Tuna For Dinner?

July 14, 2016:

It's been a long couple of days with negotiations and recovering.

New York


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It's been a few days since Rowan and Ulani were attacked, again, by cybernetic beings and whilst Ulani spent some time in her water form, healing most of her injuries - her duties haven't allowed her anywhere near enough to be fully healed.

Whatever is happening, The Blue can not afford to let any negotiations and talks falter and the Blue Envoy is one of their … most prominent on the Surface. Along with Rowan.

Ulani has been unusually quiet since then. Not so much in the pursuit of her duties, but outside that. "I'll never understand why Surfacers put rice with their fish." she murmurs. She's just returned from yet another meeting with the Japanese. At least this time, the younger people hadn't asked her about tentacles - something she still doesn't understand.

"Walk with me? We should keep a low profile, but I need to stretch my legs for a bit." It's been a long couple of days for the two Blue. Maybe fighting a war was easier.

"Just different." Rowan says as he rises from his seat. He hadn't gone to Japan this time. For one thing learning their language is a… challenge. For another, he'd been shot in the chest recently and armor or no armor that takes time to recover from.

He doesn't have any destination in mind, so the dragon Blue will be happy to let Ulani wander. It's not as if they're in significantly more danger standing still than moving about given that they still don't know how the Overlords forces keep finding him for certain. Some manner of extra dimensional homing seems likely, beyond that it's hard to say.

Ulani doesn't have a destination in mind, she just wants to move. She doesn't like not knowing and even less so, feeling like she's got no control over a situation. Which, she doesn't.

Leading them to the edge of a waterway, the Blue Envoy is quiet for a while. "The Japanese had footage of our assistance at Pearl Harbour." That should be good news - what the Blue did there was fairly amazing - yet she sounds … concerned. "Someone had edited the battle, we … were not portrayed in a good light at all." Rowan might imagine the types of questions she had fielded.

"How's the injury, by the way?" For once in the last few weeks of this type of routine, Ulani doesn't take Rowans arm as they walk.

"I'm not dead." Rowan notes wryly. "But only on a technicality. I'll recover but I can't do it as most elite soldiers can." He can't turn to water and heal himself more rapidly. He has to do it the old fashioned way.

The news that the 'news' was being twisted makes Rowan's expression sour. He's familiar with this mode of politics but he's a soldier, not a diplomat and definitely not a politician. He doesn't like it and he's honestly not that good at it. "Sounds uncomfortable. How did it work out?"

"So you said the other day." Ulani stops to look at Rowan as he talks. "And I know you can't heal like us." With the injuries she sustained the other day, it would take two or three days in her waterform to heal them. Instead she opted to let them heal to the degree of a 'normal' wound and let her body do the rest. It will scar, but what's another scar after those she received during the war.

"And how are you? I don't mean just that you're alive." It's a question that doesn't get asked often. "I'm sorry I wasn't quick enough…" Not that she could have been, but still.

As to the 'news', Ulani shakes her head. "The US Government is still the worst about it, insisting they want to inspect our fleet and have a full accounting of our military power. The Japanese are …" she sighs "… understandably nervous. We knew that people might be, but it's stalling the talks while some of their people raise concerns."

These talks have been going for weeks and now it looks like they might be weeks more.

"We're going to have to speak to the others, make sure that whatever we do here - we stay clean." It would be easy for someone to pick up on just anything and portray negatively. Which is something the Blue can't afford right now.

"They have to know that the Blue Senate will never agree to that." Not the least of which because the Blue military class is inextricably bound up in its politics. Of course there's also the matter that the surface largely lacks the capacity to carry out such an inspection and no sovereign nation would ever submit to such. Rowan's expression hardens a bit as he considers what must be at play.

"Either they want concessions or they're deliberately trying to sabotage the talks." The warrior can't tell which… but that's not really his job.

"If the Overlords really are here in force we're not going to be able to stay clean. And if they're here in force we have bigger problems than some reluctant surface nations." And the surface has bigger problems.

"I'm alive, Ulani. What do you want me to say?" If Rowan is reacting perhaps less strongly to being nearly shot and killed Ulani might realize that there's a reason for that. This is a man who has literally spent most of his life in life threatening situations. The circumstances that brought about the ambush is troubling but the ambush itself is the least troubling part of it. "It's not the first time someone has tried to kill me and it most certainly won't be the last."


"I have spoken to the US Government and they're aware of that. They wouldn't accept it from any nation and neither will we." Ulani's words reflect Rowans thoughts. "Still, there's a lot more discussion to be had and it will take some dancing and finessing. I don't expect they'll hold that line - but they'll want to show they're superior."

She sounds resigned to that. It's just part of the process and coming down hard isn't going to help things. Still the Blue won't give ground in that regard.

"I should turn up dressed as the Blue do more often though." There's a slight ghost of a smile "One of the lead negotiators was unable to talk for several minutes the other day."

"But yes, sabotage or concessions. It's not possible to tell which. I'll need to reach out to our allies to see if they can provide aid there. I confess that understanding the Japanese culture is … challenging. I'll lean towards concessions though, if we offer and they don't accept, then we'll have a much better idea."

"I'm not worried if the Overlords are here …" she starts and then pauses "… What I meant was that we should advise them to be careful. There's so much crime here, some of our delegates may feel they need to intercede, which could be damaging. Remember how it was for me, in those first few months." She'd been, almost literally, a fish out of water.

"Maybe we should reach out to other maritime nations, ones with less to lose in the way of image. I'd suggest Australia and Britain to start. Britain's seas border on Arthur's kingdom, not our Republic but…" Some kind of accord might be possible. It almost might be helpful in this case that the Atlanteans acted out so badly a year or so back. The Blue might be able to convince them that they can act as a counterweight to Atlantis' influence on British seas. That's not at all likely to make Atlantis happy but relations are easier there and certainly the Blue's unwillingness to back Atlantis' invasion could be played as a point in their favor.

If they play it right.

"I understand that Britain in particular is what they call a 'Veto Power' in the great council of nations here in New York." Rowan pauses for a moment. "There are some smaller nations that might heed us as well. The island home of the Amazons or the nation of… 'Wakanda' I think it is called. Both wield influence disproportionate to their size and strength."

"I hope, in that case, that our delegates are being very strictly briefed." It's one thing for covert operatives like Rowan to wage a shadow war. It's another for diplomats to do so. It may be necessary to separate the one from the other. The people likely to be treating with the surface are likely to be Elite. Which means they're the same people likely to be called upon to engage the Overlords if indeed they are here in numbers.

"I've already made overtures to Australia and New Zealand. Samoa and Solomon Islands as well. From what I understand there is a lot of cooperation between those nations" Turning again, this time slipping her arm through his, Ulani starts walking.

"Britain. I will reach out to them. Themyscira, yes. Wakanda? I think there was something on the news about them recently. I'll do some research." At least she's learning about the Surface quickly. The problem is there's just enough time and a lot to do. Even with delegates being deployed to the nations - she's said it before, The Blue are not prolific, only the Elite are authorised for Surface duty and there's a lot of surface countries.

"Of course the delegates are, Rowan." Casting the Blue Warrior a glance, the Blue Female sighs. "They'll do their best but I want to impress on them how important it is that don't engage." Of course, that's going to be a fine balancing act, because not engaging could be "spun" as the Blue simply don't care. An easier thing to brush off but it will provide unnecessary distraction none-the-less.

"Have you heard anything else from the Scientist, Tresia? I'm wondering if they found anything else." It's unlikely, but with Ulani stuck in meetings most of the days, Rowan would be the one they contacted.

"No, not since we saw them." Rowan hasn't really been expecting to hear from them. Overlords technology is highly advanced in a way that is very different from Blue Technology but more than that they didn't have very much there. You can't, for example, learn a whole lot about a computer by examining it's case and that's fundamentally what they'd been doing. They may at some point get a chance to look at more and that might be more revealing…

Though Rowan kind of hopes not. That'd mean there's more Overlords out there.

"I hadn't thought you would, I was just wondering if they'd found more parts." Still what they'd found was something at least. "I've not had chance to contact Ozymandias yet." Ulani tugs on Rowans arm as they walk. She's silent for a long while before she speaks again "Now that the war is over, my Mother's sent news." Camari, her foster mother. "About that project my parents were working on. It seems they found some documentation. It was some form of energy device - something that would power our ships it seems." Which means it could also have been a weapon. Not that The Blue are shy about that sort of thing, but there are definitely factions that wouldn't want that to happen.

Rowan considers that for quietly for a little bit. Energy devices are not overtly aggressive and the Blue are already pretty good at producing it already. Of course they're already really good at consuming it as well and there are certainly sea peoples who would not want them to get any more powerful in the pacific. He's not sure how many of them would be to inclined or capable of sabotaging a project like that though.

"Who was it for?"

Ulani shakes her head. "The 'official' project, the one that my mother had been assigned to was for the Navy." Which makes sense and explains why her father had been present at the demonstration that day. "Gaige has checked the project paperwork and it rings true. But he's suspicious. My real fathers signature is on many of the orders and approvals. He thinks the project was a front for something and that Maksim was covering it up." That doesn't make her happy. Perhaps there's a good reason for it.

One thing that's never been asked is if there were bodies and Ulani certainly hasn't mentioned anything.

"He gave me a lead though, if I can get the time. A scientist called Yethra was referenced. He's in Kawehi now." She's quiet for a moment, leaning her head on his arm, "I might want to take trip a home but I'm not sure I really want the answer … What would you do?"

"Was the scientist present at the incident?" And if so, how did he survive? Rowan wonders things like this. There's so much about that incident that doesn't add up. It is, as the surfacers like to say, shady.

"If you can get time you should. You know you're going to want to know if you ignore it. It's going to… be a distraction until you find out. Plus it might be important. If something was happening that shouldn't have been we need to know."

"No. He wasn't ever assigned to the project. The name was found in some of Takanani's notes." One of the Blue they'd exposed as a cultist in the early throes of the war. "He might been a consultant." Ulani is equally as confused. She'd lost her parents so many years ago and now this is bringing everything to the fore.

"I … will if I can. But things are so busy here." she sighs. "At least the Wildings and the Lemurians are playing nice for the moment." They're path has led them to the sea and Ulani looks wistful. "Shall we swim for a bit or would you rather get back?"

"Is there even the slightest possibility that he's still working for the Lord of the Deep?" The Sea Peoples won their war. They sealed away the evil at the bottom of the trench. It's not clear, though, that they have actually defeated the Lord of the Deep so much as locked him in a closet and frankly that thought has Rowan more than a little nervous. Things are getting a bit complicated here on the surface. This is a bad time to have to go back into war mode.

"He wasn't implicated, Rowan." Ulani strips downnad tugs on his arm. She's going swimming it seems, making the decision for them. "It's possible, but neither Maksim or Xael were identified as a cultists." she sighs "just most of the team they were working for. I really hope not, because we simply don't need that complication right now."

"Let's swim for a bit. I'm sure Chipper and Leaper will find us before long and there's nothing firing on us at the moment."

Once they've swum for a while she looks over to the Blue Warrior "If I can't make the trip in the next day or so, Gaige will go visit." and … then they might know.

Rowan swimming always involves shape shifting, at least if they want to swim at speed. His humanoid biology only takes him so far and he lacks the ability to glide through the water by becoming the water that so many of his fellows have.

"I think if Gaige goes he shouldn't go alone. Whether or not they're actually guilty there's certainly a high chance that they are and we've already lost too many people."

Rowan doesn't have to shift. Ulani's taking it slow. She wants to spend time with the Blue Warrior, as well as get away for a bit.

Keeping their pace slow, the Blue Envoy nods slowly "I'll be sure to pass that on but Gaige …" finally her mood of the last few days is breaking and she smiles fondly, remembering. "… he taught me everything I know. I know it's not much compared to your experience, but it's still a lot. I'm sure he'll take friends with him."

"You think these things are targetting just you?" That she's been with him on the last attempts could be just coincidence, they're often together this days.

"They were. I'm not sure they are now." Rowan says simply. "I think they have bigger targets than one Blue." Of course Rowan is an important target. He's one of the few ont his world familair with their means and methods and capable of identifying them when he sees them. However he's not the one who is spearheading the diplomatic effort and the ntion of a genuine cooperative venture between the Blue and surface is a genuine threat to their goals on this world, whatever those may be.

"Just tell him to be safe, mmm?"

"Their attacks couldn't come at a worse time." Ulani looks over to the Blue Warrior "With negotiations as tense as they are. Any sign of aggression from The Blue could be read badly. Even if we are just defending ourselves." She knows how it will look. So does he.

They've not swum far before two dolphins appear and Ulani grins as they butt at her hands with their noses and then turn their attention to her companion "Ulani! Rowan! Come play …" At least they're not powered armoured today.

"I will, of course. I will need to meet with the delegates, may I invite them to your place? Not all at once, of course." She's been staying there since their return to the Surface. But it's still his place, in her mind.

The dragon blue chuckles and starts to swim with the dolphins. "You may yes, but tell them not to expect too much." Rowan's accomodations are spacious by his own definitions but rather palty compared to…

Well they're enough room for him. That's all he needs right.

"That is if you don't want them to meet at DMD."

"No, I want them to get used to the Surface." Ulani twists and turns as Leaper swims circles around her. Chipper paces beside Rowan, butting into him occassionally - it's just playful. "When I've need of a formal meeting, DMD will be where we go."

Turning back, gathering Leaper as she does, she rushes the Dragon Blue … "Now. What are we doing for dinner?"

"Something fresh. Tuna?" Rowan slips out of the way, letting the Dolphin and the Blue rush past him and feeling the slipstream as they pass. Something tells him it may be time for a home cooked meal.

Er, cooking being a relative term here.

"Do I have to catch it?" Ulani spins on the spot as Rowan "side steps" and 'throws' herself at him (careful of his injury), wrapping her arms around his waist.

She had really needed this swim - and the dolphins helped of course.

"Tuna sounds wonderful. Let's swim a little more before we return. We can debate who's catching …"

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