Interrogation - Wanda Style

July 09, 2016:

Having gained permission to interrogate, ahem speak to, the Sokovian in custody, X-Red excels at the work.

New York


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Police interrogation rooms are funny things, all that mirrored glass and tricks with light levels and reflections. Of course X-Red tries not to spend too much time around them as they're not cops and they're not detectives but it turns out that in order to get the Sokovian authorities to help them track down a man who has been spending a lot of money to kill mutants, they're going to have to make an exception.

The man in question is Mikhail Valinsky. He's an expat Russian who lived in the Ukraine for some time before moving to Sokovia and becoming ingraciated with the government there, enough to have some kind of rather nebulous official position. For some reason he recently travelled to the US where he was caught contacting underworld figures for bomb making materials. Understandably, this does not make him popular particularly in New York City. He hasn't been willing to give the police anything and the police have asked the Sokovian mission to the US to dredge up what they can on him from back home. Theyre getting weird pushback on that from the Sokovian government itself so a low level diplomat has asked X-Red to intervene and question him directly.

Bobby has smoothed things over in the police and asked Tabitha, Wanda and Brin to come along for this one. The plan is to have Wanda and Brinley confront him directly. The one can sense thoughts, the other emotions and Wanda being Transian 'speaks his language' in both literal and metaphorical senses. Tabitha who has proven rather adept at finding things out will be with Bobby in the observation room with a laptop connected to X-Red's systems, listening to the whole thing and gathering and verifying data as needed. Unknown to the rest of the team, it may also let the shape changing mutant pick up some leads for… other friends.

At any rate. Valinsky is in the room, cuffed, sitting in one of the two metal chairs that make up two thirds of the furniture. He looks… sullen.

Brin had explained to Wanda that her … unique … gift might be needed - not the reality altering one, the one that listens to the voices. They'll ask questions of Valinksy, but it's hardly likely that he'll give straight answers. Instead, he'll be thinking of them - that's where Wanda comes in. Guiding the conversation from the answers she hears - subtly.

Entering the room, Brin indicates the chair "Take a seat, Wanda." as she takes up a position to the side and slightly behind the chair, folding her arms. She doubts she looks fierce, but she can look disapproving.

"Hello, Mister Valinksy. We'd like to ask you some questions about your reasons for being in the United States and why you were purchasing bomb making materials."

Cool. Calm. Collected. Three things that are not often said about Wanda but here she is doing just that in the small cell with their prey. Settling down on the chair offered she gives a little smile to Valinsky. <Would you like some vodka?> she asks him in Sokovian. <It will be the last drink you will get before they put you in Guantanemo> she adds with a shrug before looking over at Brinley with a questioning gaze; is she the good cop or the bad cop? <But if you tell us why you did something as stupid as you did we may be able to let you go. Maybe you were being controlled? Is that what happened? You are not even your own man and cower before someone else?>

The voices are always there but she has managed to control them for a while. But now it is time to let them out again. Her mind seeking out their words once more.

Tabby watches through the glass, flipping through the files and information they have already gathered. "I suppose it isn't kosher to turn into a giant cat and chase him around until he squeels and gives us the information we need right…?" she taps another key. "I mean I wouldn't actually eat him or kill him but cat and mouse?"

"No. Russian expat Sokovian cons are definitely not kosher." Bobby grins as he watches through the glass. "You'd have to pickle him or something. We'll try that next if this doesn't work, though."

The emotion in the room is a bubbling mixture of generalized resentment, repressed anger, jittery nervousness and pulsing, underlying fear. It's all so mixed in together that it's hard to tell what it's all directed at but the moment the two mutant women enter the room it crystalizes on them directly and Wanda finds the voice she's looking for as it utters a single word.


«Only if you have real vodka there and not that stupid American shit.» Valinsky adds a rather unpolite word to the end of that, referencing Wanda directly. It's a good tack the mutant is taking. Challange his worth as a man. He can live with being thought a criminal and a terrorist. Clearly it was worth it to him. But to be thought less a man? From his part of the world that's unbearable.

«You would not be so smug if you knew what was coming for you. Maybe you should let me out of these cuffs and I'll show you just what I can do. No matter how much it hurts, it'll be faster than what will happen otherwise.»

The translation is fed after a short delay through earpices for everyone who is not a native speaker thanks to the X-Red systems. Wanda can sense an mental thread. There's something to tug on. A name. 'Zietzev'. There's images associated with it. Blood and chrome and the faint secent of ozone. That's got to mean something.

What Tabitha has isn't much but it's enough to start with. Valinsky appears to have bounced around Europe for several years before settling in Sokovia. Did a stint in the Russian FSB but was let go for undisclosed reasons. If she looks up her Brotherhood sources she can see he had ties to an anti mutant group called the 'Slavic Humanity Defense League'. Mostly they're active in eastern Europe… and rather violent. Small though.

Brin gives Wanda a small smile. She can be bad cop, Brins' good at being 'nice' generally. She's also actively scanning Valinksy's emotions, she'll lean on him shortly… for now, he's doing a good enough job on his own.

"Now, now, Mister Zalinsky, don't be like that." Wanda can offer the Vodka, it's the good stuff. The stuff that Illyana and Piotr drink. Grey Goose. Brin might need to restock the pantry though.

Wanda offers a sly smile at Valinsky. <I doubt you could show me anything> she replies sweetly, <You are not the man with the penis> Thankfully she refrained from using a more uncouth term since people are listening in. She hears the words…the name…noting them all down in her mind for later. Still she reaches out psychically, pushing deeper into his thoughts but without trying to guide them. <Real vodka for real men. American vodka for you> A shrug. <Unless you are brave enough to actually say something that is not an order. Why do you think you were sent here to be caught? You are nothing to these people>.

Tabby leans back and squints "Wow we don't have much on this dude.. but what we do have definitely does make me want to bite him a few times… Stupid Slavic Humanity Defense League… they are… so violent. Very small though guys… like.. seems really small time .. makes me wonder if someone is scooping up and networking small crappy hate groups.."

The veins of Valinsky's head bulge a little. Wanda is… well let's just say that this man's worldview is not very… western… in a lot of ways. Being insulted by Wanda - Wanda being self evidently a woman - stings and enrages him a lot more than it might be from anyone else. Except maybe Brinley.

His emotional state starts to 'spin'. Brin can feel the rage coming to the top and boy does this guy have a lot of it. Why? Well that's not really in Brin's baliwick, she's not a telepath, but she can tell when the rage has an aftertaste of fear to it as it does now. She could try to sooth it, but angry men make mistakes so… she could push it further.

As an aside, one part of Brin's mind might note that a certain hacker would be amused to think that by Wanda's definition he's a 'real man'.

Valinsky slaps the glass away with a snarl, sending it clattering. The next several words out of his mouth are definitely not for polite company. «You think I care? You think I care what they think? You think that I do this just because Colonel Kasparov told me? No! I do this for the world! America is a blight on the planet and you mongrels are a cancer!.» Well… tell us what you really think, Valinsky. Under it all Wanda can hear 'Orloff. Orloff will get them. The feuernacht will come for them all.' It's odd, the German in there is deliberate, but out of place, as if it's a name as well.

Kasparov… now that's an interesting name. The X-Red system reveals him to be a Sokovian military officer associated with the state sponsored paramilitary instrumental in the last Sokovian civil war. He's been implicated in war crimes but nothing was ever brought forward.

He's also been linked to arms shipments to anti-mutant militias across the region. Never quite this directly though. Maybe something for Mystique to take up directly…

Brin does her best to keep her features clear as Valinsky's emotion tumble and Wanda uses such creative … insults. As the anger peaks, the brunette uses that and leans … a controlled beam of emotion at the poor man.

Sorry Wanda, this is about to get worse.

She adds insult to injury too. "Maybe you did it to impress Kasparov, then. Maybe you like him …" her implication is clear, she hopes. "Oh, and that was Russian Vodka. No more for you."

Wanda nods to Brinley's astute observation. "Da. You are probably right. This is why he does not like to sit down. It is too painful after all the time he has spent with his boss." She smiles sweetly across at the man. "I am not Amerikan. You have not noticed? I do not care if you blow up Amerika. I care if you blow up anyone." Wanda looks at Valinsky as if was made of crap..literarlly…before shaking her head. "No. I do not think there is anything this thing could do to impress Kasparov. That is why he sent him so far away."

Tabby considers and then types and spins up some more files there "Huh… … Kasparov is actually in the local military.. not that low either.. bad news bear all around… war crimes but no evidence…. not sure who Orloff might be… " she starts to look down that road. "That last guy may be shipping to humans first militias all over EU.. no evidence direct yet tho.."

Bobby nods and calls that back in to the others. "The guy he said sent him is part of the Sokovian military. Press on that. I think we're close to getting what our contact needs." And then he'll give up 'Hellstrike' and from there maybe they'll finally make a little progress.

"Tabitha, can you work your magic and see if any of those militias were implicated in the recent Operation Extinction stuff?" That'll give them a direct link. If they get that, they can give up this guy 'Kasparov' to authorities way bigger than Sokovia and maybe get a lot of the 'Humans First' momentum in Europe stalled.

Of course it might also occur to Tabby that any information she might get could be fed to the Brotherhood for more… direct action.

Brin's emotional push has the guy almost frothing at the mouth and the focused insults from the two of them.

"AAAAAAAUGH!" He gets up and simply runs at the nearest of the Mutants, but he's cuffed… so it's not like he's likely to do much before one of them puts an end to that. In his fury though all his mental defenses go down and Wanda gets a very clear picture of a man. He's wealthy, got a definite slavic cast to his face. He's in a… castle of some kind. Wait. Daruvar Castle. She knows it. It's out in the woods in Sokovia. That's where she sees him. There's a glow behind him… computers. And something throwing off… sparks.

How Brin isn't blushing at the insults, she'll never know. Well she is, just that faint shade of pink under her darker skin. As Valinsky runs at them, she steps and glowing green and gold shield appears in front of him. If the cuff doesn't stop him in time … splat.

"Did we hit a nerve, Mister Valinsky? Too close too the truth perhaps." the brunette keeps her tone even and low, in her quiet way. In her experience, angry people get angrier and less controlled when confronted by it. "Why don't just tell us what we want to know. Why were you in America, buying bomb supplies."

There's no way she's going to let on that Wanda's likely getting information and that the others are searching for anything he drops.

"Or perhaps Kasparov, has a better lover." That … might get him thinking of those nearest to the man.

"I think a knotted piece of wood would be a better lover" sniffs Wanda as Valinsky slams into a shield. Her disdain for the creep as obvious as his for her. "We should let this Kasparov know that Valinsky has told us everything and then release him. How long do you think he will last? No great loss to anyone I think."

Well there is nothing to stop Tabby from a bit of both as she looks through thei nformation. "Hmm Okay shit." she blushes "I mean… well Operation Extinction… and ties in the city guys.. I bet he.. not this idiot but Kasporav is cleaning up his house before they rat him out…" there is nothing to say Mystique will let the Reds or the World Court get to .. everyone involved.. she doesn't trust normal justice all that much. "Interesting… the ties here very interesting. I bet they would flip yah?"

"That's our info then. That'll get us Hellstrike." Bobby gives Tabitha a solid pat on the shoulder and a brief hug. "Good work."

Wanda, Brinley, good work in htere. When you're done with Mister Valinsky we've got everything we need. Course if you're having fun with him… He's teasing. He gets the feeling they're not having fun per se, even if it feels good to make a creep like this guy squirm.

Valinsky slams himself a couple more times against the shield, trying to get through it in a blind fury. Every time they say something about him he screams and hits it again. The cops out in the office maybe look a bit worried.

"I think that could be arranged, Wanda." Brin responds, watching Valinsky and maintaining the shield, despite the headache that's now pounding at the base of her skull. "That will be all, thank you, Mister Valinsky." With a gesture, she ushers Wanda out the door.

Once they're outside, leaving foaming man behind, the shield drops and Brin snickers… "A knotted piece of wood…" is all she says before she smiles at the police, who do indeed look worried. "We're fine." she reassures them "But your man in there didn't particularly like us. You might want to let him cool down a little before you go in."

"He is not a very nice man" Wanda adds about Valinsky to the police outside. "Thank you for allowing us some time with him" she smiles. "It is nice to talk to someone from the old country now and then." And she didn't turn him into a newt or anything!

Tabby leans back in her chair, she gives Bobby a half armed hug when she got her hug too. "awesome…. lots of leads.. which is good…" she looks to the others when they come out and into the room on the other side of the mirror there. "Hey team awesome sauce."

"Great job you two." Bobby grins, agreeing with Tabby. "I'll contact the Sokovian mission and tell them we're ready to help them if they're ready to help us. There might be another field trip in our future." He hopes, really hopes, that that 'Selene Gallo' woman doesn't poke her head in any time soon.

He's probably not that lucky, though.

"Meantime, though, I owe you all lunch. Where am I taking you?"

"Somewhere where there's motrin." Brin smiles faintly. Bobby knows she favours Thai over everything. "We got the leads? That's good. We needed a break." Her mind goes briefly to Selene as well, so far her own discrete enquiries hasn't revealed anything on the woman, but she's not pushed that hard - not wanting to create an incident.

"Thanks. I'd say it was fun… but…." it wasn't.

"What is Motrin?" Wanda asks casually before shrugging. "I never say 'no' to food." And yet somehow she stays thin. "I wonder why there is so much hatred for us…for anything? I am glad I do not understand it."

Tabby grins "I'm good for whatever Bobby…" she looks to Wanda "Still.. good job Brin and Wanda….. and motrin is pain killer… helps with.. um …Brin all you…."

"Pad Thai it is. I've got some water and painkillers in the car Brin." Bobby straightens up and motions to the team.

There are days when he loves doing his job, and on those days it's generally because of people like the ones he has with him right now.

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