Outsiders No More

July 25, 2016:

Nathaniel approaches Starfire and Roy to talk about the future, or the lack of it

Starship Starfire

The living quarters of the Starfire


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It is fairly late in the evening when Nathaniel finally got out of his improvised lab by the cargo bay to grab some late dinner by the galley. Along the way he verifies Kory and Roy are onboard, and sends them a brief call asking for them to meet him at the living area. He arrives a minute late, with a quickly vanishing sandwich. The young man is wearing his armor sans the helmet.

"Well, you heard him, he wants to see us," Roy comments, as he snatches his daughter up from where she'd been playing the Princesses and the Dragon. Take a wild guess who was the dragon.
Putting Lian on his shoulders without regard for her protestations, Roy Harper winks at Kori, before heading down the corridor. The protesting Lian can be heard drumming her hands on Roy's head exclaiming "PUT ME DOOOOOWN!"

When they finally arrives, Lian has been rescued from Roy's clutches by her fellow princess, but the dragon is giving chase to the princesses. Roy slows down, flashing a smile, turning all serious as if he hadn't been doing something so utterly ludricious. "Yo, Nathaniel. What's up? We looking to kick off another King Kang off his throne this time?"

Snatching Lian up from Roy, Kori spins, lifting them both lightly off the ground much to the squeeing joy of Lian before they finish the chase down the hall to the living area with the 'dragon' at their heels.

Though when Nathaniel enters after them those pupilless emerald eyes shift to him, the smile never fading even though the game is momentarily paused, though Starfire is dressed up like Princess Jasmine, except the flowing gauzy pants are of purple as well as the strap of top that X's across her chest, red hair hanging in a long braid down her back.

"Hey now, I wouldn't mind a peaceful trip back to Ancient Egypt."

Nathaniel pauses in his sandwich-munching to see the pair arrive with Lian in tow. “Hello, Lian,” he greets, finding a place to sit down. “Well, really. I suppose am looking to kick off all the Kings and Kangs. Remember the meeting I had with the redhead at the university? Rachel. She is also from another time.”

"Ahhh, isn't that adorable?" Roy can't help but reply. "You called us in here to announce your impending nupitals or something?" Leave it to Kori to explain what nupitals are, Roy has to keep going. "I'll tell ya something, us redheads are temperamental, so just nod your head and go with the flow."


Kori does not have a clue what Nathaniel and Roy are discussing, or who. So she just remains with Lian, sprawling onto a couch to let Lian undo and redo the long braid.

"Is she betrothed or is it a must do wedlock so that our futures are saved? But does it work like that?" A puzzled look on Kori's face as fingers seem to be pointing somethings out in the air and crossing. "Not if the future does not know what the present…Or, will it fix the future…. Do you love her??"

Yep, Kori's lost.

Nathaniel smiles without humor, although he will have to agree about redheads. “Well, Rachel certainly is temperamental…” he admits. “But unfortunately we did not meet for pleasure. She had drawn my attention to the bleak future just around the corner. I did a psycho-historical analysis and the results were quite unpleasant.” And he won’t go into details with Lian around. “I can show you the analysis later, mostly I wanted to ask you two to help me with a long term plan to change history.”

"So… no wedlock to save the future?" Roy asks, grimacing. "Aw we -coulda- have had a bachelor party. I dunno who we could've get to pop out of a cake though… K'tten maybe…? Oh well…"

Waving a hand off, Roy glances back at Kori, then at Nathaniel. "Well, we were -just- trying to avoid changing the past, and here we are talking about changing history. Except, if I learned anything from Star Trek, it's that we'll probably just create a new timeline, right? You sure 'bout this?"

Nathaniel's look towards lian makes Kori sigh. She knows most of what they do is not 'princess' friendly and a press to her comm is one to herald Orn and prep him to amuse a tyke. Lian. Who is eyeballs deep in Kori's red hair, lost in it as she tries to figure out how to braid it back together.

"I can do it! But theres soooo much…!" Lian protests from the depths of Starfire's hair while little fingers seem eaten by the strands.

All the while Kori is watching Nathaniel with a speculative assessment and an arch in brow. Emphasis to Roy's inquiry. "So, no wedding? But you think what we do now will do better then what we did then?" A flick of tawny fingers in directions and Kori sighs, said fingers splaying over her face and rubbing upon temples.

"How will this help us -now-? What do you want of us… Now?" A glance to Lian and Kori seems to relent, it is -her- history they will change.

"What guarantees do we have this will not end in tears?" Let's hone in Bartok and just out with it. Though on that note Orn arrives, the door sliding open for his entry and his silent wait is sign enough.

Nate tries to imagine K’tten jumping off a cake. Probably armed to the teeth. It doesn’t work, Roy!

“Lets leave talking about my love life for later, alright?” He smirks to Kory, too. “But you are right, Roy. It will be an alternate reality. Or rather, it would lead to a statistically improbably reality, but not a paradoxical one. The important thing is it will be a reality where your daughter grows to be a woman in a democratic, free America,” he glances to Kory, and then to Roy. “Because otherwise, you better pack and move to Vega. It would be much safer than Earth in a few years.”

"Hngh… don't tell me, the first thing you want to do is get G. Gordon Godfrey off the airwaves. That, or do something about the people running for the US Presidency," Roy sighs.

Leaning over to ruffle Lian, Roy comments, "This is going to be a pain in the butt. Go play with Orn, will you?"

"Ok, Daddy! Can I ask K'tten to pop out of a cake?"

"… not if you want Daddy to live. In fact, forget I ever said anything about -that-."
"What if Orn pops out of a cake?"

"… Kori, help."

Kori lets that reflective gaze of green slide from Roy's pleas to that of Nathaniel. The mention of Godfrey makes her tense, the shoulder muscles beneath the fan of red hair evident, even that of sharp nails biting into upholstery. She needs to take her agent up on the offer and get on this magazine…

"Who does not want him off this planet?" Trick question, he has a rally of followers - a mob of them…

But Lian comes to fall in that gaze and Orn is given a brief nod to take the child, although pause when him coming out of a cake is mentioned.

"I will come out of the cake, little princess, but you two have to bake it. Make it… BIG." Lian happy squees, bursts from the mane of flames and skitters up orn like a happy pint sized squirrel-human and points towards the kitchen with a mission in mind.

"Princess Kori and Princess Lian…." Facepalm…

"Vega is no safer right now. There are others that can destroy and eat planets out there… Trust me, I know." A deep breath upon a sigh and Kori perches chin upon palm, watching them in her sprawl of knotted mane.

"I swore Earth as my home this time. I brought my family here. We are survivors, warriors…. And we do not make oaths lightly. Earth is Ours. Lay it out, Nathaniel."

The words lost all play, they are Kori as the warrior princess she really is… Save the Princess Jasmine costume.

Nathaniel snickers at Lian and Orm’s exchange, waving at the child as they leave. Then he turns to the other two, looking more serious. “Then we cannot be Outsiders anymore. We have to step forward and take a major role in the incoming events. I have been talking with some heroes affiliated to SHIELD. I am going to give the organization my full support and try to steer them so they are ready for the troubles ahead. And we are going to form a very public, very strong super-human team working under SHIELD’s aegis.”

"Uh, SHIELD and I probably wouldn't get along very well," Roy responds, pointing out something. "I'm still working for the DEO, and honestly, I think, it's better to stay there, unless you're suggesting I do something like, well, be DEO's liaison," Roy points out, after kissing Lian goodbye.

Thinking for a moment, Roy frowns. "Besides, given conditions in the US, you really think people like Godfrey would trust any UN-group?"

Nathaniel hrms. “Actually selling the idea you are DEO’s liaison would work great. The DEO is part of the problem, though. While SHIELD can be part of the solution. As for Godfrey… hmm, mayoral candidate? I should try to profile him. If he is just going for mayor his influence would be rather local and therefore mostly irrelevant. But if he is part of a pressure group, then he is also part of the main problem.”

"Nathan, buddy, I've got to introduce you to cable tv shows. Godfrey's one of those big-mouthed talkers," Roy responds. "They're even more annoying than politicians, because they never actually have to back up -anything- they say. But uh, let's leave Godfrey for another time. Besides, I dunno how to break it to you, but if you're going to say the DEO is part of the problem in earshot of anyone like Godfrey or Congress or anything, you're going to get a hell of a lot of resistance. Godfrey is tapping into something -primal- here that's not going to be solved that easily. Confronting it might be good… but it'd be better done if it doesn't -look- like it's part of, well, some sort of Globalization effort. Nationalism runs pretty strong here, you know."

Nathaniel nods. “I know. I will have to work on several levels. I am quite sure this kind of nationalism is merely a smokescreen and there are groups behind to benefit of it. Pretty much the same for most of the anti-mutant, anti-meta movements. My analysis reveals powerful international business organizations have the most to gain from the societal upheaval.”

He pauses, as this is going into too much detail right now. “Look, one of the measures we can and should take immediately is to create a group of people able to tackle major super-human threats that has firm international backing. The Justice League did not have it, and they are going down, the DEO is going to take them apart. The Avengers will have SHIELD’s backing, though, and the United Nations through it.”

Starfire stretches, almost on queue with Roy's notation of 'primal'. As well as with that of the mention of the DEO, who tried to recruit them along side Bridge for SHIELD.
Fingers curl over the edge of the cushion and her back arches, a rising motion of the big-cats stretch before legs thrust forward in a lithe motion of acrobatics that leaves her sitting cross leggd before them, pulling the mess of hair over her shoulder and combing through it with fingers.

"I know diplomacy and what you call 'democracy'. My people tried to play nice, to the point…" A gesture to self and then out into space, in the direction Tamaran once resided. "My crew and I formed."

"I also know primal. The only to fight that is with force and allegiances." A shift of gaze between the two of them and Starfire smiles. "It will be war, lead by radicals and their followers," A nod to Godfrey there. "But we have to prove them wrong. At first play soft, play with this… timestream? Be underhanded and appear nice…"

Kori's pause though has eyes narrowing and shifting to the open window in sacecraft and into the stars, reflecting them. "Your DEO wanted me. Bridge wanted me. Let them both know I will help…On one condition. It benefits this team, and the endgame is beneficial for me and mine." Kori has spent too much time trying to find a home for herself and her 'new' family. Contracts are set in blood.

"I want contracts, I have lawyers here - and I want peace." Not just for Earth, but for herself and her people. The two in the room accounted for in this.

Taking Kori's hand, to squeeze in assurance, Roy nods. "Well, then, I guess we'll talk to the DEO. If they're for it, then I guess the DEO having a hand in this… SHIELD-group would probably help some things. Won't account for everything, though - there's bound to be a bunch of people who thinks any signs of working internationally is treason to the country. And I don't think it's going to be just that there are shadow groups behind it - they're tapping into fears. We're going to need to address those, and having a bunch of people like that… I don't know. I think you'd have to bring in -some- people who speak to the non-elites." He glances back at Kori, then at Nathaniel. "If we were the Outsiders, then we got to remember… there are a lot of people outside the system that we need to bring back in too."

“You are talking about America, Roy,” observes Nathaniel. “This is not an American problem, the whole world is in danger. My historical records indicate for most of the twenty first century ruthless mega-corporations control the planet. They despoil, poison and exploit the world until it is little more than a defiled husk, and they keep fighting for the remanents. They exterminate all super-humans they cannot control and push mutant-kind to the edge of extinction. This ruinous period, this dark age, only ends around the year 2100, but by then billions are dead, and rebuilding will take four centuries. That is what we have to prevent.”


"No, we are all talking abut the world we know. America, Jamaica, Phillipines. Alps… It does not matter. It's our world. We just live in America. It''s a default. Tamaran was one, even with rival animals and tribes, it was Tamaran." A pause then, as Star looks down to the clenching grip of Roy's, her own fingers tightening there in twine.

"So we show the world. We Outsiders, speak to the DEO, Shield, UN… All of your acronyms. Remind them this is Earth, and -all- of it is our home (no matter how ridiculous it sounds to them.), and we try and level the playing field."

A curl of fingers as she watches the sun-huen skin entangled in human-toned, focusing there before she looks where Lian and Orn had departed. "They have to know, or we have to show them." A lift of gaze to Nathaniel and Starfire seems to cast a light glow as the heat slowly begins to rise.

"It did not work before for Earth, it will not work again. Strength in numbers. Tell me, Nathaniel… Does your future, or future-sight, even see -us-?"

"I hope you're right, but… I was born in this country. I've travelled it, and I have my doubts…" Roy responds, sighing. "Let's give it a shot, then. So, od we put out a recruiting call?

“In my time the Earth is one, cultural differences between regions are small,” points out Nate. “Same as Tamaran was, princess. Earth is still a pre-spaceflight society, and it will take decades to change it. But yes… social movements can be started and become influential. You are both beautiful and charismatic, so you could be a spokesman for the aliens on Earth if you want. I think it would also help if you are part of an international heroic team on good standing with the United Nations.”

"It may not be -just- an American problem, but if we're operating -here-, in America, then you have to understand, America thinks it -is- the world, that it's at the center of everything that happens," Roy sighs. "Not acknowledging that is going to cause some of the same friction that causes some of America to resist the United Nations, to think that they're… well, enforcing world values on the United States. To the United States, the world -are- a bunch of Outsiders. It's going to take, well, not just a bunch of speeches, but -involvement-. Just exposing the ringleaders isn't going to change that -we- as a people still hold those thoughts inside us. For every social movements we start up, we'd better be prepared for the backlash. We already are getting that backlash, and the response shouldn't be to just start more social movements, and leave people behind. It's to bring them with us. That's what you have to remember when you're doing this…"

Starfire's gaze narrows towards Nate when he mentions pre-space. That was before her time. "Earth an go like that," A snap of her other hand and Starfire deadpans at Nate, using said fingers to tap upon lips. "And it does not have to be civil-war to make it happen. Only in part."
When Roy speaks, Starfire pauses, nodding to the both of them. "I will not leave anyone behind when they are considered family." And Nathaniel has seen how far Starfire's range goes. It has no limits.

"Lines are drawn already, but some in fear. We need to abolish the fear and levy the weight on each side of the line. Ours will start peacefully, as we must. Just as we must let our people know fear is -not- an option anymore." A pause and Starfire leans forward, a line etched invisibly by motion alone. "But we need to let people know if they push… We push -back-. Metas, mutants, xeno's. Or we push with them. Thier choice."

Rising Starfire says something into her comm unit and when the door opens K''tten is standing their narrow-eye'd and offering a couple cards in the flick of fingers. When Starfire takes them her eyes linger on Nate, then Roy in a flick, and she leaves them to behind-closed-doors.

"Name and number of my attorney. She will handle the legalities Earth-wide. Expect names to be added to my list of family. Because if they view things as we do, then they are -ours-."
No more princess and leisure, Starfire is revealing her true heritage and she takes no prisoners if it comes to it. She will back her family, as she sees fit.

"I know how social movements work, Roy," confirms Nathaniel. "Of course they appeal to feelings already there. Often the worst instincts. And they thrive in moments of crisis when the population is looking for targets of their frustration and wrath. It is all interlocked and I do know how to push buttons too." But he lacks the massive resources needed to do it, working on it!

He picks the card and grins. "If you want to be a citizen of the United States chances are they will request for your spaceship. Pretty sure private citizens can not have spaceships. But I think we can do better than that. The UN has protocols to acknowledge and give rights to people without any nation citizenship we can use. And maybe we can expand on them, those laws need to be expanded if Earth is going to join the galactic scene."

"One step at a time," Roy replies. "Let's just get this show on the road, then. If you're for it, Kori, then I'm behind you all the way." Pause. "Best view in the house."

I won't just survive,
you will see me thrive…
Can't write my story,
I'm beyond the archetype…

Kori pauses, even in the handing out of the card, to the point that when Nate takes it, the *hiss* of parchment 'tween' fingers is heard. Her look upon him is fond, but plaintive. "I will not relieve my ship, or my people. Make them legal. I want citizenship, legal. Me and them." A cast of look to the sealed door.

"This is our home. No negotiations necessary in that regard." A thought of Gotham, Nightwing… And then Lian as well as Roy… Egypt.. Nathaniel, Reese, and Lunair…

The card is released with a snap withdrawl of her fingers… Roy bringing her back to the -now-.
Nathaniel… Iron Lad… Tawny hand clutches into his amor with a crushing force, one that carries hm to a wall and then close. Her words heated against his revealed facade.

"Final note: If any harm comes to any of us… All bets are off. I have a ship. We will fight to the end… Bitter. End." A lingering kiss to Nathaniel's brow and she let''s him drop with release of fingers. A turn and she is back near Roy. "Call your DEO, and SHIELD. We have an alliance to make."

I won't just conform..
No matter how you shake my core,
'Cause my roots they run deep..

Nathaniel mphs, “princess…” he starts. But the woman has agreed, right? Just she wants to do things her way, and Earth laws be damned. Well, he can empathize with her position. And he rather keep the starship off the greedy paws of America’s industrial-military complex.

SHIELD is another beast, though. Nathaniel wants them well armed. That is something he has to sell them: his technological expertise.

“I… okay,” he steps from the wall. “I have the Black Widow and Falcon onboard. The Widow is a senior SHIELD agent and will present the plan to General Fury. I am sure he will drive a hard bargain, but really… we are giving him much for very little. And that man is no fool.”

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