Off To Bagalia

July 09, 2016:

Knowing the Daemonites are doing something in Bagalia, SHIELD and allies head on over to try and stop them.



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Daemonites. Large glowy lizard like beings from Outerspace that have been on earth for decades, at least. Why haven't they been noticed until now? Simple. They're shapeshifters and can very easily possess a human host. From Doctor Jemma Simmons notes on the creatures, some of them seemed to have possessed the same human host for years.

From those same notes, it's known they're extremely tough. High density skin that even the highest of calibre weapons can dent, incredibly regenerative capabilities, fast and psychic. Worse, with their regenerative capabilities, it's been difficult to work out how to kill them. There's still very little known about them.

So when Daemonites were discovered creating portal technology, it certainly got SHIELDs attention. A few weeks back, a large group of the creatures had come through from somewhere, bringing with them something.

Tracking that group has led SHIELD to Bagalia. A den of villainy, make no mistake, but one where Governmental officers (all of them) and public servants were possessed by Daemonites. Sending undercover field agents into the country hadn't bee easy, but the intel reports being received are not good. Still no information on what came through the portal, the activity around Bagalia shows the Daemonites are moving to do something big.

It's time to go clean that up. Apart from the regular SHIELD personnell, Jemma's reached out to some others. The Quinjets are loaded, perhaps even The Bus, and the bio-chems' briefing on Daemonites and their capabilities just completed. "Over the last few weeks, I've been testing with different compounds and I believe that I have one that will neutralise the creatures and not harm the hosts. In my testing on the samples that I have, it actually killed them, but the samples were only parts of the whole creature. So, let's say it will knock them out. Each of you have been issued a modified ICER pistol with enough darts to take out four Daemonites up to 12 feet tall. Anything taller, it might slow them." Not quite reassuring, but it's the best she's got.

Agent Carmicheal takes over "This is Bagalia." A 3D map of the country, which is really just a city on an island, "Our sources tell us the device has been moved to this location on the crest of the mountain and setup. Whatever it is, they'll be using it soon. Our objective is take that location and the device. It can not be allowed to be operated." Pausing to look at Simmons, the agent shakes his head "Simmons, Matthews and Jefferies will deploy the psychic dampening field over that area - but anything outside that will be able to launch a Psychic Attack. Aspect and Iron Guard deal the most damage and have fought these creatures a number of times before. They'll be with Alpha and Beta teams. Ninjak, you're with team Delta. Most importantly, though, bait the Daemonites and don't harm their hosts - they might be criminals but they aren't hosts by they're cognisance. Each team has a detector that Simmons created - use it and don't kill any humans if you can avoid it. Any questions?"

As the Agent begins fielding questions, the Quinjet puts down, the cloaking drops and the doors open.

They're on the top of a mountain and not far from them are a group of twelve people all gathered around a device on a tripod. Even from here, it's obvious that the preparations are nearly complete. Bad news? The twelve people turn as the doors open and the SHIELD agents start streaming out… They've caught them by surprise - can they captilise it?

Jemma's group splits up, each to take up a different point on a 'triangle' … it will take them a few moments, at least, to get the pyschic dampening field up.

'Aspect' in this particular exercise is a man in full concealing ceramic black armor which makes him look like something out of a sci-fi film. Most of the SHIELD agents in these operations are familiar with his capabilities if not his face and his long standing association with Melinda May. The look isn't even particularly new but it's one he only pulls out for serious combat operations where he has sufficient warning.

He's also got a big, big flippin gun. It's actually Chinese make and shoots grenades rather than bullets. Ordinarily this sort of thing might be overkill but Jericho knows exactly how resiliant to physical harm daemonites are. He's pulled their heads off and they still don't die.

"This way." The hacker motions to Alpha team and sets off at a run. Standard infantry doctrine calls for a 'bold, wide flanking maneuver' and in any case it sounds like 'Iron Guard' is more than up to starting the fight and taking the hits.

Melinda May finishes locking down the just-landed quinjet and joins the others as they start off. She follows Jemma, as she's the only one of the deployment team that isn't a SHIELD -trained and certified field combat agent. Also, she can create a LOT of distraction along the way.

"Carmichael, May. Comm check. Trent, secure the line." Yes, she asked the contractor to do it, mostly because he can secure the comm line with his BRAIN in a way that likely no one else would be able to crack.
Nathaniel would have liked to explain the SHIELD agents much more about the Daemonites' history and physiology. In fact, that had been his plan months ago. But he got involved with time travelling problems (again!) and it was only very recently when he finally reconnected with Jemma Simmons. Just in time to be involved in the current operation. That the Daemonites took over a whole city-state is not surprising, but why Bagalia?

Early on Nathaniel kept low profile. Just a polite young man in a black suit that looked out of place, and too young to be here. Who brought the intern to a field operation?

It was just in the last few minutes, when the silver and red battlesuit covered his body. Looking perhaps like an Iron Man knockoff, but if it is a good copy no one would complain, right? He takes the air, confident in his suit just reconfigured anti-psychic defenses. He wants to be able to scan those devices the Daemonites are deploying with his armor sensors before everyone starts shooting.

Well listening to the people Ninjak goes through the mental checklist, "So no killing unless necessary, check. Bloody wish I was told that before I geared up though." Said in that wonderful British accent that gives everything class. He starts going through his gear, and well takes off a few things that are only really good at killing. The rest of his stuff staying put, cause hey he can find some use for it, even the swords.

Once he's given the dart gun, he does start eyeing it, the weapon builder in him can't help but look at it, "Only 4 of those creatures? Are we sure this will be enough?" He has to check, of course he could just be nervous, not used to working with others. Usually he just gets pointed at a target and told, take care of it. A few deep breaths and he's calm again. And well he's leaving the plane with the rest of team Delta.

Iron Guards appearance certainly distracts the group, achieving just what Aspect had hoped for. Of the twelve four raise weapons and peppering Nathaniel and Beta with ballistic fire, kicking up bits of dirt and rock. One of Beta team goes down "Two Daemonites detected so far." one agent reports as they draw near "The redhead in the blue sweatshirt and the guy in the suit." The rest of the team opens fire, seeking to disable not kill - that's going to make this so much more difficult.

As Iron Guard scans the device - there's only one - a 15 foot tall Daemonite appears from the redhead, the hosts body dropping unconscious to the ground. With a roar the creature throws itself at the Iron-Man looking knock off, claws extended and tail whipping around

Aspects group flanks the twelve, "Two more Daemonites detected, Aspect." one the Agents in Alpha team reports "The guy is the green vest and the one in the hoodie." The SHIELD TAC team is very well trained and ICER pistols are aimed and fired at three of the civilians. Who drop and lay where they are…

As Ninjak gears up, Carmichael regards the MI:6 agent handing him a pair of batons. "Try these. They've been used by Agent Morse with great effect in the past. They've got an electo-static shock built in." Delta team flanks the opposite direction to Aspects … "No Daemonites detected yet."

That's when the groups feel it, the pyschic pressure. The pressure that encourages them to submit and give themselves over. It's immense and many of the SHIELD agents falter in their steps.

May following Jemma is likely a good idea. The bio-chem seems to attract disaster. "Not far, Agent May" the woman breathes as they run. Only to be confronted by two men, rounding the corner of the building they are approaching.

Iron Guards scan of the device isn't particularly conclusive. There's radiation coming from it, trace amounts, but it's not powered up yet.

The mental pressure is the first sign that they've been detected and Aspect knows he has to get his team into action before they're neutralized.

"Go red." Military terminology for 'chamber the round, safeties off.' "Hit 'em, cyclic."

The sounds of the grenade launcher racking a round into place is followed half a second later by the squad opening up. Jericho himself doesn't really care what they hit. So far as he knows it's all daemonites and daemonite equipment. The civillians have already been put down after all. Explosions begin to go off. He's not at all sure that simple 37 mm grenades are going to do the trick but they will at least provide one hell of a distraction.

While the ammo holds, anyway.

Melinda May doesn't even slow down when the two men appear in Jemma's and her path. She simply raises her own (normal) ICER and fires off a round at each of them. Head shots, as is her habit in dangerous situations like this. If one of them turns out to be a Daemonite, she'll stop and confront it and let Jemma keep heading toward the deployment point.
Scientific curiosity causes Iron Guard to pay too much attention to the alien device and not enough to the Daemonites. The ballistic fire can't harm Nathaniel or his armor, the giant is another question, though. The huge alien creature swats Iron Guard from the air and sends him crashing down thirty yards back.

Nathaniel grunts on the impact, armor systems flickering briefly as the suit plates and circuitry crack, shift and reform in seconds. Flesh and bone do not handle impacts so well, there will be bruises later, but he is still conscious. Straightening quickly, but not even bothering to take off again, he shoots at the Daemonite monster a double repulsor force blast.

The British Ninja takes the batons, "Thank you. Similar to my katanas, in that they deliver electro shock, that will be useful." The two batons find spots on the guys belt, ready to go there. So he heads out with his group and that is when the pressure starts to hit, telling him to give up and give in. Okay that wasn't expected at all, but no, can't let it get to him. He just spends the time focusing on his own body, on his training, trying to overcome what they are doing to him.

Alpha team responds to Aspects instruction and start to fire, which does the trick. The two host bodies drop and two glowing lizards appear, turning to bear down on that groups location, both 15 feet tall by the looks.

Aspects grenades sends one of the Daemonites flying backwards, it's still intact but there are gaping wounds that are slow to heal. Yep. The grenades are having an impact. The second one, is just standing there a hole where it's belly used to be. "I hope Simmons compond works on these big guys …" one of the agents grunts to another as the team fire their darts filled with the toxin she's created, aiming for the injuries - surely the hide there is less dense.

Nathaniels Daemonite is thrown backwards, tumbling to the ground, it too has taken injury but it's coming at him again, this time supported by a second. He'd better think quick. Beta team agents take down the civilians they find with standard ICER weapons and then turn their attention to these two. There's only a limited amount of the compound though, and they're trying to make sure they use it well.

Mays approach has one of the men dropping like a sack of potatoes. The second stumbles a bit, then the body falls leaving an 11 foot tall Daemonite in its place. This one … it's only a small one! May can surely handle that.

Jemma falters, glances to May and then keeps running

Pylon 2 in place and activated Jefferies reports. Nearly in place with Pylon 3. Had a spot of company of here. that's Matthews. He might have been hanging around Jemma too much with that language.

Ninjak and his team soon find themself face to face with one of the creatures. Delta team has taken down the civilians. The Daemonite, a 13 foot tall one, bellows at the team and moves so quickly it blurs, right up into Ninjaks face raking visciously with its claws, trying to gain purchase.

All the while, there's one person left, working on the device.

One thing that Aspect benefits from, being a cyborg, is rather exceptional situational awareness. He's coded routies that call attention to things that he physically sees but may not be paying the proper amount of attention and that's before one considers the fact that there is a code imp living in his traces that very much needs him alive.

Of course knowing that something is an issue doesn't necessarily mean being able to do anything about it. The hacker is of course aware that there is still one person working on that device, whatever it is. He's also aware that if he lets up his fire on the daemonite he already has targeted, it's going to do something unfortunate. This is where working with the team comes into play. He can't do anything about the device, so he'll trust that someone else - the MI:6 Agent, the Power Armored Hero or May herself, will do something about it.

The black armored figure swaps magazines and begins to move, keeping the fire on his daemonite, literally tossing grenades right onto it with augmented accuracy. Too soon his second magazine runs dry and the ex-commando discards the weapon. There's a harmonic hum an instant before his form is obscured by that of a trnaslucent holographic werewolf with a long spike tipped lizard tail and downward curving horns. He snarls and drops into a run.

Time to solve this problem with digital claws.

Firing a single round at the smaller Daemonite with the modified pistol, May maneuvers herself between the creature and Jemma's escape path. The normal ICER goes into a holster, and she pulls a pair of oil-shiny blades from where they were strapped to her back. Bring it on, Scaly. May's fought bigger. And droolier.
This time Nathaniel stands his ground, looking calmly as the towering Daemonite charges him. "You should have stayed down," he states, his voice altered by the armor, sounding mechanical. He takes off again, although this time he is rising slowly, and then the alien is about to hit him, he shots him point-blank with the plasma cannon mounted in his chest. Not pulling punches this time, as there are no civilians nearby, the blue-white flare of the canon illuminates the whole battlefield.

Even with the mounting pressure in his head, Colin's training takes over. He is able to flip out of the way of the claws As he does so, he is reaching from the gun that he was given. Once he has that out he fires at the daemonite that just tried to attack him. And he's getting the baton out as well. The alien guy was big, so well he knows it may just slow the alien down. "I never expected to be fighting aliens."

The psychic pressure is still there. So very, very, strong. Five SHIELD agents, even though they're trained to withstand a psychic assault, have succumb and dropped to their knees. It's probably a very good thing that all the Daemonites are currently engaged.

Aspects Daemonite is not in good condition, the grenades have taken a large toll. It's still up and fighting though and, as Aspects likely aware, slowly regenerating. Of course, taking a host will speed that process up. As the holographic werewolf launches itself, the Daemonite does too … turning so it's tail whips around at the hacker, trying to knock him to the ground, even as it rounds around, its maw opening to review rows of sharp teeth that it tries to close on his throat. Shouldn't take too much to take this one down though.

The rest of Alpha team focusses on the second Daemonite in that area, the compound darts hitting, delivering their toxins but falling out. That gives the opening though and fall on it, using chains to wrap around it's neck and limbs … they're going to … quarter the creature if they can.

One of the things that Jemma hadn't been sure of when she created this new compound was whether the darts would be strong enough pierce the creatures skins. Guess there's some work to be done on the delivery system.

May gets a clear shot with the modified pistol and it finds its mark, injecting the compound, before falling to the ground. Still, the Daemonite is greatly weakened and it's so much slower and presumably weaker. Mays about to find out - the creature swings for her with sharp claws.

"Welcome to SHIELD and working with Doctor Simmons, Ninjak" One of Delta team replies. With the entire group focussing what few compound shots they have, the Daemonite is weak and barely fighting back. Now, how are they going to stop it? Decapitation works, messy as it is.

Nathaniels use of the plasma cannon is inspired. The Daemonite is caught full chest and shatters into pieces, flying everywhere. That leaves the second Daemonite his team is dealing with, they're almost out of compound darts and that creature is much weakened. Time to finish it off.

Jemma slips and slides on the gravel slope, reaching the place they've identified to place her pylon and slamming it down. A few quick presses of buttons and Pylon 1 in place and activated. Matthews rep—- Pylon 3 in place and activated The pyschic dampening net goes up, squashing any and all psychic transmissions under it's cover. It's the one shortfall of the solution - it affects all psychics - not just the /bad guys (TM)/.

"There's a civilian working on the device. Matthews, Jefferies, meet me there." Jemma's about to give May a 'jemmascare', she's sure. Leaving the senior agent to keep the attention of the Daemonite, the bio-chem takes off at a sprint. Maybe someone will get there before her, but she's not going to take the chance. And maybe, she'll make it through the melee without getting hit. Maybe.

Jericho does get knocked to the ground and has to roll rather quickly to the side to avoid the follow up strike. What follows is part MMA television and part Animal Planet as a werewolf with claws sharp enough to shred steel and extremely high levels of hand to hand training (by normal measures) fights a daemonite the size of a Prius. It is at times not at all clear what is going on or who has the upper hand. Jericho's traces spark from stress, the daemonite bleeds. Eventually though the hacker gets onto it's back and puts it into what would for anyone else would be a rear necked choke.

In this case, though, he just yanks the thing's head off.

It's a bit messy and accompanied by no small amount of trashing around, but it gets the job done.

So the new compound didn't take the thing down, only slowed it a bit. That's better than nothing. May manages to get clear of those claws, mentally wills the Leyline Pendulum she keeps hidden under the neckline of her shirt to help, and then with a decisive slash, aims to decapitate the Daemonite. She's done this before, it's possible. Just difficult. And she doesn't have the luxury of time on her side.
Nathaniel hesitates when the big Daemonite is torn apart in front of him. It was his intention, yes. But he was trying to avoid killing up until a few seconds ago when he was smashed into the ground by the alien.

The hesitation allows the second Daemonite tackle him down, but it proves to be a poor idea as his neuro-kinetic armor reacts by forming two scores razor-sharp spikes, some nearly two feet long, and the creature was already weakened. It is probably merciful that the armored young man punches him away.

Well the alien has decided to slow down, so the chemical did work, yay for that. Of course now they have to kill it, and it seems that's where Ninjak is getting his money's worth. He takes out one of his swords, and swings it at the creature's neck. Hey it's a good thing that he brought these along with him right. We'll just have to see how tough the creature is now. "I have to say the alien fighting is interesting at least."

It takes Alpha team a little bit of work, but they manage to pull their Daemonite apart. The disembodied bits twitch and shiver … they can't be sure the thing is truly dead.

Aspects Daemonite wrestles with the holographic werewolf, it's claws and fangs not able to penetrate the projection fields. Even injured though, it fights like a fury and the battle is rough. Ichor dripping from it, it's regenerationg capability greatly impeded, the creature flails as the glowing werewolf climbs on its back … and then it drops. Head … possibly still in Jericho's hands.

May possibly won't remember in the heat of the fight. Daemonites have shown a weakness to magic. Admittedly, the larger ones show less susceptibility but there's still some. As she wills her pendulum, a glow encompasses those oil-sheened blades and they slice deep into the neck - almost like a hot knife through butter - it won't take much to drop this one.

Beta's Daemonite impales itself on the power-armoured young man, twitches and is then pushed away. The SHIELD agents descend on it, much the same way as Alpha team did. The creature is going to be quartered but they could use a little help.

Ninjaks blade bites deep, but he soon works out what the briefing meant by the creatures have incredibly dense skin. He's going to have to put a little effort behind this, but he's got it. It won't be long now.

Jemma makes her way through the 'crowd', avoiding flailing tails and limbs - sort of. Jericho's battle, has his Daemonites tail whipping out as it tries to find balance, catching the biochem in the back and knocking her forward. Right into Matthews who appears in front of her. "Really Doctor Simmons, what have we told you?" he grunts, grabbing her arm and pulling her to the device even as he gets off an ICER shot at the Civilian.

Skidding to the a stop, Jemma looks the device over. "I … think we got here in time … " it certainly doesn't seem to be starting. Good thing that.

There's a part of Aspect that wants to hurl the daemonite head as far as he can and scream in triumph. A small part, but enough of it that the impulse really actually disturbes the hacker. It's enough to bring him back from what he can only describe as a battle frenzy. His combat field fades out as he looks around, seeing the others finish off their targets and letting the head drop near his feet. SHIELD will want it.

It's a good thing no one can see his face right now.

May takes a second to step back from the Daemonite, both to figure out what just happened with her blades and to holster the modified ICER. Wait, Jemma said something about the reptiles being susceptible to magic. She's an idiot for having forgotten that. Drawing on the Pendulum again, she switches her blades so she has one in each hand (instead of holding them together) and rushes the Daemonite again, this time aiming to decapitate it with a scissor-like motion of both blades. Jericho might have resisted the urge, but as soon as this thing's head is off, she's kicking it like a soccer ball to make the thing take longer to regenerate.
Nathaniel punches the injured Daemonite a few more times, until he stops trying disembowel SHIELD agents. The he leaves the rest of alpha team to tie up the creature and flies to examine the strange device the aliens were setting up. "This time we couldn't have spared fifteen minutes, agent Simmons. What are they trying to do? Bring more soldiers from Daemon?"

Well okay, they did say these creatures were known to be tough, shouldn't have expected the sword to go through on the first swing. So fo course he takes out the other katana, and just swings both of them, just aiming both on each side of the aliens neck. "Wonderful, I am never going to get this dang smell off."

Mays action works, the blades still glowing with that magical infusion cut through the creatures neck and then Agent is playing soccer.

Alpha team eyes Jericho for a moment, giving him a wide berth as they start to 'clean up'. There's something about his aura that is menacing, not that they can put a finger on exactly what.

Colins efforts yield results and ichor oozes from the wounds, as the head drops with a /plop/ to the ground.

The SHIELD teams are well trained and as the Daemonites drop, they're already collecting the pieces and storing them. Those pieces will be going into SHIELDs 'deep freeze' for assessment and to stop them trying this again.

"No, not a portal. They've done that. They bought this here with them." Simmons responds to Nathaniel and indicates the Daemonite markings on it. "We don't know what it is. They weren't saying anything about it." Whatever it is, Nathaniels detectors and scanners will pick up something odd - it's not Daemonite technology, even though there are components of it in there, the base technology is Kheran. Not that the humans even really know what Kherans are. "I'll take this back to the lab and begin examining it." She glances over to Jericho "Aspect, are you ok?" she's been noting the changes in him.

As they talk, May starts to reports from the agents in Bagalia proper. The human hosts are being deserted, leaving them dazed and confused. The Daemonites are fleeing. Which is par for course - they'll avoid a fight if they can.

It will soon be time to depart. Bagalian officials won't welcome SHIELD there.

"They brought this?" Iron Guard seems genuinely surprised. "No, that makes no sense. It is not even of Daemonite manufacture. At least not originally. In fact it almost seems…" he pauses. "You know what? Take it somewhere it is safe. I will be in touch." He will hang around for the evac, but fly away on his own, and not with the SHIELD agents.

Once the Daemonites start fleeing, May sends out the order to get that device back to their quinjet so they can leave before the locals recover enough to really figure out what's going on. "We're extracting. Now. Go." She'll help carry the device if need be. Is it particularly bulky or heavy?

Once the head falls to the ground, all is good. "Well now I'll need to get myself some new blades." Hey he can make new ones, maybe get himself some adamantium or something. But hey the job is done at least, he takes the batons and hands them back to Carmichael, "Thanks for the loaner." And with that he goes back to the quinjet, next time he takes his own plane though, he's got a shower in there and stuff.

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