Dinner, Dancing, Doctor

February 02, 2015:

After a scavenger hunt, Dr. Pym surprises Janet with a dinner and dancing.

Fok Choi's

An anthill near Fok Choi's.


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Fade In…

This morning when Janet van Dyne came to work, she found a note that suggested she should take the day off. It included a map, which led her to the Bronx Zoo. When she arrived, there was another note, with a bit of a puzzle, but would eventually lead her to the Baxter Building. From there, another note, this one leading to the American Museum of Natural History. And when she got there, she found yet another note, which led her to Fulton Hall. At each location, there was a gift, some food, a nice drink, maybe some clothing or a little trinket. Hopefully enough to keep her interest.

By the time she reached the end, if she bothered to follow them, she would likely be very happy, or incredibly upset. But the last note she found would lead to Chinatown, behind Fok Choi's restaurant, a little hole in the wall, which lead her to what looked like an anthill. She could venture down there, but dare she? Ants can be dangerous. On one of the wooden walls, which was really a plank, there was a bright red arrow pointed downward.

Well Janet had a fairly good idea who was behind this scavanger hunt and she was definitely curious enough to play along to see what was at the end of the search. She has a stylish messenger bag with the clues and trinkets over her shoulder. "Really" she states with deep amusement. She shakes her head looking around the alley then down at the anthill. She moves and tucks her bag behind a cardboard box so no one will notice, and then with one more look around she steps forward and shrinks really rapidly down to her usual half an inch in height. That is still pretty big for an anthill though so she keeps dipping down even smaller pushing it down to ant-size, her working clothes outfit in view now. "Let's see what do we got…"

This anthill was constructed by ants, but it was not constructed for ants. Once inside, Janet will find that it's larger on the inside than it should be, not that she probably has too much of an idea what an anthill looks like from the inside. But this one is obvious.

Hank is down there, sitting at a table, while one of his ants is standing there with what looks like a tiny towel draped over one of its legs. He even seems to be wearing an ant-shaped and sized tuxedo. Hank is dressed up as well, wearing a tailored outfit in black and white. He rises from his chair when Janet descends, "hello Janet, I see you found my clues." And oh god, is that music playing in the background? He couldn't have taught ants to play classical music, could he? Surely there's a speaker somewhere.

The garcon ant will pour a shrunken bottle of something, champagne by the looks of it, into a glass. Just how far would he take this?

Janet wasn't entirely sure what she was expecting, but she definitely wasn't quite expecting this. She figured it would be an explore the small world or show off a refined control of the insect kingdom with his helmet. This. This is something else.

Janet has an expression that she isn't sure whether to break into giggles or just roll her eyes "Hank… how many hours did you put into this?" she looks around and carefully steps over to the table now. She smiles to you though and looks for the helmet, because well she knows you need it if the ants get unruly. "So… um… how did you get an ant sized tuxedo?" she settles to sit careful of her wings.

Hank will reach down to put the helmet back on, speaking with their waiter ant, who will pour another glass of champagne, then head back down a tunnel that isn't lit by candles. For now, the ant seems to be gone, and Hank will remove his helmet.

"Oh, not too many hours. Most of it was explaining what I wanted. They made this anthill especially for this… date." It sounds awkward to him, but he's being sweet. "And it's not really an ant-sized tuxedo. It's just some strategically placed clothes. It's as much as I could convince Antonio to wear." And as if on cue, the ant returns.

This time, he's carrying what looks like miniaturised Tupperware. He'll set them down on the table, one in front of Hank, and the other in front of Jan. Curiously, he's walking a little funny. Maybe he drank the rest of that champagne? After setting those down, he'll scurry back down the tunnel.

Janet watches everything here with fascination now. She looks after the ant and then looks to you as you explain about the clothing. "Antonio?" she asks and then the ant in question is back. She smiles to him and then looks to the Tupperware. "Okay so did you teach them to play instruments or is there an iPod somewhere near here… please tell me there is an iPod."

Wasp carefully opens the Tupperware peaking to see what was delivered. She isn't too worried about the ants, in a pinch she can pop antenna and deal with it… it is just not something she likes to do at all.

The Tupperware contains meals from the neighbouring Chinese restaurant, shrunk down to an appropriate size, and kept in the Tupperware so the ants wouldn't eat it, or accidentally contaminate it. In a tone that would suggest he was telling her exactly what she wanted to hear, Hank says, "yes, there is an iPod somewhere." There is, but he says the truth in a way that'll probably make her wonder if he's lying. That grin is too much.

Hank will lift his glass to her, "shall we make a toast?" But what to toast to? It's at that point that Antonio comes back with more Tupperware, but sadly, Hank has to put his helmet and explain that it's too soon. Once he removes it, he'll explain, "okay, so I have some kinks to work out."

Janet will pick up the glass of champagne. She eyes the side passageways for ant orchestras. "Well they are ants Hank… they aren't super ants… or meta-ants. They are doing an amazing job though given what they are." she smiles brightly to you. "Let's toast to the most unusual date ever." she holds her glass out now.

Hank smiles and will clink glasses with her, "to the most unusual date ever," and he'll sip at his champagne. "And Jan, you know they're capable of so much more than most people give them credit for. Did you know that I've been able to prove conclusively that they are not only intelligent, but sentient, self-aware, and conscious. With the proper education, I firmly believe that ants could develop tools, science, technology. They are capable, but they're still so rudimentary, and their life span is an obvious hindrance."

Janet smiles "Hank… I am a lady who shrinks down to a tiny lady with wings. I don't really take any of this for granted or underestimate anyone at this point. I mean if anyone could teach ants to play music it would be you… and I talk to them too if I need to remember." a light shrug "I don't think messing with their life spans would be good though… or teaching them science…?"

Hank probably won't be satisfied until there is such a thing as an ant space program. "Oh, I know, Jan," he begins to dig into his Chinese food, using chopsticks, though there are knives and forks available. "I messed with your genetic structure and it turned out all right." There are not many people who can legitimately say they changed someone they knew, but Hank is one of them. There are measurable results. "But, enough about the ants. I have a feeling how your day was, so I'll ask, what's going to happen tomorrow?" He's trying to flirt, but it's coming out wrong. Does that make him cute?

Janet mmms "I'm not sure I am the poster child for the statistical odds Hank… I mean we got very lucky there haven't been side effects. Well very lucky and your brilliant but still messing with an entire species may be over the top." she settles though and starts to eat her Chinese now. "Your very cute Mr. Pym." she notes amused "I have a new fashion line for spring to discuss with some boutiques in the fashion district tomorrow," teasing back.

Hank blushes when she calls him brilliant, but that blush turns to a curious look. He does so love to play god, and messing with an entire species sounds like a good idea to him. That's how he's wired. "What if I didn't mess with the entire species, but just one colony? That wouldn't be so bad." He could even keep his mounts, the flying ants he likes to ride, for longer. Sadly, they often seem to die on him. And poor Kagg, he was squashed by the Joker. His thoughts are only broken when she calls him cute, "Cute? I'm cute? That's very kind of you Janet. You're great at your job, beautiful, athletic, creative, and you make a much better hero than I do. I just wish there was more I could do for you… r company." He likes her, that's obvious, but he's still shy.

Janet thinks about it "Maybe one colony… but if they got out that would be bad. What if it ended up leading to something that accidently wiped out all the ants on earth… or even just a lot of them. That would be horrible. Also if the ants conquered humanity, very bad."

Wasp smiles "Thank you for the compliments Hank, and you have done amazing things and still are…"

Hank's always thinking about the positives of being a mad scientist, but Wasp thinks of the repercussions. She's good to have around. If not for her, he'd probably have more doomsday devices than he already has. Of course, he probably shouldn't be searching for the plural of doomsday device. Standing up, he gestures to nowhere in particular, though his movements do change the light and the shadow that's going down the tunnel. Are there ants looking for it, or did he somehow connect an iPod to a kinnect sensor or something? Either way, the music changes, and he asks, "can I have this dance?"

Janet takes another bite of her food, finishing it up to a respectable point, because well ants, then she accepts your hand up. Even if you don't mean to she reaches to take yours and get one up. "Sure, take you to one killer nightclub and you get all ready to dance," she winks.

Okay, he was feeling confident, but when she brought up the last nightclub she took him too, suddenly he was feeling self-conscious and blushed, his cheeks nice and rosy. But he recovered, "you saw more of me that night than I had expected." He may have been studying YouTube videos or taken some lessons. He seems to have learned a few steps since that night.

Moving in rhythm with the music, he holds her, "of course, if you'd rather explore a true ant colony, we could do that, the whole Jacques Cousteau thing, except underground?"

Janet is quite the accomplished dancer, because socialite and everything. She dances with you though letting you lead, subtly directing a bit here and there to keep it on track. "That could be a lot of fun actually… I know you are really interested in them. Not like they will be a danger for us really."

Dancing with her, Hank leads, but Janet seems to direct. She is the more experienced one. Still, he does have his tricks. During one move, where he tries to spin her, he reaches for his helmet, slipping it over his head without ever losing hold of her hand, and smiles through the mask. Next, he'll control the mask and his suit will seem to appear out of thin air, though the mask goes up a little to reveal his face, as it does from time to time. "Then, shall we explore. There's an anthill not far from here." Though they should probably tip Antonio. He did well for an ant.

Janet laughs a bit "Right… dinner and adventure then I suppose Doctor?" she looks down the passage "You can probably tell the ants to eat the dessert then."

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