcy and Daisy find themselves standing at the bar, waiting for their drinks they just ordered to be served. Darcy is buying tonight. She lost a bet. Daisy did finish that report she had been avoiding about the previous days encounter.

Seated at a table by herself right now is Jesana, completely relaxed with one of her feet actually up on the chair beside her, The trio seems to be carrying on a conversation.

"People I can deal with. Not so much worried about them, but I will take your word for it that the food is free of rodent shit and I won't be spending a night in my bathroom." The beer she ordered is placed on the table and she brings the bottle to her lips for a small sip, lowering it and moving to sit down at the table with Jesana, actually turning the chair around and leaning on it's back with her elbows. "Daisy and this wonderful example of chic model meets grandmother's last knitting project is Darcy. She comes across a little brash, but you get used to it."

"You made that? … and it's leather?" Darcy is shinied by this, letting Jesana handle answering if the halter would look good on Daisy or not. She leans over toward Jesana to unapologetically touch the burgundy leather halter top being worn by Jesana. The sound of her name draws her attention again and she blinks as she looks up and away from the leather.

"Wha? WHo? I didn't do it? I mean. This aint my gramma's knitting! It's Moose's. Going away gift. she gave it to me at the last Stitch n Bitch I went to," Darcy says as she tugs her knit cap off her head, disheveling the bun, and hugging the beanie to her chest protectively.

Jesana grins and laughs. "I can't knit. I don't have the patience for it, wish I did. I'd knit some blankets for my kidlets. They get furs instead. I grew up on a farm and do a lot of hunting so I know how to process leathers and furs. It's just recently I've started working on making them into clothing instead of blankets or wraps.
She looks like an ordinary college age young woman and not a mother or an avid hunter, though she is a little more muscled than most. "I'm still limited to simple designs but I'll get better eventually." Jes continues. "I just never seem to have enough time to devote to all the things I want to learn.

Daisy gives Darcy a smile when she removes the beanie hat and clutches it before her. "There you go Darcy,..let that hair down a bit." She takes another sip of her beer and tosses her attention to Jesana as she mentions the fact that she was a hunter and had children. Did she just say she had kids? "Wait." SHe points at Jesana with a tilting of her beer bottle and shakes her head slowly. "You have kids? And you can still pull off that top?" There is another shake of her head and she murmurs to herself. "I hope I look like you after I have children. I mean if I ever /do/ have children that it. Not something I ever really given much thought to."

"Hey Darc…pull up a chair. You stand there long enough by yourself you are going to attract sharks." She glances around some of the men circling about. "Safety in numbers. Yeah, earned that early on."

Sticking her tongue out, Darcy shoves her hat into her purse. The hair stick holding her bun in place gets yanked out and tossed into the bag and the over sized sweater and professional suit jacket come off next, leaving Darcy in a simple white tank and black pencil skirt. …paired with Doc Martins… which has some Sailor Moon duct tape on one which seems to be what's holding a sole on to the shoe.

"WOrk out right after. lean you right back up. Hooligan's bod is smoking and her kid's almost old enough for the junior league," Darcy says while dropping her purse into a chair, dragging it and it's twin over to the table before grabbing a beer for herself from the bucket of a half dozen long necks she ordered from the bar not long ago.

"Safety in Mr. Tazer," Darcy corrects with a grin.

People entering and leaving the pool hall is completely normal. One woman who's just entered, though, seems a bit out of place. Kind of like seeing Princess Diana in a pub. Okay, maybe not that bad, but close. Said woman, dressed impeccably in high end business attire with the heels and hairdo to match crosses toward the bar to speak with the bartender there. The place's inconsistent lighting momentarily illuminates her strawberry blond hair, and after speaking with the bartender she settles onto a barstool and pulls an above-top-of-the-line StarkPhone from her shoulder bag to check something.

Jes smiles. She knows she's young for it, but she was meant to be a mother. "I do, yes. And I'm pretty active so it wasn't hard to get into shape again." Her eyes flick towards the men, a few edge a bit closer when Darcy starts getting comfortable. There's a moment of hesitation, Jesana likes these two new woman and doesn't want to frighten them off but she can probably head those morons off at the pass without anything more than a look. Or so it would seem to them but a familiar scent catches her attention and she looks towards the door.

"Lady Pepper!" Jes murmurs in surprise, watching as the woman moves to the bar and sits down. She looks taken aback at seeing her friend but it decides her. Those mouthbreathing cretins aren't coming anywhere near the woman. Jesana stands, waits til the men look her way and then just glares. She doesn't seem to do be doing anything else but even the passed out guy at the bar shifts nervously and mutters at the sudden overbearing presence of an angry predator about to strike. She's been told it feels much like what an ordinary person would feel upon seeing a rabid bear charging at them.

"There you go Darcy. There's our little office supply slut." It is clear from the smile and the wink that Daisy is truly teasing her friend and shakes her head at the mention of the tazer." Another sip is taken and her attention is then drawn to the woman entering who clearly seems out of place. What is a woman like that doing in a place like this? She looks all professional and such and there seems to be nothing professional about this place at all.

Daisy's eyes remain on the newly arriving woman, her glance focuses to the point of staring. It's a good thing her back is turned. When the men start to move in, Daisy's attention is then directed towards Jesana and her standing up. She actually moves her chair back a bit to allow the woman to pass, but it is not necessary. Jesana just stares and the men seem to change directions like scared little rabbits.

"You so have to teach me that. Whenever I stare at someone like that they think there is something wrong with me. I mean, they then leave me alone afterwards, so I guess the effect is the same." SHe shrugs once more and takes another sip of the beer. It is then that her phone goes off, vibrating in her pocket.

The beer is set on the table and she pulls her phone out, looking down at it and letting out an audible sigh and a biting of her lower lip. "I'm sorry. I need to see to this. Work stuff. And this work stuff can't wait til morning." She reaches for the beer and pounds the rest of it down, setting it on the table and smiling to Jesana.

"It was a pleasure to meet you. We should do this again. Lovely top. Kids huh?" She then turns to Darcy and nods once to her. "You good? I can arrange a ride for you? I can get Michaels to come down. He'll do anything I ask."

"Cool," Darcy says to Jesana's being a mom. Much respect; hard work that. She's just bringing the beer to her lips when Jesana murmurs and Darcy turns to follow her gaze to the bar. Means she misses the glare from Jes, but that feel of something unpleasant creeps along her skin. She skims across the low lifes in the bar who were eyeing Ms. Potts. Darcy frowns too, watching the men backing away.

"Hmm? Oh, Yeah. I'll be fine. Go. Do stuff," Darcy says to Daisy, smiling and collecting the bucket. She looks at Jes.

"Let's go give Pepper some company, yeah?" she asks, collecting her things with her other arm.
Pepper Potts might have her back to the other women (and the rest of the pool hall), but she's familiar with that 'mouse being stared at by a cat' sensation. She's felt it around a particular Old Wolf many many times. She tenses, though she's careful to not let it show, and she carefully puts her phone away and turns to look… and smiles when she recognizes Jesana. She would have been happy to see Fenris as well, but it's always great to see Jesana.

Turning and standing to more properly greet Jesana, and Darcy who's with her, hello!, she steps toward them both.

Jesana chuckles at Daisy and the feeling fades as she draws her power back into herself. "I'd love to. Be safe." She grabs her drink and moves to follow Darcy to Pepper's side, snagging a leather jacket from the back of the bench behind her. It's hardly jacket weather but it helps hide her knives and occasionally gun and it's not as if the heat usually bothers her.
"It's important to have good help. I've got a live in sitter. I end up away often for work but I'm home as much as possible. They're the best things I've ever done." Jes smiles again. "Lady Pepper. How are you?" Jesana moves to hug her and blushes faintly, remembering the last time she saw her friend. Pepper had been a bit stunned. Maybe she doesn't remember the whole naked bit of that battle.

"I'd love to meet them. Kids are great," Darcy is saying as she walks with Jesana to Pepper's side.

Pepper Potts shares a hug with Jesana and smiles a hello to Darcy. "It's good to see you both. How have you b—" About this moment, the bartender sets a takeout container on the bar where Pepper had been seated and she turns back. "Oh! Yes, thank you." And she promptly pays the man with a single bill, and that makes him all kinds of polite all of a sudden.

Scooping up the container, she looks at the two younger women with an apologetic smile. "I need to get this back to Tony. Will I see you again later?"

Jes snickers. Tony eating from here? She finds that incredibly amusing. "Yeah. You will, for sure. I actually have some more tea for you. I'll bring it by soon." She finishes her drink quickly and smiles at Darcy. "It was great to meet you, we should do this again. Maybe I'll bring the little ones next time. Just not to y'know, a bar. But I need to be getting back soon anyway so I'm off as well. Enjoy your drink." Jes seems to consider something a moment, looks over at the men again and then tugs a leather wrapped smoky quartz crystal from beneath her shirt. When she's sure several people are watching, the native woman winks at Darcy and Pepper and simply disappears from sight. That ought to scare those bastards into sobriety and some common sense. It's also a lot faster than the train back to Gotham.

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