Costume by van Dyne

January 20, 2015:

Miss Marvel gets a makeover while two Hanks watch.

Dr. Pym's Laboratory

The 35th floor of the van Dyne Industries building requires an elevator key to be accessed. But for those who are fortunate enough to have one, they will find a state of the art laboratory. Much of the equipment found within was designed by Dr. Henry Pym or other employees of VDI, though some of it was purchased from third parties. Mostly, that relates to equipment that was legally obtained, but has undergone a number of upgrades. He's like that.

The laboratory has an open concept, with the elevator opening directly onto the floor. Around the edges of the floor, there are a few smaller rooms, one is marked clean, another kitchen, and the rest have names like changing room, storage, generator, and other things you might expect of a modern lab.

Parts of it stretch into the 36th floor. Some of the equipment is that big. Though there are windows, they're closed right now and feature a sealing mechanism that can block out daylight when experiments mandate it. Normally, the room is cluttered, but it looks like the Doctor has recently tidied up.


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For all his brilliance, for all his scientific know how, Hank Pym is, after all, only human. He can stub his toe. He can get a cold. And right now, he has an annoying tooth ache. He had been feeling fine only a few minutes ago, but he just brushed his teeth, half an hour after lunch, and he seems to have irrigated his gums.

Sitting at his desk, he looks around for something, finding some Orajel. He checks the date, finding that it's still good, and applies some to the area that's been bothering him, though it does make his tongue go a little numb. He sighed as he put his right hand to his right cheek, "great, two appointments, and my gum feels like it's on fire."

For a brief moment, he contemplates designing something a little stronger, but as good as he is, even he couldn't solve such a mundane problem in such a short period of time. He was just going to have to endure it. Looking at his notes on the desk, he had both Hank McCoy and Carol Danvers coming to see him soon.

Arriving as before, Dr. Hank McCoy gives his name to the receptionist and waits to be let in. No doubt she'll warn Pym that he's on his way — they didn't have as much time to talk during their last visit and it's always a good thing to be aware of what else is going on in the scientific community. Even if there's no Stark here, the other Hank seemed friendly and he was rather curious about the Ant-Man costume that he saw.

Not that he would outwardly ask about it, of course. Sometimes one just needs to keep secrets.

Carol Danvers has had just about enough of secrets. Enough of other things in the press, too. Which explains why she's actually making an attempt at contacting someone in van Dyne Industries. The receptionist might have made a bit of a mistake in booking her with Hank, though. She was supposed to be discussion fashion designs with Janet. Not science with Hank and Hank. Distracted by her own thoughts, though, she simply follows along behind whichever minion is assigned to lead her to the meeting.

Both Dr. McCoy and Colonel Danvers will be allowed up, and can share an elevator, since by the time the receptionist can notify Dr. Pym, she'd already been approached by two visitors. This time, as before, Hank forgets to hide the Ant-Man suit that's on display in a glass case. He's too preoccupied with his own irritated gums.

When they reach the 35th floor, the elevator will slide open into the main body of his lab, which is when he gets up, wearing a lab coat over a red polo shirt and beige trousers. "Hello Hank, it's good to see you again. How have you been?" And to Colonel Danvers, he will say, "Miss, I mean Colonel, Danvers. You're looking well. I haven't seen you since Howard Stark's announcement. Oh, and Colonel Carol Danvers, this is Dr. Henry McCoy, and vice versa."

Hank McCoy rode the elevator with the woman in silence after offering a nod of greeting but he does steal a few surreptitious glances as if trying to place her face. He's not entirely certain why she'd be visiting Dr. Pym, but surely the other had a reason for scheduling their appointments at the same time. At the introduction though, blue eyes blink before he offers a hand in greeting, "Colonel Danvers. A pleasure to see you again." Back to Pym, "Are you all right? I'm well, but you look a little… pinched."

"Sorry, have we met?" Carol starts to ask McCoy just as Pym offers an introduction. Pausing, she quirks a brow at the doctor, giving him a long look. "Right. Sorry. Doctor McCoy. You've ah. You've lost some weight since the last time we met." Or something like that. "Wow. How've you been, yeah?" Clearing her throat, she looks back to Pym with a crooked smile. "Hey, nice to see you again, Dr. Pym. You know, suddenly I think maybe I've come to a different place than I meant. I was supposed to be talking to the fashion department." She pauses, eyeing the Ant-Man suit. "Unless you did the design on that?"

"Oh, it's nothing really, just some irritated gums. You… you don't have a background in dentistry too, do you, no, that would be too good to be true. But I'll manage." He'll extend a hand to shake each of them in turn. "I didn't realise you two knew each other?"

To Carol, he says, "Oh, please, call me Hank," though in light of the company, he adds, "or Johnny for my middle name, Jonathan." He chuckles at that briefly, but then, eagle eye Danvers catches sight of the Ant-Man suit, and he goes sheepish. Crap, he's in for it now. "Well, er, um," he stammers, and then, without a good explanation, he holds his hands up, "all right, you got me. The guy who discovered Pym particles is also using them. I hope you two won't tell anyone."

Pym's hand is given a shake in return. If she calls Pym 'Hank' and calls him 'Dr. McCoy', they should be all set. "Not a background specifically, but I do have some medical knowledge if you'd like me to take a look." It's a little weird, but he's had stranger requests. Glancing at Carol, he gives a wry sort of grin, "Yes, something like that. I've been well, thank you… and yourself? You seem to be in much better spirits than when we last met."

In response to Pym's question, "Yes, we met a few years back very briefly."

Of course, when the Ant-suit is mentioned, he looks between it and Pym. There's a moment's pause before he offers, "You might want to find a different place to store it."

"Oh, you know. Various shades of busy. Kind of left unexpectedly and all that." Alien abduction will do that to a girl. Pym's confession, though, gets an arch of one brow. "Yeah, I wouldn't worry too much about that, given what I came here for, actually," she chuckles, shrugging and putting her hands in her pockets.

At least… while there are pockets. Oddly, there's a shimmer of light around the colonel, and in a moment, she's not wearing the sensible slacks and blouse she was wearing before. Instead, she's wearing the much less sensible black, gold, and red get-up of Miss Marvel. "I wanted to talk redesign." McCoy gets a rueful smile as she looks over. "Picked up a few new tricks."

"I have a drape. I sometimes cover it up. But I keep forgetting to that." So, two more people know his secret identity. Great, just what he needed, and that ache is still bothering him. To Hank, he'll say, "if you can do anything about this ache, I say go for it. My gum feels like it's on fire."

When Carol transforms into Miss Marvel, Dr. Pym gives her a long look. "Impressive, does it use subspace, transfiguration, or is there another process involved." He likes her outfit, practicality notwithstanding. "A redesign, huh? I'm not sure why you'd want that. I find it a distraction. That was what you were going for, right?"

"I can see that… interesting. Did that just sort of happen one day or…" he's seen those with transformation powers, but this doesn't seem to be quite like that. McCoy manages to turn his gaze away from the impressive costume change to look at Pym, "A drape is…not terribly secretive. It pretty much screams 'Don't Look Behind Me!', you know?" As for the request about the gum, he gives a light chuckle, "All right. Have a seat…" and he goes to wash his hands at the nearest sink. "If it's an infection, there isn't much I can do except tell you to get some antibiotics…"

"Molecular manipulation of some sort," Carol explains, shrugging as with another run of sparkling light, she changes back into her more regular attire. "Distraction wasn't really the idea, no. Let's just go with I'm a woman who's used to having an actual uniform and probably shouldn't be entirely trusted with wardrobe choices." Shaking a hand through her hair, she shakes her head to McCoy. "Long, long story. Summary version is I've picked up some neat new tricks with energy." The at-home dentistry, though, seems to amuse her, as she finds a place to lean and observe.

"But this is my lab. Half the stuff in here really should be kept out of the public's eyes, and the other half is even more secret." But he's not too worried about security. That's part of the reason that nobody who isn't welcome can even get to this floor. He will however head over back to his chair, leaning the seat back and opening his mouth wide. He seems to have an inflamed gum, right side, upper tier.

While still sitting there, he says to Carol, "Janet's probably the one you want, but I've got her design programs, and some patterns, designs, I can show you after Hank here has a look at my gums."

Once his hands are clean and dried, he moves over to peer at Pym's gum. "Looks red… well, redder than usual gums. I definitely suggest heading to the dentist and getting some antibiotics." He peeks about for a moment more, "You could maybe gargle with some mouthwash… might help some." He straightens and goes to wash his hands again. "Might want to get it looked at sooner rather than later." McCoy then looks back to Carol, "I'd be curious to know more about those tricks, but… aside from possibly covering up more, what sort of thing are you looking for in a uniform? Or… costume? Obviously one that will hold up to your energy output…"

"Mostly going for something that might garner a little less catcalling and a little more respect," Carol admits, carefully clearing a spot on Pym's desk to lean. "Truth is, any uniform is pretty much going to be nothing but a statement. I don't need bulletproof, or aerodynamic, or fireproof, or any of that. I can handle all of that on my own." Matter-of-fact. "But I'm looking at going public," she explains. "Which means image is going to matter."

It's always nice to get a second opinion, even if it just confirms what Dr. Pym suspected. Sitting up from his chair, he puts some more Orajel onto his teeth with a cotton swab, before tossing it in the medical waste bin. "I'll get this looked at later."

With a few keystrokes, he pulls up a costume design program. One of the sensors in the room will scan Miss Marvel, a blue light seemingly running alongside her in one direction, then another, and finally a third, to give a perfect sculpture of her. It is then broadcast as a hologram… naked. Well, naked-like. It lacks breast and genital definition, looking more like a Barbie doll in those areas. With a blush, Hank presses a few keys and puts a swimsuit on the holographic model, "er… sorry about that."

"Not my strength," Hank McCoy lifts his hands and moves to sit down… somewhere. "So… you can design this image of the costume and somehow… create it in the lab? Or is it just a design?" He doesn't know if they made something like a 3-D printer for costumes. Of course, he finds the equipment rather interesting…

Carol Danvers smirks slightly at the scan and the blush. "Hey, you saw the current model," she points out, amused. "Not a whole lot of difference there." The scanning device gets an extra look, though, curious. "I could stand to take the stairs down," she decides after a moment of consideration. Women. If it's not one thing, it's another.

Dr. Pym explains to Dr. McCoy, "I can use this to design a costume, and when it's ready, spit it out in whatever material you want, though with that molecular manipulation of yours," he says to Carol, "you should be able to recreate it yourself. Since I'm kind of new to designing, how do you want to start? Colour, shape, any ideas?" He's also glad that Hank and especially Carol didn't make any issues about the initial hologram, though. Brainstorming on his own, he tries making a costume that is similar to her current one, but with the thighs and upper arms also covered in black. "Better?"

McCoy opens his mouth and closes it before taking a moment. He then finally offers, "Can't you also use pencil and paper for that? I mean…" this coming from the scientist. He quiets down and just lets the two talk while he continues to observe the equipment in the lab without poking around too deeply.

"Kind of looks like a gimp suit." Carol did say she wasn't really much of one for fashion. McCoy's comment gets a smirk. "I don't draw very well. You'd get stick figure Carol. The black definitely doesn't work with the full coverage. Needs something to break it up a bit, keep it from looking too much like it's just a second skin."

"I could do that Hank, but where's the fun in that?" He prefers to use technology whenever possible. Pencil and paper is so old-fashioned. He plays around with the design some more, giving Carol a full view of what she'd look like. "A gimp suit," he repeats, "what's a gimp suit?" He's not familiar with that term, but maybe Carol could explain it to the two Hanks.

For fun, he throws a Superman costume on her. He gets rid of the cape, changes the underwear to a sash like she has on now, replaces the S with a star, "how's that?" It's close, but not perfect. Still, Janet would be so proud of him for coming up with that design.

Hank McCoy could say so much about costume design… but then, his are mostly utilitarian with just a little flair, if needed. But that might give too much away. At the modified Superman costume though, he asks, "What are you looking to convey, Colonel? And what are you looking to do? Are you looking to announce that you are present whenever you arrive? Are you looking for stealth? Are you looking for something that will be a symbol?"

Well then, not entirely what Janet expected when she swung in to meet with Mr. Hank Pym, Scientist extraordinaire. People and Hank trying to design costumes evidently, super hero costumes. She lands on Pym's shoulder and stares at the work he is doing, roughly half an inch tall all said. "It's a good question, what is it for?"

"Definitely better," Carol muses, stepping away from the desk to get a better look at the hologram. "Has some punch to it." At McCoy's question, she looks back to the doctor. "Strength. Honesty. Protection. You been watching the news?" She grimaces, looking back to the costume. "Whole lot of people trying to make a point of killing heroes these days. They've got comments to make about rules. About what gives someone the right. And they're not afraid to get ugly. Short version? I want something that says we're here, and we've got a right to be. Something that says you want to pick a fight with someone? Step up. I'm waiting."

Hank, the Pym variety, is used to Janet showing up unannounced. He didn't even notice her until he heard her speak from her resting place on his shoulder, "Oh, hello Wasp, Dr. Hank McCoy and Miss Marvel here know my secret identity." He lets her know at first, so she can react accordingly.

"You're the one who knows fashion. Want to expand and help us make a new costume for Miss Marvel?" And then he realises that Hank's the only one here without powers. "By the way Hank, we really appreciate you keeping our secrets. If there's ever anything we can do for you, just say the word. Even, hey, would you like to be able to shrink like us? I could give you powers, or maybe a suit like Iron Man? How'd you fancy that?"

Hank McCoy might have scented another's presence before she was introduced. Maybe. He seems a little surprised as Wasp is introduced but offers a nod to the diminutive woman, "A pleasure to meet you…" he'd offer a hand, but that just seems a little odd given the situation. He does look back at Carol, "Is that something you can convey with a costume though? Isn't that something you convey with an attitude and a presentation?"

Pym's words catch his attention, "Oh… thank you, that's very kind, but I think I'm all set. In fact, I don't want to be in the way of this superheroing business… we can always reschedule, right?"

Janet steps off Pym's shoulder and flits getting clear before rapidly growing to her usual five foot four inch height. The wings vanish at about the four foot point of the growth. "Hello to you both, Wasp. Well Janet van Dyne." it isn't like she isn't quite recognisable this large. She shifts to shake hands with anyone who wants to shake hands with her. "So you want a symbol of Strength. Honour. Truth. Shield." she mmmms looking at the holograms now.

"Ah, there's the person I came to talk to," Carol smiles swiftly as Janet grows up, stepping forward to shake hands with the woman. "If anyone can find a way to say all that with a uniform, I hear you're the person I want to talk to." She nods to McCoy. "I intend on backing it up with action," she agrees. "But, you know. I'd like not to have to fight the costume to do it. Give me a call sometime, yeah? It'd be nice to catch up."

"Oh, come on Hank, I'm sure you've always wanted to fly, or explore the universe from a different perspective, what about eye beams, there are so many things that can done with genetics, or technology… you must have a dream?"

And with Wasp introducing herself, revealing her identity, that makes three heroes who've shared their identity today. Eyeing Jan, he leans in to whisper to her, "do you think we should tell her about what we talked about with Iron Man?" Of course, Hank, the other Hank, can probably hear.

Hank McCoy feels rather useless at this costume conversation, which is why he's trying to excuse himself. "I'd like that Colonel. I think you know how to reach me…" if she remembers. If not, she can also get it from Pym. Speaking of, he chuckles at the other Hank, "There's a reason dreams should sometimes remain dreams. I'd rather not shoot beams from my eyes," as he knows how difficult that can be to deal with. "It's a kind offer, but I'm happy doing my research." Lies are best when they're kept simple.

Janet shakes Carol's hand and then reaches and pokes Pym soundly. "One.. quite trying to give random or not so random people powers, you are sounding like a dealer or something Hank." she smiles brightly to McCoy "What are you researching?" with honest friendly curiosity. Then back to Pym "Two.. I am not sure we should. I mean. Maybe. Your secret you decide. Not sure what Tony will think… and we still need to chat with him about it." she goes back to studying the Hologram then reaches to take control and starts to mess with it, moving the image pretty rapidly for the moment.

Carol knows a thing or two about McCoy's gifts, but she's not bringing it up. That's his story. Just like there's apparently another one to go with Stark. Stark… has nice toys. That cannot be denied. But rather than comment, she settles for watching Janet work on the uniform. "I'll give you a call, Doc," she promises with a small smile.

Hank McCoy doesn't seem too interested in the prospect of becoming a hero, and that reluctance, the complete disinterest, is odd. He doesn't even seem to want to discuss it. What's he hiding, wonders the other Hank, Dr. Henry Pym. But then Jan pokes him, and he grins, "what, I like helping out my friends, colleagues, and even people I barely know. It's all for science!"

While Wasp works on Miss Marvel's uniform, he thinks about Tony, Iron Man, and the ramifications. It'll have to discussed, probably between Hank, Tony, and Jan, but it has a lot of potential.

"But we really shouldn't be our own guinea pigs, you know. They teach us that in Mad Science 101…" McCoy grins at that comment before he nods to Carol, "I look forward to it." Then, back to Van Dyne and Pym, "It also seems that you all have something to discuss. I don't want to be in the way of that."

Janet eyes Carol and then looks back to what Hank had, splitting it off to two images now. Where they left off and then a new clone continuing to mess with it. "Actually Dr. Pym I like the direction you were going. I don't like the skin still exposed, or the … well it looks like long johns…" she tightens up the lines, gives it a much more leather look to it with a military flair. "You are military right, I heard Colonel right?" she tweaks it and spins it around. "Boots and gloves…. why go bar handed especially when you may have to punch really icky things…" she grins and adds red boots and gloves.

"Air Force," Carol nods to Janet, watching the work in progress with a slow, growing smile. "That's more like it," she agrees. "See what I mean?" she asks Pym. "Less gimp suit, more uniform." How this was actually a conversation that was going on, it's probably better not to ask.

"It's worked for me, Hank. Haven't you ever experimented on yourself?" He asks, not knowing the grim reality of the situation. "And Hank, you're not in the way. You know our secrets, so it's not like we could do any more damage. Why not hang out with us? Besides, it's nice to get it off my chest, to have another scientist I can talk to about things, if you're interested?"

It's a pleasure to watch Wasp work. She's so good at coming up with costumes, the little details and so creative, that Dr. Pym just enjoys the sight of the changing hologram, a costume coming together, one that Carol will hopefully approve of.

"So much of my work is theoretical and based off of studying others," Hank McCoy offers as he pauses near the door. He seems torn at the invitation — it would be nice to spend time with others. "I certainly don't mind discussing things…"

Well Janet flips the sash around the waist around a lot, different links, a golden buckle, a golden star clasp. She goes with a golden star. Then adjusts the one on the chest resizing it "I think a bit like Captain America and less like superman…" she does gold stripes off the star on the chest. Pips on the collar, rivets on the gloves. All of them golden highlights. "How long you thinking for the sash…. all traily to make up for the cape." demonstrates the length like a ribbon of fabric "or more sash like, down your leg…. either really works with the look I think…"

"Sash should do," Carol muses, watching the art in progress. "That looks pretty good," she agrees, flashing a brief smile toward the Hanks. "Granted, coming out and changing the uniform at the same time means I'm going to lose some people who can't follow changing two things at once," she says thoughtfully. "But I think it's better to get it all done at once. Come out strong."

"You're very much welcome," Hank says to the other Hank. "Stay, can I get you anything, drink-wise. And Carol, Jan, anything for the pair of you?" He's still not sure what a gimp suit is, but the current one looks better than his original design for Miss Marvel. Hank suggests to Janet, "how about some lines coming out of the star in the centre, like Air Force wings?"

"Thank you," Hank McCoy offers with a smile, "I'm all right. I should probably head back, actually… I don't want to get caught on a crowded train…" for a number of reasons, really. "It was good to see you again, Hank and if you ever want to chat about things, let me know." To Janet he offers a nod, "A pleasure meeting you, Ms. Van Dyne…" and Carol gets a smile, "I look forward to that phone call. Good luck with the costume."

Janet eyes the hologram and then nods "Well.. I thought that was what I was going with… with the gold lines there but they are a little thin… maybe all the way out and around like wings… and also red above like the gloves and boots." she makes the tweaks and eyes it critically "Needs some cleanup but… maybe?" she sets it to a slow spin there.

"I like it. A lot, actually." Carol steps up to the hologram, then starts to practice making it. Which is probably something of a surprise for Janet. Light shimmers around her as she alters her clothes into the uniform, making tweaks here and there as she notices the details in the image. As she's working on it, though, her cell rings, and she makes a face. "I'm sorry. That's the office. Excuse me a minute?" Stepping away a bit, she answers the phone, suddenly caught in more editorial minutiae.

So much for Hank Pym getting the chance to turn another normal human being into a superhero. He loves doing that. There's just something about playing god that always brings a smile to the scientist's lips. To Jan, he says, "well, I for one think it's great." See, he's showing support, though he actually prefers Miss Marvel's current costume. It's far nicer on the eye, at least it is accord to the lizard part of his mind. He watches with curiosity as Carol transforms her outfit, slowly getting all the details down, "that's incredible, and gives me ideas. Jan, I could probably create something similar with technology, allowing you to change your costume on the fly?" And when Carol excuses herself, he leans in to whisper something else to Janet.

Janet is staring after Carol thoughtfully, "If you could get the molecular armour weave to reconfigure that would be amazing, even if it was into preset designs or configurations. Could beef up into armoured mode or into social or…" so many possibilities and then she laughs, "What… oh lord Hank… uhm Computer. Video Search. Pulp Fiction Gimp Suit."

"It's doable, just a matter of designing and building it." Hank's limits usually begin and end with what he sets out to do. Give him an idea and he'll figure it out. At least genetically and technologically speaking. Socially, that's another matter. Like with Janet. He's known her for years, but they're still just friends. One of these days, he's going to finally work up the courage to ask her out socially, and not with a group.

For now though, he'll walk over to his computer terminal and do a video search for 'Pulp Fiction Gimp Suit', and when he sees it, his mouth hangs open, "that's what Miss Marvel was on about? But, why would… oh my goodness." He blushes a nice shade of red.

Janet can't help it she snickers "Well no one wants a costume like that, except maybe someone from Batman's city… one of those deranged Arkham sorts perhaps." she keeps thinking about the changing costumes "You sir need to watch more movies while you work, just play popular ones in the background."

Deciding maybe now is the time, he asks, "I would, but I never like to watch a movie alone. I don't know, I just like the company, watching them together, with people I care about… would you like to watch some movies with me, Jan?" He's sweet on her, she probably knows it, everyone does, but he's so much older, and her employee. That has to be inappropriate. It's right there in the Human Resources guidebook.

Jan blinks as you finally will get the nerve up she supposes. Also now of all times. She just cocks her head to the side and thinks about it. I mean seriously she knew it was a high likelihood one of these days since you do sort of wear your heart on your sleeve.

"I think that might be nice Hank. So I will say yes. But we need some ground rules okay." she pauses a beat and unless stopped continues "This is just a test movie sort of date. Very casual very see how it goes. If things start to go sideways and it could destroy our friendship or work or being superheroes it will have to end because all of that is more important than ending up disliking each other. Fair?"

Oh boy, she just had to go and raise the stakes. She called it a date. She gave it a label. And now he's a little nervous. But he's still glad he finally asked. "That obvious?" He asks, having had a bit of a crush on her for years now. Has he even dated anyone in all the time she's known him?

But her suggestion is scientific, even if the heart isn't a very scientific organ, not in the sense he's meaning. "You made some good points there, Jan. And I don't want to jeopardise our friendship, our partnership, and I really don't want to get fired. I'd never find a job as cushy as this one." That's a lie, but he likes to joke about how good van Dyne Industries treats him. He is a very happy employee. "But, oh, I better take the yes and not put my foot into my mouth. So, what do you want to see?"

Jan smiles a little bit crooked, it's just the crook of the corner of her mouth there "Good question. It should be something popular and good, to expose you to pop culture. The two blockbusters out, you would have to have some background, since they aren't the first movies out there. There is a goofy hacker movie with Chris Hemsworth though."

Just how much time does Hank spend in his laboratory? Those thoughts will be forming in Jan's head in three… two… one… Hank sits down, typing away at a keyboard. As he types, a holographic display pops up, looking like a movie theatre. Then a plush leather couch seems to rise from an opening in the floor, a very tiny opening, as the couch was originally stored in a smaller state. And then the previews begin to play for Blackhat, "now, a soft drink and some popcorn. I might have that in the kitchen," and he slides the chair, jumping out of it and heading into the kitchen. Soon, there's the sound of corn popping. But he needs something, so he runs back out into his lab, grabbing a canister of something, and a few other chemicals. When he comes out, he has two slushie-like drinks with straws under each arm, and a bowl of popcorn. "So, do you want the left or the right?" Wait, didn't she want like a real date? And how come he can show a movie that's still in theatres?

Janet blinks and then just is reduced to watching him scamper around and she walks over to poke the couch. She is so full of Pym particles she gets it, but she didn't expect storage couches made of leather. Then she goes back to watching all the prep work. "Ok… what are those drinks and…. I can't believe you just turned your lab into a theatre." she pauses "Ok yes I can but dangit Hank this is ridiculous." she is smiling though "Fine… " she plops down on the couch "Next time we are going to go a theatre and see people and have the real experience you shut in."

"So, this one's a caramelised banana slushie, and the other one's pecan cheesecake slushie." Yeah, like they serve those in the theatres. Why does Hank always assume that the rest of the world has advanced alongside him? Oh yeah, because he only ever seems to go out in it when he's in his Ant-Man suit.

Hank will then engage some of the controls on the leather couch, heating them and giving a gentle massaging action through sonic vibrations. "It's ridiculous?" He asks, and looks a little sad, "if you'd prefer, we could go out and see it in a real theatre?" Of course, he still thinks going to the movies costs five dollars per person.

Janet accepts the banana slushie and takes a sip "Wow.. okay that is impressive Hank" she sniffs it then sips again. "Mmm no no.. we can do this movie this way… I'm just bemused. Yes bemused is the right word. Next time though out, you need to meet regular people I think and see a regular show. This though is pretty amazing Mr. Pym."

Hank doesn't like to show off, and even when he does, he's usually the last one to know he's doing it. "Thank you, Jan." He's glad she likes it. He's got many devices, inventions that even she hasn't seen. Someday, maybe she'll let him give her a grand tour, but that would probably bore her. And yet, she'd miss so many neat things he's made or done.

He settles in to watch the film, placing the popcorn in his lap since he hasn't built an extended table or anything. Holding the bowl of popcorn out to her, "want some?" A few moments later, he'll ask, "sounds like a great match. I'll show you wonder, and you show me regular?"

Janet reaches to grab the popcorn, or at least a handful of it. "That sounds like I plan I suppose, because you need some socialization Scientist." she shakes her head "Also don't push powers on your friends, they may not want them. Wierd I know right but still." settling in for the show.

Hank takes a handful of popcorn himself, and munches as he talks with Janet. One of the neat things about watching in a home theatre is that they can rewind it if they miss anything. "I like socialising with you, and you turned out all right. The Winsome Wasp, Earth's Mightiest Heroine?"

Janet smiles "Winsome… I am really not sure about that title. We may have to work on that one." she pops some popcorn in her mouth then sips her slushie. "Now shhhh movie starting." teasing tones and she truly settles in for movie now.

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