Champions And Invaders

July 04, 2016:

Ozymandias is asked to meet with representatives of The Blue … to discuss what they believe will happen with The Overlords



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It's interesting the kinds of paperwork that crosses Morien's desk now that his company is 'filling in' for SHIELD personnel at the JL:A. Many of them are just reports from the Watchtower. Often those are quite mundane but this past little while they've been a hell of a read. Steel City is just… gone, taken out by some kind of unknown weapon or force, it's inhabitants reduced to literal salt statues if reports are to be believed. The Marianas Trench was the site of some kind of massive battle that churned up a mud cloud the size of North Carolina. Oh and some asshole grabbed an old Russian spy sat from the 70's and deorbited it right on top of a supposedly abandoned complex on the Romanian border, which is the next best thing to nuking it really given that satellites of that time had fissionables on board.

So it's been an interesting time for the world and all it's about to get even more interesting because Morien Washington just got a call from the JL:A. A diplomatic figure from the mysterious undersea race known as 'the Blue' has just asked for a meeting. Well, has just asked 'Ozymandias' for a meeting. The call was forwarded to him. The site is a beachside plaza up the coast a little ways in Massachusetts.

It might seem strange that Ulani has requested to meet anywhere but the JL:A headquarters. But there you have it. She has her reasons, very good ones and that she's asked for Ozymandias might be telling.

The Blue Female is dressed as a Surfacer. Well, in surfacer clothes that are close to her native dress. As usual, she's chosen a midthigh length skaters dress and she's waiting at a table with her companion.

"From what I understand, Rowan, Ozymandias is a good contact. Another member of the Justice League and I'm told he might be able to assist to us."

Morien presses on his intercom and says, "Tell the board to begin searching for a new head of security now that Aileana has moved over to working with Justice League. I am looking someone with international government experience, and let them know I will be out of the office for the day. Morien heads out of the office and takes one of the Umoja delivery vehicles to the meeting spots.

Several miles away from the spot, he dons his costume and after a few grappling ling swings, he arrives at the spot.

Ozymandias dips his head to the duo, "I am Ozymandias. Are you need of help from the League or just myself?"

The two people waiting for him do look rather normal. Ulani is a rather comely blonde, Rowan a young seeming man with sandy hair. The hints that they're unusual come mostly in the form of their accessories. Ulani has 'slave' style bracelets that are actually concealed energy weapons. Rowan has a flashlight sized baton on his belt that looks to be made of coral.

The male rises and bows to Ozymandias as he approaches. "Good to meet you. In truth, I'm not sure, but your… 'League' has been a source of friendly contacts in the past and we understand that you are among the Surface's mightiest champions." He pauses, glancing over at his companion for a moment and then back. "Won't you sit? My name is Rowan. This is Ulani. We wish to discuss what I believe may be a threat to Surface-Sea relations."

"I do not believe I am one of our mightiest champions. We have so truly powerful and amazing members." Ozymandias smirks behind his mask as he shrugs his shoulders, "I think I am just have been blessed not to be able to assist them."

Ozymandias settles down near them, "Really, I thought that things have calm down between our two worlds." Ozymandias eyes move from Ulani and Roman, "I am sorry I don't meant to stare. I still have a hard time believing that people exist underneath the water at times. I was just told so many tales in my youth. It is just amazing to witness with my own eyes.

Ulani smiles as Morien arrives, rising to greet the man and offer her to him. The slave bracelets are definitely there along with a jade green pendant at her throat. Apart from those and the coolness of her touch, she looks perfectly human.

"Unfortunately, Ozymandias, with Atlantis' attack on the surface last year, Surface-Sea relations are not good. That's compounded by the fact that there are many water nations and The Blue, who Rowan and I represent, are but one of them. Perhaps the next largest, but still but one."

As to his staring, it clearly doesn't bother her. The Blue aren't shy about such things "Maybe, one day, it will be possible for you to see some of your tales come to life."

Of everything the Blue female has said, one thing should stand out. The Blue are not part of Atlantis, they are their own nation.

I see, then forgive my ignorance on the matter." Ozymandias shakes hands with Ulani and takes notice of her slave bracelets before sitting back down, "I had thought the Atlantis situation had calm the seas for the time being, so can I assume that you are here to tell that their are many other nations that might have disagreements with the surface world.

Ozymandias clasps his hands together in front of him as he looks from Rowan to Ulani again, "Or is there something else that is brewing?"

Rowan falls silent, as he usually does during these meetings. He generally attends because Ulani asks him too and he is her right hand man, her lieutenant. "There is nothing to forgive, Ozymandias. The politics between the Surface and the Waterfolk are murky at best. Until recently, The Surface governments were only aware of Atlantis. We've …" Ulani shakes her head and smiles "… had a time trying to get your government to even understand that we're not Atlanteans. We're Blue."

Taking a sip from the glass of water in front of her, the Blue Enovy sighs "We could talk about the other nations but that's not why we asked to see you. We bring news of a potential threat to this world. Invaders, I suppose you might say, from a parallel Earth."

Slowly raises his right eyebrow slightly and he does his familiar left foot tapping to signify he is deep in thought,It "Invaders from a parallel Earth? You must realize that is really an incredible claim to believe."

Ozymandias unclasps and claps his hands as he turns his full atttention to Ulani, "Perhaps, it is best that we start at the beginning, and let me see if I can follow you in your wake. How did you or the Blue come about this information, and why do you believe they come from a parallel Earth?

There's a poise to the Blue Female, a mix of diplomat and soldier. Ozymandias' response certainly didn't seem to be unexpected either. "I know how it sounds and had I not … experienced some of this myself, I'm sure I wouldn't believe me either." With a glance to Rowan and slightly fond smile, she turns her attention back to Ozymandias.

"Rowan comes from this other dimension. He was transported here a year and more ago through an accident. Whilst it's true that he's lost much of his memory, there are things that can never be forgotten." Ozymandias may understand that. Nightmares, attrocities, things so horrific they are always with you.

"His world was controlled by … people called Overlords. They mind controlled the majority of the worlds population to create … I assume, what they think is utopia. On his world, The Blue and magi oppose these Overlords, refusing to bow before them. From what I understand, this conflict has lasted lifetimes. Certainly, Rowan has spent his entire life at war."

Pausing, her hazel eyes meet the eyes behind the mask, giving him time to take all that in.

Ozymandias remains quite for few seconds, indeed taking what she said in. He looks down at her slave bracelets, and does his familiar left foot tapping as he ponders over what she says before he speaks again, "So you have witnessed these Overlord's action here or on their parallel Earth? I trying to navigate how Overlords existing and ruling over a parallel Earth means that they are coming to invade ours. Ozymandias has been in countless battles in all manners of wars, and even if he was not gifted with an amazing memory, he realizes some things can never be forgotten or erased.

"You say tha The Blue and the Magi oppose the Overlords. Are there no heroes in this world, or have they all fallen to the Overlords? Ozymandias continues, "Why has the war come to this realm, if they are still fighting against The Blue and the Magi there? Ozymandias tilts his head towards his left shoulder as he thinks of some possible answers to his own question, but decides to wait for Ulani to answer them.

Ulani is patient. She's had practice and frankly, this is preferable to negotiating with the Wildings. Watching Ozymandias deliberate, process his thoughts, she smiles faintly again. "You are asking the same questions that I did. Mostly. I was not aware of this worlds heroes until I came to the Surface, myself. Rowans world, is different. It is my understanding there are no mutants or Champions and only a few oppose the Overlords rules."

"And yes…" Ulani lets out a deep breath, glancing once again to her companion, face grim "… Rowan has seen them a number of times since he came through. Myself, I have witnessed them once, in the last few days. They attacked Rowan, myself and one other. With 'shock troops' that used psychic methods to try and gain our compliance." Ulani pauses again, taking a sip from her glass, "Why does anyone wage war, Ozymandias? We don't know why they're interested all we know is that they've been seen and if they get a foot in the door …" She really shouldn't have to finish that.

"There are many reasons one wages war, but war across dimensions or reality would seem to be a difficult undertaking. Ozymandias raises his left hand underneath his chin as he explains not knowing Ulani's background, "Two frontal attacks are never a wise choice in any battle." Ozymandias smirks behind his mask and stop tapping his foot. "We enter a battle already having allies on their world, so that is a good thing. Hhmm, have you discovered how they are moving into our world?

Ozymandias goes through mental rolodex of Justice Leaguers that have psychic defenses and are still active, "Have you discovered any witnesses, and other strengths? So the Overloads and the "shock troops" use psionic powers as their weapons.

Ozymandias snaps his fingers as another question comes to him, but makes his next statement in a calm manner, "Do you believe they are here for the destruction of the Blue? I do not know if you are familiar with our history, but their have been some people of the surface world that have been driven to commit act of genocide or ethnocide on a massive scale and for an extending periods of time. Perhaps, the resistance of the Blue on their homeworld has marked your kind for death in all worlds.

"I was a soldier before I was a diplomat, what you say rings true." Ulani acknowledges. She doesn't explain her status, but it's her bearing. Born to leadership and command. "We know very little, at this point and it's likely people don't realise what they're dealing with, when they see them."

It's his last question that gets an appreciative look and the Blue Female looks to her companion before looking back again "This would be why you were recommended to us. We believe they will target The Blue, most assuredly. It is Rowans belief that the conflict with The Blue on their own world will have them looking to us first." She grows thoughtful and shakes her head slowly "I do not think they will try genocide. Far easier, in the current political climate, to turn popular opinion against us. Of course, the deaths of a few Blue might be in the cards." Like herself and Rowan.

"You seem willing to believe and assist us. Am I reading that wrong?"

"You have seem to guided me to safe harbor with your words, but I would information on your encounters with them. I would like also like a full description of them. I will rally the troops to your cause, and see if we can adjust our sensors to detect how their all coming to this world."

Ozymandias narrows his eyes as he ponders how to do this, "We are probably going to need to get the exact date when you were attack and location, and go from there. Do their abilities not work on your kind? Ozymandias rolls his eyes at the mention of the political climate, "I can see how using the Blue as tool to divide this world's attention as a good strategy. We will need to come up with a strategy to counteract this."

Ozymandias extends his hand, "Either way, you can count me among your allies in this matter, Ulani."

"Their abilities work on us." Ulani says as she rubs her shoulder, shame showing on her face. "How The Blue on Rowans world came to resist the Overlords is a subject for a much longer discussion. But on his world, The Blue are trained to resist pyschic coercion. I have witnessed this a number of times."

At his further questions, The Blue female nods slower. "I am authorised, by my Government to provide information and whatever we can to assist the matter. At this point we have little to go on, but I will give you as much as I can about the encounter. Please, let me know the best way to contact you."

Taking the masked mans hand, Ulani's grip is firm. Cool, so much cooler, than a humans, but firm. "Our thanks to you, Ozymandias. You won't regret having the Blue as an ally."

"You can contact me through the Justice League, or if you need to speak with me directly you can contact me with this." Ozymandias handles her one of his own communication devices, "This can contact me directly, and you can leave a message. You will probably are going to exceed its underwater capabilities, so it might take me a few tries to perfect one that works for you.

Ozymandias smiles behind his mask, "It gives me a reason to see you again, and learn more about your culture. There are very few times I get to meet someone who I only though of as a childhood tale.

Taking the device, Ulani actually grins. "With your permission, Ozymandias, I would like to assign one my Elite to work with you. We've already integrated some of our communications with another groups tech, perhaps we can with you as well." This will be very helpful though, in the long run.

"And it would be our pleasure to meet with you again." She's gracious, at least. "Would you care to share lunch with us?" They've not long to spend, but time in good company in always welcome.

"I have to talk to Oracle and the other techs about any integrations of League communications, but once your equipment is cleared than I see no problem. The same with my equipment too, but it just takes a bit longer." Ozymandias shakes his head, "I must decline I have to get back to the Tower, but thank you for the offer. We will have to clear the Elite too, but I see no problem again. "

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