Special Order For Procurement

July 10, 2016:

With Bagalia in the bag, it's time to clean up SHIELD. Best place to start? The place that's rotten with them - Procurement and Director Howitzer

The Triskelion - New York


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SHIELD has more than 99 problems and one of them is Daemonites. Not the Daemonites that have been out in the big wide world but the ones to closer to home. The ones that have infiltrated SHIELD so successfully.

Jemma, Jericho and May know that SCITECH, The Academy and Logistics have been compromised to a high degree but thanks to the efforts of May and Agent Carter, SCITECH and The Academy were cleared. Of all the things SHIELD don't know about Daemonites, one thing they do know is that Daemonites prefer anonymity and once their cover is blown, they tend to run. The trio are counting on this when the latest plan was agreed.

"We're going to make it blatantly obvious that we're there to detain Director Howitzer on the suspicion of her being a Daemonite." Jemma's saying to the TAC agents that are accompanying them to Logistics. "I expect we'll see a mass exodus." Glancing around the group, she gestures to Michaels and Samuels "Michaels, Samuels and I will stay on the door. Scanning anyone entering or leaving."

It's not the greatest plan they could hope for, but it will clear SHIELD of the major infestation and make it known that they've got ways of detecting and screening for them now.

"The darts for the compound have been upgraded as well. They should be more effective against the bigger ones."

With that, she stops at the doors to the Logistics Department. "Good luck you two … "

As the group enters, everyone stops and looks up. Howitzer can be seen in her office to the back right of the room. She's on the phone and hasn't realised that the team has entered. For the moment, they've got surprise on their side.

May actually has reasons to come to the Logistics Division somewhat regularly, so her presence should be no more alarming to those around than usual. Even having an ICER holstered at her hip is likely to not be that far outside the realm of the usual. She gives a nod hello or two as she crosses toward Howitzer's office. Nothing unusual going on here. Go on about your business.

The TAC team has been extensively vetted and a lot of it draws from May's agents in WAND, is what it looks like to Jericho. Nevertheless he's present also because he's the only person on short notice who can match a daemonite blow for blow and because he's one of the few who can be absolutely trusted to be uncompromised.

Because it'd look suspicious having him enter the Tri in his black combat armor he's here in casual clothes. Unlike May, his presence in Logistics is likely to raise some eyebrows partly for the irregularity and partly because there are still elements in SHIELD who want more controls on him. Just how many of those elements are daemonite and how many are something else is something he wonders.

Jericho spreads off to the side. He's armed, though not visibly so. No sword of course. He hasn't had one of those in weeks. He won't do any talking until it's time for something past diplomacy.

There's murmurs across the office and people shuffle nervously. May turning up might be enough to elicit that response normally, but with a team of agents in tow… something is clearly up.

As Jericho fans out, he gets a few looks. One of the staffers, a man in his late thirties seems particularly interested in the hacker. A little strange for someone in logistics. Of course, Jemma's given May and Jericho detectors too.

Howizter is still on the phone and only sees May approaching, not noticing what's going on in the office proper. With a perfunctory 'come in' gesture as she finishes the call "Agent May, to what do I owe the pleasure of your visit?"

Melinda May steps right up to Howitzer, likely dangerously close, and says completely normally, "Wish I could tell you it's the usual paperwork snafu, but it's not. I have this…" She pulls the detector from her pocket. The moment it pings positive, she's going to pull her best Doc Holliday imitation and Old West quickdraw one of the new anti-Daemonite darts into the creature. Hopefully she won't have to do it by shooting Howitzer herself.

"Hi nice day for a coup." Jericho says with a grin. It's not really a coup of course. Coup would be if they were taking the place over and not taking it back. Still. It's going to be like a coup. The daemonites are in charge after all. If Jericho seems tense it's because he is. This is going to be a stiff fight if they decide to make a fight of it.

"Aaa coup?" the man stammers glancing between Jericho and the other agents. It's then that he starts to move … slowly at first but if Jericho uses that detector it will 'ping' at him. That's one of them, right there.

Of course, it's likely the entire division is Daemonites…

Mays device does certainly 'ping'. Sam had identified Howizter as a Daemonite once his mind got mushed by Szass.

As the device pings, Howizter moves "I heard you had perfected something…" she say as she goes over the desk and tries to go right through May.

Someone tries to enter the office and is stopped by Michaels, who makes a show of scanning them, when it pings, Samuels jabs the woman in the neck - hard … she drops.

That's when the office erupts.

May fires at Howitzer from the hip without bothering to step out of her way, and hopes to high hell that the Daemonite's crazy strength doesn't translate to their human hosts. Just in case, though, she — like in Bagalia — asks her Pendulum to help. This time by giving her extra protection against whatever the Logistics Division head might try.

Jericho glances down at the ping and then goes for his gun. It's pretty intimidating really, a large bore revolver of the kind that sport shooters use on big game. .50 caliber shell. He's converted it to a cartridge laser spec that he and Part use. He brings it up right at the center of mass and opens fire twice at the office worker in front of him, then at any one fighting the tac team. This is not nonleathal. Sorry.

Yes, their strength does transfer to their human hosts. It's one of the reasons that Jemma thinks the bodies show signs of malnourishment. Mays dart hits though and the woman staggers - she's not quite down. Stands to reason that the one in charge of the operation would be more … mature. She swings a taloned hand at the SHIELD hand, intent on ripping May to shreds. Yep, those are glowing claws projecting out of Howitzer's skin.

The TAC team works quickly, darting those they can but they're hard pressed. There would be twelve people working in this area and it seems like they've all been taken over. At least half of the of the hosts have been abandoned and the office is full of glowing green lizards …

As Jericho raises his revolver, the Daemonite tries to emerge … not quite quickly enough. Splat … yeah, not non-lethal and messy. Very messy. Interestingly though - that seems to have stopped that one cold.

Melinda May hastily sidesteps the slashing attack and fires a second dart at Howitzer, possibly just barely not fast enough. One dart slowed the lizard a bit. Maybe two will slow her further. Or at the least force the Daemonite to leave its host. And then she can either chop it to bits or chase it away from SHIELD proper.

There's a seventh glowing figure in that small office space which is starting to look like an animal themed mosh pit now. Jericho's got all of his considerable training on display as he moves against the ones that are manifested. This is tooth and claw and tail and it's as visceral and brutal as it gets. One gets thrown into a wall and Jericho hauls another one out of the group, arm bars it and snaps it's limb backwards by a good 90 degrees before throwing it to the ground to stomp on it's spine. There is just not enough room to deal with this.

Space is quickly freeing as the glowing lizards begin to phase through the walls. This is sort of what they expected - once confronted and bought into the cold light of day, the Daemonites would depart. And they are.

Jericho's glowing werewolf aspect would certainly be helping that. They're not so interested in trying to find out more about him at the moment.

There's still a couple left but they seem to be trying to get … out… somehow, any way they can.

Howitzers body drops to the ground, and the glowing lizard, fifteen feet tall if it's an inch, sways woozily on its feet. With a sibilant hiss it backs away from The Cavalry towards a wall, trying to phase … but finding it difficult. It's got one hand through the wall at the moment and it's tail lashes out at May, trying to keep her at bay.

Melinda May fires a third dard at the Daemonite that's finally left Howitzer, pulling one of her swords with her other hand and asking the Pendulum for help as she tries to dodge the tail aimed at her and slash at it at the same time. It's… a tricky maneuver to be sure.

Jericho lets one of the manifested daemonites go to focus on the one closest to him. He lashes out with his tail at its legs and then pounces. Rather than slash and claw though he balls his hands into great fists and starts to beat the thing. He's never tried to beat one of these unconsicious before but they seem to work broadly like human beings do. Having one intact might be valuable. It'll send a message to boot.

Having one intact might help - keeping it secure could be problematic, but it will give SCITECH something to work with.

Mays dart hits true just as the creature drags itself through the wall. The tail misses hitting May but the sword definitely connects … leaving May with a Daemonite tail twitching on the floor and an unconscious and, quite frankly, sickly looking Director of Logistics.

Jericho's technique - to pummel his Daemonite into submission seems to work. The thing lays there, twitching and oozing ichor from a large number of wounds. "I think it's out, Aspect." Samuels appears by Jericho side, jabbing one of the darts into its neck to be on the safe side.

The room is cleared of glowing lizard things … well ones that are moving. There's the one that Jericho managed to shoot as it phased from its human host and the one at his feet… plus the tail. Mustn't forget the tail.

"I've called for cryo units for these ones till we can transport them to secure holding." Jemma announces as a medical team streams through the doors. The ex-hosts are going to need a lot of care.

The moment the Daemonite is gone through the wall, May sets her weapons on Howitzer's desk and kneels down to check on the woman. She'll be out of commission for a while, but at least she's not dead. Calling for one of the medical team to start heping the Division head, she stands and reclaims her weapons before stepping back out to where Jericho and the mess he made are. "Go big or go home, I take it."

"Now it is, yes." Aspect gives the downed daemonite one last punch and stands up. A quick look around indicates that the room's secure. Most of the daemonites are fled and he wouldn't doubt that word will spread quickly thoug SHIELD will ahve to make good on its threat of routine anti-daemonite sweeps to keep them out.

The hacker drops his field and retrieves his pistol. "Sorry about the furniture, May."

"They're starting the sweeps of the other departments." Jemma confirms Jericho's thoughts. "It will take a little longer, as we only have a limited number of detectors but … this was the worst Department as far we knew. This spectacle … I wouldn't mind betting that we'll see a number of people in medical looking rather mal-nourished before the end of the weeks out."

All in all, this might have been messy and they lost one of their staff, but the Daemonites are gone.

At least … for now.

Melinda May nods to Jemma, then looks at Jericho flatly. "You're filling out the paperwork for this one." But, she'll keep the duty of informing that one agent's family that he fell in the line of duty herself.

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