July 24, 2016:

Roy and Starfire discuss the elections, candidates in Metropolis, and the damage being done.

Hotel in Metropolis


NPCs: G. Gordon Godfrey



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It'd been difficult enough lately to find some -time- to just enjoy each other's company without dealing with the demands of a child, crews, and teammates.

But for -once-, at least, there was just a quiet hotel room -reserved- for one night. It was all set up there perfectly. Candle-lights. Plates. Champagne on ice. Room service with a perfect meal.

So why was it -Roy- was the one waiting there, with candles burnt down to near nubs? The champagne was warm. Room Service had been put on hold, far too long, and they'd simply suggested using the microwave to warm things up, but to please remove the metal lids before doing so.

Was this what it was like to be a super hero widow?

The television was on, and for far too long, Roy had been listening to G. Gordon Godfrey rant.

"We must -build- a space wall! Keep the ALIENS OUT!"

How they were supposed to build a -Great Wall- around the earth wasn't terribly clear, but somehow, it appeared, the people OUT there could very well pay for putting a barrier all around the Earth! No more of those -filthy- immigrants taking away JOBS from perfectly good earthlings! Who needed a Superman when we had a Captain America?

And just why -was- Roy putting himself through this masochism?

"… man, that dude must be wearing a toupee…"

Starfire received the message from Roy, a text sent to her phone but one she can only glimpse without giving a response. Because as 'Glorious Godfrey' is ranting Starfire is dealing with inquiry in Metropolis. A simple trip meant to bring a toy home to Lian and a gift to Roy revealed too much - especially since she went out eau naturale.

Tawny skinned, flame hair'd… Clad in a Princess Jasmine outfit and seeking a toy tiger as well as a flame burst arrow set seemed to draw too much question… That and too much help. Hidden ones are coming out now, if not in a bang in that of a whisper in Starfire's ear since Roy, Nathaniel, Skaar (formerly), Luna… Are known after what happened in Metropolis.

…A human with alien tech lending aid for the human cause…

All the while a radical rants on his pedestal and her world flips…

Coming to the door of the hotel room the 'knock' is that of forehead meeting door, clutching a tattered tiger all the while scorch marks tatter her costume from earlier and the plushie tigers whiskers.

A hand to the doorknob opens it and puts her through to stand in the hotel room foyer, trying to pluck the burnt and frayed parts off and smooth hair back. Even Starfire has limits… "Sorry, I am late!"

But hearing the t.v. he is watching brings pause….

"Nothing about that windbag is real…" Though the words have an ire unlike Koriand'r..

"Kori!" Roy leaps out of his seat. While G. Gordon Godfrey started in with his rant about just sending all the aliens home, Roy gives a once-over. "Oh man, what happened to you?" he asks, as he heads for the bathroom, the better to grab a bathrobe.

"You're watching it. Radicals beget radicals… Or so one of the other aliens-in-hiding told me." Kori is staring at the screen even as Roy heads into the bathroom to get a robe for her and her eyes reflect the television with Gordon going red in the face and beating the podium as he demands retribution as well as a respectful bow-out of aliens'.

"This is -my- only home." A whisper almost, her head dipping to lower eyes from the Television…her hand balling into a fist and the heated perse glow emanating from fist as the other hand puts the stuffed tiger aside.

"Mmm, been working hard all night, thanks to him, eh?" Roy remarks, the robe held out for Kori to run her arms through the sleeves, before he reaches out to run his hands across Kori's shoulder muscles, testing out the knots in them.

Roy pauses as he regards the television, where G. Gordon Godfrey is espousing the magic of 'Star Wars' technology being used, not to deter nuclear weapons, but to zap approaching spaceships out of the sky. One eyebrow goes up. "I really hope K'tten isn't watching this right now."

Somewhere in space, a random broken satellite became target practice for the H.M.S. Starfire.

Kori slid her arms through the thread count that softened against tense skin, easing Kori down despite the way her eyes narrowed when the television reflected off them. A sudden spark…

"I would not call it work. It is duty. Everyone is 'my people' here anymore. Yours, mine, theirs. I wish he could see it…" The final words spoken between teeth in a rising ire…

…One that duplicates the firing upon a satellite that makes their screen digitalize, and halfway across the globe it goes fuzzy. "she's watching everything…"

The television blips a bit, and Roy reconsiders Kori's words, before glancing at the TV. "You -could- show up on his show and give him what-for. He's probably just a blowhard who'd fall over if you looked at him funny. C'mon, it'd be worth it, maybe, just to get -someone- to confront him and call him on his BS.

The tv goes on the fizz, and Roy has to grin. "… man, K'tten watching everything…? Isn't this like, 'Ceiling Cat is watching you…'?" Roy doesn't finish -that- meme.

"Almost like that…But a K'tten that holds no mercy…" Picture claws out and descending upon his 'head-squirrel' like it is prey…Likely is. "See?' Kori states with the crackle of the screen that shows the team-mates ire with a pointed aim towards satellite feed.

"Me? Approach him??" Even the concept brings musculature to a renewed tension, a gesture that nearly reciprocates hackles going up.

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