Abandoned Building

July 25, 2016:

There's something tainting a Leyline in New York. Zee calls for help. Misfit and May arrive.

New York


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There's a strange feel to a Leyline near an abandoned building in New York, dark and tainted. Those that can feel it will feel it more like a stain, something seeping into the line as opposed to something being injected into it.

Zee's sent out the call to Primal Force to meet her. They need to find out what's doing this.

When people get there, the building will be dark - makes sense, right? It's abandoned - and Zee's standing in the shadows, watching.

Melinda May arrives perhaps a bit later than promised — she was still dealing with the post-mission stuff from earlier today. But, when she arrives, she does so in a car, mostly because when she tried to access the ley lines, they felt all kinds of wrong around here and she was about to take any chances.

Leaving the car parked a few blocks away, she walks toward where Zee's waiting, and offers the young magician a nod. She figures a more detailed explanation will happen once there are more people here.

Newp. Not doing it. The amulet is dope and Misfit totes appreciates the leyline sense for trouble. But neeeewp she isn't traveling the Leyline. Other people's teleports feel like someone is trying to turn her insides out.

So Misfit justappears by Zee, teleporting with a slash of pink and purple smoke to appear by her side "Sup" she whispers to Zee and May in her best Robin impersonation… though Robin doesn't usually say sup.

Of course Zee hadn't used the Leyline to get there. "Hey, you two. I guess you sensed it too?" Noting their arrival. Nodding to the building, she looks grim. "It's coming from in there. Whatever it is, it's polluting the line. We need to investigate and stop whatever it is."

There's a door at the front, one on the East side and a fire escape up the west side. "We can all go in together or split up, I can't pinpoint where the disturbance is coming from … but it feels stronger to the north east end of the building. What do you think?"

Melinda May is studying the building as Zee explains. "Have you noticed any sign of activity inside? If yes, we stay together. If no, we each take an entry point." She's inclined to promote the latter, partly because Misfit can make entering along the fire escape the matter of a moment's work.

Is actually pretty good like that. She cocks her head and then tap taps her finger against the side of her goggles and mutters something in Asgardian. There is a spark of chaos magic and her goggles sheen red and a faint ruby glow. "Checking for Magic." mutters Misfit. "I'm good on the seperate and then together.. I can bounce to you for backup at a moment's notice."

"I've not seen anything. No one coming in or going out of the building. Scrying has had limited effect." Zee responds to May, and nods to the doors. "I'll go in the front door, May you take the East. Misfit, the fire escape. Use your pendulums to communicate."

Misfit detects a miasma of dark energy … magic? Well, yes… but it seems strange.

As Misfit hits the fire escape, she'll find a door on the first landing. She'll need to work at it, or you know she can just bounce. May, on the East side finds a locked door - she's going to have to work at that but she'll get in. Zee opens the front door - it's not locked and strides forward …

Melinda May nods to Zee and heads toward that East entryway. It does indeed take her a moment — her lockpicking skills have had less practice of late — but then she's inside quietly enough. I'm in, she sends to the others via her pendulum. Does the corruption in the local ley line cause distortion in the communications? Hopefully it doesn't.

Charlie gives Zee a jaunty little salute and then vanishes with a slash of smoke, reappearing up on the fire escape by the door. Lucky she isn't fat with all the hard work she skips. She eyes the door and well there could be the abyss on the other side.. so she palms some picks and works the door in short order before carefully slipping inside, checking for traps.

No traps on either on door, the two women find themselves inside. What hits them the most is the smell… putrid, it smells like death.

They'll both need light to navigate and pick their way through the gloom but all they have to do is follow their nose.

Both May and Misfit will hear the skittering of small creatures … particularly as light chases away the shadows. Soon they find themselves in the north east quadrant of the building and the smell is overwhelming … as they move and their light shines out the reason soon becomes clear. Bodies, at least a dozen, litter the room that they enter. A quick inspection, even in the gloom, shows puncture marks on their throats, wrists and ankles.

That's when the shadows move and something looms, exuding fear … trying to paralyse our heroines.

The smell of death is something no one can ever truly get used to. But May's at least got some practice at not letting on how badly it disturbs her. She checks one of the corpses, and then that feeling of dread — an unnatural sensation — crawls over her. Just as fast, her butterfly swords are in her hands. Because her response to being scared is to fight first.

Charlie pauses at the darkness and keys her goggles into the right settings to amplify the red light they are already giving off. It gives her a red tinted world view but she takes time to fix the sight issues.

Sight addressed Misfit heads in and ends up in the same room as May and the looming fearful critter. For .. many reasons though she doesn't collapse in fear. Some oof it may be crazy chaos but she cocks her head. "Really… looming… I mean.. seriously… you need to accentuate it with some sort of Rawr.. of hiss… I mean… like" she clears her throat "Dark Vengeance!" and hissssses even as she teleports and launches herself at its back.

The corpse that May inspects indicates little blood spillage. The word that comes to mind might be exsanguinated.

The shadow loom on May, stinking of the grave. As the light catches its features she'll see large yellow fangs and as a hand, with large yellow fingernails rakes at her… she'll need to be quick.

Misfits jump puts her on its back and one of its hands reaches back, trying to claw at the woman on its back.

Vampires. The word comes across the Pendulums. Clearly Zee is busy for the moment. It's the only warning the other two are going to get.

Melinda May jumps back and slashes at the creature as she does so. Her blades ARE freshly oiled, so that should help. As (hopefully) will drawing on her pendulum to give her a bit of an edge against this way faster than human creature.

Misfit cackles madly as she holds the vampire, one armored arm around it's throat and gets a piggy back ride. "Arooooo!" sure her armor may have some claw marks but she seems to be having fun. Also she probably /smells/ terrorfying to the poor vampire. Wolfy in a very bad bad way. "Oh right…. fire." she teleports off the vampire and then appears out of reach in front of it. "Mmmm let's see… … .. FUEGO!" her hands twisted in a configuration in front of her as the brat throws a ball of chaos fire at it.

Mays pendulum glows and her blades slash, catching the creature across its neck.

At the same time, the creature breaths in and panics … it scents Misfit and doesn't like it. Trying to throw the Chaos Muppet to the floor, it bucks and spins … and catches fire, throwing its head back and bellowing. Leaving the way open for May … or Misfit … or both.

Melinda May is a bit preoccupied with the vampire in her face to see what is causing Misfit to cackle and their adversary to make THAT sound. And, because she knows a window of opportunity when she sees one, she takes that moment to try and properly decapitate the thing. THere aren't many creatures that get back up from that, after all.

Charlie feels she did her part.. next thing you know she is standing of a ways behind May dusting off her gloves and checking the claw marks in her armor. I mean May .. could be still battling that flamig vampire.. swish.. but Misift is busy checking herself over.

The Vampire, clearly not a master, drops to the ground in a flaming heap sans its head. The head that is rolling away … "Aieeeeeee" the call is blood curdling … and no, this isn't Buffy where they explode in a puff of smoke. The effects are rather more gruesome than that.

That's when Zatanna joins them, covered in gore and ash. Her hair is plastered to one side of her face and she looks around. "He's the last one. Spread out we need to search." Of course, if Misfit needs to bounce, she'll understand.

As they look around the room, they find several bodies. All exsanguinated. All decaying. In the corner there's a pile where the corpes have been piled. As each of the women approach, they're pendulums pulse gently … the deaths of their innocents is having an effect.

Melinda May takes a moment as Zee is arriving to pull the bag if oil-soaked cloth from her jacket and dump its contents onto the vampire's body, then brandish a small butane lighter to set that alight. Not taking any chances here. "Zee, here." She puts away the lighter then offers the magician a small silver hip flask. Zee probably knows it already, he uses it to carry holy water.

Misfit ponders studying the room "I say we burn the whole building to the ground… all the bodies.. everything." there is a pause "Vampires are so icky."

"We might need to, Misfit." Zee sighs looking around the room and then to the pyre. "They were people though and … " she breathes softly. "… their families might be looking for them." There's a 50/50 chance of that. Some of them, at least, would be homeless.

"Ultimately, I would like to look around but we don't have the luxury." taking the hip flask from May she looks to the Agent and pours some over her hands to cleanse them. The rest … will have to wait.

The search of the room reveals a small journal in one corner. They don't have time to review it now, but May can take it.

"Let's go." the Mistress of Magic speaks dully as the fire from the Vampires body brightly and starts to catch the corpses of those that remain.

This building will be guttered by morning.

Melinda May scoops up the journal and nods to Zee, then leads the way out. Once they're safely outside she'll call in to SHIELD to notify them about the building, so that the burn can be controlled. And allowed to burn.

"It was nest, May. Another one. Most of those were youngsters, freshly turned." Zee murmurs as they watch the building burn. "Somethings driving them to turn others… keep an eye out? There'll be more. Particularly in Steel City. Most Nests I've been watching have been deserted for there."

The burn on the building will be controlled and thanks to good PR, the burn will be reported as vagrants trying to warm themselves - even on this balmy summer night.

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