Purple Ooze

July 13, 2016:

A call from Jericho at 2am has Jemma arriving at The Triskelion to help out. Purple ooze and lac of sleep …

The Triskelion - New York


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It's not often that Jemma Simmons gets a call in the middle of the night. But when she does…

It's 2:30 AM and Jericho just buzzed her with his usual lack of context. 'Need to meet at the Tri. Bring your equipment. Important.' That's it.

Sometimes it's hard to tell with the hacker how much of that is his paranoid habits formed from many years of being on the run, how much of it is playing his cards close to his vest and how much of it is simply him vaguely enjoying yanking people about with little context. Jericho isn't generally characterized as a troll but…

Well some things do appear to have rubbed off on him.

Considering all the people that Jemma works with, a cryptic message at 2.30am isn't so unusual.

Still, it's a very drowsy Jemma that arrives at the Tri, field bag in hand and yawning. She might be forgiven for her state of dress - at least it's not her pyjama's… instead yoga pants and t-shirt with the SHIELD emblem on it.

Entering her lab, that's where she assumes the hacker will be waiting or join her, the biochem puts water on to boil. Nothing, absolutely nothing is going to happen until she gets a cup of tea.

Jericho is waiting and it's probably not a coincidence that tea is already brewing. Once Jemma's more awake she may notice little things. The fact that he smells of gunsmoke for starters and the fact that he's got burns and bruises on him, a sure sign he's been fighting while traced out.

Also there's the purple sludge coating what seems to be a piece of rebar on the table.

"In your own time, Simmons." There's a faint trace of 'might wanna wake up quick' there, but he does at least know he got her up at a fairly ungodly hour and instant recognition of what's going on probably isn't going to happen.

"Jericho …" Simmons takes the tea that Jericho has prepared. Hopefully, it will be up to standard. After taking a few sips and not grimacing, well done Jericho, the biochem turns her attention to him. "I've got some electrolytes for those burns …" she murmurs going to the fridge. "What's going on?"

No, she hasn't noticed the rebar on the table … she's almost awake.

"I have goo for you." Jericho indicates the table rather pointedly. And go it is. It's like blood but thicker and more… purple. How it got there.

"You with me yet?" He'll probably explain how it got there but since he called a biochemist to look at this it might be a good idea for her to get it into tests or containment or… something.

"Goo…" Jemma hands the electrolytes, in a form of a drink to the hacker and turns to the table, eyebrows raising. Huffing softly, she moves quickly, donning gloves and goggles, "You shouldn't just bri—-" she shakes her head "Tell me about it…" She's going to put it through analysis as she secures it.

"Well, I scooped that out of what should have been the stomach of a person about an hour ago." And by scooped he clearly means 'ran someone through with a piece of rebar and yanked it back out' if the marks on the rebar are any indication. "Said person was the definition of not normal."

Jericho uncaps the drink and takes a long pull at it. If she's careful, Jemma might see him wince ever so slightly. He's inured to pain, good at carrying on with it but that doesn't mean he doesn't feel it.

"I was following up a lead that finally broke from our little meteorite in Texas. There was a decomissioned Army CBRN Corps station up in Nebraska that looked like it had been operated by some… unusual interests at one point. When I arrived it was sealed tight. The doors had been welded shut but I only found that out after I managed to dig and worm my way through a couple of tons of rubble. Someone had collapsed the entrence to the bunker. Deliberately."

There's another pause as Jericho clears the rest of the drink. "When I got inside I discovered why. I wasn't alone."

"Scooped?" Jemma blanches at that answer. "Judging by the purple I can see they weren't normal." Chemical analysis first, Jemma wants to see what this goo is made of. Then it's into the spectrograph for the rest.

His wincing has her looking "Do you need me to look at anything?" It's not often she actually sees him like this. His next words have her thinking "Someone … locked themselves in? Or … maybe you should tell me what you found because they might have tried to lock something in…" Either option works given what they've been investigating.

"Someone definitely locked them in. Half a dozen of them. I'm not sure what exactly they were other than fast, strong and tough." Tellingly, Jericho isn't describing them.

It's biological, that's for sure. Similar to blood though the consistency's off. The machine's already working on possibilities but there's a battery of tests that Jemma will have to subject it to before she knows anything concrete.

"They were crazed. No attempt to talk, just stalking and attacking. There were corpses in there as well. Looked from cursory examination like anyone who didn't get out of the base in time was left behind." Though he's just guessing at time of death. None of the corpses had really been in any condition for forensics.

"Looked like someone had gnawed on them too… judging by the bones…"

"Really Jericho, it doesn't surprise me." Jemma answers, watching the results as they appear "If what we really think is going on … someone is splicing unknown DNA" she doesn't say alien "with humans. Why wouldn't at least some of them be crazed?" Crazed. Not Crazy.

"The goo responds like blood… " the biochem frowns and shakes her head. "I'm going to have to do a lot more tests before I can say more and honestly, Jericho… it's two AM. Can we catch up in a few hours?"

Jemma's thinking, right now, about that cot in medical … the uncomfortable one that looks very enticing right now.

"Yeah, but you might want to get that into containment first." Jericho points out. Since, you know, he did wake her up at 2 AM. The sooner they get answers on this the better. When the military is hiding testing facilities it's a sure sign that something has gone very wrong and if he had to guess the Section's got their fingerprints all over this.

Which means they may or may not be running against the clock.

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