HYDRA Social Club

July 24, 2016:

Seeking intel from an elite social club in New York, Jericho brings backup and it's a good thing.

New York


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Bullets bounce off concrete as Jericho takes over in an alleyway across the street from a New York financial district tower. He checks his camera feeds projected onto his HUD. Six shooters, three on the rooftop of the apartment complex next to the tower and another three moving up the street toward him. Classic flanking maneuver.

"Been a little while since this happened…" The soldier-turned hacker/cyborg mutters as he produces a heavy looking revolver and loads it.

It has been. HYDRA, the branches of it that he deals with at any rate, has largely moved from brute force methods to more backroom and behind-the-scenes ones. Arguably that's actually more dangerous since HYDRA has always been about bringing directed, lasting changes to the fabric of society and it's a lot easier to sell people on that when they think it's not being forced upon them. People resist force. Influence by it's nature is much more subversive.

Apparently they haven't completely abandoned the brute force approach though. When he'd come to investigate the records of the social club housed in the 40th floor of this building he'd been greeted and - sadly - recognized by several suited guards armed with compact automatic weapons. The same ones shooting at him now.

"Is it me or is their aim getting better?" He asks no one in particular.

Better trained. Better armed. This is what happens when you don't hire thugs off the street. Scrolls across his HUD.

"Shut up and get me a targeting solution, Maxwell."

"Really, Jericho…" a dark haired woman appears out of nowhere beside and somewhat to the left of the demontainted hacker, ducking behind what little cover is offered. "When you said you wanted assistance, I expected to be greeted by mystical defenses…" Zee's dressed as usual in all black leather the only colour - her diamond encrusted collar and the emerald pendulum at her hip.

Eyes glowing, blue energy dancing up her arms, she shakes her head for a moment "I suppose I should be thankful these aren't the ones after me for what I took." As the blue energy is drawn back down into her hands, the Mistress of Magic speaks in that backwards way of hers and sends a blast of air at two of the gunmen nearest her - aiming to knock them from their feet so she can then disarm them.

Since Trent had asked, May was more than willing to oblige his request to go after some HYDRA people. It ties in quite nicely with what Fury added to her list of things to deal with. And today, she brought an extra pair of hands well.

Ducked behind a different set of cover from the hacker (and now Zee), May as her ICER in one hand and her 1911 in the other. The blades are staying concealed for the moment. She takes a quick peek around the corner, and if one of the gunmen didn't get knocked over by the blast of air, she'll take a shot with her ICER. And she's not nice. She aims for exposed skin. Like the face.

An extra pair of hands indeed. Daisy really needed to make herself more buy or at least appear to be so. However, when Agent May askes you to accompany her, you drop everything an accompany her five minutes before she asked you to do so. And now Agent Johnson finds herself ducked behind minimal cover as well, actually almost lying down on the ground as she leans against a hotdog cart long since vacated by its operator.

In her hand she also has an icer, and at her him a more traditional pistol, yet to be drawn. She peaks out from behind her cover and catches a glimpse of the two men falling victim to the air blast and like AGent May awaiting to see what stands if any of them afterwards. "More above across the street Agent May. Not sure how many."

The shooters on the roof are in good cover and using German MP-5 series weapons with extremely shortened barrels. May strikes one of her targets and Zee's air blast gives the hacker a chance to spin out of cover and fire at the group approaching up the street. His pistol makes a crack sound that most definitely doesn't sound like a bullet being fired.

The results aren't bullet-like either. The guard struck has a hole seared into his chest and out the other side. He falls, twitching as the other two scatter to both sides of the street.

"Cover me."

Trent breaks into a run and slides to cover behind a parked car. Bullets spray nearby but the shooters who are supposed to be keeping him pinned down are busy with the sudden arrival of help.

"Cover him, he says…" Zee doesn't glance back over her shoulder at May. She knows the Agent is there and watches as the other gunmen fall.

How Zee fights now, is very different to how she used to. As the bullets spray, the young mage speaks again and gestures, deflecting what projectiles she can with a short sharp bursts of magical energy. While she does, one of her hands gathers more blue energy to her, depending on how the others go, she's got a few more tricks up her sleeve …

Melinda May glances at Johnson, gestures with one hand for the younger agent to go around the other side, and fires at the shooters with her ICER — just one round, only have so many — while making a dash for the next likely cover area. She kind of almost wishes they were someplace other than in the middle of this urban mess. Here she doesn't feel at all comfortable drawing from the ley lines. They just seem unreliable.

The order from Agent May is recieved and Daisy does not delay in following through with the order, dashing out from behind the hot dog cart and drawing her pistol, ending a few shots up towards the shooters from the roof. It is more of a blind aiming, hoping to at least get them to keep their heads down long enouggh for everyone to move.

She manages to duck and weave herself across the street and into another alley, scrambling for the fire escape ladder of the apartment complex. It would appear that she is going to try and make it to the roof herself as she can be seen running as fast as she can up the stairs and ladders.

Another shooter on the ground breaks cover to move into a better position. They're doing it quite well really. Moving in pairs and providing cover fire. It's not quite good enough though. Trent spins out of cover and catches the runner mid stride, dropping him where he stands with another blast from that modified pistol. Then he's moving as well, closing the distance rapidly while the now lone shooter on the ground reloads.

May catches another one on the roof, leaving one. That one stops focusing on Zatanna, which doesn't seem to do any good, and opens fire on Skye. Short bursts right at the ladder. It's gonna get hot for the younger agent up there but if she moves fast she'll make it to cover.

Deflecting bullets with magic takes precision and focus. It's something she's been practicing for a while, bullets and swords in fact, but even with her immense power and talent, this type of casting takes a toll. Zatanna is tiring.

With Jericho clear and Skye taking the focus from her, Zee gets the break she's been looking for and she speaks again, backwards and quickly. A signature Zatanna combat spell - she's going to 'sleep' these agents if she can.

Melinda May can't help but notice the gunmen starting to focus on Johnson, and also fires up at them again to give the young Agent a bit more room to maneuver. She uses the 1911 this time to make sure they know she isn't kidding around. And if she actually manages to shoot one of them in the face? oops. Darn. So sad.

She expected to be fired on. It was nothing new for her, at least it took the fire off those across the street so they could deal with what remained on the lower level. As the bullets rain down on her, Daisy presses herself closer to the wall and angled berween an airc condtioning unit that begins to take fire and ceases to work after two or three shots. Her eyes peak out and up a moment having caught some time from Agent May's firing catching a glimpse of the man above.

It was not her intention to use her power not here in an urban setting, the collateral damage risk is simply to high. However, from where she stands, the decision is made that she might be able to get away with it with nothing more than a few shattered windows. The gun is set down and she steps out, hands before her and focuses a blast of seismic energy at the man firing down on her. There will no doubt be sounds of shattering glass, but it is her hope that it neautralizes the threat.

It's the masonry, actually, at the top of the roof that shatters and rains brickwork and concrete down on the sidewalk below. The sleep spell may have done something but between teh bullet and the seismic blast it's hard to tell. The last gunman on the roof pitches back and then tumbles down the sudden void in his cover down to the street and behind a car.


Jericho makes contact with his victum and actually slams him down behind his cover. May and Zee can see his arm rise and fall several times.

The hacker is the only one that emerges, wiping something off the butt of his pistol.

"Seems to be all of them."

"Whoa…" Zee watches as Skye causes render to shower down on the street. If she'd been quicker she might have been able to slow the gunmans fall … but she wasn't.

Wrinkling her nose as Jericho appears, wiping goodness knows what from his pistol. "Well that's a good thing." she says wryly, surveying the area carefully. "What was it you were looking for here? They seemed to be expecting you."

Melinda May steps out from behind cover at the crunch. That was the last of them. She doesn't bat an eyelas at the man who fell or what ever Jericho is cleaning off of his pistol. She knows better than to ask, and likely she's seen worse herself. "We need to gather what intel we can while we're here."

Not even that was expected from Daisy, quite clear that she is still figuring out exactly how to harness her ability. After the edge of the roof and the man come raining down on the street below, Daisy collapes on the fire escape, breathing heavily. A face appears in the window beside her and she gives it a weak wave before the blind is drawn hastily. Eventually she makes her way down the fire escape and across the street to where the others are gathered. "Sorry…" A pause to catch her breath. "I paniced." She looks at the carnage of the others around her, looking then back to the others. "Well, that ended….well."

"The intel I was hoping to gather is up there. It's related to the business dealings of a few of the members of the local rich folks social club. All hail the new HYDRA, for the board room as well as the battlefield." Jericho gestures to the tower with a wry face. It's after hours here and the Financial District kind of shuts down after five but even with the cyborg hacker wiping any camera footage of the fight they just had, there'll be authorities here shortly. May might be able to spin her presence here as an anti-terrorist operation but it's probably not a good idea for Jericho or Zee to be connected to anything quite this… murkey.

"I'll have to try for it later. They'll have locked it down by now. A couple of these guys might be alive if you want to detain them though."

Even as a contractor to WAND, Zee's still careful about where she's seen and a gun fight at the O.K downtown of New York? Probably not a good idea.

"Let me know when you want to try again." the young mage rolls a shoulder as she offers "Anything that upsets HYDRA is good in my books." And if it keeps their focus off her father, all the better.

"May, you know how to find if you need more help. Daisy, wasn't it? A pleasure. Nice trick there…" she means the seismic blasts.

When Jericho leaves, she won't be far behind him. It's a good thing, having her magic back.

Melinda May nods to Trent and Zee, then look at Daisy once she's back at ground level. SHe's calling in the teams on standby to clean up their mess and take people into custody. The more intel they can get, the better.

Daisy has been walking about, idly checking and nudging the bodies with her foot that she comes across. There is no movement from any of them, that is until she gets to one of them that was ICED by May. "Agent May…this one might be able to talk." She looks down at him again and then softly adds. "Well in a little while at least." She makes her way back over to the group again, a nod and a smie given to Zatana. "It was great to meet you… I would have liked for different circumsatnce but…"

"If you need any help..I mean not that you do…you know gathering that technical intel…you know where to find me." These words directed at Jericho.

"I know where to call." Jericho nods to Daisy. Truth is she may wind up involved anyway given SHIELDs reorganization and re-orientation. "That is, if May doesn't drag you off to something weirder." And there is so much weirder on May's plate it's not even funny.

"I'm hearing police being dispatched from the closest precinct so that's my cue." He gives May and Daisy a wave then heads back on down an alley. If anyone looks in a minute or so he'll be gone.

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