Back In Action

June 19, 2016:

After a bit of time off the grid, Nate finds Rose and they both find more trouble with Cyberdata.

Mutant Town - Bungalow

A hidden abandoned apartment Rose is using in Mutant Town.


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Mentions: Emma Frost, Ripclaw

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Fade In…

Rose has been off the radar for some time, completely. But she had paid for the small flat in an abandoned building to be left alone for a year, and it was a ramshackle place to come back to save it was worth almost a hundred thousand dollars now…

Climbing the stairs she used the wall as support while staples did little good for a deep laceration. Consider the fact they were put there by a staple gun. The tetanus shots were stored in a bag with those thousands… Part of her life was here. In Mutant Town.

Despite the prop use she climbed silently, listening, ensuring no trespass before she unlocked the large masterlock and slid the chains from the accordion metal door, shoving rusted hinges aside and walk/dragging her happy ass inside.

Flopping down into the mattress on the floor she leaned to the side, lifting the edge of the mattress and prying a floorboard loose. Beneath a safe, and once the combo as well as DNA rad from a needle stab to the thumb is accepted it opens.

Phones, money, laptops, adrenaline extracts, opiates, NEW Passports, NEW ID's… And needles galore as well as vials. Three are drawn and syringe is prepped all the while the body suit is slid off and she gets to work, all the while a laptop loads up and local cameras are looked over, matching faces to databases.

Always hunting. A distraction bitten into with a pill popped past her lips as the first staple comes loose and the needle is put under that opened skin. "TSSS Th'fffuuucckk." She may heal, but she is not immune.

The place has changed a bit since the first time Nate visited Rose in her Mutant Town hideout. It is still a shitty place compared with the places where they have lived the past three or four years. But Nate has been in far worse, too.

He still checks it out when he is in Mutant Town. There are often signs of habitation, but this is the first time he senses Rose is inside. He has not seen her in a month, but he can feel her pain through the walls of the old building.

So he knocks at the door briefly and phases through it, glancing at the injured young woman with a frown of disapproval. "Rose. Damnit. If you want to live alone at least find a doc to patch you up when you get hurt. There are a couple trustworthy ones in Mutant Town that won't ask questions. I can get you in touch with them." He moves over, not even waiting for her responses, to examine the injuries and grab some medical supplies.

Patching Rose up is somewhat of an habit.

Patching each other up was sort of a habit. The knock has her tensing and as Nate phases through one of those syringes barely zips past his cheek to stab into the old wood wall beside the door.

Rose did not need to say anything the narrow eye did not express, the other still only bearing the patch. "I think you forget I lived alone for a while before." Though as he gets closer she slides back and commences working on prying the last staple free, following it up with tetanus injection three. When he starts taking over it is basically a ridiculous slap fight to get her to even let him.

"If I don't have it it just takes a trip to get it. People talk, I don't care what anyone wants to believe. Money and pain reverses the effect of rep."

"Before meeting me, uh?" Nate does remember, mostly. NOWHERE is where Rose got her phobia to doctors and labs, and before that she was underage. "I thought you were with you dad back then. Nevermind, I can… damnit, girl." He growls at her resistance. "I am trying to help. You know I am good at this, so be… fuck, you took so many drugs it is a wonder you aren't clinging to the ceiling." He breathes deeply. Glare. "Please, stay still for a minute."

There was a before NOWHERE, a before she does not speak of, a before that has a history with a mother and… Deathstroke, but there was in-betweens when Rose was alone, just like this. And she had to make it work. The time long past that she does not talk about less then NOWHERE.

"Because they're opiates, not the other." As he manages to get her to be still enough she sticks her tongue out at him and reclines…. Enough to pull an almost empty bottle of alcohol from beneath the pillow. "Fine." Sip.

"I am very sure you know people can do things that fuck with more then just you head." A tip of bottle to her chest and she takes another drink to it like any proper… Salut.

"Hair's finally growing out. Watch for that mullet effect." Rose comments to him as she watches him work.

Nate is petty careful treating wounds. Much more than with most other things (like cooking). He cleans careful the injured area, he is gentle at touching the bruised, cut skin. "Yeah, what happened today?" It seems just skin and flesh, but she went overboard with tetanus shots. And the drugs.

To be frank, she is going overboard with the drugs lately. But he is not sure how to tell her. It is not as if he has not been abusing painkillers to handle his headaches for over a year.

Mix opiates with alcohol and you get…!


"Gangs, a big machine, and a dude that talks french with a mask but…Is his french real french?" Then Rose seems to wander off in pondering, the leg Nate is working on pulling up so she can prop bottle laden hand over bent knee. "Lots of guns, killers.. And mystery men." A wide spread gesture and the laptopis beeping in the backdrop, a small alarm that doe not even touch on the sheer massive revelation.

In the relay of security cameras, one moment has a pack of unknown 'gangsters' standing in a huddle beneath LSD in Chicago, and with the passing of a railcar the cameras go fuzzy… But when they come back the meta/mutant hobos are laying in pieces and a R.I.P is lain across the broken crete in their insides.

Never the less Ravager is about to cut the mullet off Nate as he works on her leg and then pauses enough to whisper…


It is not much of a mullet when he just left the hair grow and has not even cut it on the front (he should soon). Nate nods at Rose's words and grabs her leg firmly when she tries to pull it up. "Stay still," he growls. Truth is he is not paying much attention to her words. Alcohol and opiates should at least make her mellow. Relatively speaking.

He pulls a nail sized chunk of shrapnel from her flesh and replaces it with four stitches, cleaning all the blood and placing on top a patch laced with local analgesics. Then get the bandages when the cursing brings his attention back to her voice. "What's up?"

"RIP. Rest in peace? Right? You'd think that… But…" Nearly crawling over-top of Nate, Rose is perching in front of the laptop and hitting replay buttons.

"See? See?!" Never mind the cleaning and effort Nate has put in to her, she is stretching it to its limits in her crouch before the PC, re-showing the fuzzy and broken mini massacre of "hobos" that would easily get ignored in Chicago…

Which is why Rose could hack those old cams for Lower Whacker below LSD.

"I gotta go…" And the bottle is dropped while she fumbles for that makeshift backup of a body suit, almost re-trampling Nate in the process..

But in that not-so-neat roll forward to 'save the dead' she is fumbling for a disposable phone.

"Nono, you reeeaallly need to cut that.." A finger-shake at him all the while she is nearly folded in half and replaying the murder scene, Google'ing and chiding the 'outgrowth'.

"Ah, fuck it they're dead. I'm going tomorrow, and barbers don't ask, don't tell… right?!"

Wow Rose.

Nate grunts some more as Rose seems hellbent to reopen her wounds, he tries to keep her still. "You are drugged silly, Rosie," he points out. And babbling. Although the hobo massacre definitely catches his attention. "Someone left a message for Ripclaw? Yeah, we go to Chicago tomorrow. I'll even get a haircut if you just. Stay. Put."

At that point he is pretty much pinning her to the mattress. Which would be much more fun if she wasn't all bloody, drugged and thinking about murder.

"Or Rest in Peace?" Even Rose is questioning it as Nate says her thoughts aloud. But it could be both…

"We're going?" Rose puts emphasis on the word as she gets wrested back into tolerating Nate's effort, huffing, and once more leering with her one angry eye.

"We as in X-Force," grumbles Nate, letting her leg go and examining her for more injuries of the kind that need patches. "Rip and his buddies have a personal stake, you can't leave them out. And Emma can help pulling information out of the killers. Which are just brainwashed minions, remember?" It is worth remembering if they can afford to pull punches.

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