Like Ships Passing in the Night

July 17, 2016:

May manages to catch Natasha for a chat. A very brief chat.

The Triskelion


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Fade In…

Normally there are very few options when one comes by Agent Romanoff's office, she's not there, she's there but in a meeting, she's there but on her way out. It's never simply her coming in with the whole day free before her. At this very moment, she actually seems to be planning to leave, standing about her desk, gathering some gadgets into her utility belt.

Melinda May is walking past and stops to look in, as this is a rare chance to speak with the redhead. "Romanoff. Do you have a moment?" She herself is usually constantly busy as well, though is more readily seen around the Triskelion as she's the current director of the WAND division. She's also gaining a reputation beyond her usual reputation of being able to just disappear and appear at random places, as far as multiple time zones away.

"Step inside, if you make it quick I do, what's up?" Natasha asks without even looking up, not wasting any time, apparently in some kind of rush as she double checks her holsters to make sure the pistols are strapped in correctly.

Melinda May steps into the room and promptly pulls a small device from one of her pockets. It resembles something like a car door lock remote, and May just holds it in her open hand while looking at Natasha seriously. "You've been moonlighting. Care to explain?"

"I do that. What of it?" Natasha asks as if it was the most normal thing in the world, trying a few kicks to see her pistols stay firmly in place, before turning to look up at Melinda, "it's nothing to do with WAND jurisdiction, if you're concerned about that, I would go to you for anything mystic related."

Melinda May glances down at the little device in her hand, then pockets it again. "You know that I can help with other things as well, not just WAND related." After all, look what happened just the other day with the Logistics department. "I'm guessing this has to do with the Winter Soldier." It's not that difficult a logical step.

"Acknowledged." Natasha says, and as she seems to deem herself ready, she starts towards the door, only stopping for a moment by Melinda, showing she did have her alertness on when she asks, "so what was that device all about?" She does nod at the question, no point in masking that much when she's been all up in arms since he started targetting SHIELD operatives. "He makes it so these days."

"Daemonite detector. Everyone has to be screened. Get used to seeing one of these at every gate." May moves to follow Natasha back out of the office. "And you'll call me if you need backup. Doesn't have to be related to WAND." That's not a question.

Having already stated she acknowledged Melinda's words, Natasha doesn't repeat herself, she just nods at Melinda and heads out on her way. "I'll be sure to brief over with you, had high priority case take precedence over my time lately."

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