Not Dragon Chow!

July 13, 2016:

Jim Reha goes looking for errant Starktech. Power Girl shows up. Dragon! Editor Note: No Corvids were eaten during the writing of this scene…

Undisclosed Location, Steel City

Steel City, a modest city between Metropolis and Gotham.

Up until recently, it was a hard-working, practical location, with industry and recreation and a population in the scores of thousands.

That was Before Things Happened…

For some reason, the city came under some sort of assault, perhaps magical — with the mists constantly blowing about it carrying miasmatic waves of unknown provenance, it was often hard to determine how much was real and how much was the product of the imagination.


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Mentions: Pepper Potts


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Steel City, a modest city between Metropolis and Gotham.

Up until recently, it was a hard-working, practical location, with industry and recreation and a population in the scores of thousands.

That was Before Things Happened…

For some reason, the city came under some sort of assault, perhaps magical — with the mists constantly blowing about it carrying miasmatic waves of unknown provenance, it was often hard to determine how much was real and how much was the product of the imagination.

There were rumors, of course… nerve gas, a Joker-gas bomb, a power plant melt-down… but none of them seemed to be corroborated by any of the facts available.

For the most part, it's been cordoned off by a collection of government agencies, though even some corporations and other entities have also joined in that blockade — when things become Seriously Weird, there's very little else 'average' people can do.

Approximately two months ago, Jim Reha, at the behest of his employer Pepper Potts, helped figure out a way to run at least some Search and Rescue operations in the sewers of the stricken city, utilizing technology that might work, in the hope that at least some of the population had made it there.

Said technology, though, was highly experimental, highly temperamental, and this was the 'field test' for it.

Six hours ago, one of the recovery units started sending a mish-mash of data that didn't match any known combination of electronic signals or computer source code.

Three hours ago, the recovery unit went off the distributed data-net that it was attached to, and an emergency transponder was activated.

Five minutes ago, Jim Reha FINALLY got authorization to enter the quarantined zone to attempt to recover the malfunctioning device.

Now, the avianoid entity strides the streets, barely visible 'circuitry' aligned along his feathers glowing a modest violet, almost imperceptible to the human eye as he makes his way through the mist, attempting to not get lost.

In the distance, something BIG screams a warning, perhaps of territory, perhaps of joy at finding such easily targeted prey…


It is the emergency transponder that caught the attention of another. How exactly, is not so much the matter, as the fact that Power Girl arrives or rather zooms on scene. She makes a much more leisurely descent towards Jim, compared to her flashy arrival, "soooo….I hear there's trouble 'round these parts?" She asks, looking dismayed at the miasmic waves, never a good thing when mambo-jumbo is involved.


There is an answering call of something BIG, though again what the call could mean is unclear at this time.

The avianoid being startles and jumps backwards a bit at Power Girl's arrival, staring for a brief second before shaking his head.

"Sorry." Unlike the miasma, it's probably very clear what he's apologizing for *there*.

"Trying to find a piece of experimental tech', miss. We were trying to test out a distributed network to help look for survivors. Can hardly see through this soup, though. And, um… no offense, miss, but WHO are you? I'll start things off. Jim Reha — I know, I don't look like a 'Jim' — I'm working for a major corporation here. This isn't a really safe place f—"

His meandering words are interrupted by a Very Large Scaly Claw reaching down from above and encapsulating him, lifting him up into the mists.


That seems to come from somewhere MUCH further up, and it has a strange sibilance to it, perhaps of reptilian origin?


"And that piece of experimental tech does what exactly?" Power Girl asks, listening curiously to Jim. She arches a brow at the question of who she is, before nodding at Jim's courtesy of introducing himself first, "nice to meet you Jim, and I'm Power Girl, I help where I can! Lucky, right?"

But then down comes the scaly claw and before Power Girl can respond lifts up Jim. "Excuse me!?" Power Girl shouts after the creature, taking to the air after Jim, "you know it's awful rude to steal someone mid conversation?" She yells while studying what looks like a dragon straight out of the big screen, "sooo….dragon?" Power Girl mutters to herself, before attempting to strike its claw with heat vision, to see if she can get the creature to release Jim.


The dragon belches a bit.

Not fire, though perhaps all non-draconic parties nearby may be WISHING it was fire. That'd be a cleaner death, at least.

No, whatever foulness emanates from the maw of the dragon hearkens to centuries of poor dental hygiene and a purely carnivorous diet.

The claw begins to bend under the heat, then it melts away in metallic dribbles to the ground even as the captive yelps and attempts to get a bit further away from the smoking digit.

The scaly beast cranks it's head backwards….


The other hand comes swinging at Power Girl, with nasty-looking claws evident as they approach.


From his captive location, the bird-person gives a firm nod to the Kryptonian.


It's quite a blow for someone with acute senses like Power Girl, who reaches to hold her nose, "ugh…that's a low blow! Don't they make toothbrushes for dragons? I think I'll need to get started on that IP pronto!"

When asked why she hurt him, Power Girl looks surprised, "wait, you do talk? Well…sorry, in that case, would you mind putting my friend down? He's kinda…not for killing, you know? I also don't think he's a chicken at all, so, put him down?" Power Girl offers in an amicable manner, who knows, maybe there'll be no need for fighting after all.


"Definitely not chicken. Not food. Would hurt guts bad forever, even!" Well, Jim does have some retail sales experience and he's putting that to use right now as he tries to back up Power Girl's words with simple concepts that he hopes the draconic entity will understand.

"CHICKEN NOT CHICKEN?" The tone is a bit mournful and confused, even as a low rumbling roar of thunder comes from somewhere deep within the being. "SO HUNGRY!!"

There's a bit of a pause.

"ARE YOU BACON?" the scaly being inquires of Power Girl hopefully. "HAVEN'T HAD BACON IN LONG TIME!" The dragon doesn't set Jim down, but he also hasn't moved the avianoid being closer to his fetid maw, either.


"No…I'm definitely not bacon, I'm Power Girl, I put punches in faces, bacon doesn't do that." Power Girl explains to the dragon, before looking over at Jim. "So…Jim, you have any idea what dragons like to eat? I think maybe if we get him some food, he'll chill," she then looks up at the dragon, "right? You just want food?"


"NO PUNCH IN FACE!" the dragon exclaims frantically, putting Jim pack down on the ground, though not moving his remaining claws.

The avianoid being considers. "Well, traditionally whole cows would work, or other big herd animals? Not sure how many are in the area, though?"

The dragon, though, perks up at the mention of cows.

"THREE COWS AND NOT-CHICKEN IS YOURS!" the reptilian monster replies eagerly, slavering drool a bit at the prospect of such a rich meal.


Power Girl seems pleased enough that the dragon decided to put Jim down, though she's still left with the problem of what in the heck she could get the dragon to eat. But there comes the answer, and she considers, before frowning and muttering, "you got a deal," and as she zooms away she can't help but think . o O (this never happens to Superman!) O o . she does return, however, with a single cow in her arms, which she places down besides the dragon. "How about this for a trade…? A cow is much bigger than a chicken you know?" How did she get that cow? Well, one farmer just got a whole lot richer for a single cow. The things you do to save the day!


"ONE NOT THREE!! Oh dear, the dragon may speak plainly, but it does know basic math, apparently. "TWO MORE!"

The big behemoth's belly rumbles a warning once more.

Jim, in the meantime, is attempting to remain as still as possible and not anger the beast… though an observant eye will note that those traceries along his feathers that were violet are now shading into a more bluish territory. He gives Power Girl a pleading, yet somewhat embarrassed look from captivity.


Power Girl looks unhappy as she looks at Jim, "don't worry, I won't let him eat you, but in return…not a word of this to anyone. Honestly…I just bought a cow for this…now I'm going to have to get 2 more, and it's all to avoid unnecessary violence," sulking, she glowers at the dragon, "and then you let Jim here go, and cause no trouble right?" If the dragon agrees, she'll actually go through with the demeaning errand. Zooming back and forth two more times, to get him the three cows he asked for as payment.


"What, I can't say Power Girl stood up to an honest-to-God dragon and saved my life? That's all the detail I'm divulging, at any rate!" He nods to the superhero thankfully.

The dragon waits patiently, tapping the side of a building with a huge claw after the second bovine arrives, then roars in delight at the arrival of the third cow, clapping his hands together and hugging the cows together in a pile of moo eagerly. Incidentally, that means Jim is freed and he takes very little time to bound a few steps and fly into an abandoned building a few blocks away — he doesn't want to see what happens to the cows and he's not trying to 'ditch' Power Girl.


"That, actually, I wouldn't mind…" Power Girl says with a smile to Jim liking his style. The trade with the dragon completed, Power Girl just looks after Jim to make sure he's okay, giving him aerial cover as he makes a run for it just to be on the safe side, befow eventually swooping down to offer him a lift out of there.


Jim definitely does not turn down a ride out of this place, and those traceries about his person are starting to glow green. What significance that might have will have to wait for another day. For now, getting out of here is the most important thing!

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