...Narfs Together

July 14, 2016:

X-Force ambushes a meet up of one of M-Town's mobsters and Mother May-I in their ongoing attempts to cripple Cyberdata. (emits by Ripclaw, part 2 of 2)

M-Town, NYC


NPCs: Zelda, Unus, Chip



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Continued from The Family That Poits Together…
Narfs Together…

"What the fuck do you want you psychotic bitch?" Tears stream down Zelda's normally elegant features. The fear and emotion has her visage contoured, twisted in a wet mess of despair. She is ugly crying.

"As happy as that would make me… " Ripclaw says quietly while watching Unus come to a halt near Rose and her at-gun-point captive.

That bat-winged man circles about, entering his mind reveals he has been instructed to kill Zelda if she tries to speak about anything regarding Frankie or the meeting. Patiently he hovers in wait just in range enough to hear.

"You will stand down. Killing her does nothing for you but assure you die at my hands." Unus threatens Rose.

Ripclaw remains silent, watching and waiting for a moment. He isn't about to assume Rose is just going to execute the woman. They're not cold blooded killers, they're vigilantes with a just cause.

Nate sighs, at seeing what May did. Bat-guy lacks some common sense, but probably he is not a killer. "Dude, sorry about the cell, my mother would yell at me, you see?" Almost true, as Jean told him to wear a mask when he was doing X-Force things so he doesn't draw attention to the X-Men. No mask, So he can't afford getting his face in pictures, Jean would have words with him.

"But you…" « You really need to fly down to the rooftop down there and take a nap » He makes it a strong telepathic command, trying to override May's own command without going directly against it.

He looks down and… Rose is doing what? Maybe Mother May got her after all. He flies down to see what is going one. "What the hell has the Brotherhood have to do with that maniac, anyway?" He directs to Unus, checking to see if he can read his mind.

"What do *I* want?" Rose huffs out a laugh, the feelings and words impacted by Mother May I still there, still making her breaths come in calm and measured beats, evident in the stretch of skin over ribs that heave with every measure of restraint and will. An argument happening here but not voiced.

"You don't look like a therapist. But you do look like a bitch in distress. What can a bitch in distress do for me?? Make me not pull the trigger so I can sleep tonight without having to get blood off my boots…"

Unus' threat does not seem to move Rose, in fact her hand goes up laden with her other pistol, aimed his way but index rises asking for a moment. "You next; big, tall and horny. You can grant me that wish if she makes me pull this trigger. I'll welcome it then."

Lowering closer to Zelda, Rose catches a tear of hers on the muzzle of her pistol while she speaks calmly. "Do I want to kill you? Not really. But you have ties with people who may as well kill my friends with nothing nicer then vivisection."

A deep inhale as well as exhale and Rose is picking up Zelda in a twisted arm hold that ensures she stays captive, making promises in pain reflected down her muscle and a nerve point grip between gunmetal and fingers. "Us girls, we need to take…a walk."

The telepathic command given by Nate is a stronger at this point than Mother May-I's own half-hearted brush off on the winged individual. It would appear her investment in this encounter is done. "I am sleepy now that I think about it?" The mutant's wings flap and he lifts up and over the building apparently heading to his cozy bed. No amount of suggestion or override can convince someone their own bed isn't the best place to sleep.

Unus the Untouchable tips his chin up while staring down his cheekbones at Rose, "You are a stupid girl and a coward. You attack poodles and defenseless women." His Italian accent thicker now as he starts to lose his patience.

Zelda scoffs, "What Frankie? Whatever I don't care. I'm done with this, I'll tell you everything."

"Zoccola you shut your mouth!" Unus is walking towards them now, a steady determined pace but not exactly fast."I stop walking when you both stop speaking and we fight." Nate's telepathic scan at the surface tells of nothing about the mutant beyond a borderline seething white hot rage. He wants to smash Rose's head against the brownstone and dash her brains allover and possibly also Zelda, they can make an excuse to Frankie or just kill him too. He is a stubborn man and willful, it will take a deeper and concentrated effort to dig in to his mind further.

Nate peers into Unus mind and… pretty angry guy, and pretty murderous. So he lands in front of him, putting himself between the Italian mutant and Rose. "Fine. So much for talking. Let see how untouchable you are now," he charges his right fist with telekinetic energy and aims a punch at the older mutant face. Nothing lethal, but should be enough to flatten a man his size, maybe even break his jaw.

"I got contacts with contacts. Trust me, we can replace those shoes with ones with spikes along the heels, and maybe even a bigger dog that doesn't get air time. Maybe a red suit, but you wont need that if all goes well." The final sentence a threat, the rest - not so much. More like a threat to take her shopping for (Rose's version) of nice shit in Black Market ratings.

"So let's talk shop, then talk shopping if more ends up needing replaced." A wink of that milky white bionic eye to Zelda, though her eyes divert slowly upward towards Unus, the visual interrupted by Nate and his heavy swing….

Mouth open to mouth close as Rose keeps backing them away, glancing back towards Ripclaw.
"Right, like I'd want to dress like you. You look like a street urchin." Zelda bites with the expected sass of a pampered mob princess.
"Look, Frankie has plans for the city… "

"YOU SHUT UP!" Unus shouts as Nate's punch connects with an invisible barrier. An unyielding unmoving wall of transparent force. "Out of my way!" Snarls free of Unus just as his hand backswats out towards X-Man a solid moving swat that has enough force to bat aside a tow truck. His focus is beyond the mutant psion, it is on Rose and Zelda.

Ripclaw leaps up behind the man and slashes both sets of clawed appendages cleaving at the same invisible barrier that Nate struck. No effect. He is living up to the name of Untouchable.

Nate blocks the swap with his forearm, and light flashes as Unus' forcefield hits his own. The hit pushes him back a couple feet, but little more. "Forcefield, uh? I can do that too." His left eye glows with power as he draws on his telekinesis to reinforce his body and increase his strength. His next punch hits much, much harder. It would go through a concrete wall. And probably will do nothing to Unus.

"Street…What?" A blink and Rose steps back, a motion that contorts Zelda's arm in a painful way while she looks down herself and twists her lips in thought. "Bet these boots cost more then your heels. I was going for Cowboys from Hell with my group here."

Spinning Zelda though, the woman was boring her and it showed when she head butted her right on the bridge with a force that emitted a loud *Crack*. If she drops as intended, the guns get holstered, Zelda gets hogtied with her sensible suit-top, and Rose is racing back towards the fight.

Chicks are boring.

A sack of potatoes has more grace than Zelda right now. She collapses in a heap upon herself.

Nate is correct in what his attack does to Unus. Nothing. Ripclaw likewise is completely ineffective even outfitted with GodTech bioweaponry.
Can't hurt him
Can't even slow him
Unus flexes rather obnoxiously then tips his head down and rushes straight for Nate like a bull, his intent is to grip him up and collide him in to Rose. Possibly also trample Zelda in the process. The Juggernaut would be proud.

Nate it is not terribly surprised when his punch fails to breach Unus shield. He just remembered to have read about him in the X-Men files.

Because after Omega Red thrashed them in the Danger Room, he went and read the files on the X-Men superhuman enemies. Or at least skimmed over them. Well, many of them. Still has some more reading to do.

« This guy's forcefield is pretty much unbreakable » he notes to the others telepathically. « But maybe I can nail him with a telepathic blast… ackdamnit! » Telepathic chat goes down as Unus just charged him, and Nate is sent flying back several yards, he should have braced better. He never impacts the ground, though, instead hovering a few feet over the unconscious Zelda.

Rose was expecting them to keep on him and join in the fray, not have her charge become reciprocated with Nate as the battering ram. Those heeled boots suddenly come to a halt as Nate is swatted back, in a manner that has him left hovering just above where Unus targets.

«You forgot something..» Rose states to Nate and Ripclaw, a thing revealed after her eye was removed and she felt perpetually threatened, and it took time for her to tuck away again, for that feeling to go away… «May want to stand back, let Ripclaw hit up close.»

As Rose spoke she is backpedaling, tripping over the body of the unconscious Zelda and instead of leaving her to be trampled she covers the woman's body with her own, closing her eyes and whispering into the woman's ear…

"Let's be clear: I hate you." Eye clenched let the trampling commence!

Unus' rage isn't so blind he doesn't develop a smirk as he bunts Nate aside and goes in to trample Rose and Zelda. Oddest thing is while hes above the both of them and driving a heel down in to Rose he doesn't just crush or roll over her like she was a kitten, no turning her in to a meat pancake with the force of his powers just a solid rough kick to the ribcage. "Che cosa?" His confused look is transformed in to pain as Ripclaw trusts in Rose's 'up close' again, blades ripping upwards across Unus' backside. A cry of pain and astonishment is accompanied by a spin, a grip at Ripclaws hair and neck and a very artful body flip/throw that sends the feral mutant in a tumble.
We can touch him now Obvious being pointed out by Rip as he casually rolls to a knee, claws dripping with Brotherhood blood.

"How is this possible?" A hiss and Unus paws at his own back, blood trickling over his fingers. "But I am Untouchable?" Quickly he starts to back away from them, "I do not know what sort of magic… " No more fighting Unus turns and begins to run his repulsion field sparking back to existence once hes out of close proximity to Rose. It doesn't look like hes got the conviction to persist in this confrontation.

Landing, he offers Rose a hand to stand up, then turns to the fleeing mutant. "Not so fast. We still have questions for you," and hits him with a telepathic blast. That should keep him cold a few minutes, in the case Zelda doesn't know all they need. And probably enough for the cops to arrive.

Or maybe not, response times are not great in Mutant Town.

The kick to the ribs sends Rose rolling asshole over elbows, but her grip did not release Zelda and they're a pile of platinum spiked out hair and that of long blonde, Armani and leather. Hot. Mess.

Exposed side shows the beginning of a bruise where the punt landed, but at least it was not a field goal (like the poodle) that is still a background noise of yapping from the bed of a truck where only the top of its 'fro is seen bobbing angry white in their general direction.

When Nate lands near Rose he can feel it, the dampening that is pushing against his TK. She may not be threatened by him, but he should also know… It takes time for her to put it away, even if he is not a threat - it happened.

His offered hand is eye'd warily before she takes it and peels herself from beneath Zelda, letting her roll unceremoniously to the sidewalk like a discarded blanket.

Nope, doesn't like her.

"Okay snatch up Zelda and lets go." Ripclaw says quietly while walking over to the truck and scooping the poodle up by the scruff, the yipping snapping and snarling persists until he hoists it up in front of his own face and releases a long low snarl of his own. Fiesty poodle meet feral mutant. A quiet yipe noise and it slumps.

"Good idea because we got incoming D.E.O. Knightwatch and they're ready for business." Chip pipes up, "Also hi Rose, sorry I'm piggybacking in your eyeball. I can see everything! Oh man, thats not how it sounds and I promise you I will only do this on missions. You know better yet." Text appears across Roses eyeball that says *sorry sorry* Link Severed. Chip the ever skittish.

Unus manages to walk several yards like an old West Cowboy who had just been shot before he face plants his mind shut down from the unexpected telepathic blast.

"I'll call this a win. We still need to work on our finesse… " X-Force is proving to be anything but tactful so far. Poodle in against a bicep Ripclaw departs.

"Wait, aren't we going to get that Frankie guy?" Asks Nate. Then again Mother May and Unus wanted Zelda dead, so maybe she is the one that knows the details.

A brief scan reveals no Mother May in the area, so he figures it is safe drop the mind-shield and switch to a 'someone else's problem field' to remain unseen by non-psychics. The driver is still sleeping. He checks. Okay. "We are good," he states.

They very much do need to work on the finesse.

The voice from her eyeball has Rose looking around, squinting one eye and then the other and blinking rapidly at the wording, PHRASING!, and then scroll of text. "Chip, if you want to piggyback anything it is always best to say -please-, or ask nicely. A girl requires wining and dining before you poke her in the eye."

A hip bump to Nate and Rose is grabbing Zelda by a fold of her jacket and dragging her (yep, hate) along the sidewalk towards where they came from. "I think we have our ticket to Frankie right here…." Rabid shake! "Why the poodle? I have a few tiny punctures in spots I'd rather not be pierced because of that electrified rat." A point at the dog tucked under Ripclaws arm sends it into a tizzy again.

"Finesse? Oh… I got finesse, but I did not think that was how we wanted to get our guys.." A wink and fingers drum over pierced hip before Rose sighs at the curb drop, eyeing her expensive cargo and the ripping threads. "Fine." Bending Rose hefts the body over her shoulder and does it with finesse. Crossing the road and hammering on a cabs hood that has to come to a screeching halt.

"Can't you see I'm carrying shit here/!? Jesus…" Her walk now has solid, angry, purpose. And finesse! It's all in the hips.

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