The Song From An Underworld

June 30, 2016:

It's taken time and work but Primal Force has located the source of 'the song'. A confrontation occurs


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Fade In…

For some time now there's been a 'song' resonating through the waves. A discordant melody intended to wake the World Serpent from his slumber or at least poke him enough to cause him to roll over. The latter would be disasterous. The former would be so catastrophic that there isn't actually a word for how bad it would be. Just bad. Really really really really really really bad.

For some time Primal Force has known that the origin of this song was from 'somewhere else'. Some other realm.

Today certain hard working magi figured out exactly where from. Otherworld, one of the realms of the Fae. Something there is sending part of that Song into the world. Trouble is there's no way of knowing without opening a portal exactly what is on the other side. Could be some kind of unattended magic circle.

Or it could be a crap ton of hungry monsters.

It seems good to come prepared either way.

It had taken a lot of work and a lot of late nights to create the spell to track the origins of the song. Zee's tired. She's been working this case and a few others … and none of them have been easy. Not that she expected them to be.

She's called Primal Force together, to gather in the work room at Shadowcrest. At least there's a circle there to protect against anything (well most things) that might come from the other side.

Of course, Fenris could open a way a little more easily then she could open a portal. She's sent a message asking if he could help, but if not - the team can handle this. Of course, they can.

Melinda May has been dropping by Shadowcrest off and on as her day job allows, as often to make sure Zee is eating and sleeping as to see about any progress. So she's already here when the call goes out to gather Primal Force. And she's again got the Tengu sword with her. It's proven surprisingly useful.

Normally Jes is ready for a fight. She loves fighting, and hunting. They're two of her four favorite things. Right now, she's so ready for a fight she's practically bristling even in her human form. These people have screwed with them so often, and gotten away with it so many times, Jesana is ready to slaughter them all and looks dressed the part.
There are at least a dozen knives and daggers strapped to her person, a pistol on each hip, a shotgun slung from her back and she's holding her laser rifle. She's also oddly wearing only a black bikini top, and jean shorts and belt. A weird harness holds most of the knives. It's made to just fall off if she needs to shift. There's a strange dark mark opposite the feather tatooo along her right collarbone. It almost resembles a bruise but gives of a weird aura for anyone able to feel such things. When May arrives, Jes sits down and stops making low growling noises at least. She even gives Zee an apologetic look.

Fenris sent a message back saying that he might be delayed. They should go without him, he'll catch up.

When the portal opens up it's do dark stormy skies on a wintery hill overlooking a keep. Yay. Zee will know at least this much, that's a fey abode. So whatever is making that spell is in that castle. And probably guarded by at minimum some dark fey.

Have fun storming the castle?

They have some options. There's some wooded areas that offer cover on the approach and the walls look scaleable. The draw bridge is at least not magical and the castle isn't big, little more than a single keep surrounded by a moat and a 20 foot tall curtain wall.

Of course it's the Fey. Probably not normal.

At least it's not a land war in Asia.

"Fae. Be careful." It's all she says to the others. Strapped to her hip is her short sword - the one Kane gave her so many months ago. "I never thought I hear myself say this, but I sort of wish Payton was around."

She might regret saying that - and sooner rather than later.

Guiding the group to the edge of the woods, she hunkers down and asseses the castle "Thoughts?" she asks, as her black/blue eyes take it all in. "I'd suggest knocking on the door. Or … we could taunt them." It's a poor attempt at a joke.

Melinda May when Jesana settles down, May leaves the room again for just a moment. When she returns, presumably from pestering one of Shadowcrest's staff, she's got a fireplace poker in her hand as well as the Tengu sword at her hip. When Zee attempts a joke, she tries to joke in return. "Launch a cow at them."

Jes's knives are all iron, no silver today. She'd considered iron knuckles and jewelry too but if she shifts, she'll lose them and while the demigod is pissed at these fae, she doesn't know what kind of effect left behind iron could have on the land. After seeing the vision of the world tree being poisoned she's a little more mindful of that than normal and she's usually pretty environmentlly concious.
Jesana eyes the castle with a dark expression, then closes her eyes and sighs. "I'll be doing what you guys think is best, or trying at least." She's a bit worried her judgement might be off. Okay, that's a total lie. She's absolutely worried she's going to entirely lose her shit but at least they're amidst a castle full of enemies and not on earth where she might catch a bunch of innocent people in the crossfire. It's not something she usually has to worry about but now… she's startled from the worries and looks puzzled for a moment, then surprised, Jes laughs. May made a joke! "A cow." she giggles some more.

"This is likely dark Fae, so keep your eyes open. Jes, you go over the wall. May, you and I will take the drawbridge, create a distraction. Once you're over Jes, hit anything that comes at us from behind." It's a worse case scenario, assuming that there will be defenders to stop them entering.

Rising from her crouch, giving Jes enough time to get in position, the Mistress of Magics eyes glow and blue energy dances up her arms. A few words, spoken backwards, and fireballs are launched at the drawbridge. Too bad if they were friendly.

WEll, that's one way to knock on the front door. The moment those fireballs are launched, May dashes toward the drawbridge, iron poker and Tengu sword in her hands. And let's hope that the blade is actually effective against Fae, or she's going to abandon it here and now.

"You know I'm not surprised they're here in, wherever.. but i really wish they'd been on earth. How great would it have been to set up a trap, an even better one than the one they tried to use to kill us with, and then force them all right into it?" Jes might sound a little too.. joyful as she describes her wish.
"Right, the wall." She heads off towards the wall in low crouching sort of run. It won't be too hard for to scale, a little running leap and short climb and she'll be over the otherside. Silently she says a quick prayer to Fenris for strength and flings herself up and at the top of the wall.

There aren't apparently any guards on the walls. There are guards in the gatehouse though and the moment Zee launches her fireballs they start to lob arrows at the mageling and her Chinese friend. These are tipped in some kind of black stone. Obsidian maybe. They seem to leave trails of frost as they go. All three Ley Line pendulums begin to glow as the fighting begins. They pendulums themselves are lending their power to the Guardians of Earth.

Jeana is clear so far. The guards are all running toward the front of the castle to deal with Zee and May. She's unnoticed. Which is both the best and worst thing.

As the arrows launch at them, Zee grabs the blue energy in either fist… splitting her weaves in a rather visual manner. A shield springs up over them, sheltering them from much of the attack and the fireballs cease as the Mistress of Magic taps into the very earth around them, causing it to buck and shudder right under the archers feet.

That should give May an opening to take them out at least.

Melinda May dodges a few of the arrows and swats a couple more aside with the Tengu sword, but really, the majority of them are deflected by the shield Zee creates. And thank goodness for it, or May likely would not have survived her rather bold charge straight at the building. Then, there are guards there. She's using the iron poker in place of a parrying sword, and hopefully it'll unnerve them as much as hurt them.

Jesana grins wickedly. She is a hunter and moves quietly and quickly, taking advantage of their foe's focus on Zee and May to run along the top of the wall and fire several blasts from her laser rifle into the dark fae guards. When they start turning her way, she jumps down off the wall, landing in a crouch and then springing foward to rush them from the back.
Zee and May need to get inside and they know she's here now so Jes lets loose with a gleefull sounding battlecry and then a curse in a language the dark fae are likely to understand. Something about their probable ancestry, perverse affection for livestock, and and tiny… well, it's suitably insulting knowing Jes. She'd made Jyoti teach her a few choice phrases one night. She'd known the Alfar being an ambassador would come in handy!

May's 'parrying sword' shatters the fae weapons she uses it on and it doesn't take long before she's actually in the guard house. There's only half a dozen guards in there and that's only for a minute or two. There's more coming though. Twenty or so along the walls.

That's when Jes arrives. Her sudden ambush scatters the responding Fae soldiers like crows and fells several of them. The way to the inner keep should be clear and then they can deal with.

WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS?! That voice comes from the top of the keep. Two figures swathed in shadows and dark robes appear as if by teleportation. Darkforce users. Powerful ones.

With the first wave of defenders down, Zee turns her attention to the robe swathed figures. Hopefully she can keep their attention while Jes and May … do something to stop whatever it is causing the song that is waking Jorgamundr.

"We've come to stop the song. Bit of a downer I know. But my friends and I don't much like the tune and it's waking the Midgard Serpent. Not something we really want to happen." The blue energy crawls up her arms and the Mistress of Magic takes a deep breath.

This is incredibly foolhardy and she's no match for a head on attack.

Which is why she aims a hand at one of the 'towers' above the pair and shoots a beam of magic directly at it, causing it to crumble and topple - down on their heads.

Melinda May doesn't waste the opportunity that Zee's creating. "Jes, how fast can you get up there? Those two need to be neutralized." She races for the castle itself, hoping that setting foot inside will distract those two robe-wearers into paying attention to her instead of Zee. If their attention is sufficiently badly divided, the women just might have a chance at getting this done without serious injuries.

Jes is still incredibly pissed about that trap, the fact that Set is still whispering to her and she's now infected by some creepy void-god that wants her to do alllll the bad things… which actually, really is all she wants to do at the moment. She can feel the power thrumming her pendulum though and chooses to focus on that, on the clear (and clean energy) of the earth rather than dark coldness of the void, the necromantic urgings of Set or her own desire to tear out the robed figures throats with her bare human teeth.
She's not sure what Zee's doing but those dark robed dickweeds feel powerful and May wants her to go for them, so if she distracts them maybe Zee will have a better chance of.. holyshit.. hitting that tower was a good idea! Jes throws two knives in quick succesion at one of the robed fae with her free hand and fires the laser rifle at the other, still advancing towards them. Meanwhile, she mentally tries to summon as hot a fire around the two as she can possibly manage, half the time she can't summon a spark for a candle, the other half the damned thing blows up in her face. It hasn't encouraged her to practice it much…

The gambit to get them to split their attention works. Jes is the target of a pair of very large explosive dark bolts before Zee brings a bunch of masonry crumbling down on their heads. Both make an emergency teleport down to ground level which is unfortunately directly in front of May.

One of the magi manages a startled squawk and bulls a pair of kris, attacking the advancing SHIELD agent to try to stop her with a pair of slashes at her neck. The other turns, looking for either Zee and Jesana… and then spots the former. Zee gets another volley of shadow bolts.

"Protect May." Zee calls out to Jesana, watching as the mages teleport down to them. As the volley of shadow bolts come at her, she speaks - one single word - and angles her hand, deflecting the bolts as best as she can.

She's seen her counterpart do this and has been practicing diligently. That doesn't mean she's perfect … and one of those bolts might still get through.

Melinda May brings up the iron poker to block the one robed person's kris blades while the Tengu sword strikes out at the other with the speed of a snake. She's not expecting to take the individual out, but she'll take any distraction to keep Zee in one piece.

Jesana teleports just ahead of the dark bolts but not far enough to escape unscathed. Rock and dirt hit her mostly bare back in a shower of explosive force leaving behind bits of stone shrapnel and scourged skin that are not going to be fun to deal with later. She doesn't want to leave Zee behind at all but knows her friend has a much better chance of fending off the darkforce users.
Besides the faster she helps May the faster se can get back to help finish them off. Snarling, Jesana darts after May but still pauses in the doorway long enough to drop her laser rifle, unsling the shotgun and fire at the back of the dark fae not standing directly in front of Zee. Then she turns and heads inside.

Unlike the fae weapons the fireplace poker does not shatter the kris and the wielder twists her weapon in an attempt to disarm May. The other darkforce user is forced to halt his attack midway in order to try to get out of the way of May's chopping strike and he only partly succeeds. His robe tears and May cuts a large gash in his side.

The remaining dark Fae flee. Several of them are felled by iron shot from Jesana's shotgun. In the mean time Zee's defense spares her the brunt of the attack. It'll be a near thing. She gets 'singed' but nothing more. The two darkforce users are on the ropes. Time to finish them.

Inside Jesana finds a huge bell. Huge. Huuuuuuuuge. Twice as big as she is, easily. It's vibrating. Humming, actually, as if someone struck it and it hasn't stopped ringing. It's also thowing off lots of magic. This must be the 'song caster'. A single note in that 'melody'.

Not many know that Zee has a small chunk in her soul. It's not missing, she knows exactly where it is, but the fact remains that there is a hole to be filled.

Clothes smoking, some of her hair too, Zee looks to the darkforce users and advances before glancing to May. The energy around her hands crackle and her eyes … there's no longer any trace of blue in them, the irises oh so dark. "Shall I finish them, May?" That she still has the presence of mind to ask is telling, though the crackling energy is glowing … if she should form that into — say a lightning bolt — it's not likely there'll be much left of the mages.

Melinda May lets the fae take the fireplace poker. She'd like to see the moron TOUCH the thing. But just to switch things up, she levels a fast kick at the kris blade wielder. That's about when Zee arrives and asks… that. Luckily, May is very well practiced at NOT showing surprise. "No. Just disable them." She might not have said this to Jesana, but she's saying it to Zee. No unnecessary casualities.

Jes comes to an abrupt stop and stares at the bell. "What the hell?!" She has no idea how to deal wth this. It's not like she can shoot it, or destroy it, and if she hits the damn thing at all, it could make matters so much worse. "Fenris! Fenrisfenrisfenris! Shit." She remembers using her power with Zee and then Walker to offset the notes before at different temple sites but.. oh crap that thing is big and loud and so full of magic.
"Oh this is so not in my job description. I kill things, or hit them or kick them in the junk. Piss them off and try not to get eaten. This.. this.. is.." Oh they are so screwed. You can't kill a bell. What if she gets the opposite note wrong? Usually she likes risks, the more risky the more fun, but that's true only of her own life. Not.. the worlds. "……i knew i should go be a rock." Jes closes her eyes and takes several deep breathes to calm and center herself. She ignores the urgings to screw with the bell, go on, touch it, see what happens. Shoot with the shotgun, jump on it, change that sound, make it louder.
All she needs to do is project the right 'note'. She's just got to recall how it felt to send the opposite cadence, it wasn't hard.. "Nope! I don't want do this!" She glances bakc behind her, unable to hear Zee and May over the noise and hoping so much that they're almost there or that Fenris suddenly appears or.. hell she'd be glad to see even her Father right now. Or an army of dark fae, that would be less intimidating, yes.

"Yes?" That's in response to Jes's swearing. Pro tip, if you swear to a god who can hear you, he might answer.

The Great Wolf arrives by simply knocking one of the walls over and leers at the pair of darkforce users. This is, needless to say, somewhat intimidating and it opens them up to being knocked out and trussed up in short order.

"Well, now that that's taken care of, we should…"

Bong. Almost like the carol of the bells. Except after the bell peals it falls dead silent.

"Good work Jesana."

Zee's dark eyes rest on May for a moment and the crackling blue energy abates. Instead she murmurs the words to a sleep spell, leaving them ready for May to truss up. Between Zee and Fenris, they'll get them out of there.

As the sound stops, Zee raises her head "I can't believe it was really that easy…"

Famous last words perhaps?

Jesana answers with a very embarrassing scream of surprise after accidently releasing the wave of magic she'd been building up. For a moment she's terrified she did the wrong thing after all, the wall comes crashing down!! It takes a second to understand it's Fenris and Jes's awkward flail in the moment between panic and understanding unbalances her and she falls onto her ass in the rubble at Fen's feet.
She stares at the bell then slowly up at Fenris. "There's just uh… no way to make that look smooth now is there?" She asks in a mortified whisper. "D'ya think they saw?" He saw didn't he? He sees everything. Jes picks up a chunk of castle wall and studies it with what could be the most intent expression she's ever had.

"Probably." Fenris smirks. He moves slightly, reaching over to shove against that Fae tower and knock it over. "I think we're done here. Let's go home, mmm?" A way opens. The castle's pretty empty. He's not worried about anyone getting through.

Melinda May watches as Zee backs off and knocks out the maagi, then with the efficiency of practice she trusses them up. She hears Jesana's little scream of surprise, and possibly understandably misinterprets it. WIth a last glance at Zee to make sure she's okay, May turns and races after the coyote-kin.

Jes turns an even more spectacular shade of scarlet as May comes rushing up and somehow manages to smile brightly, appear horrified and still look at the rock she's clutching while scrambling to her feet and heading towards the way. "Hehehehe Look May, Fenris knocked down the wall! He's so much better than cow huh? So much! I'm gonna keep this rock.. as a.. a.." They're on the other side now and Jes drops the stone and shifts, darting in the direction of the sofa and the hiding spot beneath.

Fenris blows out a sigh and gestures in the direction of his house. It's a good thing he opened that Way into his own place and not, say, Pepper's office.

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