What's Your Tactical Training?

July 19, 2016:

Darcy has to undergo her post operation medical and Agent Gorman comes looking for her. (emits by Aspect)

The Triskelion - New York


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SHIELD security measures have sure gotten strange lately. It’s always been a bit tight. ID Check, millimeter microwave scanners, x-ray machines for any bags coming in, sniffing dogs and so on and that’s just for the general security floors. Those blessed/cursed enough to have actual security clearances for the more classified stuff have to submit to much more intrusive measures, at least at first. The DNA for DNA biometric access denials doesn’t come out of thin air, after all.

There’s been an added component to these little morning rituals, though. A portion where an agent standing off to the side waves what looks like a key fob at her. It seems casual, except for the part where there’s a couple of very tense looking agents with hands near their weapons. It’s all rather weird and no one at Darcy’s old level of security really knows much about it.

We say old level of security because Darcy got orders. Orders that place her on field agent status. Is it a mistake? Or is SHIELD really that short handed? There does seem to suddenly be fewer agents about, especially senior agents, and there are rumors that the Old Man is talking to the UN and that their budget might be sort of on the line.

In any case, post operation (and that’s what Darcy is at the moment having recently been to Turkey) it’s SOP to get a checkup. Also, someone should really go look at what happened to Agent Lewis’ old charge, the supply closet.

Those are, uh, different tasks. Probably best to get the checkup first.

Definitely best to get the check up first, though she’s slightly pre-occupied by her supply closet. She’s used to living on a tight budget, and with the rumor mill churning on about budget concerns, post-its will be a hot commodity soon enough. She collects her work tablet from the security monkeys, having left her purse in her locker, and making her way into post-op check-up.

Jemma's been busy, as usual, and is not expecting a visitor. She is in her lab though, assessing results of some tests she's been running. With her newest duties, things have… escalated.

On the screen that sits over the conference table are multiple windows, one with what most consider gibberish but seems to have the biochems interest, another showing a futuristic type weapon rotating through a number of views and finally a list of names… many of which are crossed off - that probably doesn't bode well.

With the recent clean out, some of the post op check-ups are being referred from medical to the biochem. When Darcy presents herself she's redirected.

"Agent Biden, what can you tell me about the rounds that weapon uses?" The weapon was that had been taken from what Jemma suspects were operatives from Leonidas' network and seemed to use lasers rather than conventional ballistics.

“It seems to be battery powered, Doctor Simmons.” The agent in question is a tall man in the ubiquitous SHIELD suit holding a sleek possibly ceramic rifle-type weapon in matte black. He ejects a small cylinder from the stock and holds it up for examination. It certainly looks like a battery.

“Seems to be pretty efficient. No idea what it is.” This is high tech, so a bit out of the realm of Simmons expertise. Fortunately that discussion can be saved for later.

“Looks like you’ve got a visitor, Doctor. I’ll just put this over here.”

Darcy moves into the lab she was redirected to, a smile blooming as she spots Jemma. Behind her glasses, her green eyes sweep over the techno-gibber and schematics, but settle briefly on the list of crossed out names.

“Reporting for check-up,” Darcy quips as she comes to a stop a few steps from the center of the area. It’s almost prim, the way she holds the tablet in two hands in front of her. Likely, Darcy is trying to keep her hands to herself.

“How do you want me?” she asks, brows lifting and lips kicking into a lopsided, mischievous, somewhat inviting grin.

"Mmmm, it does doesn't it." Jemma looks between the weapon and Biden, shaking her head slowly. "It's times like this that I really miss Fitz. Maybe there's someone on the list that can help me." Which is fine for the technology side of things but ballistics and weapons, she's going to need extra help.

"We do?" So engaged in the work she'd been doing the biochem turns just as Darcy speaks. "Oh. Hello Darcy. Check up? Oh right. You just got back from Turkey didn't you?" Typical Jemma, rapid fire questions and babbling as her brain works at a million miles an hour.

"Just there, is fine." She motions to a chair as she gathers her equipment. "How did it go, by the way?"

It will take her a few moments to pull up the mission report, the part that she has access to, and quickly reviews. "A mix of virals and antivirals were taken? What can you tell me about what happened?" Of course, biomaterials going missing is going to get Jemma's attention.

“Uh, Doctor, is she going to be contagious? Should I be… somewhere else?” Virals and anti-virals? Agent Biden hopes he’s not about to wind up in quarantine. He had dinner plans.

“I’m sure she’s clean. She would have been held over if something had happened.” A voice says from the door. That’s Agent Gorman, SHIELD’s very own Tom Selleck lookalike. He eases inside the lab and cants his head toward the door. “But you should be getting on, Agent Biden. I just came for Agent Lewis’ debrief and heard she’d been redirected to Doctor Simmons for her medical checkup.”

Darcy moves to where Jemma wants her, settling down and putting the tablet next to her hip. Biden’s reaction earns a smirk and a wink. Let the poor guy frea- OH! Man. Her eyes flick to Agent Gorman as he gives up the ‘game’.

“Buzz kill, Jed Andrews. Buzz. Kill,” she deadpans at him.

“H1N1 samples, and likely some of the antivirals to go with it. Whether they were effective anti’s or duds is completely your wheel of cheese. You’ll have it in your inbox soon as I hit send. In any case, we got there, place was cleared out, but by the power of facebook we nabbed the guy.. May’ll have to tell you the rest. I sorta stayed in the office tracking shit down.”

"No, I don't think so, Biden." Jemma shakes her head again. "The samples, I believe were taken and the agents were…" and there's Gorman "Agent Gorman. Would you like tea?"

It doesn't take long to run the standard battery of tests on Darcy. As expected there's nothing unusual. "I'd dose up on the Vitamin C if I were you." So, the newly made field agent might be coming down with a sore throat. Nothing to worry about, really. Not even with H1N1 samples in the wild.

"Did you retrieve the samples by any chance?" Looking at reports is all very good and well, but without the samples themselves, she might be a little hamstrung.

Casting a look to the Tom Selleck look alike, Jemma cants her head. "She's all yours now, Agent Gorman."

Since Gorman doesn’t have the report quite yet, he doesn’t know if the samples were retrieved. But if it’s just Swine Flu it’s probably okay either way. That is, presuming someone doesn’t try to genetically hijack it into a superflu. That sounds like the kind of cartoon villainy that one would expect to entertain ten year olds on Saturday morning but flu’s are varied, unpredictable and can be quite deadly. You don’t have to go very far back in human history to find examples.

Worse, no one would know it was a bioterror attack until it was too late.

“Is that… petri dish… pulsating?” Gorman asks of something in an incubator before turning his attention to Darcy.

“Facebook, mmm? I look forward to reading all about it. In the meantime I wanted to discuss your rather meteoric rise through the ranks. There seems to be some gaps in your file. Can you fill me in on your tactical training?”

“Samples were being off-loaded with the rest of the gear and stuff we managed to recover. I may or may not have written off some of the antibiotics and gauze and basic medical equipment that had found its way to a small local clinic,” Darcy says as she puts her sleeve back to rights. Her gaze settles on Gorman and a brow quirks.

“I do something wrong, Magnum?” Darcy quips back at Gorman. She leans back on one elbow so she can use the other hand to poke at her tablet and finish getting reports here and there. And make sure supply requisitions are doing okay. Mustn’t forget teh staplers!

"Given the presence of H1N1, I would have preferred the antibiotics be collected. Too easy …" Jemma shakes her head and trails off, if they are contaminated in anyway… they'll find out soon enough. Glancing at the Petri dish, she nods absently "Mmmm, yes it is, Agent Gorman." Like that sort of thing happens all the time. "Some tests I'm conducting on the Daemonite genetic material."

"I'll request the samples be routed here so I can review them." The report that Darcy sent is bought up, overlaying the rest of the information on her screen. It's going to take her a moment to review it but she looks back to Darcy first.

"He needs to update your records, stop being difficult." she murmurs. They've nowhere near enough agents at the moment and if Jemma's intuition is anything to go on, things are likely to get worse.

“Yes, mummy,” Darcy says to Jemma. Turning her bestest smile on Gorman, Darcy bats her lashes at him.

“I like long walks on the beach and Rocky Road ice cream. What other holes you wanting plugged?”

"I'll put that as no tactical training then." Agent Gorman makes a note on his tablet ignoring Darcy's quips. "And according to my records, little Field Training."

The Tom Selleck look-a-like frowns slightly at the newly minted Field Agent. "We don't have enough time or resources to put you through full agent training but I will organise some crash courses for you. Report to me tomorrow and we'll get you started."

If Darcy can be sure of one thing, the training will be gruelling.

"Doctor Simmons, I'll arrange to get the samples to you. Is there anything else you require?"

Jemma gives Darcy a flat look. She's not amused by the jesting. It might have an awful lot to do with just how busy the biochem is. "You'll be thankful for that training soon, I'm sure."

"Thank you, Agent Gorman." She flicks the reports over on her screens bringing up the one with the crossed off names. "I need to put a staff together for a special project. These are my short listed names. Are you able to assist me by doing a basic vetting first? Then I'll speak to the ones that make the grade."

"That was good work in Turkey, Darcy. Is there anything that you've not included in your report that might be germane?"

Darcy frowns ever so slightly as Gorman and Jemma stay straight-faced. Oh well. Another day then. Shrugging it off, she turns her attention back to her tablet for a moment.

“Aw, thanks, Jem. I try not to disappoint you.” There’s a pauses as Darcy mentally goes over what they had found in Turkey and what the word germane means. “Yeah. What’s that word mean again?” Even if ‘again’ implies that Darcy knew it to begin with.

"Agent Lewis, report to me tomorrow." Agent Gorman repeats, ensuring the woman has heard him. With a nod to Jemma and slight raise of his eyebrow at Darcy's last comment "I can do that Doctor Simmons, but I'm not sure how effective I'll be. I can make sure they are themselves, at least."

"If there's nothing else… good day, Ladies." and with that the moustached agent turns and leaves.

"A thesaurus and dictionary for Agent Lewis, please Agent Gorman." Did Jemma just make a small joke?

Turning her attention back to Darcy, the biochem sighs "It means related." sort of, but she's not going to do a full Oxfords English Dictionary thing here "Is there anything that you can think of that didn't make your report." Normally those sorts of things are left out because people don't know how to describe what happened or what they saw.

“Bright eyed and brushy tailed just for you, Mr. Baseball,” Darcy retorts when the agent repeats himself. She heard, she just didn’t acknowledge. But, she’s a good girl. At least, until it’s more fun to be bad. She finger-wiggles farewell to Agent Gorman, chuckling right up until Jemma jokes at her. She looks over, mouth agape for a moment before starting a slow applause.


“Related? Hmm.. I dunno. A Syrian posing as a Turk helped make off with H1N1 strains in a part of the world that really isn’t all that up on antiviruals and antibiotics? I mean, it’s speculative at best, but I’d hate to think Syria was trying to find a way to weaken Turk and Kurd lines with the sniffles,” she says, because Jemma’s right: speculation has no place in a report.

"Hmmmm" Jemma ignores the slow clap, already thinking. "Speculation and until I get a better look at those samples and read the report more thoroughly, it's not something I want to do."

"It's a terrifying thought though. Weaponising something as simple as a 'cold'. So easily spread and who would suspect anything like that?" But it does beg the question, why were the samples stolen in the first place.

"Alright then. You've got a clean bill of health. Just dose up on the vitamin C and that sore throat you're developing won't be a problem." Darcy probably hasn't even developed the symptoms yet, but Jemma's tests are very thorough.

"Enjoy your training."

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