The Family That Poits Together...

July 13, 2016:

X-Force ambushes a meet up of one of M-Town's mobsters and Mother May-I in their ongoing attempts to cripple Cyberdata. (emits by Ripclaw, part 1 of 2)

District X, New York


NPCs: Unus the Untouchable, Zelda, Mother May-I



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Mutant Town, Middle East Side, District X… all manner of names can refer to the mutant dominated ghetto. It's the safest and most dangerous place for their kind. The sky is an odd dirty orange today perhaps this is combination of humidity, suns position and smog but the way it plays across the brownstones and old buildings makes it resemble something out of Dante's Inferno, the imagery isn't hurt any by the presence of a bat winged mutant that swirls lazily above face buried in a LexCorp Smartphone.

"Inconspicuous is the idea. Nate those mindshields in place on us? Mother May-I only needs one slip to find us." Ripclaw's clawed hands are curled in to fists and tucked in to his AC DC t-shirt, not exactly to hide them just a physical gesture. His legs covered in worn jeans and that usual pair of tattered brown cowboy boots worn, no hat, no bandana, dark hair hangs free today.
What they have been told is a small time mob boss named Filthy Frankie has been spotted with one of Mother May-I's presumed officers. They need to have a talk, preferably with both the Brotherhood member and Frankie but one will suffice.

"Yeah, but stay close," because Nate's mind-shields are not the greatest and if he has to shield others they can't be too far. "Also, I can shield your thoughts, but I can't shield my presence from another telepath. If Mother May is around she will know I am here." Rachel and Emma would be better for this kind of thing. But unfortunately this operation came a bit too fast to get them to Mutant Town.

Rose is not one to really be hidden in MT. This is a place she has been to good and bad enough it did not really matter at this point, especially whre it concerns Mother May I and Cyberforce/Data.

The Tomahawk is left in the safety of a lower level of the building she had her loft in, coming from it she locks the padlock and drops the keys into the wrap of a black leather bandeau bra, several straps rising just over the heave of chest to wrap around her neck and seemingly play the part of keeping it 'aloft'. Abdomen is bare, showing the ravages of time as well as what her seclusion and self training has done for her, all the way to the high waisted leather shorts, cut off by the tattered and torn black tights - descending into her own heeled cowboy boots that are held around ankles to just below calf by buckles.

When head lowers the lengthening strands of platinum fall over half her face, shadowing where the lighter casts a glow beneath in the light of a cigarette, also leaving the afterglow of the cyber eye Chip fixed behind when the flame died away.

"Then let's get to it fast." In saying as much Rose steps to the mouth of the alley and exhales a plume of smoke, casting back that back-teased Mohawk from her face, offering a finger wiggle wave in the hide of a stretch to those who know where to spot her.

"Then hopefully there are residents nearby who are also telepaths." Thats not saying much as far as the norm goes in M-Town, most of those who live here are Dregs, which rank lower than even Gammas and Betas in the DEO's 'Biomutative Classifications'. A classification Ripclaw himself would have likely been under had Cyberdata not apped him out and turned him in to one of their SHOC Troopers. Nate Grey is far beyond that and a powerful psionic like Mother May-I will no doubt pick him out of a crowd in an instant.
"Luck and the spirits be on our side then." The spirits huh? He's said that around these two. Either he is getting very comfortable with the rest of X-Force or hes spent far too much time -half in and out- of Giizihigong… the Land of the Dead. Likely the second.

"Yeah, we should probably hurry." A car across the street arrives, Filthy Frankie owns this particular apartment complex. It's one of his nicer ones but it is still a slum and mobsters as we all know make the best slum lords. The first two to exit the car is the driver and a guard from the backseat, the driver rather unimpressive until one sees the antenna sticking up from the center of his forehead, of flesh and possibly bone it stands straight up. The guard is a guard for a reason, a towering slab of hair and muscle, perhaps close to seven feet tall and near as wide. The grey sedan actually lurches from the relief of him exiting the vehicle. Lastly the passenger, a woman in a glossy pearl dress that hugged to all the expected and right parts of the body, long flowing blonde hair and the build of a runway model. A tablet held under one hand and a handpurse with what appears to be a poodle in the other.
These are Filthy Frankie's contacts but where is the Brotherhood?

"No, there are no one else like me, she will know," Nate is all too aware of he looks to other psychics. Sometimes it is a problem. "But I spend a lot of time in Mutant Town, so if that bitch is still around, she should be used to having me close and…" there is Rose. He gives her a once over and a low whistle. Maybe the spirits are with them. Cough.

Work. Yes. He looks at the newcomers with a critical eye. Obviously mutants, and possibly powerful. He risks a surface scan because it is a passive use of telepathy and sometimes very revealing. Mostly, he wants to know if they have mental defenses.

"…and me without my poodle-eating pit-bull." Rose states dryly as the blonde steps out toting her 'all-too-important carriage.' Leaning to the side she takes a post on the summer heated brick of the brownstone building obscuring her from full street view.

"If she can detect him and pick us out of a crowd… why are we here? Want me to go offer Barbie a reprieve from her afro-rat?" Obviously, Rose des not like small dogs… or the blonde… or much lately… She needs a visit to Giizihigong, maybe…

Saying as much, the cigarette laced with…opium(?) bounces between lips and she reaches back to click the strap off the holster of the twin revolvers at the small of her back, laying angled over the horizontal holstering of large hunting knives.

Move much otherwise? No. Rose has been chided enough about not acting like a team, so she is simply waiting for the 'trigger phrase'.
Ripclaw sniffs the air and looks at Rose, a brief distraction. "What are you smoking and if it is what I think it is… keep it out of the HQ. We'll discuss that later though. Not a huge importance so much as as a slight concern… " Moderation has it's bounds.
"Akin to a scent or your actual spirit, each has it's own signature, yeah?" Not so much as a question towards Nate as looking for affirmation.

The driver and his antennae have both turned to look towards the trio, the guard follows the gaze of the man and ushers the woman inside with a dismissive brush. They depart the driver remains behind, leaning against the car but very blatantly and intently watching the X-Force team.

"Speaking of scents and signatures, I wonder what he does." Ripclaw shrugs, "We're made. Lets do this the Ravager way."

Nate's Telepathic Scan = "Kill anything that looks at Zelda funny. in and out in 30. In and out in 30. I need a shower my drains are clogged again. Kill in and out. Kill… " The mind of the furry guard.
"Dem legs tho, son. Oh whats this? Check out that piece. Winner winner chicken dinner… mutant, mutant, not a mutant. What they looking at? She checking me out. Strike a pose." The Driver.
Soft female voice? That'd be Zelda. "These shoes so don't match this outfit. Why am I doing this for Frankie? Oh right, because I'm so pretty, whatever, so bored. God I need new shoes."
"Arf, arf, biscuit, butt sniff. Arf." Dog maybe? Hopefully not the Driver again.

Nate glances at Ripclaw and sighs. He doesn't know, but imagines what Rose is smoking. At least she is not injured this time, but a talk is long due. Just not now. Now… "damnit, driver is a mutant detector, he got through my 'not here' trick like it was nothing."

It happens when folks have senses Nate doesn't have. He still has much to learn about telepathic chicanery. "Oh well. Too bad. For them." He steps forward and reaches telekinetically for the car, sending it tumbling down towards the big bruiser.

Rose inhaled deeply, melting the cigarette to a long stem of ash while those eerie eyes encircled in pale flesh painted dark stared her down with scrutiny. After Ripclaw speaks she exhales and drops it to the ground to stamp it out underneath her booted toe. "No worries, Chief. I've been a good girl… Mostly." Save the alcohol. Her and Corben have bonded over their stash spaces of all things. This is yours, this is mine sort of deal. Nate's chiming in with a heavy sigh get a -look- sent his way in the more leveled challenge stare sort of way. 'Try me.' with a hint of a daring grin.

But when Ripclaw offers to do it Ravager style, the grin warps to a smile, and in a slight twist of hips she spins off the stamped-out butt and steps into the open. Just in time…

The car goes rolling in front of her and towards the massive guard as she enters the open, having met his gaze anyway. Their cover had been broken.

One step: Smile

Two steps: Reach back…

Third: Lower as car goes sailing overhead in a roll…

Fourth: Car crunches and rolls, big man moves…?

Fifth: Guns drawn

Sixth: Gas tank exposed in the rolling car and Ravager opens fire on it while standing in the middle of the street.

In her head it is slow motion, but to reality… 2.5 seconds and shit went sideways!

"Wai…" Anything Ripclaw says at this point goes unheard as loud sounds of gunshots and rolling aluminum, plastic steel, glass and rubber thunders about. The shouts of alarm from around them escalate as that vehicle erupts in fire. It isn't the movies though it doesn't just explode not yet at least right now it's just a very large and heavy fireball.
The driver releases a squawk of alarm and dives on to his chest while the gaurd does move, not fast enough as the vehicle clips him and sends him in a sprawl but he is up on a knee ripping off his shirt to reveal the mass of hair, muscles and scar tissue. A roar escapes him.
Zelda is on her knees hugging her dogpurse to her chest screaming like a banshee. Shes relatively useless it would seem.

"My children, you're back. A voice a lovely and melodic voice that disarms those of weaker wills and even the more distracted, Mother has missed you but you're all misbehaving. Nathaniel, you really should consider what it is you do and why. I am not the enemy, you want a future that is better for all? You should be a part of the Brotherhood not opposed to it. Our way is the most sensible way in this wretched human world." She is not present. She is somewhere near but near for her could be anywhere in M-Town or even outside of New York. The woman's telepathy is impressive. Very impressive and just as strong as their last encounter with her.

"Ignore her! We capture the woman or the contact." Ripclaw snarls and his claws spring outwards, pointy chrome glistening in deadly promise.
"YIP YIP YIP" The poodle goes.

« May, you psycho » replies Nate in the mental plane. « I could almost think you mean that, and that you are just a fool. But every time I see a SHOC I remember you sell mutant kids to Cyberata to be turned into slaves and killers »

He is not ignoring the other telepath, because if she is as strong as she looks she could do pretty nasty things to Ripclaw and Ravager, even from distance. So he keeps them shielded and therefore he is forced to limit the power he can use in the physical world.

Now, the driver seems harmless. Zelda seems useless. Only the guard seems a real menace and Rose went for him. Should he trust appearances? Probably not.

The driver first. He keeps an eye in his mind, too, and if he happens to be armed he kicks him hard before he can stand up. "Keep down, don't move," he growls.

The flaming ball of metal and shattering glass is all that holds Ravager back while it is given time to pass and cast the eerie reflection of orange lihting back in sharp spears amongst the melee.

Wait? Did he not say go? Rose's weapons are lowering to the side of bare thighs and her head tips ever so slightly to pay Ripclaw heed, listen, but there is someone else to listen to… It pulls at her senses - moreso her mind and the pistols seem to drop lamely in grip, dangling from fingertips and swinging off indexes' as about to fall.

Hello, hello baby, I cant hear a thing…Sorry I cannot hear you I'm kinda busy! Nate's shields slam a bit firmer into place for Rose's mind and with a spin the pistols are brought back into her grip. A flash of motion and when Nate goes for the driver, Rose is walking through the path of gasoline laden flames to raise pistols towards the large guard picking himself up from flying vehicle impact.

Shoot him? No. Not yet. Does she need to with Ripclaw more his size and ready? No, instead she is doing a sideways stalk towards the woman squaling and the yapping mongrel while keeping him in sights.

"Bitch stole my powder puff." Good excuse? Not that I don't like you -I'm just at a party.

Only the weakest of the family and it is only temporary. One day not even Cyberdata will stand up to us. This is war Nathanial, sacrifices must be made. She is fiesty and amusing what if I was to do this to her… A pressure will be asserted on Nate's mental shields, massive amounts of psychic force being exerted over Rose's mindscape, the sensation? Pure love, unadulterated compassion, understanding and acceptance. A home. Rose, join me. Become one of my children.

"IGNORE HER!" Ripclaw yells again, his voice getting deeper and more baritone as he actually leaps up and over Nate whilst the X-Men is kicking the driver in the teeth. A move that is enough to drop the man. He is after all a 'dreg' and not exactly here for battle.
"I don't think Frankie expected us." The large man rushes Ripclaw colliding in to him while he is mid jump driving him in to a wall with bone crunching force.
A rumble is heard, the building they were entering bulges and the wall pushes outwards, bursting to show a man surrounded by a pinkish aura standing there gazing down at them, Unus. Mother May-I's contact. "Idiots. You're only hurting all of us with your meddling." His accent is Italian perhaps? It's not as thick as it once was in his younger days but hes also not the same man. He is older, wiser and deadlier. "Friendly warning, back off and stay out of our business."

"Stop with the talking and come save me!" Zelda shrieks, the dog snarling leaps from her purse. "No! Diva no!" The toy poodle is a blurry white rocket cruising towards Rose's ankles. "You bitch get away from my dog!"

Above them the bat-winged mutant is aiming his LexCorp Smartphone down, recording all of this. This will no doubt be on WeTube later.

Nate glances up and the Lexphone disintegrates in the batwinged guy hands. No witnesses. It would be better if he could keep people looking away, but not with Mother May pushing at him telepathically.

« Sacrifice yourself, bitch. Not others. » He grunts when Mother May hits, and aiming to Rose. But Nate is an omega class telepath, and he is closer to the white-haired girl than May. His psy-shield cracks briefly, but rebuilds almost instantly. "Does Magneto know you sell mutant children to be vivisected, cyborged and brainwashed, May?" That is said outloud, so Unus also hears it.

All it takes is a moment, and through the opiate haze meant to keep Rose from physically feeling the emotional washes in. A gasp laves her lip when the 'Mother' hits her, a shuddering thing that has her breath hitching and lips quivering. An easy target …sick of feeling used, when it comes to her own mental state.

The glocks aimed at the large guard now crushing Ripclaw shudder under her grip, her stability challenged… An easy target…

… If the platinum haired woman did not bear witness to the impact of Ripclaw and the reassurance of Nate. If anything these are -her- people, despite her folly. …already choking on my pride, so there's no use crying about it..… But those pistols are aimed, one at Ripclaw beneath the impact and the other at Nate as he makes the phone disappear.


Nah, this bitch has it, no matter how odd it is… -HER- family…

…But let's not forget the blur of Diva who helps her snap out of it with the sinking of tiny dagger-teeth into her calf, making her snap from the daze the 'Mother' put her in, redirecting mis-matched gaze upon the fluff-ball and send it sailing with a sideways kick of leg and a -YIPE!- that has it pinwheeling up and then… Field Goal! Rooftop savior in white.

Zelda now finds herself under the focus of large semi-automatic pistols, the safeties clicked off while Diva barks are an echo from afar. "Now what, Barbie?"

Nathan, such language May-I chides. Do you see Magneto anywhere, my dear? He is a symbol, an idea, a relic. The Brotherhood now has many hearts and minds. I like to think he would understand my actions and choices. He would likely forgive me much sooner than you or your traitorous murdering companions. Hypocrites A mental sigh escapes her. She doesn't speak with as much rancor as actual genuine feeling as one would expect. The woman wholeheartedly believes what she does is for the best.
Oh Rose you disappoint
The big man clutching Ripclaw topples with the impact of several thundering headbutts. The X-Force member kneels to check his pulse before looking towards the confrontation of the others.

"DIVA OH EM GEE NOOOO! DIVA MY DIVA!" A shrill scream that is half cry of pain half bloodthirsty rage escapes Zelda and she lurches towards Rose with her fingernails out only to stop face first against the drawn pistols.
A swallow and Zelda's mascara runny eyes widen, "I… I can always get another poodle I suppose… " Self preservation for the win.

"Fools, do not try to sway me from my course. Only weaklings attempt such things and it shows you speak out of fear of Unus the Untouchable." The man leaps several stories to land with a crack of cement where he slowly straightens up to a stand. "Try me. Leave this fodder alone."

Nate is not sure if May is crazy or, well, crazier. Speaking of crazy, "do you really talk about yourself in third person?" He tells Unus, "are you from Asgard or something?" No, probably just crazy. He is Brotherhood, after all.

"Do we need to talk with this idiot, Rip?" He asks the clawed mutant. "Like, while he is still awake and has all his teeth?" Only Filthy Frankie is missing. Hmm. He looks up the building, but he can't really do a deep scan with Mother May around. Back to Unus. "Untouchable. What does that mean exactly?"

Rose's mismatched gaze sweeps from Ripclaw to Nate and then to the shrieking Zelda. Fitting enough, except she was missing -green- and..

Unus' presence garners Rose's attention nowan his bellow for attention get what another attempt from the 'Mother' would have gotten. Her mind is made….

An emphatic yawn extends her physique. Arms sweep overhea as it seems Zelda's pleas are accepted as well as Unus' challenge. Yawn stretching her lips, one pistol covering thr gaping parting of pillows of flesh, tapping cold steel over heat…

The othe pistol fires without so much as a jump from Rose, aiming for Zelda's right knee cap while that gaze is upon Unus. "Hmm? what? Oh… Untouchable? I beg to differ. Me and my friends will gladly rename you."

Middle finger scritch to the side of her nose as she sniffs and shrugs.

"It means you cannot hurt me but I can give you all the pain in the world." Unus folds his arms across his chest. "Try me. Do your worst."

"No, but we need someone to question. We won't get anything out of Mother May-I… these two are our best op—"


Mother May-I laughs and her mind can be felt retreating but not after Nate can feel her reaching out to the winged spectator - one final parting touch.

"A non-combatant you shoot and you call us the villains? Hah!"

Ripclaw hadn't seen whether or not Zelda was a fighter or had attacked Rose, this is a battlefield all manner of things happen. Likely he wouldn't condone what transpired but…

Zelda collapses clutching her leg, panick in her eyes as she feels around, "Oh my god! You shot my new heel out! YOU FUCKING SICK SICK BITCH! First Diva and now my new shoes!? What the fuck is wrong with you?!" The shrieking gets louder and louder, she seems more upset about her shoes than she did the dog. "I think I'm going in to shock, everything is going dark… fuck, somebody help!! So dizzy… " Zelda's eyes roll in to her head and she falls backwards on to the pavement. No wounds aside from the blasted off heel of her overly expensive shoes.
"Snatch her up. We'll use her as leverage!"

"No! Do not touch her… " Unus barks and begins to rush towards Rose, Nate is now forgotten. This does mean plans will go to waste if she is taken and as little as he thinks of Filthy Frankies operation the Mother has need.
Nate glances up at the batwinged mutant, feeling Mother May is doing him something. Now, he could be a brotherhood spotter or an innocent bystander. Nate is not sure, and May can pretty much murder anyone she wants anytime. Ugh. Not good choices anywhere. "I need a minute," he says to Unus, "she did something to the batwinged voyeur up there. But I am sure Ripclaw will test your touchy-ness." Smirk.

He looks up again, entering the flying mutant mind.

Not a second thought for Zelda. She hangs out with the Brotherhood and a mobster called Filthy Frankie. Of course she was going to get shot sooner or later.

Rose stands over the woman as she screeches about her heels more then her dog. The barrel of the wepon shudders as it slowly ascens from her brazen Prada to her Armani and the heaving chest beneath it.

Snatch her up? Rose is already a villain, weak minded, and on candid above…Now facing a target who would rather fricocet mutants and live in plush then do what is right all for said camera - hung above by bat-like wings of a demon(?).

Ripclaw better catch her, because Rose is about to lose it while that gun slowly moves towards blonde cranium.

The tablet holds more info then that brain anyway, right?


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