We All Have Problems

July 24, 2016:

Back at X-Force base things are discussed.

//X-Force HQ //

Lot 80 Subterranean levels

Underneath Lot 80 through a passageway of tunnels that are entered through
the Gabby's location, inside the Elevator itself or in Gowanus Bay's
polluted waters one will find themselves within X-Force's headquarters.

A hidden underground fortress and living quarters for the team itself.
Largely still under development the main entry hub is a large room with many
doors off of it, central of it is a set up of couches, recliners and sofas
situated in a horse show facing a messy hive-like set up of flat screens,
large box TVs, computer monitors, tablets, tiny black and whites you name
it. A video screen for it is there piled upon each other in a chaotic heap
of wires and electronics.
Something different is always running on each of these from video games to
movies, security footage around Gabby's, the Elevator, locations around
Brooklyn, the bay and even parts of the world. This is the living room. The
meeting place and the hub central of the team. There is also a large heavy
slab of metal with chairs around it in the corner, this for now is the
dining area. Roughly welded together chairs, junked chairs and stools act as
seats around it.

Beyond this central chamber walk in showers and stalls exist, small rooms
are set up for living, there is even a medical lab, underground greenhouse
and a kitchen that was once a sort of cafeteria but is cluttered with junk
and old machinery. It works as just a kitchen at this point.
Air filtration systems, sewage processing and air conditioning runs
throughout the HQ, artificial sunlight is everywhere as are living plants
strategically located to give it a less claustrophobic inspired feel.

Much of the construction or idea of the HQ is still in the works as the team
works heavily off what they steal, acquire or can afford as a unit. They
have no special funding.

For emergencies there is also rapid escape tunnels that lead out and in to
the waterway, Bay and the surrounding area. By it's very nature and
conception the HQ and Elevator itself are bunker levels in stability meant
to withstand explosion and impact (due to grain combustion possibilities).
There is also a makeshift holding section that can host up to about three
separated individuals in eight by ten concrete and steel cells.

Above ground the team has been using the inside of the Elevator for training
purposes and several of the abandoned trailers and shipping containers as
garages and storage.

The overall feel is makeshift, almost post-apocalyptic as the team is very
much underfunded and undermanned at this point in time. They get by.


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Fade In…

The Tomahawk rolls into the hidden cargo trailer. One of many that litters across the lot of the HQ, the body of Barbie Zelda drug off and slung across Rose's shoulders like a mink while she dismounts and spits the 'cigarette' to the side, crushing it beneath heeled cowboy boots. Buckles looping around ankles to just beneath muscled calf,one of which bearing tiny punctures from Piddles the Poodle…or whatever Zelda called it. A new tear in those already tattered stockings, none the less, the webwork netting in stretch to high on thighs where leather shorts picked up, high waisted and zipped to leave some of abdomen bare, scars riddling over honed upper body as well as a nice new purple flourish with love from Unus. The black leather bandeau stretches over torso, held aloft by many small straps up and over chest to lace behind her neck. Truly, a Cowboy from Hell. Or a White Zombie video…

None the less when back in HQ she dumps Zelda in a cell, relaying she -may- need medical help before she sealed the door and headed for the kitchen.

Reaching beneath a table in the reformed cafeteria velcro cries out as a bottle is wrenched free from the stash-hold and she is already taking a pull while digging for a sammich.

Lunair was doing Lunair stuff. Who knows what she gets up to? But she does hear that Rose is here and back. She is not medical staff, and studiously avoids that part of HQ. Lunair likes Rose and her oft present Nate-inator. For now, Lunair ambles into the kitchen. "Hiiiiiiiii, wow you're gothic today. That's so cute." Says the chick who wears gothic and elegant lolita when no one's looking.

"Reubens are in the oven for a couple of minutes. You should grab one," Lunair remarks.
Nate goes to fetch Doctor Corben to check Zelda before she bleeds to death. Rose shot her in the leg, after all. Once he is convinced the woman will be fine, he wanders into the kitchen, looking for coffee. Or food. Probably both.

"You missed the fight, Luna. Looks like Mother May has ties to the Brotherhood," he comments. "Which is interesting. Although the Brotherhood seem pretty splintered in this world. Still, I am sure most of those crazy mutant supremacists would balk at the idea of dealing with Cyberdata."

Lunair starts making Reuben and the plastic wrapped cheese slice with similarly wrapped meat kind of does a cartoon flop in her hands. Yeah…doesn't sound as good anymore. So it gets put back and she hops up to perch on the small bar between kitchen and cafeteria dining area, legs dangling lazily, even as Nate walks in.

Staring at him down the length of her bottle it drops to dangle between knees. "There'll be a round two or more. People lie, she's a good liar…" The final statement lowering her voice as Rose taps her temple and takes another pull from the bottle. "She lies with feeling."

Lunair tries not to giggle at the floppy meat. She instead moves to open the oven. Fresh! Baked! Sammiches! "Dig on in. I'm kind of on lunch duty and helping out today. And did I? I see," She frowns. "How strange of them. But maybe not." She pauses. "They seem to hate 'people with powers' in general, regardless of origin." Aliens, whomever. Plates are set out, and Lunair doesn't seem fussed by the presence of a bottle. She smiles, waving to Nate. "Hiya. And I see." She furrows her brows. Mother May sounds distinctly unmotherly.

"She must be a hipster with all of that irony." Ew, hipsters. "Anyway, how are you two? I hope you're not too hurt?" Peer. "And if you think about it, fanatics are often easily manipulated."

"Wait. Wrong brotherhood. My bad. Too many people trying to kill us all," Lunair apologizes.
"Not hurt," for once, although Nate moves closer to Rose and slides a hand over the place on her torso where Unus kicked her. Checking for broken ribs and her reaction. "You okay, lover?" He murmurs to the white-haired woman.

"Well, we got a 'guest'. A woman that was involved with the Brotherhood and Mother May agents and probably knows quite a bit." At least she knew enough both May and Unus wanted to kill her. "I am going to talk with her as soon as the doc says she is okay."

"I got bit by a cottonball with teeth and kicked by a unicorn man?" Shit gets really -real-, lately. Maybe she should switch mescaline mollies. Damn. "Our guest is a snobby Kardashian wanna be. Shooting her Prada off is the least I could .." When Nate reaches around her side she stiffens and braces, but it is not as bad as expected, bruised not broken. Progress!

"All good," Said on an exhale, offering the bottle to them to make rounds if wanted. "Her tablets also in my Tomahawk side-carriage. It's probably better info. I headbutted her pretty hard." Snerk.

"Mother May I? Hipster? No, a hipster wouldn't try to recruit me knowing me. She's…dangerous." The feeling Rose had was enough, enough so it made words about this Mother May I lessen in tenor.

"I think Cyberdata just hates everyone equally."

Lunair blinks. "A unicorn?" She looks puzzled. "I see. I'm sorry. And I'm good, thank you. Here, guys," Each gets a hot, fresh Reuben. "Want anything cold to drink? Chips?" She seems eager to help them. "And geez. She sounds awful," She wrinkles her nose. "Well, rest a bit, okay? Then we can deal with things." Rose bruises would be bad news for nearly anyone else. "Glad you two are here and okay." Smile.

Nate nods, giving rose and brief hug and a smile. "Armor next time?" He suggests. "Someone said sandwiches, I am hungry," he notes, changing subjects and peering into the oven. "Chip got the tablets. So we will know soon. I'll deep-scan her mind. And we need something to stop Mother May telepathics from finding us. If she knows Zelda well enough she could do it easily."

Lunair nods, "Armor is good. And yeah, I've been baking. I promised to make lunch today. I may build a bit of furniture for us to help out," Beam. "And that's good. I don't think I have anything to deal with people poking my brains." Sadface.
"Furniture?" Nate looks at Lunair with curiosity. "Hmm, yeah. I might make a mental call to Xavier to see how he deals with this kind of stuff. Or Emma, maybe." He looks back to Rose. "Armor is good for this kind of operations. Then again it was all pretty rushed… but I am getting worried you end up injured too often."

"Chip needs to lay off my wi-fi and my eye." Unknowing if he was even listening in right now, but it was no concern of Rose's amongst it all. She liked Chip in her own abrasive way, and if anyone hacked her it could be him.

…At least without bodily harm promised..

Lunair's admittance causes a brow to rise, but they had their 'peace' spoken between in regars to her family by blood and this Family. So she was staying around and helping, super-fucking-green. Rose put faith there and under scrutiny, Lunair can see that mismatched gaze softening a bit in-trust.

It's Nate's words that get the shine to hone to a keen edge and cut his way, darting between the duo for a moment with an incredulous look. (Really? Right here? Right now??) A sigh hisses between teeth and Rose tip her head in a snap to the side to cast platinum from both eyes so she stares deadpan upon Nate.

"…And? Who has not lately," A lowering of tone. "Small price to pay…" Taking a breath in her legs go from dangling lazily over the edge to crossed, her posture stiffening as if challenged. "Armor proves nothing."

"Yeah, I thought something would be nice," She offers. Lunair considers it. "What do you guys like? Bean bag chairs ? Futon? New shelves?" She considers. Lunair looks to Rose. She tilts her head. She doesn't seem to be catching on. "You are just extremely offensively oriented in combat. It's okay to consider armor. I am allergic to being stabbed, for example. But I do worry and care," Lunair admits.

"But I guess if someone pushes for change too hard, it makes people upset." She shrugs. Lunair smiles to Rose. "I'm glad you're here. Hang on." She gets her Power Oven Glove Oven Mitt and opens the door. Reuben's! Gently baked. "Sorry, I wanted to melt the cheese and toast the bread. I'm on kitchen duty today, so feel free to ask for stuff."

Nate flops down on a chair by the table, glances at Rose and speaks quietly. "You don't have anything to prove. I wear armor almost constantly," Notes the young man. "Lunair too. Well, she can create her armor in a second, after all. You know I will always take care of you when you are hurt. And you do with me too. That is great, the trust we have with each other is precious. Bit I am not so… comfortable with you going so careless." He sighs. "We have been together for years, Rose. It is getting worse. It is not just bravery. It is not being sometimes reckless. Lately, it is as if you are seeking injuries, or death."

"A Reuben is what the doctor ordered." Rose states to Lunair, who seemingly over-worries more about others then her own self. Admirable despite circumstance, and once the food is pulled free Rose does give it a hungry stare, one akin to an animal that has not eaten in a week. About right.

In regards to furnishings… "I like our people-eating couch of broken-ness, but I do think an enterainment center is in order for all the gaming and surveillance systems is in order. Need help?" An offer given to Lunair and then once more Nate speaks concerns that have her staring dead-ahead instead of at anyone specific.

"No," Sigh, in a low and long exhale. "I don't have anything to prove…" A pause has her finally looking between them. "Except to myself."

A tilt of head and she looks now from Nate to Lunair.

"I have no family save this one - as blood is water in this place, a partner joining me but now eating pills on deaths door while… I am worth less then strangers all encompassing and," A look towards to Lunair… "Happiness comes in breaths of fresh napalm air, resent, and promise."

"The only way to live is to want to die and test it. I'm tired of losing everything I give a fuck about." And there you have it, even Lunair gets a stupid definition of why Rose has been harsh to her.

Nope, she wont admit she's terrified of how things have gone and are going from close to all-encompassing.

Lunair is glad to slide them onto plates and share. "Yeah, I might pick one up from IKEA then," She considers. "And okay, people eating couch can stay," Lunair smiles faintly. "It may get some bean bag friends," She remarks. Lunair gets glasses down for them. "So if you wanna bang a hammer, sure, you may help." Beam.

Lunair goes quiet as Rose speaks. "Hey. Pills do not change your worth. Pills can be taken or left," She remarks. "You are Rose, and that's enough for most of us. Anyone who complains can deal with it." And poor Rose. Lunair doesn't seem to consider much on it one way or the other. Lunair walks where she walks, and she do care. But she plays carefully, and is a burrito full of secrets.

"That's kind of zen, but we do worry." She remarks. "That's all. And let me know if you want seconds or a drink. Would you be okay with having armor made or something? We'd be super sad if we lost you."

"I have lost everyone I give fuck about twice already," notes Nate, glancing down. "I lost you, Rose. For almost a year, although for you it was just a few days. And maybe some day I will lose you again, because this is the life we have chosen to live. It doesn't lean to retirement and grandchildren, hmm?"

He looks at the white-haired girl again. "But I don't want you going into a battle injured, drugged or unarmed when it is not necessary. That doesn't make you great, that is crazy, and…" he smiles to Lunair. Super sad? "Stay alive for us, please."

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