Hook, Water and Croc

July 20, 2016:

Darcy's been left on the side of the road after Red Robins been called off to work. In Gotham, particularly now - that's probably not the best place to be.



NPCs: La Llorona, Hook Man, Killer Croc



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Fade In…

There are strange things happening in Gotham. The supernatural community is being organised and becoming more than just that which keeps to the shadows. Whilst they might not be operating openly, they are moving more freely.

There's also the reports in the media. You know the ones - the ones about 'Legends' come to life. Surely Darcy Lewis, who's currently standing on the edge of the road - in the dark, with an empty Blizzard cup in hand has heard of them.

The students in the college dorms found dead after a ghostly attack by a woman. Bloody Mary is the name being attributed to that.

Or the hitchhiking woman who gets strangers to stop. A number of cars have been found with their occupants dead…

Or 'The Hook'… the man with a hook hand that preys on the … 'not-innocent'.

Or the giant man-sized 'Bat' that's been reported. And the ex-sanguinated bodies found where its been seen.

Tonight though, as Darcy stands on that bit of deserted roadway, the wind picking up and whipping the trash around, she hears a sound. The sound of metal dragging on metal and the footfalls of someone drawing nearer.

screeeeeech thud thud screeeeeech

A certain young activist vigilante is probably aware of the trend and watching for the signs as he tries to disrupt the estalishment.

A certain Librarian is on her way home from a meeting when her car gutters and dies, not far from the stranded, newly minted, SHIELD agent.

Misfit. Comes the voice over the comes. For the moment, its Oracles digitally disguised one. Trouble brewing. I would hate for Agent Mays newest agent to meet with her doom in Gotham. Coordinates appear on the chaos muppets comms system.

Phone tucked safely away in her breast pocket, Darcy walks toward the tram station. The sugar in the ice cream ought to keep her awake until she hits a coffee shop before getting to the station in time for the 5:30am train back to New York… Just in time to shower and chain and be in her office at 8am. Sleep deprivation is teh best state for handling paperwork. Honest. Plus, that bout was So worth it after the past few days. The uber legends play through her head, which has her shifting her small just-big-enough-for-make-up-house-keys-work-badge-and-tazer purse from her hip to her front. Tazer vs Ghosts. Maybe Dr. Igon'll offer her an internship too.

"When there's something strange… in your neighborhood…" Darcy should never sing. Never. She sounds so much better when drunk karoke.

Claire Fontaine was driving home when her car sputters and dies, and she steers it toward the side on the remaining momentum. "Ugh, stupid car. Why now?" She tries to get it to start and… nothing. Not even an attempt to start when she turns the key. That's really bad. She's not read much about enginges, but enough to know that turning the key and getting zero reaction is really bad. She siiighs and reaches for her bag, knowing she passed the train station just a mile or two back. She can call for a tow truck while heading that way.

George and Mitchell are going to be so mad at her for getting home late and delying their dinner. Again.

Anarky has been working to ventilate his costume, installing cooling panels to make it a bit more palatable in the heat. He doesn't have any fancy vehicles or the like - he could afford them, given the amount of money he's siphoned from third world warlords, but he doesn't see the need to decorate something just to be his vanity toy.

He's skeptical of the supernatural stuff. He simply has a rationalist nature. He certainly doesn't believe in any sort of god. But he also acknowledges that evidence of the supernatural ranges to the pretty believable - and that whatever's going on, it's certainly worth investigation.

So, he's going with the only car he has - a restored Ford Escort, purchased off the books and under the table in cash from a junkyard. No paper trail. And, currently, paused, his mask off and hood pulled back as he takes in the sight of the car pulled along the side of the road ahead.

Well Charlie is pretty much a rapid response system. At the moment she isn't perched on a rooftop in Gotham. No ma'am. The young chaos muppet is playing Doom in the livingroom at Fenris's house in Brooklyn in her uniform. "EAT HOT ROCKET DEATH YOU JERKFACE" is shouted with a mad cackle as the comm comes on with Oracle, which may be really startling to Oracle because .. well Misfit may actually use a rocket launcher if she found one.

The PS4 Headset is tossed clear as the girl replies to her work comm. "Swhat… Agent May has a new agent…. I totes bet I could be a SHIELD agent if I wanted to be…. I mean how hard could it be you know?" she slinks up to her feet and pulls her hooded cowl up over her head, one bat ear floppng way askew and then affixes her goggles. "Seriously I bet you could put my application to the top of the pile right Oracle?" despite having the coordinates and rocking with energy back onto her heels she does take a moment to check her utility belt pouches. She hesitates and then pops to her room in the clocktower on the way to the coordinates, snagging her Potents Staff, it looks to normal people like a gnarly wooden bo staff a druid might have. So many runes… she flicks one with her gloved fingertip several times until it stops glowing an angry chaos red "bad rune." she mutters talking to herself, or well Oracle… hard to say…. "Okay ready!" she says all chipper and vanishes with a slash of pink smoke and a heartbeat later she is perched on the edge of a roof peering down at the street. "Got … one chick on foot… one car in motion.. and one stalled car… what did your all seeing eyes see OracleDom."

screeeeech thud thud screeeeech

The sound draws nearer and out of the gloom a pale man with a Fedora, striped shirt, black pants and a hook for a hand steps out, throwing a ghastly smile to Darcy. "Do, please stop singing my dear…" his voice is like sandpaper or perhaps of the grave as he descends on the woman, hook out.

This is the scene that presents to the other three observers although, there's a pale, etheral light as it flicks through trees towards Claires car … and stops at her door, dripping wet. Misfit might recognise that one, she's tangled with it recently.

Near Anarky, there's a grating of a manhole cover and the heavy clang thud as it's pushed clear. When he looks, just over there, he'll see a green scaled, man like, creature rise from the sewers. He might recognise the crocodilus type figure.

Darcy falls back a step away from Hook. Her green eyes are wide.

"Oh my god, you were way hotter on TV," she tells the ghost(?). There's a tell tale tremor in her voice: a touch of fear. That voice sends shivers of cold down her spine that she really does NOT want to think about right now. Her hand fumbles with her purse, seeking the tazer as her heart suddenly races.

Claire Fontaine puts her bag's strap over her shoulder and pulls her keys before turning to … scream in surprise at the dripping wet figure. She recoils from her car door and the figure outside, but she really has nowhere to go inside her car that WON'T EFFING START. The stacks of paper in the back of her simple car start to quiver.

Where is the glowing blue Elk when you need one?

That sight actually makes Charlie pause "Oh Hel…" she mutters then louder "ARE YOU KIDDING ME… !?" she leaps off the building and vanishes in a slash of pink and purple smoke.. with a bit more of a ruby red tinge than usual.

A blink of an eye later Charlie appears and takes a swing at the hook man's hooking arm. "Bad Monster!" and is gone in another blink only to reappear behind the water lady. She tosses chaos rune she palmed somewhere along the way, an unluck stone. "Do you people have like an evil monster club or something… seriously….. oh wait.. crocodile… ARRRRROO where is the bat…." she vanishes with more smoke towards Anarky's problems, growling. Did … batgirl or a cheap knock off just howl? What the hell…. .. also not likely to stop either of the monsters but this is called multi-tasking and buying people a minute.. with chaos.

The hook handed man doesn't respond to Darcy, just darts at her, slicing down with the hook. He's trying to eviscerate her or disembowel - whichever you prefer. "Impure child. Do you think I don't know what you were doing out here?"

Someone should really explain to him about the modern age, perhaps.

Misfits leap and blink, has his arm going wide … is Darcy ready to move?

La Llorona, her long hair hanging limply over her shoulders claws at the door to Claires car for a moment and then starts to turn to mist, seeping in through in the vents, forming on the seat next to the Librarian and placing a hand on her shoulder. Claire can feel it, the fluid building it … it feels like she might drowning. Where did Misfits unlock rune end up??? It's there, maybe it will take a moment…

Anarky tries to lure Killer Croc off but Misfit's assistance has the creatures attention turning to the chaos muppet. Matching her howl with a growl of his own, the man launches himself at the woman, talons out … he's going to rend her piece by piece if he can.

Darcy has never been so ready to move in all her life! Being mistaken for a whore, however, almost makes her want to stop to argue the point. Almost.

In the space that Misfit grants her, Darcy ducks and moves to try to get a bi tmore distance just as her hand closes over her tazer. She wipes that baby out, not daring to turn her back on the Big Bad Hook.

"Damn. Where're the Lost Boys when you need 'em, huh? Dude. Hook, baby. Look. I don't know where Tink is, okay? I grew up, so… skidaddle?" Yeah. Darcy's pretty sure that's not going to work. Well, at least she can bring her tazer up in case Hook continues forward again. Maybe she won't wait. There was a scream, after all.

Claire Fontaine startles a second time when someone abruptly appears in a puff of pink (PINK??) smoke, throws something at La Llorona, and poofs away again. And then Drippy Diana is inside her car. Dripping on the upholstery. But Claire's brain doesn't have room to be outraged at that. She's in full panic mode as it feels like her lungs are filling with water, and she shoves the door open and tries to launch herself out of her car at the same time that the inside of the car becomes a maelstrom of paper.

There is totally a snarl in return from Misfit … what the hell.. thuogh her teeth do look a little sharper.. the canines. "Ima totally dark vengance your scaley tail into Arkham!" and then well the crocodile monster man is lunging so she drops lower, sets her staff under the crook of her arm fluidly, grabs for his clawing arm, and pivots to use his strength and speed against him in a martial artist throw that would maybe even make Old Batman, soo old, smile. Well smile on the inside.. Batman as far as Charlie can tell may be physically incapable of smiling on the outside. "HsSSSSS jerkface!" oh right, follow-up. She digs out a flashbang and flings it at his head. "Hss."

Darcy shouldn't wait. When given an open, you should totally take it. That's what all SHIELD agents are taught during basic… oh, yeah, that's right. Darcy hasn't done SHIELD basic field training. Maybe she'll survive this encounter long enough to get the crash course Gorman's arranging for her.


Hook man roars and rushes the woman, the hook on his hand gleaming as the streetlight catches it. She can see it drop, aimed at her face … pzzzzzzt and there's the tazer. The man falls forward onto Darcy.

Claires car door opens and she's able to fall to the side, getting La Llorona's hand off her. The feeling of drowning abates, but she's probably still gasping.

La Llorona moves to follow, trying to turn to mist, just as Misfits unluck charm triggers. She's stuck in that form as the paper flies around the car, cutting the woman's human form. aieeeeee the scream is nearly unearthly.

Killer Croc gurgles in surprise as the small chaos muppet sends him flying over her head, landing with wet thud on the bitumen. Struggling to get up, he manages to make his knees glaring daggers at Misfit as the flashbang hits. "Owwww, that hurts." He's right back by that man hole, though and Misfit can read his intent. He's going to run.

Claire Fontaine half sits, half lays on the street just outside of her car, gasping and coughing even though there's nothing in her lungs to cough up. When the apparition starts screaming, though, she looks up, and her eyes narrow. And the maelstrom of paper becomes most definitely focused and intentional, every sheet of paper that still has a dry edge trying to slice at La Llorona's face. The ones that are soggy from coming into contact with the woman either fall limply or stick to the sodden woman.

Darcy back steps and back steps, hoping Hook'll break and run for it but when he charges she inhales and squeezes. Her eyes had drifted up to that hook, and as he starts to fall it's all she can do to reach up with her off hand to try to keep the metal from piercing her as she topples under him. The unearthly scream is not the best soundtrack for this moment, and Darcy's trembles intensify.

Her own inner cheering squad that's yelling at her to get up even as she's going down distract her from the simple fact that when tazing someone, the tazer should not touch the tazee.

Welp, lesson learned.

Charlie cackles madly when Croc complains that the flashbang to the face hurts. Then with a yip and a howl she charges like a crazy person staff raised over her head. It doesn't help that every damn ruin on the staff is lit up Ruby Red with chaos magic as she charges at her prey "arRRRRrkham time!" either he is going to run like hell or get brained… … Also questionable who should be in Arkham more.

There's a pile of arms and legs over there, where Darcy was. Well there was until the Hook man just … apparates. Leaving behind, a downed SHIELD agent and the prongs of a tazer. Poor Darcy.

Claires efforts have La Llorona shrieking and she finally overcomes Misfit's luck rune. With a 'splooooosh', there's water all over the inside of Claires car and the paper is sodden. Then there's mist and … it's gone.

Killer Crocs no fool - well, yes, he might be - but he does have a good sense of preservation. The yelling chaos muppet that is looking a bit wolfy with a glowing red staff over her head has him scrambling. Done into that sewer and he's gone …

Misfit. I can speak to May if you want to try for SHIELD. Oracle doesn't know yet that WAND is really recruiting, she might regret that later. In the meantime, see to our friends, please. I believe all of the others have gone. Watching Darcy, the redhead shakes her head. She's sure May will have to things to say about that.

Drooling is never attractive. Does that stop Darcy? Of course not. She tazed herself. May will be so disappointed. But for the moment.. ice cream on a tazed stomach? Not pleasant. Darcy groans.

Claire Fontaine startles and recoils when La Llorona suddenly splooshes and is gone, leaving her car a soggy mess. Coughing a bit more, she turns and clambers to her feet, dusting herself off as she does so. And that's when she notices the Darcy-splat across the way and a bit further down the road. "Hey, are you okay?" As if calling across is gonna help. She doesn't notice Misfit yet because she's not turned in that direction.

Charlie taps the side of her goggles, causing them to glow red as she looks down into the sewers, staff held loose in one hand "Dangit!.. he got away…. I'll get you next time and your turtle too…" she turns stepping away from the manhole and walking towards the two women "Hi there citizens! Are you both okay?" she … well almost kinda looks a bit like a batgirl. Not the scary black leather batgirl. Nor the classic batgirl. More like.. a bit off-kilter.

Misfit offers Darcy a gloved hand up "Soooo which one of you is the SHIELD agent.. cause… I'ma gonna totes tell Agent May you need more field training… We should totally spar sometime.. I'll kick your butt." there is a flash of smile, yeaaah those canines be sharp looking.

Still recovering, the questions seem to be coming in quicker than her mind can grasp on to her sas. She manages to close her hand around Misfit's and with too much focus, Darcy regains her feet.

"No. I'm dead," she croaks out to whomever asked if she was okay, while trying not to lean to omuch on Misfit. That ice cream needs to stay down. For real.

"Totes. Gimme skates. Don't tell. Complete debacle. Selling tickets," Darcy replies to Misfit, trying to make complete sentences, failing miserably, and hoping she can keep her feet long enough to find a ..convinent hole in the street.

Claire Fontaine turns to watch the floppy-eared Bat…puppy? as she addresses the woozy Darcy and helps her to her feet. Looking up and down the currently empty road before crossing to the others, she approaches them a bit hesitantly. "Uh… is there anything I can do to help?" Her accent places her as a native Gothamite, but her mannerisms are decidedly meek.

Well Misfit does her best to try to stabilize Darcy there .. she lets go then grabs when there is a wobble. "I think they splitsville…" there is a bit of a canine air around Charlie these days, so maybe it is chaos puppy not muppet really. "My name is Misfit. I'm very impressed neither of you were drowned or disembowled.. honestly more than many random muggles can say these days with the ghost and urban legend problem we seem to have… though I've never seen the drowning lady mess with paper…" she mms puzzled.

Darcy manages to straighten up. She inhales to speak, then holds up a finger and turns away to empty her tummy of all that Dairy Queen goodness. Ugh. WHen she's done she wipes her mouth on the back of her hand and leans back against whatever hid her yuck from sight. She sighs, feeling better, but now so tired.

"Agent Lewis, Worst SHIELD baby in history. Nice to meet you," she gets out, sounding much more stable now. Her eyes are more focused too as she looks over at teh other two girls. She double takes on Misfit.

"Nice… get up?" Pause. "I mean. Thanks for the poof and the woosh and the helping up and everything."

"Maybe I can go see if my car will start now?" She hooks a thumb back toward her car, still sitting there dead with the door hanging open. And soggy drippy papers hanging out of the open door frame. "I can give you both a ride… um, somewhere."

With a glance down at her gear Misfit glances up and grins at Darcy "Thanks! Batwing helped me design my costume. It's bulletproof." she notes seriously. Her hands go to her hips not seeming disturbed by the vomit. "Agent Lewis probably needs a ride to the train station.. with the spectres gone I bet cars will start.. they muck with technology like totes hardcore." she shrugs "I'll just bounce out though…. glad you are both safe!"

"Train is good," Darcy agrees amiably as she pushes off to follow Claire to her car. As she does, she levels a finger at Misfit.

"Meet me. Three days. Rink n Roll, New Jersery. 1 hour before close. They're usually dead then. And I know the owner," Darcy says, as serious as if she were offering a duel. Right up until she grins.

"I'll show you the selfie with May's disapproving face." Because there will be so much shame. So much. Can't beat it. Might as well take it in.

Claire Fontaine nods and leads Darcy (and Misfit?) back over to her car and … "Ugh. Sorry. I'll just…" She stares into her car for a moment, frowns, and stares for another moment. "I'll just… see if I have some towels in the trunk."

The Misfit cocks her head to the side there. Then she laughs, its a genuinely happy laugh "Cool I'll totally be there Agent of SHIELD… and trust me I see that disapproving look aaaaallll the time… she has a super power and it is disapproving of everything I do that is fun.. I swear…" she walks to peek into the window. "So you get wet…. wait… " she vanishes in a slash of pink smoke >pinkurple> and is back a moment later with arms full of beach towels she offers to Claire. "There you go."

"You too? Sister-mine!" Darcy says, opening arms to offer a hug before joining Misfit at the windows. "Eep." And the pinkurple (Awesome color!) smoke happens and then TOWELS. "Shiny," Darcy adds reaching out to take a few to help towel off the interior.

Claire looks rather startled by the poofing about, but when she's given that armload of towels, she moves to sop up as much of the water as possible before driving Darcy to that train station. This has been the weirdest night EVER. And that's saying something.

Well Charlie brings the Wierd and Chaos usually. She salutes the pair of women and then vanishes with another slash of smoke.

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