Doug Ramsey, Level 40 Pokemon Master

July 23, 2016:

Gambit, Rogue and Fantomex rope Cypher in to helping take down Genosha.What the plans are exactly has yet to be seen. (Fantomex's exit from plot)

X-Institute Grounds


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Genosha Today

An island paradise off the eastern coast of Africa. A land that promises hope, opportunity and freedom. A new world for a new age. A technologically advanced country that is renowned as one of the most technologically advanced societies of the 21st century. They have even been heralded as a hidden superpower by several sources.

Speculation and rumor circulated that the damage dealt to Genosha during rapid French colonization generations ago damaged the country to it's core. Their answer for a failing economy and a land wracked by natural disaster? Slavery.

Now until recent years this was only as stated beforehand a rumor but months ago refugees who sought sanctuary in Ibiza confirmed Genosha has engaged in human trafficking and slavery for years. There are generations of slaves in Genosha. Families of them and they are mutates.

As a matter of fact Genoshas amazing progress on the technological scope is due to the blood, sweat and tears of mutants.

The U.N., ICCPR and IOM are currently undergoing controlled investigations on Genosha. President Madame Reneau denies the accusations of slavery stating her country employs usage of "domestic workers" and "indentured criminals". Some of them may or may not be mutants. It according to Reneau a promising program that has worked greatly in favor of Genosha.

As of July 20th (shortly after New York Times declared Genosha as "cruel and inhumane") the Netherlands, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Sweden, Portugal, Croatia, Spain, Belgium and Norway have declared a trade embargo against Genosha until the investigation is complete and slavery in the country is abolished.

Westchester Xavier Institute Grounds

"Dis good. Usually only see bad t'ings in the news." Remy says loudly to Rogue a newspaper in one hand and a cigarette in the other. The gazebo on the Institute grounds is a nice play in 93 degree + weather. The sun is in the sky, scattering of clouds and the humidity isn't exactly terrible. The Cajun is wearing a white tanktop and a pair of knee length shorts with some flipflops….
"They don't goin' after Charles, we got some ugly on us cause of Ibiza but rest o' the world tink we ain't so bad for goin' rounds with 'em. I say thats a win win."
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Rogue is sitting on the couch, reclined in the cut off shorts and tied-off button up flanel with matching cut off sleeves. Reclined until the news is relayed.

Bare feet drop from the bench to the gazebo floor beside cow-boy(girl) boots, unfurling the recoil with a glass of emptied sweet tea in her hands. It is apparent she moves to attention as Remy speaks, although it is regarded as a simple sweep to reach for the sweetened sun tea pitcher and pour it into her glass for a refill - fresh sliced lemons and all.

"For once we ain't the bad guys, huh? But it is still not that good'ah news. Genosha is still mobile with their methods and defending them. Charles is still safe, but no one else is. Sugah?"

A lift in carafe and the sweetened sun tea pitcher is offered towards Remy after filling her own. "It still ain't fair."

Fantomex is sneaking around. It is a bad habit, because he was actually allowed in to talk with Xavier. Now he is in his way out, or maybe not. When he spotted Remy and Rogue he decided to at least greet them. "Bonjour. Ah, still talking about that mysterious island?" He glances at the news report. "Slavery is only good when they don't catch you, oui? Sacre Bleu, the US and Great Britain acting all indignant. The irony."

"Charles as safe as he ever gon' be." Remy confirms to Rogue. Safe in regards to the X-Men is always a highly subjective thing. Fantomex's arrival has Gambit sitting upright from his sprawl, that cigarette placed back in to his lips where he'll take a long drag before speaking, "Got your visitors pass handy for inspection?" It's not like they actually have those as far as they're aware but griefing Fantomex for just showing up just seems right. The Frenchman is an ally at this point but Remy doesn't trust the thief. Speaking of irony.
"Dynamic be changed, dat fo sho."
"The island a priority for dis team right now, it an eyesore all mutants gonna have to consider an' it probably safer us X-Men deal wit'it than dem Brotherhood types. Jus' think what Magneto would do? Not be pretty."

And safe is highly regarded with a wary/worried look towards Gambit. Rogues mossy gaze is veiled only by the thick flutter of lashes as she looks down to the carafe of tea. Whether Gambit accepts or not, the glass near him is filled….

It gave her something to do when the Frenchman in white approaches and speaks. "Slavery ain't good if the people serving it do not want to, or know no better." But the emphasis comes to point as she pours Fantomex a glass of the sweetened sun tea and holds it out to him from the serving tray, from hot to cold, condensation runs over fingertips in rivulets due to the extreme shifts of temperature.

Remy's mention of Magneto, though, causes cubes to clink against glass with the impromptu shudder… Just before grip steadies and eyes cast from Fantomex to Gambit…And away.
"Oui, here it is," with a flourish, Fantomex gives Gambit a used ticket for a circus in Gotham, last week. "Did you check with the Guild, by the way? Annoying they set us up so easily."

He grabs the offered glass and tilts his hooded head to Rogue. "I'd dare say slavery is never good, even if the slaves don't know they are slaves."

"Je vous remercie, belle." Gambit grins at Rogue as the refreshment is offered.
"Generations dey say, not something people get out of easy. It bred in to dem at dis point but it ain't all jus' natives of Gensoha…" Remy reminds himself to lighten up on anything negative he may have to say about Magneto. The woman was friends of a sort with the madman after all.

"Wasn't 'they' so much as a couple few. I'm lookin' in to it but you can't rush dis sorta thing… just gotta be patient. My cuz settin' us up to deal wit de Guild real soon."

Laughter can be heard over a small hill, youths of the Institute who stay year around. Likely they won't come this way and last Remy knew they were over that way playing frisbie-golf or some nonsense. Folf? Golfbie?

More than friends. Rogue believed in him, in more ways than one when it came to Magneto, and pat of her wanted to handle this with the force she had in her that'd make him proud.

As soon as Fantomex touched down on his glass she withdrew, Gambit's thanks met with a light nod and a flash of a smile wrought after she tucks a strand of platinum behind her ear and tucks back into that coil on the gazebo bench.

Tucking into hiding? Not in the slightest, her back straightens with the drawing of her own glass to lips, arm resting across a beam with a tap of drummed fingertips. "Give someone freedom and the knowledge of it, and it ain't hard for them to not turn back." A pause and Rogue looks out towards the direction where the kids' voices come from. "Can't wait too long, ya'll. On any of it."

"Non, even if they breed slaves for half a million years, the slaves will still long for freedom," notes Fantomex, pulling up the lower half of his mask to try the tea. "Freedom and perhaps retaliation. Mentioning Magneto… oui, it is shocking he is not involved already. Some situations, I think, will always be solved with violence."

"Which, in regards to Genosha it up to us X-Men to make sure that violence coupled with finesse."
Remy takes a sip of the tea only to brush it aside. It's hot no need to down it in one gulp.
"Wit de Guild its no choice but waitin' with Genosha… we only waiting on Jean, Scott or Charles to give us the go and we'll make a move against them." Gambit has been away however up until several days ago and has no idea what any of those three are up to.
" If they wait though, maybe it's time we show some initiative on our own. I got a couple ideas for anyone who wanna get real dirty."

Wandering the grounds, dressed in khaki shorts and a thin, light material, Doug Ramsey wanders the grounds, a large floppy hat on his head intended to shade himself from the sun (and to make it much, much easier to see what he was looking at on his smartphone.)

Pausing in the wandering long enough to take a swig of water, Doug re-focuses on the smartphone.

Okay. According to the readings, the prey he -sought- was… over… THERE.

Smartphone aimed towards Rogue, Doug intently stalks his prey, closer, closer…


Clicking furiously on his smartphone, Doug seems far too intent on clicking at the smartphones. C'mon, C'mon… wait, who else was in this view with Charmander?

Let's see… Rogue… and… uh… was that an annoyed-looking Gambit?

At the mention of waiting, Rogue sets her glass down and aside with an audible *clink* and shuddering clatter of the rounded bottom rolling to base. "Ah don't think waitin' on anyone is an option. Ya'll will fnd yourselves waitin' without me." Arms fold across her chest with an indignant look cast between Remy and Fantomex.

"Slaver aside it ain't right. Your cuz needs to make it snappy," A snap of fingers in a 'z' pattern as Rogue comes to a rise and spin.

"It is not what I was Brotherhood or X-Man for."

But in her stand, Doug's phone get's an eyeful and about knocked from his grip, the shocked widening of eyes coming to a narrow (although perhaps even in curiousity is debatable.

"Best way to do anything is dirty." The voice low as she speaks in that southern drawl and pointedly puts distance between herself and the wedge of Doug's cell phone with her index finger lifting it and pressing it to his chest.

"A go for what, Monsieur LeBeau?" Wonders Fantomex. The arrival of the blonde young man chasing after Charmanders makes the faux-French thief pause and steps back to watch amused Rogue's reaction. "Break into Genosha," he continues," to rescue the enslaved mutants? Where would you take them?"

"Dat one ting dis another. It best not to mess wit de politics of thieves." Remy shrugs helplessly as Doug makes an arrival with a straight line run towards Rogue. He is in for it.
"A go for Genosha, Fanto. We make it a thing, we strike 'em from the inside out. Thieves are best at getting out of things thats what we do. In the pro… " He stares realizing what Rogue had just said as if his mind has gone blank. "Whu? Oh hey, Doug. Kinda just realized you were here."
His deep crimson on black eyes returning to the present.

Uh… yeah. That… was a nice view of a Charmander nesting, in any case. Too bad he can't do any more clicking, what with Rogue re-introducing the smartphone to his chest. "Ah… I was, uh, catching a fire Pokemon. Not, you know, doing anything… Really, uh, let me show you…!"

The phone is offered to Rogue, with a slight motion to try and get the Charmander back in view. "See?" Nothing unto-wards! "Uh, yeah, hi, Fanto, Rogue, Remy. Ah, I didn't realize you were here either. Don't mind me, trying to catch Pokemon."

Normally Rogue would be offended by the press of close encounters, even as Doug insists in his own way, re-angling the phone and 'innocently' showing her. A brow perks and fingers pluck the device from him, making it look like she was taking a very inappro selfie (one hand even pulling hair back and all), then shoves it back at Doug, using the phone as the device that is a shield to keep the man from truly losing it with contact, in fact the shove will likely leave a smart-ohone shaped red on his chest and back him up a couple feet.

Rogue loops her hand in the mass of hair and untethers a piece of it from the bulk to make an impromptu mun and get it off her neck and shoulders. "Where?" A pointed look from Fantomex to the Mansion behind him and a small smirk. "Charles loves all of his children, and even if he cannot… I know of options." Desperate times, desperate measures.

Remy's look gets a half-cocked grin from Rogue. "Wha? Lucifer got yer tongue, Mister Lah-Beau~?" Give the deep south some cajun mix and Rogue just… Makes it work.
Fantomex shakes his head, "I did try to stealthy get into Genosha myself about a year ago. They were on me before E.V.A. got me to the shore, it was… disconcerting." And he has some suspicions on how they did it, which makes him even more curious to investigate there. So. Frustrating.

"Maybe you will have more luck. Otherwise your X-Men would do better going in force and prepared to beat an army of Magistrates, Sentinels and brainwashed mutants." The Magneto approach.

"Charmander nesting? I'll have to use dat sometime." Likely never. "All de kids been running around catching Pokemon, you wait, I bet it some kinda trap… we gonna see them all end up in one place one day then dey end up captured by a giant evil… " Remy stops there as if superstition wins out and that could actually happen.
"Now you know better'n dat Anna."
An inhale and an exhale of smoke, "Well we know Genosha got some serious tech and other tings, we don't honestly know how much dey really do got. Dat a big consideration. Be why I said… finesse." Also some careful planning among other things.

"Eeep!" Going with the finger-shove to prevent his phone from breaking before Rogue penetrates it with a nail or something, Doug fumbles a bit at the phone, taps it enough to try and capture the Charmander… and then sighs as the Pokemon rattles free and runs away. Ah well.

Tucking the phone back into his pocket, Doug looks back towards the others, canting his head. "Uh… if you want to check into Genosha, want me to go into their surveillance systems and grab stuff for you?" Doug offers."

"Eeep!" Going with the finger-shove to prevent his phone from breaking before Rogue penetrates it with a nail or something, Doug fumbles a bit at the phone, taps it enough to try and capture the Charmander… except, it seemed, it had been caught already. Oh, so -that- was what she was doing. Ngh. Though it -would've- been nice to have a Rogue selfie…

"Uh, thanks, Rogue!" Doug exclaims, grinning as he tuckss the phone back into his pocket, Doug looks back towards the others, canting his head. "Uh… if you want to check into Genosha, I could help out. Want me to go into their surveillance systems and grab stuff for you?" Doug offers.

Rogue casts a light smile to Doug, plucking cowboy boots up with a rattle of spinning spurs as she taps them against the thrust of hip in an idle sway; listening to them all. From Doug to Fanomex her gaze slide between the two and the rattling thump pauses. "Ya both seem to have that savvy when it comes to their tech and knowing what it all does and is capable of. Maybe you two can get in…. Enough to cause a hiccup. If they're fast it wont take those of us going in heavy to do what we need to."

Now those eyes go to Remy. "Honestly, sugah. How much time ya think we got? How many tries before we go from poking the bear to welcomin' it on our own front yard in response when we're tryin' to take her cubs?" Maybe it is still the Brotherhood side of her, but reaching back the riding gloves are drawn from the back pocket of cut off shorts and slid on with a bit of juggling and teeth upon leather to pull them tight.

"Ah play in kind. They ain't asking for a cup ah sugah and I ain't goin' to the door with a frsh baked pie…" But a pause and the thought seems to flicker over features, looking between the trio.

Fantomex looks skeptical at Gambit's finesse bit. "And what do we do once we are there, mon ami? We can hardly turn off a whole country?" Or steal it. "I am fairly good with advanced technology, oui. But it is my partner, E.V.A., the one that works miracles in the networks. She is technorganic and usually finds computer security irrelevant. Not so in Genosha." He looks at Doug, curious to know what he can do.

"Maybe your E.V.A. and Doug can do us something magical? Be like Data meets the Crystalline Entity kinda scenario. We jus' get close enough… The possibilities… " Remy muses half imagination inspired by what these gifts they truly have are capable of. Also he watches too much Star Trek or has been known to in the past. "We just have to get close enough. Dat de trick. Which card tricks is somethin' I'm good at." As if on example the cigarette in his fingers vanishes to be replaced with an Ace of Spades then reappears still lit.

"Oh, I don't really have issues with computer security," Doug volunteers. "It's more like, since I can translate language, all I have to do is translate commands to match their… culture, you could say. I mean, people hacks. I talk to machines and they talk back, you know? All I need is some sort of access and a bit of time to talk the machines down from sounding the alarms so I can focus on, you know, actually getting the information. If your, uh… partner can get me the access, I could probably focus on talking the security guards down."

There's a bit of relief in Rogue's expression and posture as they all seem to be coming together and lining up. Each one their talents and each talent varying enough but enough to work together.

"And Ah'm good at breakin' things." Stated as she walks towards the mouth of the gazebo, slipping cautiously between and around people. "So, if yall cannot get in and talk in beeps Ah'm here to break em. All we need is that few seconds… And to get in while we have em."

"I gotta go break a Green stallion though, and that… Takes finesse." From the end of the gazebo post Rogue's gloved grip takes up a wind of rope already tied into lariat.

"Imma try'n talk to Charles or one of the other two. Mebbe dey sign off on Remy 'Adventure Time' LeBeau leading a lil field trip." Another of those grins. "I'm gonna go ahead an' assume you three in on dis." A reflexive stare as Rogue makes her way past. Eyes on the prize - he simply cannot help himself maybe hes just written that way.
"Ahem, we uh probably all done. Gonna go speak wit a guy about a thing then maybe try 'n find us some honorable trouble. I love this sorta thing. Why I wanted to be an X-Man… plus, hey…" A motion towards Rogue's back, "We got de best lookin' ladies in de Hero gig."

Fantomex considers Doug words. His ability seems a fairly esoteric mutant power. But if the young man can prevent the Genoshans to see them coming, it is really useful. "Then I'll get you in touch with E.V.A." He decides.

As Rogue leaves, he is reminded he wasn't supposed to be here anyway. "And Gambit, we should remind the Guild it is rude to keep mutant master thieves waiting. Au revoir," he adds before vanishing.

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