A Rocky Meeting

July 24, 2016:

Power Girl finds a half-naked girl sitting on some rocks in the middle of the night. Her good deed doesn't go unpunished.

Lower East Side, NYC


NPCs: None.



Mood Music: [*https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oKPhGHAdqk0 Beethoven's Piano Sonata No.14 ("Moonlight")]

Fade In…

Twilight has given way to night time and the moon shines down through clear skies on calm evening seas, creating an iridescent field of glass that stretches out from the Big Apple's beaches and harbors. Little buoys and evening ships form pin-pricks of light that mark its horizon, and a soft airy melody drifts on the salty wind from a distant, rocky outcropping barely in sight of shore.

Sitting on the cut and tattered remains of her jacket, a girl is sitting alone and almost naked playing a plastic flute. Her skin is an endless oil black that disappears all too easily in the dim light, contrasting the off-white plastic of her instrument, and in the warm evening air there's only a similarly-black pair of underwear keeping her modest - not that she need worry much this far out and this late. With her ankles daintily submerged in the lapping waves and a river of fine black hair running all the way down her back to kiss the water, she looks something like the sirens of legend.

Power Girl makes it a point every now and then to take a break from her daily routine and patrol the city for any signs of trouble. To see who she could help. Although she'll never admit it, she rather relishes a break in the middle of the day and there's nothing quite like the rush of wind in speedy flight to rejuvinate her from a series of meeting that can be quite dull and mind blowingly backwards. On this particular outing she spots the girl who seems in disarray and swoops down towards her, "are you alright? Do you need some assistance?" She asks in a rather commanding tone, force of habit.

"Wah!" The would-be nymph jumps in surprise and falls clean off her rock, slipping beneath the water with a splash. A few seconds later her head breaks the surface and orange cat-eyes sweep around until they notice Power Girl's silhouette. Despite appearances, she lacks the feline night vision, as well as their eye-shine.

Two orange orbs look up at PG from the surf. "Who - and what - are you?" She asks in bewilderment, her voice young and light.

Realizing that despite her intent to assist, she may have wound up scaring the woman who may well be in trouble, Power Girl doesn't come any lower. She remains hovering where she is, just a little off ground, as she looks towards Nerina in the water, "I am Power Girl…I'm sorry if I misjudged, but you looked like you might be in trouble? Did anything happen to you?"

"Yeah, yaponskiy," the cat-eyed girl grumbles, draping one arm against the rocks to steady herself but not climbing back up just yet. "Power Girl? You have a very empty name. What do you do more than fly?"

Power Girl crosses her arms over her chest, a scowl shaping on her face, she's not amused when coming to help someone, she winds up insulted. "Yes, Power Girl. I didn't ask what you think about my name," Power Girl snaps, perhaps hinting she's not going to discuss her choice of codename. "I can do whatever I want," she decides not to be specific, "enough to help people in need. But if you're not in need, then you don't really need my help. I guess I'm sorry I bothered you." Yup, it always seems easy when Superman does it. Somehow, that's never the case for Power Girl.

"You 'heroes' do that a lot," the girl remarks coolly, unphased by Power Girl's reply as she pulls herself back out of the water with graceful ease and seats herself again. She brushes her hair back behind her head and it falls back into its river-like flow as easily as if it'd just been blow-dried. The heroine is ignored a little longer as the orange-eyed girl shakes water out of her flute and blows a wet, screeching note to clear it more thoroughly.

"You're never here when you're wanted, but always here when you're not."

"Do we?" Power Girl asks, her irritation quite evident in her tone of voice, she's not even bothering trying to mask it. She winces at the unfortunate sound of clearing the flute, which to her sensitive ears sounds all the more torturous. "Terrific, I guess that's a suitable punishment…next time, why not cry for help?" She asks, looking like she ponders smacking the poor girl for a moment, before whirling in the air, her cape swinging behind her as she snaps, "well, sorry I couldn't be of better assistance…maybe next time I won't be busy getting my beauty sleep while innocents suffer," she clenches her gloved hands into fists, and starts to take off, not wanting to get to a point where she does something she'll regret simply because Nerina is getting on her nerves.

The girl smiles quietly once Power Girl turns away. "There is no use crying when no one listens," she responds casually.

"Heard that! I do listen!" Power Girl screams back at the girl as she flies away, though by that point she might be too far away to make her point, she was really quite irate with Nerina.

The girl doesn't acknowledge Power Girl's reply - as the heroine floats away she's already returned the flute to her lips. The the first few notes come out a little wet, a melancholy tune soon follows Power Girl into the air, quiet but hanging on long, phrase-ending trills heavy with emotion.

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