Let's Be Candid

July 10, 2016:

Rose and Lunair have a heart to heart… Where Rose makes promises.

X-Force HQ


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Fade In…

Rose may recover fast but she still wears the scars in more ways then one. The recovery is forced and long ingrained, but it does not mean there is not pain. So to overcome the pain shown and not? She is trying hard as hell to embrace what Ripclaw has shown her. A bit of time training by herself among the weights and lifts and she is seated on the edge of a weight bench, cross legged with taped wrists poised on knees, taped ankles as looped over one another. A yoga pose and one for cool down as well as the much needed 'whoo-sah'. But she is not finding it, it shows by the furrowed brow and the light twitch of fingertips.

A sports bra is covering her torso, abdomen is bare and still coated in the fade of scars that run from beneath throat to below plexus, looking like what it was. An angry animal attack. But she backed that kitty into a corner. Half her head is shaven now and the other razored short but now finally reching her jaw in its choppiness, using her swords to keep it in that effect as it grows back out. On her arm… what looks to be a couple clawed gouges that she just….superglued closed in a spar with Ripclaw. Clean cuts at least but it let her know her armor needs upped. Again.

"I can't do this shit. Rip is smoking something…" Bitch bitch as she rises and starts up the stereo, music instead as she goes to her bench and gets her water followed by some pills.

Poor Rose. Lunair is concerned. But she does care. She doesn't really do meditation, as far as anyone knows. And she likes cats. She's probably done her level best to befriend the neighborhood fuzzies. "I am preeeeetty sure I do not have a concussion. Yes, the flower pot landed right on my head. I had no idea he had a cute twin," Lunair replies. She puts her phone away. "Oh well."

She is meandering through the room, curious. "…" Oh gods, does Rose know? "I - admit it. I use the exercise ball to bounce and joust with other people." Pause. "Hi Rose!"

Does Rose know what?? Let's think long and hard and figure out if Rose wants to know. Considering the location there is likely less cats then rats, but cats do come to eat, afterall. Then there is C.C. who is likely still struggling. Hard. To not like Lunair and her affections.

Lunair's voice filtring through though, has Rose looking up with mismatched gaze and keeping the music low so as to eavesdrop before Lunair is speaking directly to her about the exercise ball. "So… does that mean it is safe, or not safe? What kind of jousting are we talking here?" A small flick of finger to point to the ball at the corner of the room and then to Lunair.

"Cute twin, huh?" Rose questions while plucking up a towel and draping it around the back of her neck.

Lunair LOVES cats. So fuzzy. So feline. Nevertheless, she will do her best not to get maimed by C.C. But it's hard. He's so cute.

"How are you? And we each get an exercise ball and charge at each other. I usually lose and fly off to a corner," Lunair remarks. She looks to Rose. "I was seeing double, I guess." A shrug. "I haven't seen you in WAY too long. I didn't get to test my chocolate lava cake on you." Sadface. "Um. I'm not interrupting, am I?" She looks concerned, perhaps noticing the music. Or at least perhaps the meditation attempts?

"I've been busy." Rose clips back at Lunair in regards to not seeing her in long, but the reasons… They're the reasons Rose gets tense. A single eye tics and she shuts off the music shaking her head.

"No, not interrupting at all, I was trying and failing to do something Ripclaw is trying to convince me.." Rose got quiet again, something was evidently eating at her and so her voice lowers.

"Where have you been?" A light tilt of her head now and the duffel is zipped with a swift snappy motion, one that has Rose now coming to a full stand. For now she ignores the ball, ignores anything Lunair has to say in regards to what made Rose like her in the first place…

The fact that Lunair was so nice to her despite everything and anything. Tooth-achingly fucking genuine sweet. And here goes Rose likely about to ruin it, but she had to be sure.

Lunair nods. She doesn't read people well at all. "I thought so. You work really hard." Then she pauses. "Oh, I see." Then a blink. Lunair is dense, but not THAT dense. She can feel some tension, uncertain. "Hmm. Working, mostly. I go to school. I do powered-stuff. I cook a lot," She considers. Peabody loves those cupcakes, he does. "I can't always talk about it, but I do my best to share when I can." Then a pause. Lunair is starting to look worried. What in the world…? Is she misreading? Who knows? "OH! And sometimes I help Internet Wolf guy. He's a puzzle."

"Internet wolf…?" Rose is about thrown off her game, but bitch -is- her game, and a protective one at that. This is her new family, and one on a shaky foundation despite its random pillars of strength. Her 'father' could ruin that… Her former family. At least thats what they were in her old dimension, but not here…And that stings too.

"I don't want you to share, Lunair. Not with anybody, especially not with my … Deathstroke. These people, this place…" Rose is focusing on Lunair then, mismatched gaze easily cold by the single milky white bionic and dead eye, but it is chilled now. To the core.

"This is my home, and it is a Wilson inherent gene to fuck things up. I don't care what they do, but what I do… With who…" A single finger rises and presses over Rose's lips with a shhhh ushering forth.

"Please, do not make me have to sacrifice a friendship I cherish." Did Rose just admit to liking Lunair, while threatening her at the same time?? Baby steps, but Rose has to grow somewhere, and it is make it or break it.

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