The Lady Fortune

July 04, 2016:

SHIELD are gearing up to visit the island the Daemonites are supposedly using in the Baltic Sea. In the lead up, all the West Coast Daemonite Operatives are activated. SHIELD calls in some help.



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A couple of hours ago, SHIELD had intercepted a communication amongst known Daemonite 'puppets'. It had taken some work to decipher as the messages had been in Daemonite and the translation programs that had been written are still in alpha testing. Still they work.

Aspect, Simmons. We've got the translation. All the West Coast assets are being moved to Charleston. There's a ship departing for the Baltic. We need to stop them.

Of course, with this likely to become an international incident, Jemmas sent out a request to the JL:A.

"Really? More Daemonites? Jackholes." Captain Marvel opines, as she gets the message relayed by SHIELD. "Alright, Jemma. I'll grab whomever I can and get there ASAP. Burst me the coordinates once you have your rendezvous established." That said, Carol Danvers checks to see who else is available for the Op.

EXT. Earth's Orbit - North American Continent
A short time ago.

In the silence of space. Amongst the never ending field of stars. A point in the blackness seems to lengthen in a haze of emerald power as space-time is wrought with unimaginable precision contorting to points of distant reality until they intersect a single event-horizon.

A lancet of jade energy erupts soundlessly from Einstein-Rosen bridge breaks the Earth's atmosphere..

EXT. Approaching Charleston
A green single-engine Sessna flies remarkably fast through the air. The craft has at least one passenger though the controls seem to be doing a remarkable job of working themselves in what is doubtlessly a supernaturally smooth, and expedient, trip for such a small craft.

Hal Jordan flies just ahead of the craft, "I'm on approach," the Lantern remarks as he tries to get a sense of where they'll be setting down, "Fairchild, how's the ride?"

"Pew pew… pew pew," Caitlin whispers, miming imaginary machine gun controls. There's not a lot to do on board the little plane— Hal Jordan's commandeered it into a wagon for all interns and purposes.

"Huh? Oh, this is Fairchild, I'm, uh, I'm good. You're outta snacks though," Caitlin says, wiggling the remains of a ration pack at Hal. Considering there were six of those in the plane when they started….

Jericho Trent has other ways of getting around which is a good thing. He'd never get done everything he needs if he did not.

It's sheer luck that he was available when the call went out. By the time Simmons arrives in Charlston, he's already on scene and near the docks. He doesn't know exactly which ship it is yet but he's narrowed it down to two and they're right next to eachother. Fortunately the ex-soldier has better sense than to go in solo on something like this. There's only so far that surprise and aggression will take you after all.

Aspect on scene. It's the ship either at berth 16 or 17. Better hurry though. Looks like both are almost done loading. There's a short pause. 17 seems to have more crew than I'd expect. That might be our mark.

The ship, 'The Lady Fortune' certainly has more than it's fair complement and it looks like they're stocking for a long 'cruise'.

A Quinjet sets down, some distance away, doors opening to let Jemma and three TAC teams out.

Simmons onsite. Jemma's eschewed the use of the callsign 'Jem' or 'Disaster Magnet' Deploying two agents with detectors. They'll confirm if there are Daemonites aboard.

It's easier enough for the agents to that. Slip alongside the ship and 'scan' people coming and leaving. Confirmed, Aspect, Agent Simmons. At least one Daemonite aboard.

Move in then.

With a look to Jericho, two teams move in "SHIELD. Requesting permission to board." Calls out one of the agents.

Only to be rushed by a rather mundane looking man. Who's very fast and very strong … as evidenced when he backhands the agent across the wharf. Two more people come up from below decks, and large glowing Lizard like beings appear from them.

The coordinates are sent to the JL:ers and by the time they get there, there's three Daemonites all glowy fighting against the twelve person TAC team and Jericho.

Out of the dark night sky comes a golden glowing streak, like an ICBM though less than a tenth the size, streaking in a flattened parabolic arc across the heavens from one American coast to the other, zeroed in to a farthingwell. Said streak comes down out of the sky and drops through one of those glowing forms. There MAY just be some serious structural damage to the ship as a result. Marvel, onsite, engaging. Ayep. That'd be Princess Sparklefists, the ICBM. BAM!

"I tell you what," Hal's voice comes through the tiny speaker of the single-engine craft, "When we get done here we'll run through a drive through a drive through on the way back."

The Cessna touches down next to the Quinjet and the nose of it melts into an escalator that allows for a rapid descent to the ground.

The Green Lantern hovers momentarily above the landing site the ring upon his fist pulsing like a tiny jade star. His attention goes over his left shoulder to where a host of 'glowy things' are engaged with the TAC team. Lifting upward just a hair he departs that direction in a streak of light.

At the center of the deck a large green hexagonal weight falls onto the deck with a 'CRASH' a bold '10 T' emblazoned upon each side. Concurrent with Carol's attack an oversized U-Shaped magnet materializes around the waist of one of the creatures who is then drug comically backward across the deck until the magnet hits the weight with a 'CLANG'. Pinning it.

Of course, Princess Sparkles has damaged the deck. Which might likely buckle under the giant weight that was dropped into the middle of it.

"Ooh!" is Caitlins' excited response. Hal Jordan might have just made a lifetime friend.

She cheers when she spots that familiar yellow blaze of light crossing the sky— Carol Danvers literally lights up the world when she shows up. Caitlin bounces twice in her chair, fishing around to gather herself— wearing her purple bodysuit, she neither has pockets nor anything to put in them. The Cessna gets close and she opens the door, gauging their speed and approach angle, then with a big *hurf!* of effort, leaps towards the ship.

Caitlin can certainly handle a big fall, but unlike Carol, she lacks any means for dampning it on the other end. Three-hundred plus pounds of might ginger crashes into the deck, bouncing and rolling, and fetches up into one of the creatures like a Gumby shot from a cannon.

"Wheeee!" Caitlin shouts in joy the whole way down, then promptly starts swinging her fists at anything dumb enough to not get up and start running.

Aspect launches from his own position, a black clad, amber winged speck in the sky. If he goes unnoticed compared to Caitlin, Hal and Carol's flashier entrances that's fine with him. The ship should be pitching and rolling pretty badly with all those impacts but he still puts down on top of the bridge and hangs on for a moment to let it settle (and hopefully not list too much).

That done the hacker produces a pair of automatic handguns and starts to sweep the deck. Bullets aren't any good on daemonites… but they're good for figuring out what is a daemonite. Reticles show up as his HUD - and Maxwell, his code imp - begin to identify targets for elimination.

The deck of the Lady Fortune buckles. It's not going to go anywhere. That's something at least. The Daemonite Carol landed on, goes down for the moment. But just a moment … it drags itself to its feet and snarls at Princess Sparklefists and launches itself towards her.

Caitlin is met by a Daemonites, 15 feet tall (just like the others) - how they ever take a human host, no-one knows - with long cruel talons, sharp teeth and a long tail. The tails swing at the women, trying to knock them down even as they reach out seeking to sink their claws into their skin.

Hals magnet catches the third and takes it by surprise, dragging it backwards a few steps. That is until it phases and simply passes through the construct, launching a similarly vicious attack on the Green Latern.

These creatures are, at least a match for Captain Marvel, Green Lantern and Fairchild.

Jericho's approach takes down several human members of the crew. Men and Women likely mind controlled by the creatures. As the bullets fly, a fourth Daemonite appears and leaps easily to superstructure and at the black clad man.

Decapitation. Slows them down. Comes Jemma's voice across the comms. Later, they might question the slows them down.

The weight-and-magnet lurch a bit from the force of where they struck each other.

Immediately Hal realizes that the creature slipped his trap and as the creature assaults him the magnet and weight vanish for his need to focus elsewhere. The first blows comes at him hard, smug as he was for his magnet prank, and knocks some sense him through the iridescent field that surrounds his body. Then it gets all into his personal space, glowing talons shredding against jade energy field.

Reaching backward his fist tightens and he gets enough balance to swing back hard at the creature's head - with a quickly materializing chainsaw.

<VRRAWWWRRVM> the construct menacingly.

"Cripes I hate these things." Captain Marvel snarls into her comms, as she engages fist to claw with the reptilian alien killing machine. She's faced them before, she can face them again. Doesn't mean it's fun. And it pushes her to her limits. None of which is good for the ship upon whose deck this fight is unfolding. But Carol Susan Jane Danvers does not back down from a fight. Just ask the Brood.

Caitlin is very surprised when she hits the Daemonite and it /gets back up/. She blinks. That was easily one of her best right crosses. "How— cripes!" she squawks, as the Daemonite shakes it off and lunges.

Then it hits her with that claw, and it draws blood, and Caitlin /screams/. It's a relatively shallow wound, opening her from rib to hipbone, but it looks like it hurts.

"OW!" Caitlin screams. She steps back a half step, timing the beat just right, and steps forward and swings her fist in a powerful half-overhead strike— a move Carol taught her, and her BEST punch.

"Carol, watch their claws!" she shouts at her ally.

The ship rocks again. The fighting isn't doing its superstructure any good and Aspect suspects it may be taking on water. One of his targets doesn't react with the customary amount of injury to his bullets. Indicating a slightly sneakier daemonite.

"Got another. Moving in!" Jericho lets his wings fade and drops down from the bridge to deck level. As he falls his traces hum and flash blue. When he hits the deck it's not a soldier but the holographic image of a demonic werewolf that rises from a crouch. Without preamble he grabs Mister Sneaky by the collar and hurls him into a bulkhead behind him.

Jemma watches all this from the relative safety of the docks. Don't let those claws get purchase. It will try to possess you./ Johnny Storm taught her that one. //Please get those cryounits in here. I need at least three. she asks the team on the standby. It will take a few moments for more Quinjets to arrive with deep freeze capacity this time.

Carols fist to claw leans in her favour. The Daemonite had been injured when she first hit it and it's the sustained attack is taking its toll. What she might notice is that it's starting to fall back, perhaps getting ready to run.

Caitlins one presses its attack when it sees that it can hurt her, tail whipping around trying knock her over. Which is when Caits overhead strike knocks it nearly senseless. She might be able to press her advantage.

Hals chainsaw bites deep, it's going to take some work to get through the dense skin and muscle but at least his is starting to slow.

Jericho slams his creature hard, gaining the advantage, but he knows … these things don't go down very easily.

Carol's fists glow, sparking in showers with each blow as she adds photonic energy to every strike, hammering home, driving the glowing reptilian alien killing machine before her. The claws do bite, and Captain Marvel is definitely showing signs of injury. But she's a hard-charging, unyielding heroine, and she's not backing down. She's also well prepared to streak off in pursuit, never allowing the creature the getaway it may desire. They're fast, to be sure. But so is she. See here hypersonic arrival.

Caitlin throws two more good punches, wading hooks, and then shoves the Daemonite over. It sprawls to the deck and she leaps on it, pummeling, then curbstomps it a few times.

Then for good measure, she takes two steps away, grabs a fully loaded steel container box, and drops it next first on the Daemonite.

It goes squish, and Caitlin turns a spectacular shade of green and gags. "Oh — god, that's gross," she whimpers.

Jericho is trusting that the other two have this handled behind him while he takes this one. The hacker has taken on more than one of these things at a time before but that's never, ever ideal given their combination of strength, speed and psychic powers. And even then he usually has backup.

Fortunately the other people handling this are JL:A which means they should be more than capable.

Though Caitlin may need some pepto in a moment.

In any case Aspect follows his flying target and shoulders into it, digital claws biting in before it can move again. When the survival instinct fuelled transformation comes he steps back and spins, slapping the thing hard across the neck with his heavy, spiked tail. The next ten seconds or so are very…

… let's just say it's a good thing Caitlin probably can't see them.

Know what actually gets through Daemonite armor in a hurry? A Daemonite claw. Which is Captain Marvel's next solution, as she seizes her opponent's arm as it tries to flee, plants her heels into a superstructure member and pushes with a hip-twist, using that leverage and the creature's own incredible speed as it tries to escape to turn and drive that claw right into the thing's already cracked carapace on its torso, then heaves upwards to drive the claw up through the thorax for the brainstem. Ever so attractive. Damned messy. But it works.

What? Was she supposed to keep it alive? It certainly wasn't being nearly so nice to her after all.

Carols sustained barrage of photonic charged punches have an effect and the Daemonite starts to fall back. And then Carol rips it naval to nose … yeah, that does it. It falls to the ground with a crash.

Caitlins goes squish and as Caitlin gags, she can see the damn thing slowly reforming… what does it take to actually kill these things?

Nobody really knows.

Hals chainsaw, with the aid of his strength cuts through, leaving two parts of the Daemonite at his feet.

Jemma will be eternally grateful that she can't see what's happening with Jericho. The spiked tail digs deep into the creatures neck, rendering it helpless … as it it bites through sinew and muscle. He's getting good at separating Daemonites heads from their bodies.

The quinjets land and cryo units roll out. The TAC teams move in to secure the creatures. Seems they've done this before.

Report please? Comes Jemmas voice. The other SHIELD agents won't let her near the ship until it's given the all clear. Go figure.

"Uh… mine won't… stay down!" Caitlin looks around for a better solution, then just picks the conex up again and hits the Daemonite. Again. And again. And again. And again. She smashes it into a literal puddle on the deck, nothing but oozing ichor, swinging the twenty-some ton storage unit like a mallet.

Then she drops it down one last time on the Daemonite. "I'm injured but mobile. Captain Marvel, you okay?" she inquires, touching her earpiece as she turns to look towards Carol's melee.

"Mine's down, until it regenerates massive damage, anyway." Carol reports, as she turns to sweep the deck to make sure there are no more surprises. "I don't see any additionals or human agents about, but a good thorough tactical sweep is in order before we give the all-clear." Then she shouts out, "Hey, Red? You OK?"

It's rather amazing how quiet it is. The 'demon-tech-wolf' emerges from the shadow of the bridge and looks about. Fighting seems to have died away, he thinks. "Mine's out of action. Place looks clear, I think."

And then the unusual digital construct actually gives the two JL:A women a polite bow. "Nice work. Better and quicker than I could have done." Especially solo. He doesn't bother introducing himself though. They heard his code name and the JL:A should have a pretty basic dossier on him from his brief time there. Oracle can pull it up if they need, he's sure.

With the all clear given by Aspect, Jemma finally reaches the scene. Some of the TAC teams are working to freeze the creatures - yes, even the decapitated ones - and others are rounding up the human crew members. They'll be taken back to SHIELD for scanning.

"Thank you for responding so quickly." The biochem says "I'm Doctor Jemma Simmons, call me Jemma though." of course she knows who these two are. "And uh, no they don't stay down. They've incredibly regenerative capabilities and have been causing us a spot of bother." So very british.

Caitlin limps up to Jericho and Jemma, holding her stomach with her hand. Blood's flowing liberally, but she's not in danger of hemhorraging to death. "Got hit early on," she grimaces. "Glad we could help, but… I need some of that polysuture gel— Carol, can you help?" she asks, nodding at the evac chopper. She moves with a tight, pained motion, the injury clearly having nicked some muscles and inhibiting her core strength.

"OK, Doc. Happy to help. Please, keep them on ice, OK?" That said, Carol nods to Jemma - she'd hug, but Carol herself is a mess! - and then salutes Aspect and strolls on by. She doesn't even ask, just scoops up Caitlin and starts carrying her towards the medivac. "Polysuture gel, guys. Step on it. Oh, and a decontam shower for two, please? Last thing either of us needs is some of their DNA in our genetic soup, thanks."

Half Daemonite Caitlin or Carol? Jericho shudders at the thought. As the two make their exit Aspect drops his power field and lands lightly on the deck. "I'll help you clean up here a bit Simmons, then I've got another engagement Elsewhere." She can practically hear the capitalization.

He might be out of contact for a bit.

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